20 Idyllic Babymoon Destinations Around the World

Deciding where to go for your long-awaited babymoon isn’t easy! Here are 20 destinations that could be perfect.

Are you eager for one last big vacation before the baby arrives? Maybe the first trimester knocked you for six and now you’re desperate to go someplace warm and sunny. Perhaps you want a final adventure with just you and your partner. Or maybe you simply want to celebrate the fact you’re pregnant!

Whatever the case, finding the perfect place to go will help make everything more memorable. With that goal in mind, here are 20 idyllic babymoon destinations to consider.

1. Hawaii

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Hawaii’s stunning landscapes, beaches, world-class resorts, fantastic weather, and endless attractions make it a prime babymoon destination in the US. Whether your priority is adventure, romance, relaxation, or all of the above, you’ll find it here in droves.

2. Maldives

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Book a Maldives babymoon for a tranquil getaway in one of the planet’s most beautiful places. Expect overwater bungalows, gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear waters full of marine life, and no shortage of luxurious ways to unwind – basically, everything you’d want from a tropical paradise!

3. Aruba

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Anybody drawn to a Caribbean babymoon should take a close look at Aruba. Nicknamed “One Happy Island,” its weather, beaches, national parks, and natural attractions all sound ideal. Direct flights make Aruba easily accessible to most people in America, too.

4. The Bahamas

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A Bahamas babymoon is another popular choice among parents-to-be. Each idyllic island (here are some cheaper islands if you want to go somewhere less expensive) boasts the usual tropical attractions – pristine beaches, barrier reefs, turquoise waters, you name it.

There are tons of adventure and excitement available here, as well. Yet you can just as easily spend your vacation relaxing, eating fantastic food, and being pampered at a luxury resort.

5. Cancun, Mexico

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Located on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Cancun is one of North America’s most popular travel destinations. It gets busy. However, if you want azure waters and white sand beaches lined with five-star resorts, Cancun won’t let you down. Its proximity to other major Mexican attractions, such as Chichén Itzá, will be an added boon for anyone wanting something more adventurous.

6. Costa Rica

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With its happy vibe and tropical setting (ideal for these tropical songs!), Costa Rica is the perfect place for a laidback babymoon. It’s another outdoor paradise – slow-paced and surrounded by nature. Expect waterfalls, rainforests dripping with wildlife, volcanoes, picture-perfect beaches, waves for surfing, and so much more.

7. Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka
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A babymoon in Sri Lanka won’t be for everyone. But if you’re feeling adventurous and want to do something different, you should consider it. The country is outrageously beautiful and so diverse that it could accommodate almost anybody’s vacation requirements.

Stunning landscapes teeming with wildlife? Yep. Unique activities and attractions? Dozens of them. Luxurious resorts on beautiful sandy beaches? Check. Sites of huge cultural significance? Plenty of those, too. Sri Lanka’s also incredibly budget-friendly.

8. Bali, Indonesia

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Bali offers a beautiful mix of exotic attractions that would make it an ideal babymoon destination for almost any couple – especially foodies, yogis, surfers, beach bums, scuba divers, and/or nature lovers! Luxury, relaxation, romance, adventure, and unique cultural attractions are all here in abundance and at super-affordable prices.

9. Mauritius

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In case there wasn’t enough tropical bliss on this list already, Mauritius is next. Another bucket list destination, this island nation is close to Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa. Mauritius is a paradise on earth – cliffs, waterfalls, white sand beaches, palm trees, lagoons, and coral reefs. A slew of high-end hotels and resorts will provide an enviable base from which to enjoy it.

10. Paris, France

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Paris is the City of Love, but that’s not the only reason it’s a top babymoon destination. From boating down the River Seine to climbing the Eiffel Tower, there are dozens of romantic things to do together.

