35 Stones for Travel | The Best Crystals for Travelling [2021]

I hope this guide to the best crystals for travelling helps you choose which ones are right for your trip!

I hope this guide to the best crystals for travelling helps you choose which ones are right for your trip!

I’ve never understood much about mysticism.

Energies, chakras, third-eyes, and so on…It’s always been a bit beyond me.

But mysticism’s gone mainstream elsewhere!

For instance, there’s been a 40% increase in Google searches for “crystal healing” in recent years, and the alternative medicine market’s now worth $200 billion.

People clearly get value from it all. And crystals, in particular, seem to hold a special allure.

I first took an interest in crystals and stones for travel recently, when I met my girlfriend, who keeps a few on her bedside table.

Through her I learned just how many people take them on their travels and why they do it! Among other things, crystals for travel and adventure are said to provide safety from harm and negative energy.

All of these sentiments sparked my curiosity and got me wondering:

What are the best crystals for travelling?

I ended up doing some research and it turns out there are masses of travel crystals to choose from! So, I decided to compile a list of all the ones I came across.

With any luck, it’ll help anyone in their hunt for the best crystals for travelling protection! Sound good? Keep reading to discover the best crystals for travel safety I could find.

[Last Updated: January 2021]

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How to Use & Store Your Crystals for Travel Safety

I thought I’d start by looking at how the best crystals for travel protection are supposed to work.

Some people reading this will already be crystal experts. If that’s you, then obviously feel free to skip ahead! Others (like me), might need a bit of guidance.

Nicely, no real restrictions seem to exist around how to use crystals (in general, or on the road).

You stand to gain simply by having them around. That said, you’re meant to work with the crystal. It’s not quite the same as popping a paracetamol to get rid of pain.

No, you need to focus in on what you want support with. With the intention set, the crystal is said to work that bit better.

Harness them in all sorts of ways. Simply carrying crystals with you is said to help- within a piece of jewellery, inside your bag or in a pocket.

Similarly, you can try placing them on parts of your body.

Placing a specific crystal on or near a certain body part will have a particular effect! It depends on the stone itself though and what you’re hoping to achieve.

You can also incorporate them into meditative practices and yoga. Hold them in your hand, attend to how you feel, and connect with them at a deeper level.

The best crystals for safe travel will vary depending on your personal needs.

The best crystals for safe travel will vary depending on your personal needs.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Crystals for Safe Travels

How do you know which crystal for safe travel is right for you? After all, there are lots to choose from. Realistically, you can’t take them all on your travels!

Hopefully, the following tips should help you make up your mind.

1. Go with Your Gut When Choosing a Travel Stone

We’re often naturally drawn to one thing over another.

Be sure to listen to your instincts when going through the list below. I read that some mystics claim the crystal chooses you, rather than the other way around.

Your natural inclination towards particular crystals for safe travel and protection is this process in action. If this list doesn’t cut it, then head into a shop to browse the aisles in person.

2. Think About Your Needs when Picking Crystals for Traveling

You wouldn’t just go along and take some else’s medication, right? It’s not meant for you! The same sort of thing goes for crystals.

They’re inherently personal items, which means what’s right for one person may not be right for another.

It’s your job to find one (or a selection of them) that’ll work for you.

Reflect on your individual worries and needs. What is it about travel that frightens you? What particular input would be most helpful?

You might want crystals for positivity, crystals that promote positive energy, crystals for protection and healing, crystals for negative energy removal, and so on.

With this knowledge in mind you can more easily choose the best crystals for safe travel.

3. Less is More When Choosing Travel Protection Stones

It might be tempting to take masses of crystals on your trip, but starting out with one or two might be the better bet.

After all, too much of anything can become detrimental, and carrying a mass of stones on the road would be a little impractical. You’d risk losing them too!

As you’ll see, there’s quite a lot of overlap amongst the best crystal for travelling anyway. Sure, they each have their own unique qualities, but there are shared benefits to them too. The result?

You might not need many to satisfy your needs.

