100 Best Gifts for RV Owners [2021 RV Gifts Guide]

I hope this list of the 100 best gifts for RV owners will provide sufficient campervan and RV gifts inspiration!

I hope this list of the 100 best gifts for RV owners will provide sufficient campervan and RV gifts inspiration!

Knowing what to buy the campervan and RV lovers in your life is no mean feat.

After all, they’ve got limited space at their disposal and probably chose this minimalistic lifestyle for its simplicity…not to accumulate more stuff!

The last thing you want is to buy them something they wouldn’t actually want or use. Nope, the best gifts for RV owners tend to be practical, problem-solving, and/or in-keeping with their nomadic way of life.

But finding RV gift ideas that tick those boxes can be a challenge!

Are you running short on ideas for camper and RV owner gifts? Want some help finding the best RV gifts possible?

Keep reading for a comprehensive list of the 100 best gifts for RV campers and aficionados!

[Last updated: January 2020]

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An Exhaust-ive List of 100 Best Gifts for RV Owners

1. Solar Panel (Awesome Gifts for RV Enthusiasts)

Solar panels offer vital (and clean!) power to electronics when the battery isn’t running.

Fridges can function, phones can charge, and lights can operate without issue! It’s hard to overstate the value of these things to a campervanner!

Top Pick: Renogy 100W Monocrystalline Solar Charger

2. Portable Solar Charger (Better Gifts for Camper Owners)

You don’t need a full-scale solar panel (even if they’d make an epic RV gift).

These days, you can find portable options. They can charge multiple devices at the same time, all without running the van.

They’re top gifts for anyone with lots of things to charge at once!

Top Pick: Ryno Tuff Solar Charger

3. Solar/Crank Charger

An obvious downside of solar chargers is the reliance on sunshine!

Unfortunately, that can’t always be relied upon. An additional crank means RV owners can combine an arm workout with power generation. Problem solved.

Top Pick: Fospower Emergency Solar Hand Crank

4. Power Usage Monitor (Handy Gifts for People with RVs)

Want to track how much power you’re using? With limited energy available, that’s not a bad idea.

Getting someone a power usage monitor would make a top little gift.

Top Pick: Baldr Electricity Monitor

5. Portable LED Lights

Sometimes a portable light is the best bet though.

LED versions are more energy-efficient, meaning they’ll last longer before losing power. They’d make convenient light sources in any van!

Top Pick: Brilliant Evolution Wireless Puck Lights

6. Head Torch (Practical Gift Ideas for RV Campers)

You can’t go travelling and not have a head torch.

They just come in handy all the time! Mainly because they free your hands up for any given task. Whenever it’s dark and you need your hands free, a head torch is ideal.

Top Pick: Foxelli Headtorch

7. Safe/Valuables Box (Sensible Gifts for RV Lovers)

I’m a little worried about keeping all my worldly possessions and valuables in a van.

Having a safe/valuables box will be important. It just keeps things out of sight, and away from prying eyes. I can leave the van unattended without worrying quite so much about someone breaking in.

Sure, they could steal the entire van, in which case I’m totally screwed. But I’m going to pretend that’s not a problem I have to deal with…

Top Pick: Amazon Basics Portable Safe

8. USB Adaptor (cigarette lighter/converter) (Essential Camper Accessories Gifts!)

Charging on the road will be a constant endeavour.

Having a USB adaptor to provide multiple ports would make a big difference. Meaning that these adaptors would make great gifts!

Top Pick: Ainope USB Charger

9. Polaroid Camera (Unique RV Gifts!)

For me, living and/or travelling in a campervan is all about making memories.

A Polaroid camera would be an awesome way of recording the journey as it happens. The instant printing would also mean its super convenient for creating cool van displays/decorations too.

Top Pick: Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

10. ‘Proper’ Camera (Perfect RV Camping Ideas)

A non-Polaroid camera is one of the more expensive RV gifts ideas here.

But it would make an epic present for someone to take with them on the road.

Travelling in a van is prime photography territory- you’re moving through so many amazing places, and having so many new experiences, that the chance for photos will be neverending.

