The Best Time to Visit Thailand For YOU – Weather, Prices, Activities, and Crowds

When is the best time to visit Thailand? In this post, I cover what this beautiful country is like throughout the year so you can decide when is best for you!

Asking, “What’s the best time to visit Thailand?” is like asking a waiter what the best item on the menu is.

It depends on what you want!

The good news is Thailand never lets you down. It’s warm year-round, and its epic temples, beaches, outdoor activities, stunning landscapes, nightlife, and food will always be there.

However, the weather does vary. Peak season brings crowds and higher prices, and special events occur at specific times.

As a result, I can’t say in good faith that there’s a “best time” to go. But what I can do is look back on the multiple trips I’ve taken to the country and outline what it’s like throughout a typical year.

With any luck, it’ll help you decide when is right for you!

best time to visit Thailand
When is the best time to visit Thailand? Let’s start with the short answer…Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?

The best time to visit Thailand is between November and March. That’s the general consensus online, which jibes with my personal experience (my last trip straddled November and December, and I loved it).

Some travel resources suggest slight variations. One site recommends November to early April, another recommends December to March, and a third says November to February is best.

However, the window from November through March is a winner – especially for the weather. You’ll miss monsoon season and have dry, hot, and less humid conditions without it being too sweltering to enjoy (think 29 to 34 degrees Celsius).

Good weather obviously impacts what you can do in Thailand, too. For example, those dry, cool-ish conditions make hiking more appealing – not to mention possible. Rainy season can destroy trails and make hikes near rivers and waterfalls susceptible to flash floods.

Ultimately, exploring the country is more enjoyable and less prone to sudden downpours.

When to Go to Thailand
Next up: some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the timing for your trip to Thailand! Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Caveats When Deciding When to Go to Thailand

I want to reiterate a few key reasons why the best time to visit Thailand is tricky to pin down. Here are the caveats to consider:


Timing your trip for when the weather’s best means it’ll be busy. After all, everyone wants to be there then! Tens of millions of people visit Thailand annually, so prepare for crowds if you go in peak season – i.e., the months I highlighted above.

Want to explore a quieter Thailand? Go during shoulder season. You have two choices: April through June or September through October.

The first will be hot – temperatures peak in April. The second will be wetter than you might like. But there will be fewer crowds in both cases, which means a cheaper trip…


Crowds bring surcharges. Flights, accommodation, tours, and activities all have more demand, which drives up prices. Thankfully, Thailand’s cheap by modern standards, so the price hikes are all relative. But it’s definitely something budget backpackers should consider, for example.

If going in October means you’d save hundreds of dollars on the exact same experiences you’d be having a month later, just with slightly wetter weather, then the “best” time to visit is up for debate.


Equally, in general, the weather’s best from November through March. But the climate varies massively.

Take South Thailand. The east coast is wettest between September and December, which is when the west coast is driest. Obviously, this has a big impact on the best time to visit Thailand if you wish to go east!

Likewise, the north and centre of Thailand have three clearly defined seasons. Wet season is from May to November. But the dry season is split in two, with a cool and a hot season. These run from November through February and March to May, respectively.

In the cool season, it can get surprisingly fresh up north. But in the hot season, you’re looking at the late thirties up to 40°C.


The best time to go to Thailand also depends on where you want to go – and, by the same token, what you want to do.

For instance, do you want to go diving?

PADI says conditions are best in the Gulf of Thailand, in the east, from May through September. But then it’s better in the Andaman Sea (the west coast) from October through April.

I suppose that’s good news! You can enjoy world-class diving year-round. However, suppose you want to explore a specific dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. In that case, the best time to visit the country will be very different to the standard advice you’ll see online.

Ultimately, deciding when to go comes down to personal preference. Here’s a month-by-month rundown of what to expect to help you figure out when would be best for you.

Loi Krathong festival in Thailand
Planning a trip to Thailand in November? Don’t miss the captivating Loi Krathong festival! Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

When to Go to Thailand – Month to Month

For a comprehensive look at the best time to visit Thailand, consider what’s happening where throughout the year.

January in Thailand

This is peak travel time. Wherever you go, the weather’s sunny, the temperature’s cool, and it’s dry.

Want to explore? The temperature permits it, whether it’s beaches, rainforests, or temples. It’s still busy despite Christmas and New Year being over, and the prices are much higher than in the low season. Nevertheless, Thailand in January is hard to fault overall.