Crystal collections are best built over time. Buying masses at once might make it difficult to distinguish which stone is having what effect.

4. Don’t Overthink the Selection Process of Crystals for Travel protection

It’s tempting to spend hours researching the best stone for travel protection. However, you might be rewarded by speeding up the process.

Our head often gets in the way of our heart; we talk ourselves out of action by applying reason to the decision. In other words, we get in our own way.

There may not be the perfect crystal for travel. Going with your gut can save you time and undue concern about ‘getting it right’. Feel now, think later.

On to the guide itself. Here are 35 of the best stones for travel I could find.

On to the guide itself. Here are 35 of the best stones for travel I could find.

The Best Crystals to Travel With: a Quick Caveat

The list of the best stones for safe travel is coming, I promise! I just wanted to add a little disclaimer before I get to it.

I’ll be honest: my ignorance about crystals and all things mystical may well become clear in the coming list!

Basically, in my mind, crystals, stones, and gemstones are different things! I structured the list accordingly.

However, people online seem to use the terms interchangeably. The same item will be described as a crystal and/or stone, depending where you look.

I apologise in advance if I’ve made some glaring error, or mislabelled anything by accident.

I’m reassuring myself by thinking the main thing you’ll be after is the effect, rather than exact terminology! Stone, crystal, gemstone…Hopefully, if it works, it works. Forgive me if I’ve made a mistake though, and feel free to correct me in the comments!

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35 Best Crystals for Travelling:

Crystals, Gemstones and Stones for Travel

Let’s get to it: a newbie’s guide to 35 best crystals for travelling. I’ll move from crystals, to stones, and then, finally, to gemstones. Wondering what crystals are good for travel? Keep reading!

The Best Crystals for Travel and Adventure (i.e. Best Crystals for Protection On the Road)

1. Aquamarine

I love being around water. It’s just intrinsically calming and soothing. No matter what’s going on in the world, the gentle presence of water inevitably helps.

The same is said to occur with Aquamarine, the crystal. It’s a first choice for many people looking for travel crystals for protection. It’s meant to bring peace and quiet to a burdened heart and mind and should clear your head, relieve conflict, and promote clarity too.

What’s more, it’s said to help you feel fearless, while boosting your levels of luck and protection.

In the trials and tribulations of travel, this would definitely be a help.

Travel idea: Aquamarine earrings

2. Cerussite

Cerussite is meant to help ground you in a situation.

It’s about feeling at ease where you are; grounded in your emotions and circumstance.

There’s a natural transience and level of upheaval on the road. You’re constantly on the move. Feeling grounded and at home can be a rarity.

If Cerussite truly lives up to its reputation, then it’d be a valuable travel companion.

Travel idea: Cerussite crystal pendant

3. Garnet

Garnet crystals are striking, blood red crystals for cleansing negative energy and reenergizing you.

For weary travellers, that’s only ever a good thing.

Travel Idea: Garnet Bracelet

4. Blue Lace Agate

This crystal seems like a great all-rounder.

Give it a shot if you think your travels will be full of emotional turbulence. Blue Lace is said to promote calm and peace.

It’ll support emotional healing, and help you communicate your true thoughts and feelings to others.

Travel Idea: Blue Lace Agate Pendant

5. Clear Quartz (Best Crystals for Safe Travel by Car or Plane)

Clear Quartz is a crystal that works best in combination with others.

It’s said to be the master of all healing crystals for safe travel, by magnifying the healing effects of others you have. Think of it as a ‘power-up’ for your other stones and crystals.

Clear quartz is meant to rid you of negativity. It’ll also help with your levels of spirituality.

Travel Idea: Clear Quartz Angel Figurine

6. Peridot

Peridot seems a top choice for clearing out intensely negative emotions.

Everything from anger and depression, to fear and jealousy should be soothed.

Travel is meant to be the time of your life. Such negative feelings can sour the experience. Any support in getting rid of them should be welcomed.

Equally, anyone struggling with respiratory problems (such as asthma) may benefit from Peridot.

I’d still take your inhaler though, just in case.

