Top 8 | Best Rain Poncho for Hiking and Backpacking [2021 Reviews]

Are you trying to find the best rain poncho possible? Check out this buying guide to the best poncho for hiking, backpacking, and travelling.


Are you looking for the best rain poncho possible? I hope the following buying guide helps you find it.

Most hikers, backpackers, campers, and travellers hate two things more than anything else:

Heavy backpacks and bad weather.

Put the two together and you’re in for a terrible day on the road or trail!

That’s why the best rain ponchos are such a perfect piece of gear to have in your pack. They’re lightweight, versatile, and can be pulled on in a hurry if the weather closes in.

However, it’s important to have the best rain poncho for hiking possible! But with hundreds to out there, finding the best waterproof poncho for hiking can be easier said than done.

Want help picking the best backpacking poncho?

Check out this ‘8 best rain poncho reviews’ buying guide and read all about the best ponchos for rain protection on the market!

[Last Updated: February 2021]

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The Best Rain Poncho for Hiking & Backpacking – Summary Table


Material: 210T Polyester

Size: 95” long

Rating: 4.7/5



Material: 100% Polyester

Size: 40.5” long

Rating: 4.5/5



Material: 210T Nylon

Size: 86” long

Rating: 4.5/5



Material: 100% Polyester

Size: 40.5” long

Rating: 4.5/5



Material: Light Plastic

Size: 46” long

Rating: 4.6/5



Material: 210T Ripstop Taffeta

Size: 54” long

Rating: 4.7/5



Material: Lightweight PE

Size: 50” long

Rating: 4.4/5



Material: Polyester

Size: 55” long

Rating: 4.6/5



Get ready for 8 reviews of the best lightweight rain ponchos for backpacking I could find.

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The Best Backpacking Rain Ponchos – 8 Best Rain Poncho Reviews

Onto the reviews! Here are 8 reviews of the best backpacking rain ponchos:

1. Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho


More than just a rain cover

The Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho offers you much more than just a cover in the rain.

Due to the steel grommets at each corner, the poncho can be folded out and used as a rain tarp or sun shade when needed. In addition to that, this multipurpose rain poncho can also double as a camping blanket or a sleeping bag cover.

Comfortable coverage

Due to its large size of 95 x 55 inches, the Foxelli is a long waterproof poncho that would provide comfortable full-coverage in bad weather.

When folded in half, the poncho reaches down to the ankles or mid-calf (depending on your height) and keeps you fully dry and comfortable. The fabric is enough to cover not only an adult’s body but also any backpack they’re wearing.

Adjustable hood

To make sure no water seeps into your poncho from the neck hole, it features an adjustable hood.

Use the drawstring to tighten or loosen it with ease, keeping your head and face warmer and drier.


  • Velcro closing strips on the sides ensure fast and easy fastening of your rain poncho
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy storage and transport
  • You get a multi-purpose waterproof cover for the price of a single rain poncho
  • Keeps your whole body dry and comfortable


  • For people who are shorter than 5’ 6”, the poncho would be too long.

2. Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho (Best Travel Poncho)


Ultimate rain protection

This rain poncho has a waterproof grading of PU3000MM. Made with 210 T ripstop nylon fabric and PVC coating, it is perfect to protect you from any heavy rain when you’re out and about. It also includes an adjustable hood that features a cord adjuster to keep your head and face dry.

Breathable and comfortable

To make sure that you never get too hot and uncomfortable, the manufacturers have designed this poncho raincoat with loose ‘wizard-sleeve’ style armholes and a loose-fitting bottom half. This allows for proper air circulation within the rain poncho and keeps things well-ventilated. The result? You should be able to use it throughout the year without overheating in warmer conditions.

Travel friendly

Weighing only 9oz, this rain cover will never weigh you down on your camping trips. The poncho folds over to a compact size of 9” x 3” x 3” and comes with a drawstring bag for easy carrying.


  • Snap-on closures are quick and easy to use
  • Seams are secured with an overlock stitch and well glued to prevent leakage
  • Includes a waterproof hood


  • Hard to adjust the length if the poncho’s too long.

3. Lingito Rain Ponchos (Best Lightweight Rain Poncho for Families)


Economical family pack

The Lingito Rain Ponchos are a one-stop-shop if you’re looking for rain covers for the entire family.

Available in two attractive family packs, they offer you great value for money. You can either buy the pack of 12 (6 for adults and 6 for kids) or choose the pack of 8 that has 4 of each kind. Whichever option you choose, they’re incredible budget-friendly.

Covers your backpack

The ponchos are long and loose enough to drape over any backpack that you’re wearing. That means you can keep both your luggage and yourself dry at the same time!

Easy to carry

The ponchos here are incredibly lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you go. Within the family pack, you’ll find each poncho wrapped individually in a compact bag, allowing each member of the family to carry their own rain cover.


