40 Essential RV Kitchen Accessories [2021 Camper Kitchen Ideas]

I hope these RV kitchen accessories help you stock the perfect camper kitchen for your trip!

I hope these RV kitchen accessories help you stock the perfect camper kitchen for your trip!

I recently spent 6 incredible months driving a campervan around Australia.

It was an epic trip, but staying in such a tiny space definitely took some getting used to! I soon learned that everything in the van needed both a purpose and a set place to live.

Especially when it came to the campers kitchen.

With limited space, stocking a fully-equipped RV kitchenette is no mean feat. I mean, RV kitchens need everything required for cooking, within the spatial constraints of the vehicle!

Are you trying to find the best RV kitchen accessories at the moment and want some ideas on what to buy?

I’d love to help!

Keep reading for a comprehensive list of 40 RV kitchen must haves, campervan kitchen accessories, motorhome kitchen accessories and travel trailer kitchen accessories.

[Last Updated: January 2020]

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Here’s how to choose the best camper kitchen accessories!

Here’s how to choose the best camper kitchen accessories!

What to Look for In the Best RV Kitchen Must Haves

The best equipment for camper kitchens has to fulfill certain criteria to make the cut!

After all, this is no ordinary kitchen. This is one that moves and has minimal space. Only those items with particular characteristics will make the grade.

Here are 5 top considerations when choosing your RV kitchen accessories:


Dual-functionality is all-important when it comes to space-saving.

Anything that kills to culinary birds with one stone is a winner. Look for items that serve multiple purposes and solve multiple problems.

That way, you’re only storing one versatile piece of kit instead of many separate items.

Likewise, you might want to cook outside sometimes too. Having kitchen equipment that you can take/use outdoors and that’ll stand up to rougher treatment will be important.

Miniature Size

Of course, small kitchen accessories are vital too.

Full-sized equipment doesn’t go too well in under-sized spaces, right?

You’ll enjoy much more storage room/shelf-space in your RV’s kitchen if you opt for miniature items whenever possible.


Kitchen items that collapse/expand and stack are useful too.

Again, it’s all about maximizing your available space. If you can get your hands on kitchen equipment that collapses down so that it’s almost flat, then you’re onto a winner.

It’ll all be far easier to store, without taking up too much room.

It’s the same story for items that stack. There’s nothing worse than having to cram cookware into a shelf because you can’t fit one item on top of the other.

Just like skyscrapers in big cities, stacking items up in your cupboards creates space around them. The result? You can fit more in!


Obviously, everything needs to work well too.

You can’t afford to store dud products when you’ve got limited room available. Try to choose high-quality items that won’t let you down.

Everything in your kitchen should be functional and effective.


Fragile things tend not to last long when you’re travelling in an RV/camper!

Everything from bumps in the road to cooking outside can lead to unfortunate (and sometimes expensive) breakages.

Try to pick kitchen accessories that can take a bit of rough treatment. Look for shatter resistance, scratch-resistance, and all-round durability on your hunt for RV kitchen products.


Remember that things move around a lot when you’re driving.

And there’s nothing more annoying than things clattering around behind you in the kitchen! It’s like someone’s let a bunch of kids loose on a room full of percussion instruments.

Picking items that won’t clatter around too much should stop the noise from getting too loud/frustrating.

Get ready for 32 accessories that’d be great in your camper kitchen.

Get ready for 32 accessories that’d be great in your camper kitchen.

40 Must-Have RV Camping Kitchen Supplies

With all that said, let’s move onto the kitchen accessories themselves.

Here are 40 items that I think would make perfect additions to your RV kitchen!

1. Stackable Pots and Pans

Every kitchen needs a good selection of pots and pans.

The trouble comes when they don’t stack very well! You’re left with a tumble of pans flying around your cupboards when you’re on the move.

Having a stackable set of pans, like these Calphalon non-stick options, means you save space and keep everything organized in the process.

2. Pot and Pan Protectors (stop scratching)

Your new stackable pans might still move around a bit though.

A good little tip for keeping the non-stick surfaces intact is to put protectors between each one! Even better, they’ll help dampen the sound of them jingling around as you drive.

3. Cast Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is something every RV owner seems to rave about!

It makes sense. After all, you don’t find many pans that are sturdier than an iron skillet! You can use them outdoors, on the campfire, and never worry about it getting damaged.

The cast iron transfers the heat around the pan nicely as well. I like this 12” one from Lodge, which comes with a useful handle holder. With almost 35,000 happy customers, you know this skillet will do the trick!

4. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

If you’re travelling in a decent-sized RV, you can afford a few kitchen luxuries too!