Travel Idea: Peridot Necklace

7. Phenacite

I saw differing opinions about the benefits of Phenacite.

You might want to do a little more research on this one.

However, the positive that stood out to me related to its potential to assist rapid personal growth. Travel is the ultimate self-development tool. If Phenacite can help out too, then be sure to take it along.

Travel Idea: Phenacite Crystal Pyramid

8. Snow White Quartz

Mental alertness, clarity, patience and sensitivity in relationships…

These are a selection of the benefits said to come from Snow White Quartz.

All of them are important attributes on any trip. From avoiding danger, to meeting people and navigating new friendships…having the crystal may come in handy.

Travel Idea: Hand Made Snow White Quartz Bracelet

9. Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline sounds like a crystal that’ll protect you from yourself.

It’s easy to be our own worst emotion-filled enemy on the road.

Watermelon Tourmaline helps soothe and negate anger. Watermelon (the fruit) has a refreshing effect in warm weather. This type of Tourmaline seems to do the same at an emotional level.

It’s one of the best crystals for stress out there. Say goodbye to stress and hurt. Say hello to calm and positivity.

Travel Idea: Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace

The next section walks you through a selection of the best crystals for protection from negative energy!

The next section walks you through a selection of the best crystals for protection from negative energy!

The Best Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

10. Amethyst

Amethyst sounds like a great all-rounder to take on your travels.

It’s said to support insomnia and exhaustion, among other health-related issues. Knowing how tiring travel can be, that definitely sounds like a positive.

However, the true benefit is more general: amethyst is known for being a good-luck charm. That makes it a top choice of all good energy crystals. People throughout history have carried it for protection and positivity.

For these reasons (and as one of the most powerful protection crystals in general), amethyst would be a great addition for the road.

Travel Idea: Amethyst Prism Bar/Wand

11. Smokey Quartz

Not gonna lie, I like the name of this one. It totally sounds like a jazz musician from the ‘50s, or something!

Thankfully, the positives don’t stop there…It’s commonly listed online as one of the top crystals for protection from negative energy.

Take Smokey Quartz on your travels to disperse fear and general negativity. It’s a crystal that neutralises and detoxifies. You’re meant to enjoy greater levels of calm, while reducing stress and anxiety.

That’s all good news for travel, where all of these difficult emotions can be felt.

Travel Idea: Smokey Quartz Angel

12. Lemurian Quartz

I saw this crystal referred to as a ‘master crystal’ in my research.

It sounds like a goodie.

Masses of mystical-sounding descriptions accompanied Lemurian Quartz. I’m not gonna lie, they lost me a bit. The general benefit of carrying it seemed related to healing.

Lemurian is said to promote self-awareness, healing, and cleansing. It can help you feel light and hopeful, and a deeper sense of connection and peace.

Travelling is fantastic at confronting you with your flaws. It’s a perfect time for healing, progress, and transition. If Lemurian Quartz lives up to its name, then it’d sure come in handy.

Travel Idea: Lemurian Quartz Pendant

13. Citrine

Citrine’s a beautiful looking stone…even if it sounds a bit like a cleaning product.

The bright yellow immediately catches the eye.

This relates to its function. Citrine is said to promote mental focus and power. It’s a transformative effect, converting negativity into positivity.

Citrine’s a stone of good vibes. There’s always room for good vibes on the road.

Travel Idea: Citrine Bracelet

14. Rhyolite

Rhyolite is all about feeling good about yourself.

Carry it to enhance your levels of self-worth, esteem and respect. It’s about accepting who you are and asking others to do the same. Inner strength and fortitude expand as a result.

It’s also meant to help you connect to nature. Travelling and nature often go hand in hand. Connecting with it on a deeper level is always a good thing.

Travelling can be a lonely journey. Feeling happy in yourself and your own company can take you a long way.

Travel Idea: Rhyolite Bracelet

15. Tree Agate

To see Tree Agate is to understand its name.

There’s something inherently natural about it- helped by the green coloration amongst the white. It’s a genuinely beautiful looking stone/crystal.

