100+ Epic Things To Do for Your Birthday (2024 Birthday Ideas List)

Searching for fun things to do for your birthday? Check out this comprehensive list of birthday ideas for adults.

Struggling to choose things to do for your birthday?

I feel you! I’m useless at making birthday plans. But they’re worth celebrating!

If nothing else, it’s a perfect excuse to temporarily forget your worries, spend time with loved ones, and reflect on another year of life.

To help you (and me!) decide how to celebrate a birthday, I’ve put together 100 fun birthday ideas for adults. Let’s dive in…

What To Do on Your Birthday with Friends
Let’s kick things off with 10 ideas for celebrating your birthday with friends. Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

What To Do on Your Birthday with Friends

If nothing else, birthdays are a brilliant excuse to get your closest friends together and reconnect with people you may not have seen for ages. Here are some fun and memorable things you could do with them.

1. Throw a big, themed costume party at your place

2. Organise a “Come Dine with Me” dinner party

3. Get dolled up and go on a river cruise together

4. See your favourite music artist perform live in concert

5. Go to the city, grab dinner, then go to the theatre

6. Organise a big night out (hire a party bus or limousine?)

7. Learn to cook your favourite food at a cooking class

8. Do a mixology class together

9. BBQ/cookout/pool party; light a fire, drink and dance into the early hours, stargaze

10. Go for a meal at a fancy restaurant you’ve been eyeballing for ages

Unique Birthday Ideas for Adults
Looking for unique birthday ideas for adults? This next section should do the trick! Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Unique Birthday Ideas for Adults

Tired of the same old birthday plans? Want to do something totally different? Here are 10 unique things you could do:

11. Go wine or beer tasting at a local vineyard/brewery

12. Do a life-drawing class

13. Attend a salsa class with your partner and/or friends, then find a salsa club to dance the night away

14. Identify 5 fun things you’ve never done, then do them with your friends

15. Book a track day to race a supercar

16. Go on a ghost tour somewhere spooky with friends

17. Pay for a professional photoshoot with your friends

18. Get a tarot card reading from a psychic

19. Spend the day exploring a part of town you’ve never visited

20. Do a “dining in the dark” experience

Budget-Friendly Things To Do on Your Birthday
Next up: some budget-friendly things to do on your birthday! Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Budget-Friendly Things To Do on Your Birthday

Celebrating a birthday can be expensive. Some parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their kids’ birthday parties nowadays.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun. Heck, in my opinion, some of the best birthday activities don’t cost a penny. In fact, it’s even possible to plan a free birthday. 

Here are 10 budget-friendly ideas to consider:

21. Invite friends and family over to your place for a potluck dinner

22. Picnic at the beach or local park with friends

23. Game and/or movie night with your loved one and friends

24. Grab some snacks and binge-watch your favourite TV series with friends

25. Visit free museums and galleries near you

26. Grab a frisbee, ball, and other games for a fun day out at the park with friends

27. Ask your best friend or partner to cook your favourite meal, then spend the evening hanging out

28. Scavenger hunt around town or at home – spice things up with prizes!

29. DIY karaoke-themed party at your place, with food and beverages

30. Host an arts and crafts event with your friends, with lots of prosecco or Champagne

What To Do on Your Birthday When Its Raining
Rainy day birthday? No problem! Here are some fun ideas to celebrate your special day! Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

What To Do on Your Birthday When It’s Raining

Poor weather can feel limiting when making birthday plans. But it doesn’t have to dampen the mood. The following things to do for your birthday would be ideal whether the heavens are due to open or not.

31. Get tickets to an indoor sporting event

32. Hire a venue for a “sports day” – like a mini indoor Olympics with loved ones

33. Do an escape room with your friends and/or family

34. Play laser tag with friends

35. Go bowling, followed by a movie

36. Do a virtual reality gaming experience

37. Try indoor rock climbing or bouldering

38. Organise a bar crawl or play pub golf

39. Pay a private chef to cook you a delicious meal and/or teach you how to cook it

40. DIY wine, beer, and spirit tasting at your place – invite friends/family to bring their favourite drink and decorate your house to create a party room.

What To Do for Your Birthday When Its a Big One
Big milestones call for unforgettable birthday celebration ideas! Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

What To Do for Your Birthday When It’s a Big One

Not all birthdays are made equal! Think about your 21st versus your 22nd birthday or your 33rd versus your 40th. Some are a bigger milestone than others, right? Here are 10 big ideas perfect for big birthdays.

41. Go on a golf trip with your friends

42. Hire a venue for a big birthday party, with catering, a bar, and entertainment

43. Go on a cruise with your nearest and dearest

44. Get a tattoo with your partner (bonus points if you get the same one)

45. Rent a luxury car and go on a road trip with your partner/best friends

46. Organise a big community event

47. Organise a staycation at your favourite local destination

48. Visit the best friend who moved overseas or to the other side of the country

49. Rent a boat or yacht for the night and have a party on it

50. Buy yourself that thing you’ve always wanted as a birthday treat

Simple Things to Do on Your Birthday with Family
Enjoy quality time with loved ones with these simple things to do on your birthday with family. Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Simple Things to Do on Your Birthday with Family

If you don’t want to make a big song and dance for your birthday, the simple ideas in this section might be a good fit. They’d mark the day and provide lasting memories with your loved ones without going overboard.

