24 Best Jobs for Adventurers [2023 Adventure Jobs List]

Want to be paid to have adventures? Looking into adventurous jobs? Check out this list of 24 epic adventure jobs and discover the best jobs for adventurers!


Trying to find out about the best jobs for adventurers? I hope this list of adventure jobs helps!

Paid to have adventures.

If ever there were four words to excite a travel lover, they’re the ones!

Just imagine it:

Exploring the world, doing cool things in epic environments, and earning money every step of the way.

It’s the stuff of dreams!

The best part? Get one of the best jobs for adventurers, and you can bring those dreams to fruition.

Do you have an unbridled enthusiasm for adventure? Want to make a living from it?

Check out these 24 amazing adventure jobs and see if any take your fancy!

[Last Updated: March 2023]


Here we go: 24 of the best adventure careers available today.

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24 Epic Adventurous Jobs

Typical job openings don’t always cut it when you have an adventurous spirit! Know the struggle?

In no particular order, here are 24 adventure jobs that’d both pay the bills and satisfy your wanderlust.

1. Adventurer (The Perfect Adventure Careers!)

There are real-life adventurers out there right now, venturing to remote destinations, embarking on super-human endeavours, and risking their lives in the name of exploration.

Crazy, right?

It’s something of a misnomer in relation to traditional jobs, though.

First off, ‘adventurer’ isn’t really a position you can apply for. In theory, you could just start calling yourself one!

This is a role you fill of your own accord, assigning yourself the title as and when it seems fitting (or when other people start calling you it).

Likewise, you don’t necessarily get paid to have adventures, per se.

You have an adventure and then get paid by a magazine to write about it or by a company to give a presentation about it.

Or you write a blog about your adventures, which gains traffic and drives ad revenue and/or affiliate sales. Or you write a book about the experience and make money as an author.

Make a name for yourself, and the cash may also come from sponsorships. Certain outdoor brands might partner with you, provide gear/equipment, or fund entire trips.

However you go about it, being an actual adventurer is as good as it gets as far as the best adventure jobs go.


Adventure tour guide jobs would take you all over the world, meeting cool people and leading expeditions.

2. Adventure Tour Guide (Epic Outdoor Adventure Jobs)

Love the idea of being an adventurer but want the comfort of a steady paycheque?

Adventure tour guide positions could be the answer.

Your adventures might not be as extreme, and you’ll have less control over your schedule. But you’ll be living an adventurous lifestyle, travelling to cool places, embarking on regular trips, and taking groups of paying guests along for the ride.

Common employers include adventure tourism companies, travel companies, parks, resorts, campgrounds, and so on.

You might also find yourself working on a cruise liner (more on this later).

As for the ideal candidates, these roles tend to suit outgoing, enthusiastic people with a passion for travel and knowledge of a particular area (or the willingness to learn!).


Jobs for adventurers who want to make a difference don’t get much better than search and rescue positions.

3. Search and Rescue (Top Jobs in Wilderness Areas)

If you want to save lives, risk your own, and have amazing adventures along the way, then search and rescue (SAR) jobs would be right up your street.

These are the brave guys and girls who:

  • Go into the mountains to save the stranded hiker,
  • Head into the hills to find the missing camper, or
  • Shoot out to sea to save the struggling swimmer, and so on

You’re operating in the wild outdoors, often in extreme conditions, saving lives on a regular basis. From what I understand, there are also SAR roles in cities…although they don’t seem quite as adventurous.

A wide variety of volunteer and paid roles are available in the SAR industry.

If you’ve got relevant skills, experience, insight, and qualifications, there could be the perfect adventure job for you.


Want to spend your days in incredible national parks? Park ranger could be the ideal outdoor adventure jobs for you.

4. Park Ranger (Great Field Guide Jobs)

Being a park ranger might not sound all that adventurous.

And, I’d agree, it doesn’t seem in the same league as other roles on this list of adventure jobs.

It does, however, share many of the same elements!

You’re spending your days outdoors, patrolling campgrounds and set stretches of land, monitoring trails, enforcing rules, keeping the peace, and trying to ensure everyone in the park stays safe and happy.

As far as excitement goes, you might be first on the scene of a fire, responding to injured hikers/campers, or even involved in search and rescue efforts.

