The Best Travel Blog Names and How to Choose Them!

Choosing travel blog names is a big deal. Read on to learn how to come up with a blog name, plus a travel blog names list to get you started with some top ideas!


I hope you enjoy this travel blog names piece (with a free list of blog names at the end!)

What you call your travel blog is important.

It’s more than just a name:

It’s a big part of your brand and your identity; your badge and uniform. Far more than mere words, your blog name is you.

It’s also worth remembering that you’ll be saying and writing the name of your blog a lot…like, a lot a lot.

Be sure to pick a travel blog name with a decent ‘shelf life’ to it.

Project yourself into the future. Six months down the line you still want to be proud of the name, rather than squirming every time you hear it uttered!

Consequently, there’s a level of pressure to choosing the right one.

So how do you ensure the one you choose is perfect?

Let’s look at what makes the best travel blog names and provide some ideas to get you started.

Tip #1 for Creating the Best Travel Blog Names

Don’t spend too long choosing your travel blog name.

It is definitely an important thing to decide, but it isn’t worth getting caught up finding the ‘perfect’ name. That doesn’t exist.

Choosing your blog name is often a starting point in the blog creation process and it can be easy to use this sort of decision to delay the process of getting the real, scary, work started.

A bit like procrastinating before an exam.

Instead, find something you like, settle on it and move onto the next job. Over time, through some quirk of psychology, you’ll almost certainly come to like the name more anyway.

Tip #2 for Deciding Good Blog Names

Try to give yourself absolute creative freedom when coming up with ideas for good blog names.

Do a bit of research to generate initial thoughts, but then go on a free-flowing brainstorm session around them.

  1. Research different travel terminology
  2. Utilise online thesauruses
  3. Consider how your own personal name might be involved
  4. Research travel poems and quotes
  5. Find travel names in other languages
  6. Stick different names together
  7. Take the ends off words
  8. …and so on and so forth.

Allow yourself to get creative! By imposing no restrictions on your mind, you’re able to free up space to enable ideas to come through.

And test it out as well.

Come up with a name and ask the people around you what they think. If they like it, then there’s a good chance your future audience will too.

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It’s essential to check online availability when picking travel names for your blog.

Tip #3 for Picking Travel Names for Your Blog

Be sure to check your travel name’s availability when you come up with something good.

There is nothing worse than finding a blog name you love and then discovering it’s already been taken.

So, you want to make sure your blog name can be purchased as a domain to be used online. Whenever you find a name you like:

  1. Double check on google search if someone has already taken it.
  2. See if the domain name is available for purchase.

There are lots of places to buy a domain name (I use Squarespace). To prevent someone stealing yours, I recommend buying your domain name as soon as you settle on one you like.

Travel Blog Names List: A Selection of the Best Travel Names for Blogs

Moving on though.

Here’s a 12-item travel blog names list of awesome blog name examples. I love each of them, and not just for their catchy blog names.

I’ll list them under certain categories, before considering what (in my opinion) makes them so good.

Unique Blog Names

Bruised Passports

I love unique blog names. This one is made extra special by its imagery and simplicity. It’s a fantastic metaphor for being well travelled!

Lost With Purpose

This one’s a great example of fitting the ethos of a blog into its name. You know from reading it exactly the type of travel stories and exploits you’re going to be reading.

Where’s Sharon?

A great example of using a question in a blog name. It seems related to ‘Where’s Wally?’ as well, so shows too how you can draw inspiration from pop culture, media and so on when choosing your name.

Goats on the Road

This blog name is quirky and fun too. It makes me want to find out more about these goats…

Catchy Blog Names

Roads and Kingdoms

I think this blog name is just exceptionally cool. It’s top notch in terms of catchy blog names. It fills my mind with images of grand exploits and adventures.

Expert Vagabond

Cool, concise and to the point, this name gets right at it. Kudos on the word vagabond too!

This Battered Suitcase

A similar feel to ‘Bruised Passports’ and another example of an emotive blog name that’s both descriptive and full of imagery.

Plan Save Travel

Again: simple, concise and to the point. The clue is in the name, right? You know exactly what you’ll be reading about when you click through to the site.

Creative Blog Names

Our Wild Abandon

Another example of a cool blog name! This blog name is emotive, poetic and full of imagery again, all of which I love.

Vicky FlipFlip Travels

This is an awesome example of getting some humour into creative blog names. It tells you not only the name of the blog owner, but the quirkiness hints at their personality too and the style of writing you might come across.