Here’s a list of top quality backpacking cameras to take a look at if the T6 Reel DSLR below doesn’t appeal. 

Top Pick: Canon T6 Rebel DSLR

11. Portable Tripod (Cool Gifts for RV Enthusiasts)

No-one wants their camera falling over as they hit the road.

A portable tripod that can grip awkward places would make an ideal present for van-lifers with a penchant for photography.

Top Pick: Ubeesize Tripod

12. Journal (Fun Christmas Gifts for Campers)

Cameras would be great for recording the journey in visual form.

But, for me, there’s no replacement for writing stuff down. I always carry a tiny notebook with me for that reason! A journal would make a top gift for anyone wanting to remember their experience better.

Top Pick: Newester Refillable Travel Journal

13. Coffee Maker (Essential Camper Gift Ideas!!)

There’s nothing better than starting the day with a hot cup of Java. That’s why a small, practical coffee maker would make an ideal gift for RV owners!

This highly-rated one from Wacaco would be perfect, but be sure to check out my guide to the best travel french press coffee maker for more first-rate ideas.

Top Pick: Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

14. Camping Tea-Infuser

A tea-infuser would be another must-have item for any tea-loving RV-owning individual.

Giving them one will make their day.

Top Pick: Pure Zen Tea Tumbler and Infuser

15. Thermos (Lovely Gift Ideas for Campers)

Having a thermos means you can keep all that tea and coffee warmer for longer.

And that equates to a whole lot of extra happiness.

Top Pick: Stanley Classic Thermos

16. Camping Stove (Essential Camper Gift Ideas!)

A wise man once said:

The van may run on diesel. But a person cannot.

No-one ever said that. The truth remains though: sooner or later, you gotta cook a real meal!

A quality camping stove provides the perfect solution. Gifting someone the ability to cook their dinner is a beautiful thing.

Looking for more RV kitchen ideas? Read this post too!

Top Pick: Coleman Gas Stove

17. Matches/Lighter (Epic RV and Camping Gifts)

They might not sound like much. But weatherproof matches and/or a decent lighter are both crucial components of any camping trip. You can light campfires, get the camp cooker going, and so on.

They’d make awesome opening presents as a result.

Top Pick: Lcfun Waterproof Lighter

18. Cookware (Best Gifts for Campers)

It’s all well and good having the camping stove and the matches. But without the pots and pans to boot, those meals are going to be far harder to cook!

Cookware is another example of essential RV gear. Anyone kitting out a camper will be sure to appreciate receiving it.

Top Pick: Bulin Camping Cookware Kit

19. Washing-Up Equipment

Washing up gear is hardly the most glamorous gift going. But it’s most definitely useful and valuable from a practical standpoint!

It’s a bit like getting socks at Christmas. As unimaginative as it is, they’ll almost certainly be put to good use.

Top Pick: Prepworks Collapsible Dish Drainer

20. Magnetic Spice Rack (Handy Gifts RV Owners Holiday)

This gift for RVers is sure to spice things up a bit…


Top Pick: Talented Kitchen Magnetic Spice Tins x12

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21. Water Bottle (Awesome RV and Camping Gifts)

A good-quality, non-leaky water bottle always comes in handy on the road.

Why not combine it with a water purifier? Whenever the RV owner pulls up somewhere off the beaten track, they’ll still be able to drink any water source that’s in the area.

Top Pick: Grayl Ultralight Water Bottle Filtration System

22. Shatterproof Tableware (Essential RV and Camping Gifts)

Camping plates, mugs and glasses will always go down well.

It’s more vital stuff for any van owner to pack. Ordinary crockery is unlikely to stand up to bumps in the road- hence why it needs to be shatterproof!

Top Pick: Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set

23. Portable Wine Glass Holder (Great RV Gifts for Her!)

Why would anyone need these? Well, because, wine not?

...Man I’m nailing these jokes today.

Seriously though, these would make a big wine-drinking difference to anyone partial to a tipple on the road.

Top Pick: Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder

24. Pictures (Photo Frames) (Unique Gifts for RV Travelers)

Pictures help make a house a home.