This instant pot pressure cooker would be epic.

With a few pushes of a button, you can cook up your favourite meals with ease. It’s set it and forget it stuff, which is great when you’re on the road and don’t want to faff around after a long day’s drive!

This is the instant pot that everybody raves about- with over 56,000 five-star reviews, it has to be doing something right. Heads up, it’s on special now as well!

5. Fold Out Propane Grill

I had a two-hob portable camping stove when I was on the road in my camper.

It was awesome, but there’s nothing like a proper grill when you’re on the road. On nice evenings, you can park up the RV, pull out the BBQ and get grilling.

Having RV outdoor kitchen ideas/capabilities comes in particularly handy in the hot summer months. Not only are the evenings lovely for eating outside, but it means you won’t have to turn on the stove in your RV. That’ll help keep everything nice and cool inside.

This Weber grill looks like a quality bit of kit and comes with endless 5* reviews. Heads up, remember to buy the gas to go with it!

6. Mini Camping Stove

When I was in the van I lost track of how many times I wanted a mini-cooker like this one.

They’re epic camping cooking gadgets that offer ultimate portability and convenience when you’re outdoors. Take them on long hikes to cook your evening meals, or break them out for a late-night cup of tea under the stars.

Either way, they’d make cheap, handy additions to any RV kitchen.

7. Carbon Monoxide Detector (Essential RV Kitchen Gadgets)

There’s always a danger of carbon monoxide when you’re cooking in enclosed spaces.

That’s why a carbon monoxide detector is one of the most essential RV kitchen gadgets to keep you safe in the RV. This battery-operated detector from Kidde would do the trick nicely.

8. Espresso Machine/Coffee Maker

I love my coffee, so having a way to make a nice cup of Joe on the road is always essential.

Of all RV appliances and accessories, I’d put a coffee-maker at the top of my list of priorities!

There’s no shortage of potential coffee-makers out there. The right product’s going to depend on the amount of space you have in the RV/camper, the number of people you’re making coffee for, and how much you want to spend!

However, this one from Keurig would tick many of the right boxes. It’s fairly compact, easy to use, and, most importantly, seems to make a quality coffee.

9. Unbreakable French Press

However, my personal go-to is the classic French press.

Sturdy, simple, and small, it makes awesome coffee and is ideal when you’re working in tight spaces. Sound good? This one from Coffee Gator looks and sounds epic.

For more options check out my guide to the best French press for travel.

10. Collapsible Kettle

Having a kettle on board the RV will make a whole lot of difference too.

Sure, you could pop some water in a pot, stick it on the stove, and wait for it to boil. But that takes time, and you want your morning coffee (or tea) 5 minutes ago.

A small, functional kettle will make your life ten times easier. This one from Gourmia is really cool- it collapses down when you don’t need it!

The next RV kitchen supplies will help keep things nice and organized!

The next RV kitchen supplies will help keep things nice and organized!

11. Expandable Kitchen Drawer Organizers (RV utensil holder)

You’ll want something to put your RV silverware and cutlery in as well.

I had a little cylindrical container that held all of the cutlery in my camper. And it sucked!

Everything moved and jingled around when I was driving, and it was hard to access what I needed at dinner time too. A much better option would be to bag yourself a kitchen drawer organiser, as you’d have in your house.

This bamboo organizer is great because you can adjust its size to fit any drawer. That’ll stop it shifting around inside when you drive.

12. Microwave Cover

Do you have a microwave in your RV, or are you planning on getting one?

Well, a cover to go over your food will save you a lot of hassle. It’ll stop your meals popping, spluttering, and make a mess and it heats up!

That means less clean up and none of those gross microwave smells emanating around your RV!

This one would do the trick just fine:

13. Collapsible Strainer

Strainers are a definite essential to any kitchen.

Unfortunately, they’re usually big and bulky things that’d take up too much space. That’s where a collapsible option comes in handy.

You can pop it up when you need it, and then squash it down when you don’t!

Here’s a popular collapsible kitchen strainer from Huanlemai:

14. Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic knife holders are ideal RV kitchen solutions.

Frankly, having sharp kitchen knives around when you’re driving at high-speeds is always going to be a bit scary! It’s reassuring when you know they’re safely held in place by a strong magnet.

Suspend a high-quality magnetic holder to the wall and you’ll keep them organised and suffer none of the hassles of deadly objects shifting around as you drive.

15. Stick Blender

If you love a smoothie as much as I do, then a blender is another must-have RV kitchen accessory!

