14 Best Dog Breeds for Travel Lovers and Frequent Flyers

Love traveling and desperate to get a dog? Whether you want to take them with you or feel confident leaving them at home with someone else, here are 14 of the best dogs for travel lovers.

Loving dogs as much as travel can feel like a curse. You tell yourself it’s one or the other. You either get a dog and live a less transitory life or forgo the pup so you can keep traveling.

Thankfully, you can, of course, have both! Getting a dog as a travel addict requires certain changes, but it’s perfectly doable. Countless people travel with their pets and/or find ways to travel without them (e.g., getting a dog/house sitter or paying for kennels).

Yet one thing’s for sure: not all dog breeds are made equal in this regard.

Some are too big or energetic to take along. Others might suffer from so much separation anxiety it’s unfair to leave them behind. So, if you’re going to travel and have a dog, make sure you get one that’s suited to the lifestyle. Here are 14 great options:

1. Labrador Retrievers

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Adorable, companionable, (relatively) low-maintenance, and eager to please, labradors are known to be fantastic pets and great travel companions. They’re harder to take on planes (they’ll need to go in a crate in the hold), but they’ll be as happy as Larry on road trips and outdoor adventures.

One potential pitfall is their proneness to separation anxiety. So, if you plan on traveling without the dog, try to get them into the habit of being alone before you go.

2. Pomeranian

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Friendly, pint-sized, and adaptable, Pomeranians make great travel companions. Assuming the airline’s okay with it, you could put them in a crate and take your pup on planes as cabin luggage. Likewise, if you’re traveling in an RV or campervan, they’ll take up barely any space.

The main downside is their susceptibility to separation anxiety. Traveling without your Pomeranian might be harder (or more unfair on the dog).

3. Dachshund

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These adorable little dogs are small, adaptable, playful, lovable, and usually enjoy adventures. That’s a winning combination when you’re looking for a travel companion.

Dachshunds can also be protective and defensive, though; they’ll likely need lots of attention while you’re away. Leaving them at home can cause separation anxiety, too.

4. Chihuahua

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Chihuahuas are small enough to travel with easily, too. They tend to be quite highly-strung animals with a tendency to yap at strangers, which is less ideal. But if size is your main criterion for a travel-friendly hound, and you plan on carrying them around wherever you go, then you won’t find a much better option.

5. Great Dane

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Plane travel is probably off-limits with these gentle giants, and you’ll need a big vehicle/RV for road trips. But Great Danes are unbeatable travel pets in every other way! They’re friendly, loyal, low-maintenance, and laid-back.

They’d also be a useful deterrent to any bad eggs or wrongdoers you encounter. Separation anxiety can be an issue, though, so Great Danes aren’t as good if you go overseas a lot.

6. Portuguese Water Dog

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If you’re looking for a low-energy dog, this isn’t the one for you. But if you want a loyal and intelligent pet to take into the great outdoors (especially where lakes, rivers, and beaches are involved), Portuguese Water Dogs will be a fantastic companion.

They’re obedient and affectionate hounds with hypoallergenic coats that rarely shed. However, they also thrive off company, so separation anxiety is likely if you travel without them.

7. Golden Retriever

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These beautiful dogs are incredibly popular pets. They’re affectionate, full of personality, trainable, and big fans of the outdoors. Expect a fun-loving and easy-going travel pal whenever you take them along for the ride.

Yet, similar to Labrador retrievers, Golden Retrievers love attention and need company to be at their best. Again, this makes them prone to separation anxiety. They also shed a lot, which may be a nuisance for people traveling in RVs or campers.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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King Charles Spaniels are a fantastic all-rounder. They’re cute, affable, laid-back, and unflappable in most scenarios. Their small size means they can usually come on the plane as cabin luggage, too. Their relaxed temperament also makes them less prone to separation anxiety, which is one less thing to worry about when you want to travel solo.  

9. Havanese

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Sticking with the small dog theme, Havanese hounds are all fluff and no fuss. These pint-sized, portable, and affectionate pets are nicely mild-mannered, meaning you can take them on planes, in cars, or in your RV with minimal hassle.

Havanese have been bred for companionship, so they’re another pup to take along for the ride more than you leave them behind.

10. Poodle

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Smart, full of personality, and hypoallergenic, Poodles are another popular pup. They’re also clever dogs with a calm disposition – assuming you exercise them enough. Poodles can be protective, so they may require more effort to socialize before you hit the road with them.

If you want something smaller, you could opt for a Toy Poodle instead. They offer most of the same qualities as a full-sized one without taking up nearly as much space.

11. French Bulldog

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Small, adaptable, cute, and full of personality, French Bulldogs make adorable pets that are nicely portable. They’ll love being taken along for the ride whenever you go away! They won’t enjoy being left alone, though, and be careful when it’s hot. Renowned for breathing issues, it’s important to limit their outdoor activity, particularly in warm weather.

12. Greyhound

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Greyhounds tick many of the right boxes for dog-loving travel enthusiasts. They’re quiet, affectionate, mild-mannered, and low-maintenance pets that don’t need as much exercise as other pooches. They travel well in cars, too, and generally just want to stay by your side. You might also find greyhounds to be less prone to separation anxiety.

13. Deerhound

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Love big woofs? You’ll adore deerhounds. They’re enormous, so you’ll need a vehicle/RV/campervan with sufficient space. Likewise, keep in mind that it can be harder to convince places like restaurants to let them accompany you inside.

A deerhound is a fantastic travel pet if you’re active and outdoors a lot on the road. They also travel well in vehicles and make loyal and lovable companions.

14. Labradoodle

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Labradoodles are a gorgeous, curly-haired cross between a labrador and a poodle. They pack all the best bits of both dog breeds. Expect a happy-go-lucky, clever, energetic, loyal, and cuddle-loving hound that’s (usually) a smidgen smaller than a labrador.

They love being outdoors and need plenty of exercise, so they’re better for active travelers. Likewise, labradoodles need company and are prone to separation anxiety. Keep that in mind if you plan on leaving them alone while you go away.



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