February in Thailand

February is much like January, just a touch hotter. The crowds start to thin a little more – partly because it’s now truly post-Christmas but also because rising temperatures start putting people off.

Thailand’s beaches and islands are paradise at this time of year, but its cities might feel too stifling for some. As for events, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival is one to look out for in February.

March in Thailand

Things really heat up in March. Cities like Bangkok may be too hot to enjoy, so consider going south to the coast or islands, where it’s cooler.

Thailand shouldn’t be as busy anymore, but the islands are always popular, so it’s hardly going to feel abandoned!

Another benefit of being south is that you’re far from rural areas up north, where farmers will be burning leftover crops to prepare for the next round of planting.

Mind you, if the main goal is to skip the heat, hilly regions up north can do the job. They also offer a more authentic look at Thai life than the more touristy islands.

April in Thailand

April is the hottest month of the year. Expect temperatures to sit in the mid to late thirties, even touching the forties if you’re unlucky.

People still come at this time to enjoy smaller crowds and cheaper prices, but it’s generally for a beach stay.

Thai islands and coastal destinations become the go-to vacation spots, purely so people can escape the heat. Songkran, the Thai New Year, also takes place.

May in Thailand

If you decide the best time to visit Thailand is May, prepare to get wet. While it should still be sunny, May marks the beginning of the rainy season. It sounds bad, but it can be a relief after April’s intense heat.

You’re well into shoulder season, too, so look forward to fewer people and discounted accommodation, tours, and so on. Expect some resorts on small islands to close, plus rough seas putting an end to certain public ferries.

June in Thailand

I’ve read that June is actually drier than May. Expect regular showers and semi-frequent downpours, but still enough heat, sun, and dry spells to enjoy exploring.

All the rain turns Thailand green – especially in central and northern locations. Waterfalls will be picking up pace for similar reasons.

With what sounds like better weather and even fewer crowds, June seems a top shoulder-season month to visit.

July in Thailand

July brings more rain around most of Thailand and a definite switch to the tourist low season.

Nature starts showing off at this time of year. Waterfalls roar, rice paddies ripple in vibrant shades of green, and jungles teem with life.

Head to the east coast for the best shot of sunshine. Public holidays and various festivals happen in July, as well.

August in Thailand

August weather consists of humidity and rain. In other words, this is definitely not the best time to visit Thailand if you want a sun tan.

In fact, it’s unideal for most of the country’s usual attractions. Hence why the country’s also as uncrowded as you’ll ever see it.

September in Thailand

September’s another month when you’re unlikely to want to go – unless you’re desperate to see a Southeast Asian monsoon.

This is often Thailand’s wettest month, although some sources also say conditions can begin to improve.

It’ll be humid either way, but temperatures do start dropping as the country braces for winter. And if you want a cheap trip to Thailand, now’s as good as it gets.

October in Thailand

October’s another rainy month (sometimes even rainier than September), but it’s the final one before things start picking back up.

Winter is coming. Temperatures start cooling, humidity drops slightly, and drier days become more frequent as the month passes.

Apparently, conditions are best in the north/northeast of Thailand in October, whereas the islands are still incredibly wet. Go north, and you’ll enjoy better weather, pleasant temperatures, and fewer tourists.

November in Thailand

November marks the beginning of the high season. The rainy season’s over, so it’s dry almost everywhere and a lovely temperature. The coolness and lower humidity make hiking popular, and the islands start basking in the sunshine again.

The Loi Krathong festival also takes place in November. This unique event is where people float tiny candlelit baskets onto lakes, rivers, and canals. It would be well worth checking out if you’re in Thailand at this time.

December in Thailand

Welcome back to peak travel time in Thailand. Gorgeous weather makes December a go-to month to explore. Expect the islands and other tourist hotspots to be full of life (read: crowds) and atmosphere, particularly around Christmas and New Year. Outdoor opportunities, including diving and hiking, are popular, too.

Choose the Best Time to Go To Thailand

Picking the best time to visit Thailand depends on the type of experience you want. Like every other country, there are pros and cons to each season. Hopefully, though, having a month-by-month rundown of what Thailand is like will give you a better sense of when to go.

Still unsure when to visit Thailand? Feel free to comment below with any questions, and I’ll try to help!

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