25 Seriously Fun RV Accessories for Fun-Loving RV Owners

I hope this post has all the fun RV accessories you could ever need!

I hope this post has all the fun RV accessories you could ever need!

You’re on the look-out for fun RV accessories.

Aaand, I just bought a van, which is essentially an RV!

Even better, inside this van is a van-full of fun stuff to keep me happy on the road.

Which is why I think I can offer some reasonable ideas to help out with your hunt. Sound good?!

Read on for all the fun RV accessory ideas anybody could ever need!

25 Fun RV Accessories Ideas

1. Fairy Lights

First thing’s first: fairy lights.

No RV is complete without a set of them. They create a lovely low-lighting and ambiance that’s sure to keep you snug in the evenings.

Top Pick: 12APM Waterproof Fairy Lights

2. Classic Lantern(s)

Fairy lights are great for the inside of the RV. Heck, they even come in handy outside too.

Sometimes, though, you need something altogether more practical. Of course, you could slap your head-torch on, or break out the flashlight.

But where’s the fun in that? I’d go for a lantern every day of the week. They look great and provide enough ambient light to be practical too.

Top Pick: Vont 4 Pack Camping Lanterns

3. Cushions and Covers

It pays to make your RV or van as comfortable as possible.

That’s where bedding and cushions can come in handy. You’re going to need them anyway, so why not splash out on some high-quality, aesthetic, and cuddly cushions and covers for the road?

Top Picks: Kacopol Retro Pillow Cover & Linenspa Reversible Down Duvet

4. Blankets and Throws

Staying on the theme of comfort and coziness for a second:

Think about getting some blankets and throes to accompany your bedding and cushions. On cold nights they’ll help you stay warm enough.

Even better, you can bring them out on those lovely long evenings spent outside the camper. As the night draws in, those blankets can keep you warm and snug enough to stay outside that bit longer.

Top Pick: Micromink Sherpa Blanket

5. Mattress Topper

Okay, a final fun-filled (sort of) and comfort-related RV accessory:

A mattress topper/new mattress altogether.

Mattresses in RVs are renowned for being hard and uncomfortable. Spruce it up with a topper to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Top Pick: Linenspa Gel Infused Topper

6. An Awning

The van I just bought has an awning.

And it’s awesome. Breaking out the awning at a campsite makes everything feel more homely. It’s no longer just a vehicle with a bed inside. Suddenly, there’s a living space on the side, sheltering you from the elements.

It might be stretching the definition of ‘fun’. Nonetheless, I love that my van has one so much that I’ve decided that every van should have one!

Top Pick: Danchel Outdoor Awning

7. Coffee Makers

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee.

Need I say more? Well, probably. But, if you love coffee as much as I do, then you’ll understand!

Top Pick: Presto Myjo Coffee Maker

8. Camping Chairs and Tables

Now, I’m a fan of sitting on the floor as much as the next guy.

But there’s nothing fun about sitting on, and eating off, the cold hard earth all the time. Honestly, I feel old these days. I literally groan when I stand up from a cross-legged position. It also takes me far longer than it should.

Sometimes you need to give your butt a break. Camping chairs and tables are the epitome of luxury when you’ve been sat down for too long.

Top Pick: Coleman Camping Chair & Portal Camping Table

9. Portable Wine Glass Holder

Wine glasses are great for lots of things.

(Namely, for holding wine.)

However, they aren’t great at balancing on uneven ground. That’s bad news: you don’t want to spill a drop of the precious nectar inside.

Obviously, traditional camping chairs (with the drinks holder in the arms) are great for beer bottles. But they let the die-hard wine-drinkers down every time.

These portable wine glass holders solve the problem and keep the good times rolling.

Top Pick: Bella D’Vine Portable Wine Glass Holder

10. Cigarette Lighter Charger Thing

Nobody ever squeaked in uncontrollable joy at the thought of a cigarette lighter charger thing.

However, plenty of people have despaired in unbridled anguish when their mobiles ran out of battery. These charger things can stop that happening.

That means you’ve still got access to Netflix, Spotify, Facetime, as well as your camera. All that fun’s firmly back on the table.

Top Pick: RAVpower USB Charger

11. Portable Shower

Your RV may well have a fully kitted out bathroom.

My van most definitely does not.

And, after a few days of travelling around in it, I most definitely need a shower. Ask my girlfriend and she’ll tell you how painfully ‘un-fun’ it is to be around a smelly RV-owner.

Portable showers provide a way of rectifying the bad-scented situation. Obviously, they’re far from ideal. But, in the absence of any alternative, I’m glad I’ve got on in my van.

Top Pick: Risepro Camping Shower

12. Flashlight

Ever tried peeing in the dark?

It most definitely isn’t fun- or hygienic. That makes a flashlight (or head-torch) essential van/RV equipment.

