250 Original Travel Blogger Names Ideas to Use in 2023

Trying to come up with the perfect name for a travel blog? Check out this long list of 250 original travel blogger names.

Looking for travel blogger names ideas? I hope this post helps!

Looking for travel blogger names ideas? I hope this post helps!

Struggling to come up with travel blog name ideas you like?

I feel you!

I must have gone through hundreds of iterations before I finally settled on “What’s Danny Doing.”

That’s why I compiled this list of 250 original travel blogger names.

With any luck, you’ll find some you like!

Feel free to use them “as-is” or to inspire related traveling blog names that match your niche/brand. Let’s dive in.

[Last updated: March 2023]

Here we go then: 200 travel blog name ideas!

Here we go then: 250 travel blog name ideas to consider for your site!

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Original Travel Blogger Names Ideas

A quick word of warning before we jump into the travel blogger names:

Each blog title here’s 100% original (i.e. it’s come straight from my head), but there’s a chance that, through sheer coincidence, some will already be in use.

Likewise, I haven’t checked whether or not the domain names are actually available to purchase.

Keep these factors in mind as you read through the list and forgive me if the one(s) you like are, for one reason or another, unavailable!

My Favourite Blog Names for Travel

Of all the potential names for a travel blog I came up with for this post, here are the 10 I like most:

1. Journeys and Destinations

2. Never Ending Exploration

3. Travelling Over Yonder

4. Finding Myself in Foreign Lands

5. An Expat Overseas

6. Nomader What

7. Big World Short Life

8. A Backpack and a Passport

9. Wandering Like Wild

10. Destinations Undisclosed

Adventure Travel Blog Name Ideas

Want to start an adventure travel blog to inspire other intrepid guys and girls around the world? Here are 10 potential blog names for travel to consider:

11. My Wild and Wonderful Life

12. My Adventurous Existence

13. Beachcombing Beauty

14. Voracious Voyager

15. Epic and Intrepid Explorations

16. Elevations Unknown

17. Never Stop Adventuring

18. Trek Travel Hitch

19. Embrace the Intrepid

20. Wherever Next?

Unique travel blog names tend to be creative in nature.

Unique travel blog names tend to be creative in nature.

Creative Travel Blog Names

The best travel blog names tend to be creative! They stand out and stick in your memory as a result. Here are 10 that (I think) fit this description:

21. Sunshine and Suitcases

22. Escaping My Bubble

23. A Pack on the Back

24. Gleefully Globetrotting

25. Precious Passport Memories

26. Explore Escape Enjoy

27. Born to Leave

28. Not Just Another Travel Blog

29. Living the High Life

30. Where in the World is [Insert Your Name Here]?

Fun Ideas for Travel Blog Names

Want to have some fun with your travel blogger name? The next 10 ideas could be more in line with what you have in mind:

31. Drink Beer and Travel

32. The Travelling Monkey

33. More Travel Please

34. No Rules Nomad

35. What’s Over There?

36. The Hostel Vagabond

37. Non Stop Wanderlust

38. Live Fast Travel Slow

39. Adventure MADventure

40. Marvellous Travellous

Prefer quirky blog names for travel? These 10 may do the trick.

Prefer quirky blog names for travel? These next 10 may do the trick.

Quirky Names of Travel Blogs

With such a vast array of travel blogs on the internet already, having an unusual name is a clever way to a) stand out and b) increase the chance of your particular domain name being available. Sound good?

Here are 10 quirky ideas for travel blogs names:

41. Dreaming and Drifting

42. Big Dreams Naughty Boy

43. Maps and Meanders

44. Latitude and Gratitude

45. Got Lost Don’t Care

46. Adventures with Goats and Wine

47. The Travelling Tart

48. A Drifting King

49. Faraway Wayfarer

50. Your Oyster Shell

Foodie Travel Names Ideas

Want to combine your love of travel and food into one overarching blog? Check out these travel names ideas:

51. For Forks Sake Travel

52. Good Food Good Times

53. Dining in Paradise

54. Foodie Nomad Journal

55. Knife Fork Travel

56. Tales of a Foodie Adventurer

57. A Foodie Afar

58. Moving Forkward

59. Maps, Meals and Me

60. Travel Time and Dine

Next up: some top ideas for couples travel blog names…

Next up: some top ideas for couples travel blog names…

Unique Travel Blog Names for Couples

Plenty of travel blogs out there are run by travel-mad couples. It’s a sensible strategy for sharing the workload and a cool way to offer different perspectives on any trip you take! If you’re planning to start a travel blog of this sort, then the next 10 names could be of particular interest:

61. In Love Will Travel

62. Together We Go

63. Travelling Tight and Light

64. Two Mad Travellers

65. A Guy, a Girl and a Globe

66. Me, Boo, and You

67. Adrift Forever Together

68. Two Travelling Types

69. Love and Travel

Off-the-Beaten-Track Travel Names for Blogs

Want to tell everybody about the hidden gems you find on the road? The following blog names could work:

70. Wander Over Yonder

71. Adrift Afar Alive

72. Mission Explore

73. Life in the Sand

74. Unexplored Worlds

75. Roaming the Horizon

76. Far Flung Phenomena

77. Down the Less Trodden Path

78. Uncharted Territories

79. Roads and Compasses

80. Adventures Unknown

Need help naming a travel blog in the luxury niche? This next section’s for you…

Need help naming a travel blog in the luxury niche? This next section’s for you…

Names for a Travel Blog in the Luxury Niche

Another popular niche, luxury travel bloggers are the polar opposite of budget ones! It’ll be a good fit if you enjoy fancy hotels and the finer things in life. Here are 10 potential luxury travel blogger names for you to use:

81. High Travel

82. Nothing but the Best

83. Diaries of a Luxury Traveller

84. Deluxe Travel Life

85. First Class Connoisseur

86. Living the Lavish Life

87. Dream Big or Die Trying

88. Culture and Luxury

89. Lux Travel with [Insert Your Name]

90. Travel Boho Not Budget

Budget Travel Titles for Blogs

Budget travel’s another well-served blog niche, but it’s still a potentially lucrative one to choose. You’ll definitely need a high-quality budget blog name to help you stand out though! Here are 10 that could do the trick:

91. Frugal Travel Pros

92. Travel Longer Further Cheaper

93. Travel on a Dime

94. Thrifty Adventures

95. The Lowly Traveller

96. Nifty Thrifty Travel

97. Large Planet Low Budget

98. Budget Savvy Backpacking

99. Wanderlust on a Budget

100. Travel Budget Buffs

Check out the next section for help choosing the best travel blog names in the solo travel niche.

Check out the next section for help choosing the best travel blog names in the solo travel niche.

Best Travel Blog Names for Solo Travellers

Love solo travel and want to blog about your adventures to fellow fans of travelling alone? Check out this next section of blog name ideas:

101. Going Solo

102. Me Versus the World

103. Tricks of a Traveller

104. This Girl Globetrots

105. Travelling and Unravelling

106. A Boy and His Backpack

107. The Big Solo Trip

108. Going Nowhere Fast

109. Wandering and Pondering

110. Solo Travel with [Insert Your Name]

Local Travelling Blog Names

Many of the most successful blogs on the internet are dedicated to very specific locations. This comes in handy for various reasons! For example, as a blogger, your narrow niche means you’ll have less competition from other websites.

The next 10 travel name ideas may prove useful if you’re thinking of starting a “local travel blog” of this nature.

111. Adventures in [Insert Your City/Country/Location]

112. Too Close to Home

113. Going Local in [Insert Your City/Country/Location]

114. Living It Up in [Insert Your City/Country/Location]

115. A Local’s Guide to [Insert Your City/Country/Location]

116. Get to Know [Insert Your City/Country/Location]

117. Travelling [Insert Your City/Country/Location]

118. See Explore [Insert Your City/Country/Location]

119. [Insert Your City/Country/Location] Travel Blog

120. The Best of [Insert Your City/Country/Location]

Next up: 10 ideas for family travel blog names.

Next up: 10 ideas for family travel blog names.

