Move to Europe for $1 to $100K – 12 Places It’s Possible

Dream of moving to Europe but think it’s unaffordable? Think again. Here are 12 amazing places where properties cost under $100k.

Europe isn’t just full of history, culture, and natural beauty. It’s also one of the few places you can still find affordable housing in lovely settings.

For example, in central France, $100k is enough to buy a three-bedroom property on a nice plot of land. Even crazier, in towns like Mussomeli, in Sicily, Italy, properties are currently on sale for $1.07 (€1).

Compare that to the United States. In 1965, typical American homes cost $21,500 – roughly $214,500 in today’s money. In 2023, they cost $513,800.

Desperate for cheaper options? Here are 12 European destinations where you can buy property for a fraction of what it costs elsewhere.

1. Mussomeli, Italy

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As unbelievable as it sounds, you can buy a home in a charming Italian town for a grand total of €1. There are catches (e.g., the building will likely need serious renovations), but the offer is 100% real and available across Bel Paese. Mussomeli is one such place where it’s possible.

This medieval hilltop city in Sicily has an epic castle and gorgeous views and is a short drive from the sea. There are currently six properties on sale for €1.

2. Central France

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Tourists tend to flock to places like Paris, the Alps, Bordeaux, or the French Riviera. However, if you’re looking for cheap property, central France is a sensible place to go.

Among the countless miles of countryside, you’ll find quaint villages full of old homes waiting to be bought and restored. Prices vary a lot, but anything up to $100,000 in a place like Limoges will buy you a lovely property.

3. Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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Sarajevo is the stunning historic capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While many people still associate it with the war that rocked the country in the 1990s, it’s a vibrant destination with culture, beautiful scenery, fantastic food, and outdoor pursuits on its doorstep.

You can currently buy property in Sarajevo for under $30,000, and you’d be amazed at what $100,000 gets you.

4. Penamacor, Portugal

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Portugal is one of Europe’s sunniest destinations. Despite its world-famous coastlines, delicious cuisine, and bustling cities, it’s still often overlooked—which is good news for property prices.

One of the cheapest places to buy a home is the village of Penamacor, close to the Spanish border. Its hilltop location, medieval history, atmospheric castle, and traditional charm make it a desirable place. Yet properties cost as little as $26,000.

5. Durres, Albania

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Albania is in the Balkans, just north of Greece. While it’s a beautiful country, it’s much less touristy than other countries in the region and has a reputation for being less developed. The upside of that is affordability.

In Durres, a popular city on Albania’s exquisite sun-kissed coast, you can buy a two-bedroom apartment with sea views for around $80,000.

6. Malaga, Spain

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Spain is a glorious European vacation destination littered with unbelievably affordable properties. Even in popular cities and coastal areas, you can find absolute bargains.

Malaga is one example. You wouldn’t be living in luxury, but there are apartments on sale close to the beach for under $100k. Search inland for attractive properties that cost significantly less.  

7. Abruzzo, Italy

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Don’t want the hassle of renovating a €1 Italian property? Don’t worry. Many other places in Italy offer affordable homes you could move straight into.

The picturesque region of Abruzzo is particularly well-known for its budget-friendliness. Across the region, you’ll find apartments and houses on sale for less than $50,000. Spend slightly more and you can expect land and incredible views, too.

8. Sibiu, Romania

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Romania is one of Europe’s most underrated destinations. It has outstanding natural beauty, medieval towns and castles, and cities full of culture, like its capital, Bucharest. The cherry on top is that it’s cheap.

Affordable properties are everywhere here, but one place worth mentioning is Sibiu. It’s located in Transylvania, has wonderful historic architecture, and has countless properties (mostly apartments) for under $100k.

9. Bulgaria

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Imagine being able to buy a property close to a sun-kissed, sandy stretch of coast, or in cities paved with cobblestones and lined with historical buildings. Now imagine being able to do it for under $100,000.

While it seems an outrageous thought by today’s standards, it’s a reality in the Balkan nation of Bulgaria. From parcels of land and houses close to beaches to apartments in the capital, Sofia, this vibrant country offers incredible bang for your buck.

10. Messini, Greece

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Greece needs no introduction. Its ancient cities, impressive ruins, dramatic landscapes, and pristine islands make it a notorious travel destination that welcomes millions of visitors each year.

$100k won’t buy you much (or anything) in the most popular spots. But in towns like Messini, in the Peloponnese, it’s enough for a little house or apartment close to the beach in a storied part of the country.

11. Inland Croatia

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Croatia is famous for its gorgeous national parks, golden coastline, and historic cities like Dubrovnik. Although it’s becoming increasingly popular, which is driving up prices, you can still find bargains – especially inland.

Karlovac County is a good example. Located in central Croatia, not only is it full of waterways and green open spaces, but you can also buy a place to live for $50,000 to $100,000 (and sometimes much less).

12. Cesis, Latvia

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Latvia is a Baltic country in northeastern Europe. Its capital, Riga, is arguably its best-known place – a city with a beautiful old town, the Daugava River running through it, and life aplenty in its restaurants and bars. Latvian beaches and forests full of wildlife add to the appeal.

You’ll find affordable properties across the country, but the northeastern town of Cesis, with its castle and cobbled streets, deserves a special mention. Houses are currently on sale there for under $75,000.


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