110 Epic Geography Trivia Questions and Answers [Geography Quiz Ideas]

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Geography trivia

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Geography trivia questions and answers

Here we go then; 110 epic geography trivia questions and answers!

Basic Geography Questions

1. What’s the largest continent on earth?

A: Asia (17,300,000 square miles or 44,806,812 sq km)

2. What’s the longest river in the world (by length)?

A: The Nile River (6,695 km or 4,160 miles)

3. What’s the only country that shares a land border with the United Kingdom?

A: Ireland

4. Which European country has remained famously neutral in world conflicts?

A: Switzerland

5. What’s the name and location of the highest peak on Earth?

A: Mount Everest, which lies in both Nepal and China

6. What’s the only country on Earth that’s also its own continent?

A: Australia

7. Which European city is nicknamed “The Eternal City?”

A: Rome, Italy

8. What’s the name of the river that flows through the Grand Canyon?

A: The Colorado River

9. What’s the capital city of Poland?

A: Warsaw

10. What’s the smallest country in the world?

A: Vatican City, Italy (0.44 sq km)

11. What’s the capital city of New York state?

A: Albany

12. What’s the name of the world’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall?

A: Angel Falls, Venezuela

13. Bangkok is the capital city of which country?

A: Thailand

14. Which continent boasts the largest desert on earth?

A: Antarctica

15. Which two countries border the Dead Sea?

A: Israel and Jordan

16. Which river is the biggest in the world (by volume), containing 20% of the planet’s fresh water?

A: The Amazon River

17. Which African nation is home to the cities of Benghazi and Tripoli?

A: Libya

18. What’s the name of the island where Emperor Napoleon was first exiled?

A: Elba

19. Which river originates in China and flows all the way to the southern tip of Vietnam?

A: The Mekong River

20. What’s the name of the tallest mountain in Canada?

A: Mount Logan

21. In which country will you find Badlands National Park?

A: The United States

22. What’s the name of the cape at the southern tip of Africa?

A: The Cape of Good Hope

23. Which islands in the West Indies have the words “Lesser” and “Greater” in their names?

A: The Antilles

24. In which country will you find Lake Maracaibo, thought to be one of the oldest lakes on the planet?

A: Venezuela

25. The Bermuda triangle lies between the island of Bermuda and which two other landmarks?

A: Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico

26. Interstate 90, the longest highway in the United States, connects which two major cities?

A: Boston, Massachusetts and Seattle, Washington

27. What’s the largest island in the world?

A: Greenland (836,330 sq miles or 2,166,086 sq km)

28. What’s the name of the world’s shortest river (just 200 feet/60m long)?

A: The Roe River in Great Falls, Montana, USA

29. With more than 30,000 residents per square kilometre, this city is the most densely populated in the world.

A: Dhaka, Bangladesh

30. What’s the world’s longest river that flows through only one country?

A: The Yangtze River in China

World geography trivia

Next up: some of the world geography trivia to educate yourself and have some fun at the same time!

World Geography Trivia Questions

31. What’s the name of the river that runs through Baghdad, Iraq?

A: The Tigris River

32. What’s the largest capital city in North America?

A: Mexico City, Mexico

33. Which famous mountain range is named for the Sanskrit phrase, “Abode of snow?”

A: The Himalayas

34. Which Japanese city lends its name to a famous type of beef?

A: Kobe

35. Which country has the largest population of people?

A: China (1.439 billion)

36. What are the names of the planet’s five oceans?

A: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic

37. Which island nation has no venomous snakes?

A: New Zealand

38. Which country is the largest landlocked nation on Earth?

A: Kazakhstan

39. Which country would you visit to tour the ruins of Macchu Picchiu?

A: Peru

40. What’s the capital city of Canada?

A: Ottawa

41. Which Scottish lake has a famous mythical creature named after it?

A: Loch Ness

42. Which country links the continents of North and South America?

A: Panama

43. You’ll find the planet’s largest tectonic plate deep beneath the surface of which ocean?

A: The Pacific Ocean

44. Which country spans 11 different time zones?

A: Russia

45. In which country will you find a capital city named Tegucigalpa?

A: Honduras

46. Seoul is the most populated city in South Korea, but what’s the name of its second-largest city?

A: Busan

47. Ninety per cent of the world’s population lives in which hemisphere?

A: The northern hemisphere

48. In which country will you find the Great Victorian Desert?

A: Australia

49. What’s the official term for a collection or chain of islands (such as the Bahamas or the Galapagos)?

A: An archipelago

50. Phnom Penh is the capital of which Asian country?

A: Cambodia

51. Which South Pacific island nation shares its name with a famous brand of bottled water?

A: Fiji

52. The Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza belong to which mainland country?

A: Spain

53. Name the two countries that border Costa Rica.

A: Nicaragua and Panama

54. Three of the world’s ten largest islands (Victoria, Baffin, and Ellesmere) lie in which country?

A: Canada

55. Which Indian city would you need to visit to tour the Taj Mahal?

A: Agra

Country trivia

In this next section, you’ll find some random country trivia questions to see if you really know the countries of the world!