The same goes with a new van. Putting up pictures of treasured memories, friends and loved ones will make the space feel far more welcoming.

Get your hands on some picture frames and stick some family photos inside. They’d make an awesome gift.

Top Pick: Love-Kankei Wooden Photo Frame

25. Bedside Caddy/Holder (Unique Gifts for RV owners)

Any additional storage space will help when limited space is a problem.

These bedside holders would make a great addition to the RV.

Top Pick: Bedside Caddy

26. Plants (Beautiful Presents for Campervan Owners)

I love the idea of having a load of plants in my van.

A bit of greenery is always nice to have around, right? Easy to maintain plants that can take a bit of rough and tumble in the back of a van, would make an awesome present.

Top Pick: Mkono Wooden Plant Stand

27. Good Luck Charms/Crystals (Unique RV Gifts for Her)

Right, so this one won’t be for everyone.

But I just wrote a monster piece on travel crystals, so it’s fresh in my memory! Some people take crystals on their travels for good luck, safety and protection. Being gifted some to take in their van might just make someone’s day!

Top Pick: Nelson Creations Amethyst Angel

28. Drinks Tray (No Slide) (Awesome RV Gifts for Men!)

No-one wants their drinks sliding around in the van.

These handy little gizmos put a stop to that.

Top Pick: Cup Cozy Deluxe Drinks Holder

29. GPS System (Good RV Gift Ideas for Dad!)

Obviously, being in an RV is all about the freedom to move. You’re on the road a lot, eating up the miles each day. That’s fine when you know where you’re going, but it can be problematic when you get lost along the way!

A GPS system would serve a truly useful purpose on the road. Any RV owner who doesn’t already own one is sure to value it as a gift.

Top Pick: Garmin GPS Navigation System

30. Internet Dongle (A Good Gift for Someone Who Travels a Lot)

Stable Wi-Fi is one thing I’ll miss when I eventually get my van.

That’s why I’ve been thinking about getting an internet dongle (those things that plug into a computer to provide internet).

Anyone needing to use their laptop on the road (as I will) is sure to find this a helpful addition.

Top Pick: Plugable Ethernet USB Cable

31. Knife (Awesome Camper and RV Gifts for Him)

A knife is another bit of kit that I count as fundamental to travelling/backpacking/camping.

It’s one of those things that comes in handy all the time on the road.

Speaking from experience, being given a high-quality knife is very cool indeed.

Top Pick: Gerber Bear Grylls Knife

32. Multi-Tool (Gifts for the Camper Who Has Everything!)

If a knife is a good gift, then a multi-tool is a great one.

Especially because there’s often a knife on them anyway!

Obviously, these things can be used to solve all manner of problems on the move. Having one to call upon in the van would be awesome.

Top Pick: Rovertac Pocket Multi Tool with Knife

33. Camping Chairs (Great Camping Gifts Couples)

There’s nothing wrong with sitting on the bare earth! But, every now and again, the luxury of a seat makes a nice change…especially when it’s cold and damp out.

Why not gift someone the joy of a well-supported undercarriage? They’ll almost definitely thank you for it!

Top Pick: Coleman Portable Camping Chair

34. Camping Table (Great Camper Accessories Gifts)

Every home needs a dining table.

The same goes for homes on wheels! Having a camping table would be a lovely addition to the RV (if there isn’t one in there already).

You can pull out in the evenings, prepare meals more easily, and eat around it with friends.

Top Pick: Lifetime Height Adjustable Camping Table

35. Shoe Holder (Organizational Gifts for RV Living)

Staying organised is key to maintaining some order to a small space!

Anything that lends itself to that purpose would be a worthwhile addition to the van. A shoe holder would keep dirty shoes in one place, and stop them moving all over the place on the road.

Top Pick: Misslo Hanging Door Holder

36. Packing Cubes (Awesome Gifts for Campers and Travellers)

I love packing cubes.

They force you to be more organized with your stuff, and keep everything together. You know where your things are, and they won’t start spreading out all over the place.

A must for anyone who with a tendency towards disorganisation!