To land a park ranger role, you’ll likely need a:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline (such as environmental science)
  • Passion for the outdoors
  • First-aid qualification, and
  • Flexible schedule that allows you to work on weekends, holidays, and evenings


If you have a talent for writing or filmmaking, both skills can become amazing adventure jobs.

5. Outdoor Filmmaker/Journalist (Classic Jobs That Are Adventurous)

Not all filmmaking and journalism jobs are adventurous. If you learn the skills and master the art, though, you can 100% find yourself in adventurous situations.

Think about epic documentaries like Free Solo, which followed Alex Honnold on his bid to climb El Cap, in Yosemite…without ropes.

Filmmakers on those types of projects have epic adventures all the time!

In that particular case, they were dangling thousands of feet in the air as they recorded Alex’s efforts, travelling around the world to cover his training, and so on.

As far as journalism goes, imagine covering big international stories, visiting each place for research, and experiencing wild encounters along the way.

If you’re creative, handy with a camera, or have a way with words, then film-making and journalism could be amazing outlets for your adventurous side.

The best part?

Although you may need to hone your craft at college/university and get official qualifications to secure certain jobs, there’s nothing stopping you from getting started now and earning a name for yourself with no official ‘training’.


Not all photographers have careers that are adventurous. But you could!

6. Professional Outdoor Photographer (Amazing Outdoor Wild Jobs)

Basically everything I said about filmmaking and journalism could apply to professional photographers too!

Master the art of taking amazing photos and – whether you’re self-employed or hold an actual position – you can travel around the world, photographing your adventures and earning money as you go.

From wildlife and surfing to extreme sports, there are countless areas to put your talent to work and earn a living.

Maybe a travel magazine is looking for a new photographer. Or perhaps an outdoor gear brand needs some snaps for their latest marketing campaign.

An international modelling agency may need someone with your skillset, or you could use your pics to attract a following on social media and become an influencer!


Got a head for heights? Careers that are adventurous don’t get much more extreme than professional climbing.

7. Professional Climber/Mountaineer (Ideal Jobs for the Adventurous!)

If you’re obsessed with rock climbing/mountaineering, world-class at it, and happy to dirt-bag life until you officially ‘make it,’ then going pro in either discipline would be the dreamiest of all adventure jobs.

Imagine being flown around the world by big outdoor brands and publications who want to film and photograph you climbing impressive new routes!

You’d have your gear paid for through sponsorships, earn paid speaking gigs, and spend your days doing the thing you love most.

Not so long ago, you might have been laughed at for saying you wanted to be a professional climber. But the sport’s become so popular in recent years that a) it’s increasingly accepted/recognised and b) the opportunities to ‘go pro’ are more common too.

Once again, there aren’t any actual qualifications required for this job.

With a head for heights, a solid work ethic, strong fingers and forearms, and a love of the great outdoors, the position’s yours for the taking.


Looking for jobs in the wilderness? Well, if you can fly a plane, why not become a bush pilot?

8. Bush Pilot (More Top Jobs In the Wilderness)

Being a pilot of any kind would be adventurous enough for some people- especially in the commercial aviation industry.

You’d be jetting off to exotic destinations, staying in hotels funded by the airline, and watching the world pass by from 30,000ft!

If you want a step up in excitement, though, you could spread your wings into bush piloting.

You’d swap the swanky hotels for remote wilderness destinations and the passengers for crucial emergency cargoes.

You’d also trade the pristine airport terminals and runways for rugged, rough, and dangerous makeshift landing strips. And you’d use your first-rate flying ability to do good deeds instead of ferrying people to and from vacations.

Alas, becoming a bush pilot doesn’t sound overly straightforward- unless you buy your own plane and sell your unique services.

You might have to work your way up the ladder before you’re put in charge of the plane and be ready to muck in and do more than just flying! You’ll need a can-do attitude and a bucket full of flying talent too.


Fancy spending months on a tropical island paradise like this? The next jobs for adventurers could make it a reality.

9. Caretaker on a Paradise Island (Dreamy Jobs for Adventurers)

Crazy as it seems, this is a legitimate job.

And it sounds pretty insane.

For one thing, you’re on an actual paradise island like the ones you see in travel magazines! For another, the work sounds very chilled out…

You’re paid to do things like feed the tropical fish, promote tourist activities via blog posts and social media, look after the accommodation on the island, and sort out any maintenance work that needs doing.