Understandably, its meaning and function is meant to pertain to nature too. It’s about connection to the outdoors. But there’s more:

Tree Agate is about prosperity, abundance and good fortune. It’s protective by nature, and is supposed to fend off negativity too. That would make it a great bet for your travels.

Travel Idea: Tree Agate Egg

16. Fluorite

I like the sound of Fluorite.

It’s meant to support all sorts of things that I tend to struggle with!

For one thing, alongside handling negative energy in general, it’ll ward off stress. Even better, having fluorite is meant to boost positivity, concentration and feelings of self-confidence.

Your ability to learn will improve, so will your decision-making and coordination. It’s good news all-round!

Travel Idea: Green Fluorite Prism/Wand

The following section of the list details the best protection stones for travellers. Enjoy!

The following section of the list details the best protection stones for travellers. Enjoy!

The Best Protection Stones for Travellers (i.e. the Best Stones for Safe Travel!)

On to the best protection stones for travellers. These would all make great additions to anyone’s travel packing list.

17. Malachite          

Malachite is beautiful.

I was immediately struck by it when I came across it online.

It’s also said to be the perfect travel companion. Why?

Well, it’s referred to online as a guardian stone for one thing. If protection overseas is what you’re after, then its nickname bodes well for you.

Malachite is supposed to help keep you from harm. It is top of the list for protection stones and crystals I learned about. Whether that means long flights or distant adventures, it’s meant to come in handy. You’re also going to enjoy its support of change and transformation.

That makes malachite an epic all-rounder for a traveller.

Travel Idea: Malachite Earrings

18. Moonstone

I read that this one’s often literally referred to as ‘the traveller’s stone’ in folklore tales.

Again, it’s another beautiful stone to look at. There’s a depth and detail to moonstone that surpasses that of others on this list.

Moonstone’s meant to help out in a host of ways. Primarily, it’s there to protect you from harm. But you’ll also enjoy heightened sense of calm and a lack of stress.

Moonstone is said to lift the spirits too. All in all, it seems like a mighty good stone for any traveller to take with them.

Travel Idea: Moonstone Ring

19. Yellow Jasper

Here’s another crystal that sounds ideal in almost every way- especially for travelling.

Yellow Jasper is said to be a guiding hand; it keeps you on track to where you’re headed. It’s meant to facilitate grounding in turbulent times, reducing negative emotions like stress and anxiety in the process.

Self-confidence, stability, and positivity are all helped too.

And, practically speaking, it’s meant to sort out feelings of nausea and motion sickness. That’s good news for any travelling afflicted with these issues.

Travel Idea: Yellow Jasper Bracelet

20. Mother of Pearl

Here’s another that harnesses the power of water.

This time it’s in relation to the ocean.

Mother of Pearl is another beauty. I reckon just looking at it makes you feel that bit more chilled out! You’ll welcome its catalyst for imagination and adaptability too.

Likewise, look forward to feelings of harmony and oneness. I get the impression that Mother of Pearl is about soothing and all-round care. Just as you turn to your actual mum in times of distress, the stone can serve a similar function.

Travel Idea: Mother of Pearl Tree of Life Earrings

21. Shungite

Shungite was referred to as a “miracle stone” online.

That’s high praise, to be sure. However, if it lives up to its reputation, you could understand why it earned that name. It does seem somewhat miraculous.

To start, Shungite’s said to have healing and protective properties. Your wellbeing is in safer hands thanks to its support of your immune system and energy levels.

Similarly, you’re meant to feel more balanced in mind and body; protected and purified in equal measure.

Travel has a habit of exposing you to sickness and nausea. It also takes it out of you spiritually and emotionally. Any health benefits Shungite might offer would be happily received.

Travel Idea: Shungite Pyramid (5cm)

22. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is another crystal for travel that can live up to its name from an aesthetic standpoint!

There’s something a little sinister about its appearance sometimes- it can be very much blood-like in nature.

However, mum was right, we should never to judge a book by its cover. Far from anything negative, it’s said to provide its owner with a host of good stuff.