Top Pick: Bagail Pack of 6 Packing Cubes

37. Storage Boxes

Staying organized in the van is sure to be a constant battle.

Small spaces are always easier to mess up. Losing things in amongst it all is going to be easy.

Having storage boxes for all your stuff, to go with your packing cubes, will make a difference.

Top Pick: Amazon Basics Foldable Storage Cubes

38. Soccer Balls, Footballs…

You can’t drive all day!

And whenever you’re stationary, van-lifers will almost certainly want something to keep them entertained.

Having a football to kick around with friends and travel companions would be a great little addition.

Consider buying a pump to go with it too. That way, they could keep the ball flat when it’s not in use (saving space and preventing it from rolling around) and pump it up when they need it.

Top Pick: Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

39. Slammo Game (Fun RV Gifts for Couples)

Similar to the football idea, it’d be great to have something like Slammo to play at campgrounds and beaches, and so on- especially if you have kids on board the RV!

As long as there’s enough space, it’d make a great RV gift.

Top Pick: GoSports Slammo Game

40. Frisbee

Frisbees would make another ideal entertainment item to have in the van! For beaches, campsites, parks and so on, frisbees are a classic!

Top Pick: Discraft Frisbee

41. Board Games

You can’t go wrong with board games.

Bringing them out on cozy nights in the van with friends, with the fairly lights on and a beer/glass of wine in hand…man that sounds nice!

Top Pick: Kingdomino Board Game

42. Inflatable Kayak

I got this idea from the van I saw for sale once. There was a full-size, solid kayak that was stored on top of the vehicle! I love the idea of having a kayak for any time you come across a lake, or the ocean, etc., so borrowed the idea for this post.

I’d say an inflatable kayak is more practical though! It’d be an epic gift for RV owners, and take up less room too.

Top Pick: Intex Challenger K1 1-Person Kayak

43. Portable Speakers (Awesome Gifts for People Who Love Camping)

I can’t imagine driving long distances without music on in the van.

Sure, the van itself might already have some decent speakers in it. But the music stops when the engine isn’t on! Having some portable speakers to bring out when you’re in one place would make all the difference. 

Equally the quality of the portable speaker may be better than the RV’s anyway; it might not be possible to play music through them from your phone/iPod/MP3 etc.

Speakers would always make an awesome gift for the road.

Top Pick: OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speakers

44. Portable Radio (Quality Retirement Gifts for Travelers)

A good quality portable radio may be more up someone’s street.

There’s probably one in the van already. But the radios in old RVs are unlikely to be the best.

Equally, you’d need the engine running for this as well. Having a high-quality radio could be great for those longer drives, and for chilling out to music or listening to the news in the evenings.

Top Pick: Panasonic RF-2400D AM/FM Radio

45. Duvet

Bedding will be all-important in the campervan!

On cold nights, a thick, warm duvet to snuggle down under will be essential. It’ll add a cosy feel to the space too, and make for a bed to enjoy sleeping in.

Top Pick: Linenspa All-Season Down Duvet

46. Mattress Topper

The mattress will be all important to getting a good night’s sleep in the van.

Mattress toppers provide that bit of extra cushion to soften the experience!

I’ll 100% prioritize the bed to ensure it’s as comfortable as it can be. I’d love to be given a mattress topper to help in that endeavour.

Top Pick: Linenspa 2-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam

47. Pillows

Just like the duvet, some good quality pillows are essential additions to the RV.

It’s like giving someone a better night’s sleep! Here are the best backpacking pillows out there.

Top Pick: Beckham Luxury Hypoallergenic Pillow

48. Cushions (Comfy RV Gifts for Mom)

Everyone loves cushions, right? A bit of extra comfort never goes amiss. They’d definitely help make the van feel more like home.

Top Pick: Yifan Throw Pillow Covers x6

49. Hand Warmers

Living in a campervan or an RV in colder climates doesn’t sound overly appealing to me! Having anything to help stay warm would be more than welcome.

Sure, this particular RV gift might not be the biggest, grandest gift you’d ever give. On long, dark nights on the road, though, a set of hand warmers could be a lifesaver.