  • Available in green, red, blue, and yellow colours
  • If the poncho is too long, it can safely be trimmed away from the bottom
  • Reusable for a limited number of times
  • Odour-free


  • Not very durable for multiple uses
  • Lots of plastic; bad for the environment

4. Hagon PRO Disposable Rain Ponchos for Adults (5 Pack)


Well ventilated

The Hagon PRO Disposable Rain Ponchos is comfortable to wear in any weather.

That’s thanks to its design, which allows for maximum airflow. The added ventilation eliminates the ‘sauna-like effect’ that you experience with so many other ponchos.

Whether it’s the middle of the winter or an unforgiving summer, the Hagon Pro is guaranteed to keep you comfortable.

One size fits all

The Hagon Pro ponchos are designed to suit all body shapes and sizes.

The adult rain poncho in the series measures 50 x 40 inches, allowing anyone to wear it comfortably – even with a backpack!

Compact and convenient

Despite being the thickest of all other readily available disposable ponchos, this is also one of the most compact options you’ll come across.

It folds up to a tiny 6” x 4” that can be stowed away anywhere with ease. Be it a purse or even your pocket, this compact rain poncho will fit anywhere to be pulled out in a hurry.


  • The 0.035 thick PE is the thickest and most durable of all budget rain ponchos
  • Best heavy duty rain poncho made from plastic
  • Easy to store as it fits anywhere
  • Perfect for any outside excursion


  • The 5 pack deal contains only adult-sized rain ponchos

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Yet to find the perfect waterproof poncho for your needs? Here are 4 more you might like:

5. SaphiRose Hooded Rain Poncho


Front zipper closure

With its front zipper closure design, it’s extremely easy to put on or take off this SaphiRose rain poncho.

You no longer have to fumble around with buttons, hooks, or clasps that can sometimes make ponchos impractical in bad weather.

All it needs is a little pull on the zipper, and you’re well protected from head to toe.

Eco-friendly material

While providing the best of rain protection, this rain poncho is relatively eco-friendly as well.

Where most rain covers are made of harmful plastic, this rain poncho is manufactured with 100% polyester – which, as a fabric, is better for the environment.

Portable and compact

To allow easy carrying of this rain poncho on your trips, it comes with a carry-pouch of the same colour.

When folded, the entire package will measure 5.9 x 9.8 inches – small enough to fit in any reasonably sized bag.


  • Looks great on anyone
  • Features an adjustable rain hood that can be tightened with an elastic
  • Soft to touch yet completely waterproof


  • Only available in one size

6. SaphiRose Black Rain Poncho for Adults


Fashionable and stylish

This SaphiRose black rain poncho is one of the best-looking on the list!

It’s a stylish, fashionable design that’d be as well-suited to hiking is the commute to work.

Available in a variety of designs and colours, these Saphi Rose rain ponchos combine function and fashion in the best way possible.

Strong waterproof backing

The polyester fabric of this rain poncho is incredibly high performing in terms of waterproofing.

In addition to the high-quality material, the rain poncho has heat-sealed seams to prevent any water from leaking through the stitches.

You’re sure to be kept warm and dry whatever happens to the weather!

Unique raincoat hat design

An attached hood with the poncho serves to keep your hair and face dry in a downpour.

It can be tightened or loosened at will via a piece of elastic on the inside. Once again, that adds to its functionality and fitness for purpose in bad weather conditions.


  • Available in several prints and colours
  • High performing rain poncho guaranteed to keep you dry
  • Convenient zipper closure allows removing the poncho quickly and easily


  • Does not cover you all the way to the ankles.

7. Arcturus Nylon Poncho with Adjustable Hood (Best Camping Poncho)


Extra large size

The Arcturus rain poncho is designed to keep you dry from head to toe.

Measuring 54 x 48 inches, it’s large enough to cover all of you and any backpack that you’re carrying too.

That’s handy when you’re out on the trail, at a festival, or doing anything outdoors and a storm hits.

Lightweight and compact

With a weight of only 11oz, this rain poncho could be the best rain poncho for travel as well.

In addition to that, it folds up to a compact size of 8 x 4”. It also comes with a convenient case for easy carrying and storage.

Provides maximum protection

Manufactured with high performing 210 T ripstop taffeta, this rain poncho is incredibly waterproof and durable. A dual coating of waterproof polyurethane provides added protection from the elements.


  • This versatile poncho can double as a rain tarp
  • Adjustable hood
  • Imported product that’s gone through multiple quality checks


  • Gets warm inside when used in the summer

8. SaphiRose Hooded Rain Poncho (Orange)


Pull-on design

With its unique pull-on design, you can forget about fumbling with zippers or trying to find buttons to close your poncho.

It’s convenient to slip on and off, which is great when the heavens open and you have to put on your poncho in a hurry.