Creativity gets a boost, you feel more grounded in the moment, and your intuition is heightened too.

Again, creativity, presence and intuition all help in their own ways on the road.

Travel Idea: Bloodstone Reiki Skull

23. Blue Calcite

Here’s another stone if you expect to struggle with nervousness and anxiety on the road.

Blue Calcite is said to have a soothing effect. But its major benefit is its support of rest, recuperation and relaxation.

Travels can serve an awesome restorative function. Coming home from your travels is to feel like a whole new person. You’ll feel rested, relaxed, and ready for what life has to throw at you again.

Travel Idea: Blue Calcite Heart (Hand Carved)

24. Angelite

Heavenly by name, heavenly by nature.

Angelite is utilised to bring a greater sense of peace and togetherness. It’s about love, connection and spirituality. You’re said to feel more connected to your higher self too.

It should help heal sore emotions, and support your spiritual journey.

Travel Idea: Angelite Necklace

25. Obsidian

Obsidian is another striking travel stone to look at.

This dark black volcanic stone has a depth to it. It also looks a lot like dragon glass (for all Game of Thrones fans reading this). That might be enough to convince you it is right for your travels.

You can say you’re carrying it for the protection it provides against negativity and mental stress.

In reality, you’re doing your best John Snow impression and keeping an eye out for white walkers.

Travel Idea: Obsidian Prism/Wand

26. Sardonyx

Sardonyx sounds like something straight out of Pokemon.

But, in actual fact, this stone is said to serve an important function that’d be perfect for travellers:

It’s said to attract good friends and promote even better fortune. Equally, you’ll benefit from newfound levels of protection and strength. Finally, there’s the added bonus of acting more virtuously and with greater integrity.  

It helps you become a better person, and should lead you down a positive path all around.

Travel Idea: Sardonyx Bracelet

27. Labradorite

I included Labradorite partly because it made me thing of my old dog (a Labrador), called Jasper.

But it earned its spot mainly because it’s supposedly ideal for periods of change. Travel is full of change, transition and transience, making Labradorite a quality companion!

Equally, you’ll enjoy greater strength and levels of perseverance. Being on the road isn’t always easy. Any help to stick with it is surely a positive.

Travel Idea: Labradorite Palm Stone

Moving on to the best spiritual protection stones and, finally, the best gemstones for protection and travelling.

Moving on to the best spiritual protection stones and, finally, the best gemstones for protection and travelling.

The Best Spiritual Protection Stones for Travel

The following stones are said to protect your spirit from a host of troubles on the road.

28. Black Tourmaline

This one featured on almost every list of top positive energy stones for travel I came across.

It makes sense too. After all, Black Tourmaline is meant to be a great all-rounder in terms of protection. The most support seems against negative energy from others. That would almost certainly come in handy while travelling.

You meet a whole array of different people on the road. You start to realize just how diverse people can get!

Some of them will suck the life from you, just like a vampire would, if you let them.

One of the benefits of wearing black tourmaline is that you’ll be protected from that eventuality.

I also saw that it can relieve jet lag too. That’s an obvious bonus for anyone with a long flight ahead of them!

Travel Idea: Black Tourmaline Bracelet

29. Hematite

Hematite seems like it could be an epic stone to take on the road.

Here’s a brief overview of some of what it’s meant to help out with:

  • Keeps you grounded

  • Helps with concentration

  • Supports problem solving

  • Counteracts lethargy, tiredness and brain fog

  • Relieves stress and tension

  • Jet lag relief

  • Calming effects

  • …and more.

Even if it does a fraction of what’s promised, it’d surely be one of the best spiritual protection stones out there (and the perfect addition to your backpack).

Travel Idea: Hematite Bracelet

30. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is another stone to support energy and strength.

However, it combines this, supposedly, with an enhanced level if insight too. You’ll understand your problems better. That understanding is said to foster a sense of stability.

Strength and awareness are two top personal qualities for anyone to pursue.