Top Pick: Hotsnapz Reusable Pocket Warmers

50. Indoor Heater

This gift would generally only be required for RV owners in colder climates.

Having any sort of heating system would be essential- especially for night times. I’m positive that a small, safe, indoor heater would be happily received by anyone in these conditions!

Top Pick: Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Propane Heater

51. Mosquito Net (Clever Travel Gifts for RV Enthusiasts)

Mosquitos and gnats (and any other small, buzzy and bite-y bugs) are best avoided on the road. Obviously, it’s most important for mosquitos, which can carry harmful diseases.

Campsites are often in remote areas, next to water sources…aka, a haven for these kinds of insects.

Hanging a mosquito net up in the van could save a whole lot of strife in certain places!

Top Pick: Coghlan’s Mosquito Net

52. Hammock (Fun Gifts for Travelers)

There’s nothing better than packing a hammock for the road.

Even if you only use it once or twice, those blissful moments make it worthwhile. There’s just something inherently special about swinging between trees in beautiful surroundings.

Want help choosing the right hammock? Here’s my buying guide to the best hammocks out there.

Top Pick: Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

53. Tent (Best Practical Gifts for Nights Under the Stars)

They’ve got a van! Why would they need a tent?!

Well, what about if they want to go for a multiday hike? Or if there’s no space for the RV on a campsite, and they can only pitch a tent? Or if they just want a break from the van?

Whatever the reason, tents always tend to come in handy (here’s a post full of the best tents to choose from).

Top Pick: Bessport 2 Person Tent

54. Sleeping Bag

If you’re using the tent, then you definitely want a sleeping bag to go with it.

Likewise, on particular cold nights, a sleeping bag could serve as extra bedding to stay warm.

Top Pick: MalloMe 3-Season Sleeping Bag

55. Blankets/Throws

Again, a warm, welcoming, and cozy space is what every van needs!

Some lovely, cuddly blankets will always make valued gifts.

Top Pick: Bourina Throw

56. Backpack

At first, the thought of having a backpack in the van might not make sense.

But I suppose it’s a bit like taking a tent: it’s sure to come in handy at numerous points. Again, multiday hikes are a prime example.

Likewise, if you sell the RV, then you’ll need something to pack your remaining things into (check out my buying guide to the best backpacks for travel, if you’d like some ideas!).

Top Pick: Mountain Top 40L Hiking Backpack

57. Day Pack

A day pack is sure to get put to good use too.

Backpacks are big, and often excessive for shorter outings. Having a smaller pack is far better.

Here’s a guide to minimalist backpacks that’d be ideal.

Top Pick: Osprey Packs Talon 22L

58. Fairy Lights

Oh man, I can’t wait to put some fairy lights up when I get my van.

I guarantee they’ll be one of my very first decorative additions! They just help create such a nice warm atmosphere. I reckon they’re great anywhere.

In the confines of a van, that ambient glow will be even more welcome!

Top Pick: Twinkle Star 300 LED Fairy Lights

59. Books

I love the idea of having a bookshelf in my van.

But a bookshelf without books is just, well…a shelf. And that’s far less appealing to me.

Books makes the best gifts anyway. On long journeys, or just for life in an RV, having something to read will help make a van a home.

Top Pick: The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton

60. Washing Line

Let’s get practical. It’ll also be helpful to have somewhere to hang your wet clothes.

Far from glamorous as far as gifts go, I know! But it’d genuinely come in handy. And, often, that’s just as important.

Top Pick: Hawatour Travel Clothes Line

61. Washing Line Pegs

Hint: to go with the washing line…

Pegs are also meant to be a useful addition to any van anyway. They can be used to hanging pictures up, connecting curtains together, and generally attaching one thing to another!

Top Pick: Honey-Can-Do Wooden Pegs

62. Duct Tape

Okay, I’m not going to lie, if someone gave me duct tape for my birthday I wouldn’t be super impressed.

But I still think it deserves a place on this list! Duct tape is an incredible thing for any travel experience. It can fix almost anything!

It’s sure to be put to use in the van.

