Micro-Moments of Light and Hope

A note to anyone who might be struggling…

When feeling hopeless, cling to joyful micro-moments like a shipwrecked sailor grips whatever flotsam floats his way.

Birdsong breaking the silence. The sun’s warmth on your skin. Warm coffee on your lips. A stranger offering a smile…

Cherish them.

They might be enough to keep your head above water.

Seek them out, acknowledge them when they arise, and recognize the whisps of happiness they provide.

They’re candles in a dark room. With enough, you can light up the night.

Author: Danny Newman

Title: Writer and Content Creator

Expertise: Travel, Digital Nomadry, Outdoors, Blogging

Danny Newman is a writer, content creator, and digital nomad from the UK. He founded the travel and lifestyle blog What’s Danny Doing, a popular resource for people seeking more adventure, self-discovery, and purpose. A nationally syndicated writer, Danny’s work features in dozens of online publications, including MSN.com and news sites across the US.