You get to stay rent-free for the duration of the stay as well.

One position I came across didn’t require any special qualifications either! All it asked for was a can-do attitude and a willingness to swim, sail, dive, and snorkel.

As you’d imagine, these positions don’t open up very often!

And, when they do, they get an outlandish amount of interest. The chance of landing this adventure job might be slim, but if you were lucky enough to be ‘the chosen one’, it’d be an unforgettable experience from start to finish.


Storm chasing is surely one of the most adventurous jobs on this list! It’s also one of the most dangerous.

10. Storm Chaser (Dangerous Expedition Jobs)

Storm chasing has all the core tenets of the best adventure jobs:

High-octane excitement, crazy sights and new experiences, (possible) travel, and a sizeable dose of danger. You’re literally doing what the name implies: chasing storms.

Why? It seems like one part thrill and another part science.

The thrill comes from getting up close and personal with giant tornados and hurricanes! You’re driving headlong toward (and through) the action, desperate to get the best possible view of what’s happening.

The science comes from the fact that most professional storm chasers are legitimate scientists (known as meteorologists) who study big weather events.

They might work for the weather service, launching probes into tornadoes to gather data, for example.

Take this route, and you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline.

You could also (if you can stomach the risk), try storm chasing as a personal passion. Combine it with something like nature photography/filmmaking, and you could sell the snaps/footage to make a living.


Treasure hunting’s one of the quintessential jobs for the adventurous.

11. Treasure Hunter (Possible International Adventure Jobs)

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of treasure.

I think it comes from reading Treasure Island and watching endless Indiana Jones films as a kid! Stumbling across ancient artefacts and forgotten treasures catches my imagination like nothing else.

That’s why the thought of being a bona fide treasure hunter seems so epic.

These guys spend their days searching for actual treasure- be it of financial and/or historical value.

At the same time, they might be investigating old mysteries (such as shipwrecks, ancient maps, and enigmatic islands) that involve the prospect of treasure.

I suppose there’s a risk that treasure hunting sounds more exciting than it actually is though! You could spend your days scanning fields and beaches with a metal detector, digging through trash, or panning for gold in a river bed somewhere.

And, after all your effort, you’d come away with nothing almost every time.

I still think treasuring hunting deserves its place on this list of the best adventure jobs! But it’s probably more of an ‘adventure pastime’ than a full-time position.

Unless you can find a wealthy sponsor to invest in your hunches, end up on TV, or actually find real treasure, you’re unlikely to make much money this way.


Want to travel the world on your own terms and detail your adventures as you go? Become a travel blogger!

12. Travel Blogger/Writer (Top Travel Guide Jobs)

If you want an adventure job where you need zero qualifications (other than an insatiable desire to travel and a reasonable way with words), then travel blogging could be for you.

It’s a way to make money (eventually, after years of hard work and slow progress) while a) indulging your wanderlust and b) helping readers have their own adventures!

One thing I’d say about being a travel blogger, though, is that it’s as adventurous as you make it.

I mean, some people just spend their days staying in and writing about luxury resorts. That’s cool, but I wouldn’t call it an adventure.

By contrast, other bloggers are more like genuine adventurers who happen to write a blog. They’re off on insane expeditions in remote, far-flung destinations, pushing themselves to the limit and writing about it in their spare time.

I’d say that most travel bloggers, though, are somewhere in-between.

They travel a lot, which is adventurous, see and do incredible things along the way, which also contains elements of adventure, and record their experiences so other people may benefit from them.

If they can get enough web traffic and incorporate ads, affiliate links, and sponsorship deals into the mix, they can make sizeable (and often passive) incomes.

For help getting started with travel blogger, click here.


Wilderness jobs don’t get wilder than spending your days on the ocean floor as a deep sea diver!

13. Deep Sea Diver (Insanely Adventurous Jobs!)

I watched a documentary recently (called Last Breath, on Netflix) about a special type of deep-sea diver who had a serious diving accident.

I won’t spoil what happens, but it was an incredible story and an insight into a job I’d never heard about before.

Those guys go down into the depths of the ocean for weeks at a time, staying in pressurized submarine-like cabins.

They’ll then put on these dive suits with umbilical cords on the back (supplying them with oxygen to breathe and hot water for warmth), exit the ‘submarine’, and step foot onto the ocean floor. Their job?