They might, just occasionally, even come in handy for other things too.

Top Pick: NoCry Rechargeable Flashlight

13. GPS

Want to know what else isn’t fun?

Getting lost.

I’ve hated being lost ever since I was a kid, when my brother left me miles from my parents on a beach in France…I swear he did it on purpose. 20 years later and I still haven’t forgiven him.

Even worse, I’ve become an adult with an awful sense of direction. I’ve got myself lost more times than I care to recall.

A GPS on the road can be a genuine lifesaver.

Top Pick: Garmin Drive GPS

14. Decorative Posters/Pictures

A house isn’t a home without decorations.

Putting posters and pictures around the RV will help you put your stamp on the space. It becomes more personalized, homely, and fun to spend time in.

Top Pick: Travelisimo Scratch Off Map

15. Assorted Decorations

Why stop at posters and pictures?

Go full interior designer and go the extra mile to decorate the space. Here are a few ideas:

16. Portable Wi-Fi

Like to stay connected while you travel/live in an RV?

Your mobile phone data may suffice. However, for a boost, a little portable Wi-Fi dongle can be a great little addition to your home.

I just bought one for my van so I can keep working as I hit the road. That might not sound like fun! For me, though, that’s literally the dream. It gives me ultimate flexibility and freedom to choose when and where I work.

Doing something similar? Then I wholeheartedly recommend getting a portable Wi-Fi device.

Top Pick: GlocalMe 4G

17. Portable Speaker

Life without music is significantly less fun.

Music makes life infinitely more enjoyable in almost every single way. Your RV is likely to have speakers/a radio for when you’re on the move.

But what about when you stop? My van’s pretty old, so I’m reluctant to run the battery unnecessarily. Maybe it’s the same for you?

A set of portable speakers means you can keep listening to music, even when stationary.

Top Pick: Oontz Angle 3

18. Campfire Protector

Fire good. Cold bad.

However, not everywhere you stop for the night will have somewhere safe to make a fire. These campfire protectors mean you can light one and keep in enclosed.

Taking appropriate fire safety precautions is surely fun…right?

Top Pick: Camco Portable Fire Rings

19. Welcome Mat

All homes need a welcome mat.

Your RV is no exception. Got the space? Get a mat!

Top Pick: Plus Haven Doormat

20. RV Books and Magazines

You live in an RV.

That probably means you’re a little bit obsessed with RVs.

And that makes filling your RV with RV-related books and magazine an appropriate step. Go on, indulge your passion! Buy all the RV reading material you can handle.

Top Pick: Beginner’s Guide to RV Living

21. Portable Safe

There’s nothing fun about having your stuff stolen.

You might be living in your RV. That means

A little safe box (or something similar) is arguably the most important RV accessory on this list.

Top Pick: Sentrysafe Fireproof Box

22. Levellers

There’s nothing less fun than a bad night’s sleep.

That’s why these levellers make the ideal RV accessory! Sleeping on uneven ground is a recipe for head-rushes and rolling around the bed. Likewise, nobody wants their partner inadvertently rolling onto their side of the bed at night.

Save yourself the hassle and get your hands on some levellers. They’ll provide a flat and stable surface for your RV!

Top Pick: Lynx levellers

23. Mosquito Repelling Candles

Everybody loves candles.

They make for a romantic, calming atmosphere in any situation. It’s even better when they keep the mozzies away.

Having some mosquito-repelling candles to light in the evenings (inside or outside), can make a mighty difference.

Top Pick: Laluztop Citronella Candles

24. Sporting and Leisure Gear

Your RV is about hitting the open road and having an adventure!

It’s about fun and freedom and living in the moment. To do that, you need to be kitted out with all the gear to embrace it.

That means footballs, surfboards, badminton rackets, snorkels, baseballs and gloves, and so on.

Top Picks: Wilson NFL Football & Classic Frisbee

25. Grill/Cooker/Stove

Mans’ gotta eat!

Now, Your RV may already have a full-blown kitchen. Even so, be sure to get yourself a portable grill, cooker or stove to go with it.

If the weather’s good, there’s nothing better than cooking up a BBQ outside in the evening.

Imagine being stuck cooking indoors when the sun’s shining and all your mates are outside! Having a lets you in on the fun.

Top Pick: Coleman Roadtrip Portable Grill

Time to Enjoy Your Fun RV Accessories

There you have it: 25 fun RV accessories to make life in your RV that bit better.

I hope this list has proved helpful in your hunt! I’m psyched to hit the road with a van-full of these RV accessories.

I’ve got my fingers crossed you’ll be just as happy with any purchases you made from my recommendations!

Got any other ideas or suggestions? I’d genuinely love to hear them. What other fun stuff would you want to take in your RV? Drop a comment below to let me know.

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