13 Popular Countries You Should Visit in Spring, Not Summer

While most people wait until Summer to go on vacation, some countries can be more enjoyable to explore in Spring. Here are 13 of them.

Spring is an underrated time to travel. This is “shoulder season” in most places, which means everything’s cheaper and less crowded than in peak times. The weather’s pretty good, too, and temperatures can actually be more pleasant than in the stifling summer months.

Add to that the general appeal of Spring, when landscapes teem with color and life, and you have a recipe for a memorable trip.

So, if you’re not constrained by a school calendar and can get away in the next month or two, you won’t regret it – especially if you escape to certain destinations. The following 13 countries are amazing all year round, but they’re at their best in Spring.

1. Portugal

Pena National Palace in Sintra, Portugal
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Portugal is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream in Spring. Everything’s in bloom, the days are long, and the weather’s perfect. Expect it to be hot but not scorching; there’s always the chance of rain, but it’s drier in popular places like the Lisbon region and the Algarve. The lack of crowds is another bonus.  

2. Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is different to other places on this list in that the Spring months fall in peak season. December through April is Dry Season, so the weather is glorious – expect hot and sunny days with little chance of rain. The rainy months have just passed, too, so everything feels lush and vibrant.

Ultimately, Spring is a beautiful time of year in Costa Rica, and people flock there as a result. If you’re okay with higher prices, it will provide a stunning location for your getaway.

3. England

The Lake District, England
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England’s reputation for bad weather precedes it, so people generally see this as a summer destination. Consider breaking that trend and visiting between March and May instead.

The weather won’t be ideal, but going in Spring means you can explore the UK’s best bits without the crowds. Places like London, the Cotswolds, and the Lake District get inundated with holidaymakers in summer, but you’ll get in before the rush. It’ll be considerably cheap and far more enjoyable.

4. Ireland

Uragh Stone Circle in Ireland
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Most people visit Ireland in summer because that’s when the weather’s best. Yet Springtime on the Emerald Isle is special. Sure, you can expect rain. But that’s the perfect excuse to seek shelter in a pub and listen to some Irish music over a Guinness or two!

The landscapes are lush and covered in wildflowers, there’s St. Patrick’s Day to look forward to, and you’ll have far fewer tourists to cramp your style around the country.

5. Maldives

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The Maldives is the quintessential tropical paradise. With its idyllic white sand and some of the clearest water in the world, it attracts people from around the world looking for a luxurious escape.

March and April are the final two months of the Dry Season, so the weather is divine – just expect the usual peak season crowds and prices. The weather in May is less predictable, but that works in your favor in terms of affordability.  

6. Italy

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Millions of people visit Italy every year – and most go in summer. However, with temperatures hitting unbearable (and even dangerous) levels at that time of year, spring offers a sensible alternative.

The usual benefits apply, such as (slightly) smaller crowds, lower prices, and more availability. There will still be queues for top attractions in places like Rome, but you won’t wait in such oppressively hot conditions. Likewise, flowers around Bel Paese will be in bloom, meaning landscapes in areas like the Dolomites will be even more picturesque than usual.

7. France

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France is very similar to Italy in terms of the benefits of visiting in Spring. Summer temperatures can be unbearably hot; winter temperatures (unless you’re skiing or snowboarding) are teeth-chatteringly cold.

Spring strikes a happy balance, and the landscapes shine with color and life. Whether you’re sightseeing in Paris, hiking in the French Alps, or sunbathing in the French Riviera, springtime won’t let you down.

8. Mexico

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For somewhere slightly closer to the United States, why not hop down to Mexico? Places like Cancun are notorious Spring Break destinations, but this beautiful country has something for everyone. This is peak season, so the weather’s great (hot, but great), and the beaches and cenotes are blissful. The only downsides are the crowds and higher prices.

9. Japan

Spring is cherry blossom season in Japan, so it’s probably the most scenic time of year to visit. It’ll be mild, sunny, and dry in most parts of the country, too, meaning you can spend your time outside enjoying the diverse landscapes.

Japan also has you covered if you’re desperate for a spring ski trip. Venture up north to the island of Hokkaido, where there will still be plenty of fresh power to keep you occupied.

10. Morocco

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Morocco is amazing in every season, but Spring is ideal if you want to spend time outdoors. There may be an occasional sandstorm(!), but this is when the temperature is best.

Wait longer, and it can get too hot to do much outside. From March to May, though, you can hike in Morocco’s mighty Atlas Mountains or go on a camel trek through the Sahara Desert without overheating!

11. The Netherlands

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Tulip season is one of the Netherlands’ most famous times of year, and it’s at its peak in mid-April. Visit in spring and you’ll see millions of these beautiful flowers (and many others) in full bloom in fields across the country. You’ll also be able to explore iconic cities like Amsterdam with smaller crowds and enjoy cheaper prices to boot.  

12. Australia

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Spring in the United States is Fall in Australia, which is an ideal time to visit. With the scorching summer days over, you can explore this enormous country at a bearable temperature.

Head to Sydney for its vibrant center, iconic attractions like the Sydney Opera House, and beautiful sandy beaches.

13. Spain

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Spain in late spring is hard to beat. Like other European countries, the weather at this time of year is just right. You can get outside and enjoy warmth, blue skies, and sunshine without being uncomfortably hot. It’s also cheaper and quieter.

There are lots of spring festivals to enjoy, too, including the Semana Santa Easter festival that happens annually during Holy Week. Even if you’re not religious, the celebrations and street processions are worth seeing.


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