65 Amazing School Memories Quotes (Missing School Days Quotes)

Looking for the best school memories quotes? Check out this list of 65 missing school days quotes!


Looking for some school memories quotes? I hope this post helps!

2021 is something of an “anniversary” year for me.

It was officially 10 years ago that I left school!

That decade flashed by in an instant and has got me reflecting on my school days.

The friends I’ve lost touch with, the turbulent teenage years, the playground politics; evil teachers, fun-filled field trips, casual get-togethers and parties at the weekend…

It’s all coming back and it’s making me nostalgic!

Are you in a similar position?

Well, I thought I’d compile a long list of school memories quotes to help.

With any luck, these “missing school days quotes” will make us all feel a little better as we reminisce about our time at school. Enjoy!


Here we go then: 65 missing school days quotes.

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65 School Memories Quotes

Let’s get into it then: here’s a long list of missing school days messages and quotes to assuage (or spark!) your nostalgia.

My Favourite Missing School Days Quotes

1. “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

2. “I wish my school days could have dragged on a little longer, or that I could go back and do it later in life.” – Cara Delevingne

3. “No school without spectacular eccentrics and crazy hearts is worth attending.” – Saul Bellow

4. “What I remember most about high school are the memories I created with my friends.” – J.J. Watt

5. “We knew we were different, even from out elementary school days. We were the class clowns; we engaged with people differently. We knew there was something out there that was meant for us.” – Drew Scott

6. “That’s the joy of going to a high school reunion: it’s seeing the people who you were close to all those years ago, and re-exploring the relationships of the past.” – Jon Hurwitz

7. Your school career is one of the only things in life where you join crying and leave crying.


“When I say I miss school, I mean the friends and the fun. Not the school.”

— Unknown

9. “I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers.” – Woody Allen

10. “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of a lifelong attempt to acquire it.” – Albert Einstein

11. “Everyone in our school has afterschool activities. Mine is going home.” – David Levithan

12. High school is for discovering yourself, making mistakes, and making lifelong friends.

13. “The most important day of a person’s education is the first day of school, not graduation day.” – Harry Wong

14. “High school is what kind of grows you into the person you are. I have great memories, good and bad, some learning experiences and some that I’ll take with me the rest of my life.” – Giancarlo Stanton

15. School wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But because I met the people I did I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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Short Quotes for School Memories

16. “Adversity is a good school” – Charlotte Bronte

17. I miss the old days.

18. I’ll never forget the joy of the school bell.

19. “School is cool. That’s why it rhymes.” – Terry Crews

20. “We learn not in school, but in life.” – Seneca


“School is a foretaste of life.”

— Georg Brandes

22. I miss school. Now there’s something I never thought I’d say!

23. Only now do I realise the true value of school.

24. Losing touch with school friends is a major tragedy of time.

25. “If there’s hell on earth, it’s high school.” – Lisa Desrochers


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Funny Quotes on School Life Memories

26. “We all learn by experience, but some of us have to go to summer school.” – Peter de Vries

27. “My school days were the happiest days of my life, which should give you some indication of the misery I’ve endured over the past 25 years!” – Paul Merton

28. “Homework stood for ‘half of my energy wasted on random knowledge’!” – Unknown

29. School for 12 years, college for 4 more years, then you work until you die. Makes sense.

30. If we go to school to learn, and knowledge is power and power is corrupt and corruption is crime and crime doesn’t pay, then why the hell do we go to school?!


“Show me the man who enjoyed his schooldays and I will show you a bully and a bore.”

— Robert Morley

32. “School means work and work means death. Let’s all go take a nap.” – Emma Shannon

33. The first day of school is always a fashion show. The rest of the school year? A pyjama party.

34. “As long as algebra is taught in school, there will be prayer in school.” – Cokie Roberts

35. “My mom thought I went to school to learn, but I really went to school to irritate my teachers!” – Unknown


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Nostalgic Quotes on School Life

36. “It wasn’t just school to me, it was the chapter I never wanted to end.” – Unknown

37. “Sometimes my old school memories sneak out from my eyes and roll down my cheeks.” – Unknown

38. “The bits I most remember about my school days are those that took place outside the classroom.” – Alan Bennett

39. “Thank you for all the memories that I hold so dear in my heart, and as time goes by new ones will form, but the old ones shall never depart.” – Danielle Neidich

40. I miss the days when we’d hang out, goof around, make each other laugh and do ridiculous things together at school.


“I miss the things that made me laugh back then, the memories I had with my friends.”

— Unknown

42. “Back in my school days, when I would scuttle off with a cheese roll, an apple, a box of Sun-Maid raisins, and a Penguin bar, my packed lunches were reassuringly predictable. And I liked it that way.” – Rachel Khoo

43. The awkward moment when you’re at the parent/teacher conference and the teacher’s talking about you, and you’re right there.

44. “I have had playmates, I have had companions; in my days of childhood, in my joyful school days. All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.” – Charles Lamb

45. When you eventually come out of school and enter adulthood, you can’t help but wonder why they didn’t teach you much about love.


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Memorable School Life Quotes

46. “School times end but the memories last forever.” – Unknown

47. “I still think I prefer school life to any other part of life, and I’m 30 now!”

48. “I’ve never run into a person who yearns for their middle school days.” – Jeff Kinney

49. “The things that have been most valuable to me I did not learn in school.” – Will Smith

50. “Ever since my grade school days, as I mastered the art of “faking sick” and I stumbled across “The View”, I’ve been confusedly asking myself the same question…How do these dumb broads remain gainfully employed?” – Steven Crowder


“A note to my teenage self: do not let your grades, teachers, or fellow students define your self-worth.”

52. Looking back, school seems like the only place you can truly be yourself.

53. “To educate the peasantry, three things are needed: schools, schools, and schools.” – Leo Tolstoy

54. “In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made school boards.” – Mark Twain

55. At school, all I wanted was to get out of it, to go out and explore the world; to live life as an adult. Now that I’m here, though, all I want to do is rewind the clock and go back to school!


Last but not least, here are some high school memories quotes!

Insightful High School Memories Quotes

56. “Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” – Oprah Winfrey

57. School was hard, dull, annoying, and irritating. But for some reason I still miss it!

58. “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” – Kurt Vonnegut

59. “It’s easier to floss with barbed wire than admit you like someone in Middle School.” – Laurie Halse Anderson

60. “High school is about finding who you are, because that’s more important than trying to be someone else.” – Nick Jonas


“A school is a building that has four walls…with tomorrow inside.”

— Lon Watters

62. “High school is the penalty for transgressions yet to be specified.” – Frank Portman

63. No matter how much you hate school when you’re there, a part of you still misses it when you leave.

64. “Every high school has its Romeo and Juliet, one tragic couple. So does every generation.” – Chuck Palahniuk

65. “My closest friends are from my high school days.” – Peyton Manning

Don’t Forget These Missing School Days Quotes

There you have it then: 65 epic school memories quotes.

If you, like me, have been reminiscing about old school days recently (and feeling a little nostalgic as a result) then I hope they’ve come in handy!

Missing school days quotes are no replacement for actually being at school, of course. But they’re a handy tool for reflecting on the memories, reliving your time in the classroom, and appreciating the experience with all the benefits of hindsight.

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