Top Pick: Gorilla Tape

63. Cool Box

If there’s no room and option for a fridge, then a cool box will be the next best thing.

Having something to keep food fresh will obviously be useful on the road. Think of it like this: you’re gifting someone the joy of keeping their beers colder for longer.

That’s only ever going to go down well.

Top Pick: Klein Tools Cooler

64. Window Covers

Again, someone’s unlikely to weep with unbridled joy at being given window covers.

But you can’t argue against their practical function. You don’t want random people looking in at your during the night!

Window covers/curtains mean you can hide yourselves and your things from unwanted prying eyes.

Top Pick: Shade Sox Window Covers

65. Grill Set

RVs, camping and spending time outdoors calls for a BBQ.

A grill set would make a genuinely useful, and lovely, addition to the van.

Top Pick: Romanticist 21 Piece Grill Set

66. Water Filtration System

The thought of getting sick inside an RV isn’t pleasant- especially if there’s no loo inside. 

No-one wants to tummy bug without a toilet nearby!

Access to clean water might be minimal in certain places on the road. A water filter would mean you could drink what’s there, and have a much better chance of staying well.

Top Pick: Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

67. Scented Candles/Incense

Campervans are an enclosed space!

You’ve got all your stuff in there. Dirty clothes, smelly shoes, old bedding…whatever. It’s going to get a little pongy at times.

Having scented candles (or an air freshener), or incense, to burn, would help you pretend there wasn’t a problem…

Also, candles are always nice to have around anyway!

Top Pick: Wild Lemongrass Scented Candle

68. Insect Repellent Candles

There’s nothing worse than being eaten alive by mozzies when you’re trying to enjoy your time outdoors. That’s why having something to keep the insects away in the evening might come in handy.

Insect repellent candles to light outside would make a thoughtful gift.

Top Pick: Mosquito Guard Citronella Candles

69. Welcome Mat

A welcome mat would be a lovely touch for any RV that doesn’t already have one. After all, anything that makes the place seem more homely would always be welcome.

And there’s nothing better than a welcome mat to do exactly that…

Top Pick: DII Welcome Mat

70. Petrol Canisters

Back to practicalities! Nobody wants to run out of petrol on long drives, with no access to a gas station. Petrol canisters would make that eventuality less likely.

Top Pick: Plastic Fuel Canister

71. Water Canisters

Likewise, with water. Think how much you use on a daily basis at home.

Carrying spare water for the road will be essential. With no alternative sources, it’d be used for cooking, doing the dishes, washing, and so on.

I consider water canisters essential van items.

Top Pick: Collapsible Water Storage Cube

72. Fridge Air Freshener

A nice little addition to RV fridges and/or cool boxes. No-one wants a smelly fridge in such close quarters!

Top Pick: NonScents Refrigerator Deodorizer

73. Fridge Braces

One of my pet peeves is when things jingle and clink and generally make annoying noises when I’m driving!

If I have a fridge in my van, having these braces to keep things in place would be vital! They’d be great for preventing annoying noises, and stopping leaks and spillages too.

Top Pick: Camco RV Fridge Brace

74. Picnic Blanket

Sitting on a blanket is generally nicer than being on the cold bare earth, right?

In evenings spent outside of the RV, a picnic blanket would serve that purpose perfectly.

Top Pick: Scuddles Outdoor Picnic Blanket

75. Laundry Bag

Remember those dirty clothes I talked about?

Well, having a designated laundry bag for them will help keep the smells at bay until you get to a laundromat! This one’s another practical gift that’s sure to be put to good use.

Top Pick: Polecasa Mesh Laundry Bag

76. Portable Fan

We’ve covered the cold, but what about when it gets hot?

In my experience, vans get like green-houses when the sun comes out and you’re stationary. Having a fan to get the air moving would be a much needed reprieve from the heat.

Not a fan of the SkyGenius fan below? Check out this guide to the best fans for camping for more ideas.

Top Pick: SkyGenius Clip On Fan

77. Insect Zapper

You’ve got the mosquito net and insect candles.

