12 Biggest Wastes of Money You Won’t Regret

Something that might seem like a waste of money can turn into the best purchase of your life. Here are 12 examples of splurges you won’t regret.

Sometimes, as unjustifiable as a purchase seems, it can end up being worth every penny. It might be frivolous or indulgent and make absolutely no financial sense, but it has such an unexpectedly positive impact that it turns into an amazing investment.

In other words, not all splurges are made equal. Some defy the conventional wisdom that you should constantly live within your means.

I recently came across a Reddit thread where people shared examples of this from their lives. They serve as a good reminder that your best life decisions won’t necessarily make logical sense. Here are 12 times people “wasted money” and didn’t regret it in the slightest.

1. Food Fights and Memories

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A crazy expense might pay for itself in the form of cherished memories. For example, one Redditor once “bought a $900 wedding cake” with his first ever paycheck. He was with his brother at the time, but because the cake was so big and they only had skateboards, they couldn’t take it home.

So, they did the only logical thing: “We just had a cake fight in the parking lot.” Waste of money? From an outside perspective, of course. But when his brother passed away shortly after that day, it morphed into the complete opposite. “I still think about that day whenever I’m sad.”

2. Expensive Clothes and Self-Esteem

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Expensive clothes can seem like a waste of money when you’re thrifty. But nice clothes aren’t always about aesthetics. The real benefit can be how you feel wearing them.

One Redditor explained that he’s been overweight his entire life and has always chosen to dress comfortably “because being stylish just isn’t an option at [his] size.” However, a series of weddings prompted him to “bite the bullet” and get himself some high-quality, tailored suits.

It didn’t go unnoticed. “I received so many compliments and actual double takes. Being introduced to new people felt completely different. I felt impressive. Some of those weddings were the best times of my life and it was due, in no small part, to how those clothes looked and made me feel.”

3. Business Class and Comfort

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Cost and quality are positively correlated. Take air travel. Economy seats are the most cost-effective. Yet paying for business or first-class gets you more space, better food, greater service, and so on.

You could still call it a waste of money, though. After all, it’s not like clothing, where paying a premium gets you a beautiful garment you can wear for years. You spend thousands of extra dollars for a fancy seat.

Yet it’s totally worth it for some people. Someone who upgraded to business for a 14-hour flight said, “I ate great food and slept like a boss. Made a huge difference to my trip as I didn’t need to waste a day to recover.”

4. Cheese, Gifts, and Traditions

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Can it really be called a waste of money if it establishes a tradition that keeps you connected to loved ones? One person recalled winning “a decent amount of money playing online poker” and using it to buy his friends ridiculous gifts before they went to college.

The “most expensive and ridiculous gift…was a massive wheel of cheese.” It cost around $300, but they ended up establishing an annual event called “Cheesegiving,” where they all get together “to celebrate and partake in cheesy goodness.” They’d been doing it for 17 consecutive years.

5. Racing Cars and Thrilling Experiences

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Extreme wealth might not make you happy. But money definitely opens doors – some of which lead to unforgettable experiences.

One person on Reddit said they spent “€600 for an hour of laps (three of 20 minutes each) around the Nurburgring in Germany.” If he’d done it in his own vehicle, each one would have cost €20. Instead, he rented one at the track, which made it literally ten times more expensive.

That’s a crazy financial decision, but it was “10/10 one of the most thrilling experiences of [his] life.” Can you really put a price on that?

6. Homes with a View

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Some people spend exorbitant sums of money on rent each month because they want to live in a desirable location. It sounds like a waste – they could save thousands if they settled for somewhere less sought-after.

On the other hand, think about how nice it would be to wake up to a lovely view, adore where you live, and/or be next to things that bring you joy. “The extra I pay in rent for a water view [is] completely worth it,” said one Redditor. Again, it comes down to how it makes you feel.

7. Toys and Joys

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Wasting money comes down to buying things you don’t need or use. But what if that thing puts a smile on your face and reminds you of a happy childhood? It’s hard to regret a purchase like that.

For example, one Redditor said they “bought the $350 Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse” a few years ago. Apparently, they loved Lego and Ghostbusters when they were growing up in the 80s. Now it’s “set up in [his] home office and will never come down.”

8. Creature Comforts

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Small changes can make a big difference. Take the person who spent “$120 for a towel heater.” Did they need it? Probably not. But they love it. Apparently, they’ll “never dry off with a cold towel again.”

In this case, both the heater and the extra power are expenses they could have avoided. That’s hard to justify when money is tight. But think about the micro moments of comfort they’ll get after every bath or shower, or the joy of wrapping their child a warm towel. It could provide a pick-me-up that makes life seem more worthwhile.

9. College Degrees and Happily Ever Afters

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One Reddit comment read: “I spent $56,000 on college for a degree I don’t use, but I met my husband there, so I really can’t complain. If I divide that over the nearly 25 years we’ve been married and consider that he’s the best of dudes, it is a pretty good deal.”

It’s another reminder that a “waste of money” can have happy and unexpected consequences. College gets a bad rap. But it isn’t just about the piece of paper you receive at the end. You can meet the love of your life, make lifelong friends, and have incredible experiences.

10. Expenses and Stresses

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The cheapest option is always tempting. But in stressful moments, paying extra to make life easier can be the lesser of two evils. For example, one Redditor “spent about six grand on an MC/DJ for [her] wedding.”

The payoff was that they were so good she “didn’t worry about a thing” while getting married. With so much else to think about on a day she wanted to be perfect, taking that stress off her shoulders made the expense worth it.

11. Expensive Hobbies

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From tools and classes to clothing and equipment, hobbies can cost an arm and a leg. Yet they also give you joy, purpose, pride, and personal satisfaction – hard things to put a price on.

One person “put a touch over 3k into [restoring and renovating] a bike that is only worth about $1,500 on a good day.” Your accountant would call that a bad deal. But imagine the connection, memories, and pride you’d get from riding a bike you’d built. It would justify the financial loss any day.

12. Travels and Perspective Shifts

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If you found out someone spent $27,000 on a cross-country road trip, would you think they’d wasted their money? What if you learned they’d been planning to end their life along the way but were so impacted by the adventure it made them reconsider?

That’s exactly what happened to a person on the thread. It’s a prime example of how the true value of something can be far more than what it costs. You get nothing tangible in return for the money you spend on travel. However, the experience can be so transformative it becomes priceless.


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