Ordinary blenders can be too big to justify bringing along though. That’s where a stick blender comes into play! They’re compact and lightweight, which makes them ideal.

Another option would be to get a magic bullet (or something similar), which is still pretty small while offering more convenience than the stick blenders of the world.

16. RV Water Filter

Needless to say, you want the water coming from your kitchen tap to be clean, delicious, and drinkable.

Make sure that’s the case with an in-line water filter, such as this one from Camco.

You might also like to check out this post on the best water enhancers (to help you stay hydrated on the road!)

17. Melamine Camper Dishes/Kitchenware

You’ll want some plates and bowls as well!

Unfortunately, your usual kitchen crockery wasn’t built for the rough and tumble of RV living. The very first bump in the road will send your porcelain into tiny pieces.

Grab some melamine plates instead. They’re almost indestructible, which is exactly what you need on the road, and they look good too. All told, melamine makes for the best RV dishes out there.

18. Nesting Bowls and Lids

The same goes for your bowls!

These ones are 100% melamine and come with lids that make them ideal for storing food and popping them in the fridge.

19. RV Spice Rack

Storing spices can be something of a challenge in the RV.

For one thing, there are lots of them, which means they take up space. For another, they’re all in individual containers that move, shake, and make noise when you’re in transit.

Finally, there’s always a risk that they’ll tip over and spill their contents everywhere.

Hanging spice racks solve all three issues. They take advantage of vertical space and keep your spices held upright and in place. Secure it to the inside of a cupboard door somewhere and you’re good to go.

Top tip: Stick some soft adhesive pads to the outside to stop them jiggling around and making too much noise!

20. Stove Top Cover

Surface space becomes a commodity in any RV!

A stovetop cover can help. Put it in place whenever the stove isn’t in use and you’ve got a whole extra stretch of countertop to enjoy.

We’re half way through this list of RV kitchen essentials! Here are 20 more to choose from

We’re half way through this list of RV kitchen essentials! Here are 20 more to choose from

21. Mini Ovenware Set

Being in an RV shouldn’t have put a stop to your baking endeavors either. If you’ve got an oven, then you might as well use it!

These mini ovenware trays mean you can do exactly that without taking up too much space.

Looking for more fun things to do in the RV? Read this post full of fun RV accessories too!

22. Collapsible Storage Containers

Standard storage containers are one of those annoying kitchen necessities.

You’ll always need them to put your leftovers inside. But they take up heaps of space in the process. I have a cupboard full of them in my kitchen back home!

In the camper/RV, though, that’s a luxury you can’t afford.

Collapsible kitchen storage containers, like these thin-bins, as another matter altogether. They’re ideal space-saving items that serve a vital kitchen function.

23. Stainless Steel Tumblers

Looking for things to drink out of that won’t shatter/break as you drive?

Stainless steel tumblers make hardy, durable additions to your kitchen. With insulated walls, they’ll keep your coffee hot and your water cold as well.

These top-rated ones from Hasle would be ideal.

24. Unbreakable Wine Glasses/Tumblers

There’s literally nothing better than a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Especially when you’ve been driving for the entirety of it! You pull up at your camping spot, sort out the RV, set the camping chairs up outside, and break out the red.

…Only to realize your beautiful wine glasses smashed en route!

Avoid that heart-breaking eventuality with these shatter-proof wine tumblers instead.

25. Kitchen Wrap Box Organizer

This simple RV kitchen accessory is hardly revolutionary!

But I do think it’d make your life a lot easier on the road.

The best RV kitchens are super organized, which is why I love the idea of having a ‘wrap-stand’ in which to store your kitchen foil, cling film, baking paper, and so on. They’ll all be kept tightly in place throughout your drive and be readily available when you need them in the kitchen.

26. RV Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

The same goes for these stackable kitchen cabinet organizers.

They’re a clever little fix that helps create far more shelf space in your RV. One simple purchase creates a new shelf on which to store anything you need.

Again, it’s nothing major! But little things like this can make a big difference when you’re on the road in a tight space.

27. Pop-Up/Collapsible Trash Can

Every RV/camper kitchen needs a trash can.

As per usual, though, there’s not a lot of space in which to put it. A small, or collapsible trash can is the best bet.

This Simple Human 40L option isn’t collapsible, but it is nice and narrow. You could slot it at the end of your kitchen unit/counter without it taking up too much space.

28. Cutting Boards

Assuming you don’t want to chop your RV countertops to pieces, you’ll want some chopping boards too! I don’t think you need anything fancy here.

Something that’ll keep your cutting boards safely-stowed, well-organized, and readily available will be perfect.