But what of the ones that get through? It’s only a matter of time before a bug gets in the van. Having an insect zapper would help you do battle with it.

Top Pick: Hemiua Electric Bug Zapper

78. Dash Camera

There are some nutters on the road.

A dash cam comes in handy for recording their mistakes, and supporting your insurance claims.

Top Pick: Apeman 1080p Dashcam

79. First Aid Kit

Everything’s going well, and then, before you know it, life happens.

It’s likely that you’ll hurt yourself at some point on the road. Thankfully, 9 times out of 10 it’s nothing serious.

Having a first-aid kit would mean you’re more prepared for the issue. I always travel with one, just in case.

Top Pick: Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

80. Tool Box (& Tools)

A first-aid kit means you can handle minor health issues on the go.

In the same way, a basic tool box means you can deal with minor mechanical problems too.

You never know when they might be called for on the road. For that reason, I think it’d make a quality gift for any RVer.

Top Pick: Dekopro 168-Piece Auto-Repair Toolbox

81. Carbon Monoxide Detector

Cooking in enclosed spaces can cause all sorts of serious health risks.

I’ve not read into this, but I can only guess carbon monoxide is a hazard to take seriously. A detector could save someone’s life.

Top Pick: Kidde AC Carbon Monoxide Detector

82. Clip On Extended Wing Mirrors

Being able to see the road properly is obviously somewhat important when driving!

That’s often easier said than done in longer vehicles like RVs though. These extended mirrors clip on to the wing mirrors, enhancing levels of sight behind you.

You never know, they could save someone’s life!

Top Pick: Fit System Deluxe Clip On Mirrors

83. Dustpan and Brush

Right, so, a dustpan and brush is clearly another not-so-inspiring gift.

But whoever you give it to won’t be complaining when they get crumbs in their bed, or dirt all over the floor!

Top Pick: Oxo Good Grips Dustpan and Brush Set

84. Laptop Stand (Strangely Handy Motorhome Gift Ideas)

Now this is something that I, for one, would love to have in my RV or campervan.

These laptop stands do away with the need for a desk! They’d be perfect for anybody who wants to use their laptop while they’re on the bed or the couch.

Top Pick: Huanuo Lap Desk

85. Laptop

Feeling generous?! A laptop is sure to go down a treat with anyone you give it to!

I think it’d make van-life that bit more enjoyable too. You can watch movies in the evening, do work on the move, stay in touch with friends and family back home, and so on.

Top Pick: Apple Macbook Air

86. Kindle (Great RV Gifts for Dad or Mom!)

I’ve never warmed to kindles. But I totally see the value in them while you’re travelling.

They’re most definitely more practical than hauling half a dozen books around. If space is of the essence in the van, then having a kindle (instead of a bookshelf…) makes more sense.

Any avid reader is sure to love this as a gift.

Top Pick: Kindle Paperwhite

87. Exercise Bands (Health-Related Gifts for RV Lovers)

I’m a bit worried that living in a van could turn into a sedentary affair.

What with driving all day, before then moving into the back to go to sleep, and all…

Obviously, I can stop and go for a run, or a walk, or a swim in a lake etc. But I’m sure I’ll want something to stretch out my muscles a bit as well. Resistance bands are always a good bet.

Top Pick: Lets Fit Resistance Loop Bands

88. Campervan Magazine Subscription (Fun Gifts for RV Owners)

Want to give someone something a bit different?

If they’re really into the RV life, then the best gift might be a magazine subscription all about it.

The mailing address will be something to consider, but the subscription itself is sure to be highly valued by true RV enthusiasts.

Want more fun gifts for RV owners? Check out this post!

Top Pick: Campervan by Warner’s Group (Kindle Version)

89. Van Levelling Blocks (Practical Presents for Motorhome Owners)

Sleeping on uneven ground isn’t fun. But a levelling kit solves the problem! Parked up on wonky ground, they’re placed under the wheels to correct the angle.

Whoever receives these will be sleeping horizontally in no time, and have you to thank for it!