I guess they do all sorts, but in that documentary, they were repairing something on a submerged oil pump. It looked terrifying, alien, and massively adventurous.

Not all deep sea divers will be doing the same thing, of course, and some of them will only be doing it for ‘fun.’ But there’s no denying this would be an ideal adventure job for anyone passionate about scuba diving.

As a commercial diver, you might be surveying wrecks, doing salvage work, building underwater structures, and/or rescuing people from submarines.

Don’t fancy anything so extreme? Consider being a scuba diving instructor instead.


Backpacking jobs don’t get much better than digital nomadry. You’re location independent, meaning you can earn money from anywhere.

14. Digital Nomad (Awesome Backpacking Jobs)

Digital nomadry is a broad term that describes someone who makes money online and, more often than not, uses their ability to work from anywhere to travel the world.

In other words, they’re location independent.

And it’s a recipe for adventure…if you want it to be.

Travel blogging’s one example of a digital nomad job. If you work on a self-employed, freelance basis, though, you can be a digital nomad in almost any field where it’s possible to complete the role online.

Marketing, content writing, consulting, programming, and graphic design are popular options.

Likewise, it’s becoming increasingly common for digital nomads to be in full-time employment, just with a remote-working arrangement. As long as they do the requisite amount of work, their employer’s happy for them to do it from anywhere!

You can be on the beach, sipping beers in the sun and responding to emails while your colleagues slog away in the office.


If you love action, then being a movie stunt person could be a perfect adventure career for you!

15. Movie Stuntman/woman

Doing the stunts in films sounds ideal for anyone who likes high-octane adventure and adrenaline-fuelled activities.

Given the risks to your physical health, it probably helps to have a high pain tolerance as well…

This job’s adventurous for a variety of reasons.

First, you’d be travelling to cool new parts of the world with the film/TV crew. Second, you’ll be throwing yourself off buildings, setting yourself on fire, acting out fight scenes, and generally putting yourself in harm’s way, so the actors don’t have to!

Another cool thing about this job is that you don’t need any special qualifications.

A can-do attitude, killer work ethic, and a diverse set of relevant experience/skills (such as scuba diving, martial arts, rock climbing, gymnastics, etc) should be enough to land your first role.


For fun-filled, action-packed adventure guide jobs, why not become an instructor in your extreme sport of choice?

16. Instructor of Skydiving/Skiing/Snowboarding/Surfing/Diving/Climbing…

Do you love some sort of extreme sport but don’t have the will (or level of ability required) to do it professionally?

Well, whether you surf, climb, skydive, or scuba dive, why not become an instructor?!

Day in and day out, you’d be doing the adventurous thing you love most. You’d also be spending time in beautiful natural environments, leading expeditions/classes, and forming close relationships with the other instructors on your team.

The instructors I’ve met on my travels all seem to have stuff in common too.

They’re cool, very chilled out…and love to party.

Those three traits seem to go with the territory of being an extreme sports instructor! If you’re similar, then getting qualified as an instructor in your chosen discipline, and finding a job at a resort or for a company, could be the perfect path.


Working for an international NGO as an aid worker would be a great way to travel the world, witness eye-opening events, and make a positive difference.

17. International NGO/Aid Worker

This is one type of adventure job that appeals to me personally.

I just love the idea of working on the ground in foreign countries for an organisation making a positive difference.

Aid work might not be adventurous in the typical sense, but you’d still be spending time in unique destinations, experiencing new cultures, and working in intense environments for extended periods of time.

The route to working in this capacity for a major NGO won’t be easy, though. Expect stiff competition and the need to be both educated and experienced in the field.


Love rocks? Geologist jobs in the wilderness will suit you perfectly.

18. Geologist

This one might seem a little out of left field. However, I recently discovered that being a geologist doesn’t just involve staring, analysing, and talking about rocks all day long.

It’s actually pretty badass.

Geologists do study earth materials, but some of them also spend time outdoors and/or travelling to different parts of the planet.

Whether they’re looking for new deposits of oil and gas or researching ancient geological features, they’re often off on one adventure or another.


Crewing on a yacht sounds like an awesome way to see the world on someone else’s dollar.

19. Yacht Crew

Anyone who loves the sea and wants to travel in luxury should look into crewing on a yacht.

My girlfriend knows someone who does this and the whole setup sounds dreamy!