Random Country Trivia

56. Which small country is bordered on three sides by France?

A: The Principality of Monaco

57. Where can you find the famous Temple of Angkor Wat?

A: Siem Reap, Cambodia

58. The Zambezi River flows through which two African nations (that also start with the letter “Z”)?

A: Zambia and Zimbabwe

59. Which country was the filming location for the Star Wars planet Tatooine?

A: Tunisia

60. In which capital city will you find the iconic 72-storey Shard skyscraper?

A: London, England

61. What type of leaf will you find on the Canadian flag?

A: A maple leaf

62. After Alaska, which US state boasts the most miles of coastline?

A: Florida (1,350 mi or 2,170 km)

63. What’s the only continent without a major mountain range (peaks over 7,300 ft/2,225m)?

A: Australia

64. Which long, thin country makes up more than half the coastline of western South America?

A: Chile (4,000 miles or 6,435 km)

65. What’s the only continent that straddles all four hemispheres?

A: Africa

66. Which British-owned Atlantic island has no natural source of fresh water and relies solely on rainwater collection?

A: Bermuda

67. Which modern-day African country was known as the Gold Coast in colonial times?

A: Ghana

68. The city of Aachen, the coronation site for 30 different kings and emperors, lies in which European country?

A: Germany

69. Which Asian country happens to be the world’s largest producer and exporter of milk?

A: India

70. Which US state boasts the smallest population, despite being the 10th largest state?

A: Wyoming

71. Sugarloaf Mountain stands high over which South American city?

A: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

72. Which famous square in Beijing has a name that means, “The Gate of Heavenly Peace?”

A: Tiananmen Square

73. Which country has the most natural lakes?

A: Canada (563 lakes larger than 100 sq km)

74. What’s the only country that has three capital cities?

A: South Africa (Capetown, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein)

75. Name the small independent municipality sandwiched between Spain and France and revered for being a duty-free tax haven.

A: Andorra

76. What’s the name of the famous highway that traverses 2,448 miles (3,939 km) across the United States?

A: Route 66

77. Which Asian nation is home to the world’s largest population of Muslims?

A: Indonesia

78. Which country would you visit to walk along the shores of Lake Como?

A: Italy

79. Name three bordering US states that all begin with the letter “I.”

A: Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa

80. The lost city of Petra, made famous in the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, lies in which country?

A: Jordan

81. Which island nation in the Indian Ocean is made up of 26 ring-shaped atolls?

A: The Maldives

82. Which historic city is home to the Spanish Steps?

A: Rome, Italy

83. In Morocco, Marrakech is known as the “Red City” while _______ is known as the “Blue City.”

A: Chefchaouen

84. Which two countries share the northern border of Hungary?

A: Slovakia and Ukraine

85. Which country’s summers are so hot that its mining towns (such as Cooper Pedy) are actually built underground?

A: Australia

Geography questions

You can use these challenging geography questions to teach others about all the neat geography facts that they may not know!

Challenging Geography Questions and Answers

86. Which country has the most pyramids?

A: Sudan (not Egypt!)

87. In which US state will you find the strangely-named town of Truth and Consequences?

A: New Mexico

88. Name the Mediterranean island that’s been governed by both Turkey and Greece since 1974.

A: Cyprus

89. Antananarivo is the capital city of which African nation?

A: Madagascar

90. Which country owns Antarctica?

A: No one does, it’s shared and managed by 12 different countries through the Antarctic Treaty

91. What’s the name of Gaudi’s cathedral that’s been under construction in Barcelona since 1882?

A: Sagrada Familia

92. The tiny nation of Lesotho is completely landlocked by just one other country — which one?

A: South Africa

93. Name the most geographically isolated large city in the world.

A: Perth, Australia

94. The Kingdom of Bahrain lies in which body of water?

A: The Persian Gulf

95. Besides the country of Guinea, which three countries also feature “Guinea” in their names?

A: Papua New Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Equatorial Guinea

96. What’s the earth’s only sea with no land boundaries or coastline?

A: The Sargasso Sea (in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean)

97. In which city will you find Topkapi Palace, the former royal home of the Ottoman Empire?

A: Istanbul, Turkey

98. This Russian city of 300,000 people is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle.

A: Murmansk

99. What’s the last word in the official motto of the Bahamas: “Forward, Upward, Onward, _______?”

A: Together

100. Name the formerly Malaysian state that gained independence and became its own island city-state in 1965.

A: Singapore

101. What’s the driest place on Earth?

A: The McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

102. The self-governing island of Niue enjoys free association with which nearby larger country?

A: New Zealand

103. Name the three African countries whose names contain only four letters.

A: Mali, Chad, and Togo

104. The still-active volcano of Mount Vesuvius overlooks which present-day city?

A: Naples, Italy

105. What’s the name of the mainland portion of the territory of Hong Kong?

A: Kowloon peninsula

106. Name the country that was first named “New Holland” by 17th-century Dutch explorers.

A: Australia

107. What’s the name of the tallest volcano on Earth?

A: Mauna Kea, Hawaii (33,000 feet/10,058m)

108. Which Caribbean nation changed its name from Saint-Domingue following independence from France in 1804?

A: Haiti

109. What and where is the world’s largest concrete structure?

A: The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China

110. Which city are you in if you’re visiting the world’s largest fish market?

A: Tokyo, Japan (Tsukiji Fish Market)

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