Cultural activities abound, as well. You can see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, visit Notre Dame Cathedral (when it re-opens), check out the Arc de Triomphe, and so much more. Of course, eating your weight in fresh croissants is just as enjoyable…

11. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast
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Italy is home to dozens of potential babymoon destinations. It’s just that sort of country. From the Dolomites to Sicily and everywhere in between, you fall in love with this place wherever you go.

However, the Amalfi Coast is definitely a star attraction. It is coastal Italy at its best. Get ready for charming, postcard-worthy towns perched on the sides of striking mountains overlooking the ocean. Bars, shops, restaurants, beaches, history, hikes…there’s lots to like about the Amalfi Coast and even more to do.

12. Norway

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A Norway babymoon would be hard to beat if you love wild, untamed nature. You can do a boat tour of its iconic fjords, visit Viking burial sites, and hike if you have enough energy. From traditional fishermen’s cabins with mountain views to luxury lodges in outrageous locations, there are some memorable accommodation options to choose from, too.

13. Greece

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Similar to Italy, there are countless places in Greece perfect for a babymoon in Europe. There’s just so much to see and do, so much history and culture. Then there’s the food and weather. Both are fantastic. And the locals? They don’t get more welcoming or hospitable.

Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini, and Mykonos are just a handful of islands worth considering, but they all look amazing. Why not hop between them? Or stop in one spot for a more relaxing time? Whatever you do and wherever you go, one thing’s for sure: Greece will look after you.

14. The Lake District, England

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The Lake District is one of England’s most popular places. It’s gorgeous – wild, historic, and oozing charm. Choose it for your babymoon and you’ll explore tiny villages with cobbled streets, eat proper pub food in local watering holes, walk pretty trails through the countryside, and indulge in cream teas next to beautiful bodies of water. If you love the outdoors, you’ll love the Lakes.

15. Edinburgh, Scotland

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If you’re interested in a city escape in the UK with bags of history and easy access to nature, look no further than Edinburgh. Scotland’s picturesque capital city is adored worldwide for its character, charm, striking stone architecture, and a long list of things to do.

There are famous festivals, castles, museums, and cobbled streets to explore, plus endless places to eat and drink. All of this helps explain why Edinburgh is now the most popular city in the UK.

16. Portugal

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Babymoon in Portugal to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful and underrated destinations. It isn’t technically a Mediterranean country, but you wouldn’t know it. The food, weather, and culture possess the same sultry allure as places like Spain and Greece.

Portugal’s coast is stunning (its sunsets are legendary), and its cities are full of history, life, and charm. Pick it for your babymoon, and you won’t regret it.

17. New Zealand

A panoramic view of Queenstown in New Zealand at dusk. When looking at a New Zealand map, Queenstown is located in the Otago region of South Island.
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If the best babymoon destinations have to be close to home and easily accessible, then I’ve made a mistake with this one. New Zealand ticks neither of those boxes! But, if the criteria include unrivaled natural beauty, laidback vibes, amazing road trip opportunities, oodles of outdoor activities, and Lord of the Rings filming locations, then it’s ideal.

18. Florida

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The Sunshine State has famously good weather, beaches, attractions, and amenities. Want luxury, excitement, and non-stop activities? Go to Miami. Want tranquil and relaxing days at the beach? Go to the Florida Keys. This a diverse state, so you’re guaranteed to find somewhere with everything you’re looking for on your babymoon destination.

19. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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History, culture, coastal beauty, and charm combine to make Cape Cod another first-rate babymoon destination in the US—especially in summer. Walk on white-sand beaches, shop at boutiques, and gorge on fresh seafood at the local restaurants. It looks and sounds idyllic.

20. Big Sur, California


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In a state laden with potential destinations for a babymoon, Big Sur comes out on top for anyone seeking an escape in nature. This rugged, undeveloped stretch of coast offers epic views of the Pacific, outdoor opportunities (don’t miss the redwoods), and a wide range of accommodation options – from camping and glamping to luxury getaways.


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