Family Travel Blogs Names

Family travel’s a hugely popular blog niche, but that doesn’t mean new ones can’t stand out from the crowd. Here are some family travel blog name ideas that’ll help:

121. Travel Tips for Family Trips

122. Going Far with Family

123. The Wandering [Insert Family Name Here]

124. Our Big Family Adventures

125. We the Crazies

126. Together We Travel

127. You Me and the Kids

128. Global Adventure Family

129. Suitcase Passport Kids

130. Small Family Big Dreams

Good Names for a Travel Blog about Van Life

The popularity of buying, converting, and travelling/living in a van or RV is skyrocketing as more people see the appeal of a nomadic lifestyle. If you’re planning to start a blog on the topic of van life, these names for a travel blog could help!

131. Non Stop Road Trip

132. The Campervan Man

133. One Man and His Van

134. Me Van Dog

135. Mad About Van Life Blog

136. Project Van Travels

137. Van Life and Vacations

138. One Life Four Wheels

139. Simply Vantastic

140. The Simple (Van) Life

With the travel names ideas for van life blogs down, let’s move onto a final set of general names for a travel website.

With the travel names ideas for van life blogs down, let’s move onto a final set of general names for a travel website.

General Names for a Travel Website

Looking for a travel blog name that’s more generalized in nature? Here are 60 ideas that could do the trick:

141. Have Time Will Travel

142. Come Travel with [Insert Your Name Here]

143. Brilliant Offbeat Travel

144. Out of This World Travellers

145. Full Passports Please

146. Travel Now Not Later

147. Going Places

148. Beaches and Backpacks

149. Picture Perfect Places

150. Make Life an Adventure

151. Roaming New Routes

152. Ready Jet Set Go

153. Wandering Wanderlust

154. Jammy Joyful Journeys

155. Ongoing Odysseys

156. Vagabonding Vibes

157. Traveling Treasures

158. Romance On the Road

159. Globe Trot Travel

160. My Suitcase Diaries

161. Backpacking Dreams

162. Exciting Escapes

163. Wayfaring Wonders

164. Journeying Miles

165. Next Stop Adventure

166. Travel Thrills Galore

167. The Wayfaring Greats

168. Days of Discovery

169. My Endless Adventures

170. Finger On a Map

171. Atlas Adventures

172. Trip Travel Tales

173. The Raving Roamer

174. Joyride Journeys

175. Global Discoveries

176. New Realms Now

177. Takeoffs and Landings

178. Venture Further Forever

179. A Journey of Journeys

180. Roaming Roadsters

181. A Taste of Travel

182. Elite Explorations

183. Jetsetting Journeys

184. My Onward Adventures

185. Aura Adventure

186. Wanderlust Journals

187. Forever Itchy Feet

188. Travel Bug Diaries

189. Small World Wonders

190. Wander On a Whim

191. Destination Dash

192. The Travel Tonic

193. Journeying Joys

194. Trailblazing Travelers

195. Go Don’t Stop

196. One Way Ticket

197. Sunshine and Oceans

198. Addicted to Adventure

199. Notes On the Road

200. Travel to Live

Want to see some good examples of pre-existing unique travel blog names? Here are 50 to use for inspiration.

Want to see some good examples of pre-existing unique travel blog names? Here are 50 to use for inspiration.

50 Pre-Existing Examples of Unique Travel Names for Bloggers

Still struggling to come up with the perfect name for your new travel blog?

I thought it might help to go through some popular travel blogs on the internet to use as inspiration! Here are 50 of my favourites, plus a few notes on what (I think) makes their names so great.

201. The Planet D

202. Goats on the Road

203. Practical Wanderlust

204. Expert Vagabond

205. Be My Travel Muse

206. Chasing the Donkey

207. Full Suitcase

208. Never Ending Footsteps

209. Two Wandering Soles

210. Finding the Universe

211. Road Affair

212. Indie Traveller

213. NOMADasaurus

214. Legal Nomads

215. Adventurous Kate

216. The Battered Suitcase

217. Roads and Kingdoms

218. Bruised Passports

219. The Blonde Abroad

220. Plan Save Travel

221. Earth’s Attractions

222. Wandering Earl

223. Travels of Adam

224. Anna Everywhere

225. Alex in Wanderland

As you can tell, there are some awesome names of travel blogs out there already! I hope they help you settle on something that’s right for your site.

As you can tell, there are some awesome names of travel blogs out there already! I hope they help you settle on something that’s right for your site.