Travel has a habit of helping out with these things anyway. A stone to lend its weight to the process would be a useful tool to have.

Travel Idea: Red Jasper Carved Elephant

31. Selenite

Spiritual development is at the core of almost any proper travel experience.

You hit the road and find yourself growing and learning in a whole manner of ways.

Selenite is meant to promote this as well. If you’re looking for advancement of your identity and self through travel, then consider popping some selenite in your pocket.

An added bonus is the relief of emotional negativity in your mind and body.

Travel Idea: Selenite Palm Stone

32. Jet Stone

Here’s another stone of the deepest and darkest black.

It’s almost like it’s been painted in black. I find it crazy to think it’s totally natural.

Anyway, Jet’s another protection stone that is said to have healing properties as well. This time it seems purely physical. From headaches to trauma, Jet’s meant to help.

Obviously, pack a first aid kit just in case. But if Jet can truly keep you from harm’s way on the road, then it would, of course, be a great thing to take.

Travel Idea: Jet Earrings

Finally, on to the best gemstones for protection and travelling.

Finally, on to the best gemstones for protection and travelling.

The Best Gemstones for Travel Protection

33. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is another cool-sounding name for a gemstone for travelling.

It’s also said to be one of great power.

Again, if Tiger’s Eye truly provides a semblance of what people say it does, then it’ll be worth every penny you pay. It seems one of the best gemstones for protection out there.

To name a few, you’ll welcome the newfound integrity, patience, willpower and self-confidence. How about the grounding ability it provides? Or the good luck and positive outlook it promotes?

Oh, and then there’s the protection against others’ negativity to look forward to as well.

You’re said to enjoy a sense of security, self-respect, and feeling at home wherever you are. For obvious reasons, every single of one these attributes would be ideal on the road (and for life in general).

Travel Idea: Tiger’s Eye Elephant Figurine

34. Turquoise

It’s not just a colour! It’s a stone too.

And it isn’t one of those ironic names either, where the opposite is actually true (i.e. Big Dave is actually tiny). Nope, Turquoise is actually turquoise in colour (albeit mottled in nature).

It might not have the most original name, but it’s undoubtedly a stunning stone.

Again, it’s like it’s been painted in advance. Fun fact for you, Turquoise is a key stone in Native American culture. It’s referred to as the ‘stone of life’. This incredible stone changes colour depending on its environment, leading some to believe it is actually a living mineral.

Seen to represent life, Turqoise finds a place in Native American stories, myths, spiritual practices and decorative jewellery too.

In terms of your future travels, you’ll enjoy a heightened positivity in your mental state. Creativity, serenity, happiness and wisdom are a few of the things you could experience.

Overall, it’s said to lead to self-realization. Travel is one long journey of personal discovery. If Turquoise can help in that, then all power to you for taking it along.

Travel Idea: Turquoise Tree of Life Pendant

35. Sodalite

Last but not least, we have Sodalite.

And no, it isn’t a sugar-free version of your favourite fizzy drink.

Sodalite’s a travel gemstone that’ll protect you from negativity, while actively promoting the positive.

Guilt and phobias are said to fade away (good for travel!), your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth get boosted (good for life in general!), and your relationships should enjoy a jump of positivity too (also good for travel and life!).

You’re meant to start trusting in your judgments too. That, for me, would be the primary advantage to having it on the road. Solo travellers have to rely on their judgment calls because there’s no-one there to hold your hand!

It’s just you, so listening to (and following) your gut is often a key to success.

Travel Idea: Sodalite Pendant Necklace

Enjoy these Safe Travel Stones & Safe Travel Crystals!

There you have it: my guide to the best crystals for travelling!

Crystals and other mystical matters are more popular than ever before. And, though I’m definitely no expert, it was cool to discover how many people find them useful on the road too.

I can totally understand why people look to the protective qualities they’re said to hold. After all, travel can be tough going. Any extra support would come in handy.

Hopefully, this guide will help anyone searching for crystals to take on their next trip.

Did you find one you like the sound of? Let me know in the comments!

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