This set from Joseph Joseph ticks those boxes and comes highly-rated.

29. Stackable Mixing Bowl, Colander and Measuring Cup Set

More stackable essentials! Mixing cups and bowls always come in handy in the kitchen.

That fact you get 13 pieces that stack away super neatly make this Vremi set a winner:

30. Fridge/Cabinet Water Bottle (/Beer) Holder

RV fridges can take some getting used to.

You very quickly realize that you can’t store things in them as you would with an ordinary fridge! Everything just falls over, slides around, spills and causes a general mess.

Finding ways to keep everything securely in place is essential for long-term RV sanity. Among the various options out there, I liked this water bottle holder.

Again, it’s super simple, but it’ll keep your water (…aka beer) cold and laying horizontally throughout the drive.

Camper kitchen accessories don’t get much more practical than an RV dish drainer like the one below!

Camper kitchen accessories don’t get much more practical than an RV dish drainer like the one below!

31. RV Dish Drainer (Over Sink Drying Rack)

You’ll want a place to rest your wet dishes as well!

These over-sink drying racks could do the trick (assuming you’ve got another space above and around your sink). Having secured them in place, you’d save a nice lot of room around the kitchen sink while your dishes dried off.

32. Collapsible Dishwashing Rack

Want a more traditional dishwashing rack?

This one might be more up your street. It’s collapsible too, which means you can easily stow it away when you don’t need it. That’s good news all-round.

33. Oven Baking Stone

Now, most campervan owners are unlikely to have this problem. But if you’re travelling around in an RV, you’re going to have a full-blown RV oven to bake and roast delicious dinners every evening.

That’s where these ceramic baking stones come into play. Basically, I’ve read that putting one of these things in the bottom of the oven should help to spread the heat throughout it. Without one, you risk burning your meals and/or not cooking them properly.

This particular baking stone is super popular and highly rated online- just make sure it’d fit your oven!

34. RV Toaster

No RV kitchen’s complete without a toaster on board! You don’t need anything fancy though. One that’s compact, functional, and delivers a beautiful breakfast bagel every time will do the trick!

35. Knife Sharpener

The road can and will take its toll on your RV kitchen utensils- including your trusty knife set.

And there’s nothing worse than having to prepare dinner with a blunt knife! So, be sure to bring a knife sharpener on board. It might seem superfluous to requirements, but you’re sure to use this particular RV accessory more than you might think.

36. Dish Towels

Leaving your dishes to drain is fine when you aren’t in a hurry.

However, there are always occasions when you have more dishes than space on the drying rack! Likewise, you might have to drive somewhere else after a meal- and leaving plates and bowls in the rack’s a recipe for trouble when you’re on the move.

Aside from being essential kitchen items, having some high-quality dish towels on board will solve both problems.

37. RV Fridge Deodorizer/Freshener

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or in the van/RV. There’s nothing worse than a smelly fridge! Alas, spills and messes are more common when you’re moving around a lot. And, in an enclosed space, smelly fridges can be even more traumatic than usual.

That’s where these fridge deodorizers would come into play. They’ll keep everything smelling fresh as a daisy- no matter what’s going on inside the refrigerator!

38. Non-Slip Surface Trivets

Hot dishes don’t mix well with RV surfaces. That’s why I recommend buying yourself some of these non-slip trivets to put them on.

These heat resistant pads should help you avoid any unfortunate burn marks on your countertops.

39. Lighter/Matches

Your RV oven/stove top or campervan camping stove might not have the usual ignitor system in place. The result?

You’ll need a lighter (or some matches) for the job. These items are handy to have on the road anyway though. You can light candles to set the mood in the evenings or start fires when you’re at the campsite!

40. Tin Opener

Last but not least, make sure you invest in a tin opener. If your travels are anything like mine, then you’ll be needing to open tins of food all the time!

Sure, you could use a knife (or just buy tins with a ring pull). But it’s always useful to have a tin opener laying around- just in case.

Try These RV Kitchen Accessories!

Living and travelling in a campervan or RV is an unforgettable experience.

But it isn’t without its challenges! And space is one of the main issues you come up against. With limited room, you have to be super selective with the items you bring on board.

RV kitchens are one particular place this can prove a struggle!

After all, you have to fit a fully stocked kitchen into something altogether smaller than what you’re used to. It isn’t any old kitchen either! RV kitchen accessories have to withstand the rigours of the road, staying functional and intact throughout the bumps, twists and turns along the way.

Thankfully, with a bit of ingenuity and the right camper kitchen accessories, you can create the perfect camper kitchenette for your needs.

I hope this post will help you do it!

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