226. The Adventure Junkies

227. Walkaboot

228. Will Fly for Food

229. Lost With Purpose

230. Along Dusty Roads

231. Nomadic Matt

232. Atlas & Boots

233. The World Travel Guy

234. The World Pursuit

235. Y Travel Blog

236. Vagrants of the World

237. Travel Made Simple

238. The Travel Hack

239. The Savvy Globetrotter

240. Salt In Our Hair

241. Ordinary Traveler

242. Off With The Kids

243. A Little Adrift

244. Kami and the Rest of the World

245. A World to Travel

246. Jones Around the World

247. Big World Small Pockets

248. I Am Aileen

249. Grrrl Traveler

250. Go See Write

Before we get onto the travelling blog names, let’s go through some “top tips” on how to choose one that’s right for your blog.

Now we’ve been through the travelling blog names, here are some tips for creating your own.

7 Top Tips for Naming a Travel Blog

Coming up with a travel blog name isn’t rocket science. But it isn’t easy either! To help, I thought I’d finish with a few tips for picking the best possible one from this list or creating one for yourself.

1. Decide Your Niche

Imagine picking a name for your future baby. Most parents probably want to know the gender before settling on one, right?

It’s similar when it comes to your blog name. Deciding the area of travel you want to talk about on the blog (i.e. your niche) is a useful precursor for picking a name for it.

Let’s say you want to write about luxury travel. You could then pick a name that sounds appropriately luxurious (e.g. travelsdiamondsandrubies.com)!

As an aside, picking a niche is key to success.

Remember, general travel blogs are a dime a dozen nowadays. Narrowing your focus to a niche (or even a particular subset of a niche, such as “luxury travel in X” vs. “luxury travel”) will help you stand out, become an authority, and attract a specific audience that’s interested in what you have to say.

2. Be Different

The best travel blogs stand out from the crowd, so do whatever you can to be a little different! Avoid clichés, be creative and quirky, and think outside the box.

For example, “somewhereoveryonder.com” is arguably better than “adventuroustraveller.com,” which is somewhat generic.

3. Try Unique Travel Words

An easy way to stand out with your travel blog name is to incorporate unique travel-related words into it. For instance, ever heard of “fernweh” or “Strickhedonia”? Neither have your future readers!

That’s why a name like “foreverfernweh.com” would be an instant way to set your blog apart from others.

These synonyms for wanderlust would be a good place to start.

The best travel blog names are usually short, sweet, and simple!

The best travel blog names are usually short, sweet, and simple!

4. Keep It Simple

One caveat to the previous “unique travel word” tip is that complicated terms can backfire. For example, strickhedonia’s a cool word that describes the joy of saying “to hell with it”. But it’s also hard to spell!

That’s bad news when you want to tell people about your blog or they want to type it into a search engine.

Shortness, sweetness, and simplicity’s usually a better route. You’re onto a winner if you settle on something that’s easy to both spell and remember.

5. Think about the Future

Remember the first email address you created as a kid? It didn’t quite cut it when you got older, right? Putting donkeykong123@hotmail.com on your résumé was never going to work.

It’s a similar deal when choosing a blog name. Picking something you’ll like for years to come and that’ll still be relevant in the future (in terms of what you’re writing about) will save you hassle down the line.

6. Opt for a .Com Domain

Want as many people as possible to read your blog? Try to get yourself a .com domain (i.e. www.mynewtravelblog.com).

From personal experience and the recommendations of others, they do better online. And by “do better”, I mean “rank more easily on Google”! The downside is that they’re harder and more expensive to obtain, but the pros outweigh the cons.

7. Secure It ASAP

Imagine deciding on the ideal name for your new travel blog. It’s relevant to your chosen niche, super catchy, and available. Don’t dither! Secure it ASAP.

You can do this on sites like Squarespace, GoDaddy, or Bluehost. By acting fast, you’ll avoid the unfortunate fate of someone else taking it from under your nose.

Remember These Blog Names for Travellers

Choosing a travel blog name can be a definite challenge.

It’s a big call!

You have to pick something you like, that feels right for your brand, that’ll make sense to search engines, and that’ll stand the test of time.

Oh, and it has to be available too…

Coming up with unique travel blog names that tick each of those boxes is no mean feat.

With this list of possible travel blogger names to call upon, though, I hope the decision will be a little easier.

Got any questions or thoughts on this topic? Drop a comment below to let me know!