Welcome to What’s Danny Doing!

Have you ever questioned what you’re doing with your life?

It’s like, you look 10 years to the future and ask yourself where you want to be, who you want to be, and what you want to be doing…

This blog was inspired by those sorts of questions.

After a difficult period at the end of 2018 I found myself questioning almost everything: who I am, what I want, and (you guessed it) what I’m doing with my life.

I didn’t want to just sit around and feel sorry for myself.

So, in November of last year I packed my things into a backpack and hit the road. That’s where I am now, still travelling, at home without a home, and attempting to find answers as I go.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage
— Anais Nin

This blog’s the wax tablet where I explore, question and document pretty much anything and everything I wish to.

What’s Danny Doing is my record of what I’m actually doing in the moment. But it’s also my way of figuring out what I’m doing with my life!

Or, perhaps, what life is doing with me.

Ultimately, I want my life to be packed to the rafters with different experiences. I want to travel, throw myself into adventure, live in the moment, meet inspiring people, learn at every opportunity, develop as a person, and generally live life as fully as possible.

And I want a platform to share what I get up to! Here’s where I jot down the journey.

Hopefully, in being a guinea pig to new experience, I might inspire and help anyone else in the same boat: questioning what life’s all about, and trying to work out exactly what they’re doing with it.

With that all said, welcome to my blog! I hope you find real value here.

Dive on in and join me in my bid to figure out what it is exactly that I’m doing.