Top Pick: Tri-Lynx Levelling Blocks

90. Extension Ladder

Big RVs call for an extension ladder to get onto the roof etc. Indeed, many have fixed ladders in place already. For those that don’t, though, a portable one (like the ladder below) would be genuinely useful to get as a gift.

Top Pick: Xtend & Climb Telescopic Extension Ladder

91. Tyre Pressure Gauge (Handy Gifts for RV Living)

Man, I hope I get a tyre pressure gauge one day.

Said very few people, ever! Though it obviously isn’t hugely exciting, a pressure gauge would be a vital means of checking your tyres on the road! It’d also help you relieve the pressure from them if you wanted to drive over sand.

Top Pick: Jaco Elite Pro Tyre Pressure Gauge

92. Trash Can (Essential Camper Accessories Gifts)

I’d probably laugh a little bit if I got a bin as a birthday or Christmas gift.

…Until I looked around my van and saw all the rubbish lying around. At which point I’d count myself lucky to have a new bin to keep things cleaner.

It’d also be good for free campsites where trash cans aren’t always provided. You take out what you take in- leaving rubbish behind is a big no-no.

Top Pick: Coghlan’s Pop Up Trash Can

93. Extraction Mats (Practical Gift Ideas for RV Owners)

Off-roading is always a risk for anything other than a 4x4. I remember seeing numerous vehicles get stuck on 90 Mile Beach, New Zealand. The cars/vans just weren’t cut out for the sand and we had to help dig them out.

If someone’s partial to the odd bit of off-roading, consider buying them some extraction mats.

These will help get them out of trouble if they end up getting stuck in the mud.

Top Pick: MaxFavour Emergency Traction Mats

94. Campfire Rings (Sensible gifts for camper owners!)

Everyone loves a campfire!

But not every campsite, or location where you park the van, will be set up for them.

Campfire rings mean you can do it anyway! Give someone the first of fire! They’ll love you for it.

Top Pick: Camco Portable Campfire Rings

95. Portable Shower (Practical Camping RV Gifts Ideas)

Portable showers would make a nice fall-back in case of lengthy absences from proper bathroom facilities and so on.

No-one wants to make their living space dirty! I’m all for skipping a shower or two, but it’d just get unhygienic over time.

Having a backup portable shower would be a useful thing to keep tucked away, in case of emergencies!

Top Pick: Ivation Rechargeable Portable Outdoor Shower

96. Portable Toilet

Talk about glamour.

Give the gift of a portable toilet today. You never know when it might come in handy for the RV owners in your life!

Top pick: Reliance Products Luggable Loo

97. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s another cleaning-related RV gift idea!

A portable vacuum cleaner would beat the dust pan and brush idea hands down. It’d make a great gift in the process.

Top Pick: Homasy Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner

98. Dog Basket/Bed

This gift idea will only apply to a niche group of RV-ers:

Those lucky ones who get to travel with their dogs in tow!

if they don’t want the dog in the bed while they’re up front in the driver’s seat, then a dog bed will come be required!

Top Pick: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

99. Un-Spillable Doggy Bowls

Sticking with the pet theme, for a second.

What happens when you combine a bumpy road with a dog bowl full of food and water?

…Mess. Mess happens.

No-one wants dirty dog food and water drifting around the back of RV!

These un-spillable bowls will make all the difference!

Top Pick: Neater Feeder Elevated Dog Bowl

100. She-Wee

Last but not least!

A she-wee. Never heard of them? They’re clever little things that help girls stand up to go to the bathroom.

“Why on earth would that be a good gift for someone with a van?!”

I hear you ask.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure myself. What I do know is that this is idea #100 and I’m officially running low on inspiration…

However, in random camping spots with dodgy ground and no cubicles around, I could definitely imagine how they might come in handy.

Top Pick: SheWee Flexi

Final Thoughts on the Best Gifts for RVers/Camper Gift Ideas

There you have it: 100 of the best gifts for RV owners out there.

It takes a certain type of person to want to live and/or travel in a camper. If you’re looking for RV gifts ideas for someone you know, then I hope this list has helped!

Any and all of them would come in handy on the road.

Got any more ideas for the list? Drop me a comment below to let me know!

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