Think: azure waters in stunning parts of the world, exploring deserted islands on days off, and drifting slowly from one tropical destination to the next.

Oh, and your food and accommodation’s covered alongside your salary, making it an awesome saving opportunity.

The downside? You’re basically a very rich person’s slave when you’re working.

Don’t let the luxury yacht fool you. The role itself could involve anything from cooking meals and cleaning the deck to organizing days out for the owner.

The trickiest part sounds like getting one of these adventure jobs in the first place, though.

I’m sure there are designated places where they’re advertised.

But, from what I gather, it’s not what you know but who you know that counts. A reference from someone working in the industry seems to make all the difference.


From what I can gather, positions on cruise ships make very cool adventure travel jobs.

20. Cruise Ship Worker

The cruise industry took a massive hit throughout COVID.

But it’s getting back up and running now! And for anyone interested in the best jobs for adventurers, working on a cruise liner would be another fun-filled way to have adventures and explore the world by water.

Something cool about this particular job is that there are roles for everyone- regardless of experience, qualifications, and specific interests.

Housekeeping, entertainment, tour managers, medical roles, and catering positions are just a few things you can do on a cruise liner.

You’ll be busy, for sure, but you’ll also wake up in a new place every day and have free time to embrace this unique port-to-port experience.


If you’re looking for outdoor leadership jobs, why not take it to the extreme and become an astronaut?

21. Astronaut

You’d struggle to find a bigger adventure than going into space! I mean, it’s the final frontier!

Whether you’re working for NASA or SpaceX, imagine buckling yourself into a rocket and blasting off into the stratosphere.

Seeing Earth from space, experiencing what it’s like to be weightless, and floating around in the cosmos is a crazy and alluring prospect.

It’s cool to think that technology could turn us into an interplanetary species soon. Who knows, there might be masses of new astronaut roles opening up in the future!

In the meantime, you’ve got your work cut out.

You’ll need to be in top physical condition, have flawless vision, be a whizz at maths, science, and/or engineering, and, sometimes, have countless hours in control of fighter jets. Only after (approximately) a decade of tests and training do you get the chance to go to space.


Teaching might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you picture adventurous careers. But there are reasons it’s on this list…

22. Teacher

It seems a bit strange listing ‘teacher’ right after ‘astronaut’. But hear me out…

First off, this is a noble profession and good teachers are in high demand. So, unlike other adventure jobs on this list, you shouldn’t find it too tricky to land a role!

You also have masses of holiday time throughout the year (compared to other ‘everyday’ jobs, at least) in which you can jet off to exotic destinations.

Throw in the occasional international school trip, and teachers have more opportunities than most to visit new places and have adventures.

Oh, and let’s not forget about TEFL! Teaching English as a foreign language is a popular way for people to travel the world and make money as they go.


The military isn’t just an adventurous job, it’s also one of service and responsibility.

23. Military Positions

If you want to serve your country, develop leadership skills, and have hair-raising adventures as you travel the world, then consider pursuing a job in the military.

There are countless roles to choose from that could satisfy your urge for adventure!

Examples include Navy operations specialists, tactical army linguists, marine corps military police, special forces, and air force pilots.

Each of these varied roles is fast-paced, high-responsibility, and action-packed. However, they also have very different entry requirements! Of course, many military roles involve putting your life on the line.


Last but not least on this list of the best jobs for adventurers, we have pro athletes!

24. Professional Athletes (and Coaches)

Whether you play football, basketball, baseball, or badminton, professional athletes of any kind tend to have glamorous, action-packed, and adventurous lives.

Of course, the road to going pro is long, supremely competitive, and full of obstacles. Success is never guaranteed, either. But if you make it to the top level, you can expect a sky-high salary and a lifestyle full of travel.

It’s worth noting that professional coaches live similar lives! Their salaries aren’t as extreme, but they get to follow their teams/clients around the world, supporting them every step of the way. Not only that, but a coaching career can also be exponentially longer than an athlete’s, which means more opportunity for adventure!

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Numerous adventure jobs are available to help you transform that passion into a paycheque!

If you’ve been looking for the best jobs for adventurers out there, then I hope this list has helped.

They vary in almost every way, but something on here should tickle your fancy. Keep them in mind next time you’re looking for a career change and start getting paid to have adventures!