Rexy Edventures

The name of this blog owner is Ed Rex (I’m a big fan!), whose blog name demonstrates how there’s no rules when it comes to deciding what to call your own. You can mix and match words, add things, alter things and so on. The outcome to this approach, as with Ed’s blog, is usually fun and unique.

She Gets Around

This one’s funny and immediately grabs your attention. It shows the author/owner has a sense of humour and suggests the writing may follow suit! It is also a more oblique reference to travel.


My 6 C’s should show exactly how to come up with a blog name! I personally find coming up with a travel blog names ideas list is easiest in a hammock, on a tropical beach…

How to Come Up with a Blog Name: The 6 C’s

Those 12 blogs have great names. Here are the things that (I think) make them so awesome (info that I hope will make it easier to create a great name of your own).

I noticed that each of the great blog names seems be at least one of six factors. And, miraculously, each factor begins with the letter C.

Here are 6 C’s that explain exactly how to come up with a blog name of the highest standard:


I don’t really know how to define ‘cool’.

You just sort of know it when it’s there. However, if you manage to come up with a cool blog name, you’re onto a winner. A couple of the ones above stand out to me as being particularly ‘cool’- ‘Our Wild Abandon’ being my favourite.


I highlighted 4 particular catchy names for travel blogs above.

But in reality, most of them have a catchy name.

They roll off the tongue, use alliteration, or have a particular rhythm to them. All of these things make the name stick in your memory, which is an obvious plus when you’re trying to get your name out there!


A number of the blog names above incorporate a level of humour to them (‘She Gets Around’ is a prime example). It is a clever play on words that makes you smile, while giving you an insight into the personality of the author and website itself.

Humour, done well, does a great job of endearing you to a reader. A witty title may be exactly the trick to build an audience quickly.


It’s true that a couple of the blog names above were pretty simple and straightforward (‘Plan Save Travel’ for example). There’s definitely room for that approach.

However, most of the names have a good dose of creativity in them. Think about ‘Bruised Passports’ or ‘This Battered Suitcase’. Both of those names are fantastic images that have a poetic feel to them.

That creativity goes a long way to making the names great.


Some of the titles you come across (such as in those I included above) are downright clever. Whether it is the use of alliteration, word play, reference or imagery, clever seems key to a good name.

I’ll go back to ‘She Gets Around’ for this case and point. The play on words and humour involved make for a clever and catchy title that you remember as a result.


And finally, every single title is concise- no waffle or unnecessary words. This is partly why I think they’re so catchy.

The ‘wordiest’ blog name above had four words in it; most had two or three. When you come up with your own, try to follow suit.

There you have it: 6 Cs that make for a good travel blog name.

Factor in as many as you can and you should be on to a winner with your own.



A Travel blog names list, as well as lifestyle blog names, catchy blog names, unique blog names, creative blog names, and good blog names all round, tend to come to mind when you give yourself space to get creative!


We’ve seen some of the best names on the web and considered what makes them so great.

But, obviously, they’re already taken.

Using them and ‘the 6 Cs’ as a guide, I’ve put together a list of potential travel and lifestyle blog names that you’re free to use.

However, remember that your blog name is you.

Be sure to think twice about adopting a name from a list like this. Coming up with your own will ensure you feel ownership of the blog. It will make it more personal.

Nevertheless, here we go. Some free blog name ideas (FYI, it’s pure coincidence if they turn out to be the same or similar to actual blog names out there!):

  1. Snapshot of my Suitcase

  2. Wandering Like Wild

  3. Shameless Nomad

  4. Truly Travelling

  5. Continually Carrying On

  6. Travelling Trickster

  7. Wings for My Wanderlust

  8. Life in the Sand

  9. Voracious Voyager     

  10. Diary of a Vagabond

  11. Seeking Summer Sunshine

  12. Never Ending Exploration

  13. Intrepid Traveller Tricks

  14. Global Wandering

  15. Loving Living Life  

For an extensive list of even more names for blog names you can use, check out this great resource from This World Rocks.

And for even more help with ideas, here’s a blog name generator.


There you have it: how to choose the best travel blog names possible.

I hope it has in some way helped. Remember, this is a big decision. But it isn’t something you should dwell on for too long.

Research, brainstorm, get creative and then settle on a name you like. Look at successful blog names out there, frame your own around the 6 Cs, and you’ll be well on your way to a great name in no time. Best of luck!

Now I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a comment with your blog name so I can follow your blogging journey!