51. A relaxing day – go for a walk together, lunch at a local café, then watch the game in the afternoon

52. Spa day with siblings/parents

53. Go to a comedy club to see some stand-up

54. Dinner and drinks at home or your favourite restaurant

55. Volunteer for a cause that means something to you

56. Do a bottomless brunch

57. Spend the day cooking and eating delicious food together – don’t forget a birthday cake!

58. Play mini golf together (or disc golf)

59. Invite people over for a bonfire – listen to music, sip cocktails, and share stories

60. Organise an evening of board games, cards, charades, party games, and other family games 

Bucket List Birthday Activities for Adults
Check out this next section for bucket list birthday activities for adults. Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Bucket List Birthday Activities for Adults

Okay, but what if you want to go wild on your big day? After all, if there’s ever a day you can justify doing something unforgettable, it’s your birthday! Here are 10 bucket-list-esque activities to make it one to remember.

61. Do a hot air balloon ride!

62. Spend your big day overseas, in a country you’ve always wanted to visit

63. Organise a skydive or bungee jump

64. Take a helicopter tour over where you live

65. Go on a mission to see the Northern Lights

66. Go hang-gliding or para-gliding

67. Book yourself onto a scuba-diving course

68. Find somewhere to swim with dolphins

69. Attend a major sporting event for your favourite sports team

70. Spin a globe, stick your finger out, and go to whichever country you land on

Fun Birthday Ideas for Adults Who Love the Outdoors
Want some fun birthday ideas for adults who love the outdoors? Here they are… Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Fun Birthday Ideas for Adults Who Love the Outdoors

If the sun’s set to shine and you love the great outdoors, you may want to celebrate your birthday outside. Here are 10 ways to celebrate a birthday out in nature:     

71. Organise a short camping trip to your favourite place

72. Learn to surf or organise a surf weekend if you already know how

73. Go climbing, caving, canyoning, or coasteering

74. Go canoe camping for a few days with friends

75. Find a beautiful hike to do that you’ve never done before

76. Run a marathon or do a Tough Mudder/Spartan Race with friends

77. Climb a mountain in the dark to catch the sunrise

78. Have a beach day, complete with a bonfire, BBQ, and beers

79. Spend the day fishing with friends

80. Do a bike tour of a picturesque trail near you (or a city)

Memorable Birthday Weekend Ideas
Make memories that last a lifetime with these unforgettable birthday weekend ideas! Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Memorable Birthday Weekend Ideas

Why restrict the celebrations to a single day, eh? Here are some cool things to do for your birthday for a fun-filled weekend.

81. Book a long weekend away in a city you’ve always wanted to explore

82. Go to a music festival with your friends

83. Rent a cabin in the woods big enough for you and your closest friends/family

84. Hire a houseboat for the weekend

85. Go on a yoga retreat with your partner

86. Book into an all-inclusive luxury resort with your partner

87. Do a multi-day hike with loved ones, camping in scenic spots

88. Depending on the season, organise a weekend ski trip

89. Spend the weekend having fun at an amusement park

90. Rural escape – book an Airbnb in the countryside and spend the weekend relaxing in front of the fire, going on country walks, and so on

things to do for your birthday alone
Last but not least, here are 10 ideas to celebrate your birthday solo! Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

What To Do on Your Birthday Alone

There are countless reasons someone might not have loved ones around to help celebrate their birthday. For example, I spent my last birthday in New Zealand, half a world away from my family.

Just because you’re alone on your big day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mark it, though! Here are some ways you could treat yourself:

91. Join a workshop for something that interests you – art, woodwork, photography…

92. Go on a solo adventure to a new place

93. Spend the day indulging in your favourite activities – want to read all day? Game? Watch movies? Eat fast food? Do it.

94. Try a hobby you’ve never done before

95. Virtual game night with friends/family

96. Walk around a local botanical garden

97. Go on a scenic drive – have a picnic, stop to see the sights

98. Do something fun outdoors – surf, hike, climb, kayak.

99. Pamper yourself with a DIY spa day

100. Join a walking tour of your city/local area

Want to Download These Things to Do for Your Birthday?

If you’ve been struggling to think of things to do for your birthday this year, then I hope this post has helped! With 100 ideas to choose from, hopefully, something took your fancy or inspired plans of your own.

Honestly, I’m rubbish at knowing how to celebrate my birthday – I tend to see mine as just another day. But that’s something I’d like to get better at!

After all, you only have so many of them. And, if nothing else, it’s an excuse to meet up with friends and family, have fun, and make memories.

Those moments of joy make all the difference in a world that feels too serious right now.

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