Multipurpose rain cover

Wear it as a rain poncho or use it as a rain tarp or sun shelter.

The versatility of this rain poncho makes it perfect for multiple situations and needs.

Portable & Stylish

This SaphiRose poncho folds up small and comes with a matching pouch that makes it easy to store, pack, and transport.

It’s also a stylish poncho that’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!


  • Works well for people in wheelchairs
  • One size fits all
  • Big enough to wear with a backpack


  • The outer pocket does not have a velcro closure


Finding the best reusable poncho isn’t always straight-forward. The following considerations should help!

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Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Poncho for Hiking, Backpacking, & Travel Possible

Picking the best rain poncho possible comes down to a few key factors. Keep the following considerations in mind to find the perfect poncho for your needs.

1. Materials of the Best Waterproof Poncho

The material that rain ponchos are made from has a number of key implications.

It impacts everything from the poncho’s performance to its price and weight!

As you can imagine, cheaper materials create budget-friendly ponchos, but sacrifice on performance; the opposite’s true for more expensive materials.

If you’ve got a reasonable budget and want serious quality, then breathable laminates and paratex dry are gold-standard materials to choose from. They’ll keep you dry in the heaviest rainfall without you overheating!

Sil-poly (a silicone/polyester hybrid) and sil-nylon (a silicone/nylon hybrid) make for a great middle-ground. They’re a step down in terms of waterproofing and overall quality. Yet they remain reliable, high-performing poncho materials that are lightweight and wallet-friendly to boot.

On a budget and want nothing more than a single-use poncho for emergency situations? PVC would be your best bet. It’s dirt-cheap and does the job, but don’t expect to be kept comfortable or cool while wearing it!

From there, you could look into ponchos made from polyester or PU-coated nylon. Both materials would make passable ponchos that wouldn’t break the bank.

2. Water Resistance & Breathability of the Best Hiking Poncho

Don’t waste your money on a rain poncho that doesn’t keep out the rain!

The more waterproof it is, the better off you’ll be. Just try to make sure it’s breathable too. Some ponchos keep out the rain, but leave you sweating so much underneath that you get wet anyway.

It’s also important to think about both where and for how long you’ll be wearing your poncho.

Someone hiking in a place that’s well-known for wet weather might need constant protection from the elements.

That calls for superior-quality materials that’ll withstand ongoing rainfall without making you too hot and bothered in the process.

A brief backpacking trip in the warm summer months is a different story.

With little chance of rain, you might get by with an emergency PVC poncho stowed away at the back of your pack- just in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

3. Size, Style, and Fit of the Best Backpacking Poncho

The best backpacking ponchos look good, fit well, and fold up small!

But keep in mind that different people need different things.

For example, a hiker might want a poncho they can pull over themselves and their backpack in bad weather. The best rain poncho for these guys would, therefore, be much larger than it would for the average person.

The same applies for a poncho’s packed size.

An ultralight backpacker or minimalist traveller would want a poncho that’s as lightweight and folds up as small as possible. But a family of campers moving around in their RV could get away with something altogether bigger and more robust!

Always think about your poncho’s purpose when deciding which one to buy. Only then can you guarantee it’ll have the attributes you need.


Finding the best rain poncho for travel, backpacking, and hiking relies upon certain considerations. Remember these factors when deciding which backpacking poncho to purchase!

4. Ease of Use for the Best Travel Poncho

The best ponchos for rain are easy to use as well.

You can get them out of their carry-bag (if they have one) and slip them over your head in an instant. Then, whenever the rain eventually stops, they’ll dry quickly, fold down, and fit back into their bags without any undue effort.

Find a poncho that manages all that and you’re onto a winner.

5. Price of the Best Poncho

Rain poncho price tags vary considerably.

For instance, a few dollars can get you multiple disposable PVC ponchos! But you can expect to pay ten times more for better-quality, branded options.

It’s always worth keeping the cost in mind when making your final decision.

There’s no point buying anything that falls outside budget- especially if you’re only looking for a no-nonsense, emergency-style poncho for unexpected bad weather.

Know that you’ll get what you pay for though!

It could be worth investing more in a rain poncho than you might be inclined to. Paying a little more money will deliver greater comfort, durability, and waterproofing, which is priceless when the weather turns.

Time to Buy the Best Backpacking Rain Poncho Possible

The best rain ponchos provide lightweight, effective, and versatile protection from the elements.

You can pack them up small, fit them easily into your backpack, and hit the road/trail without having to worry about changes in the weather!

However, finding the best rain poncho possible can be a challenge.

There are endless options on the market, each with different materials, price-tags, and attributes that muddy the water when trying to choose one that’s right for you.

Have you been looking for the best rain poncho for hiking, backpacking, camping, or travel? I hope the information and reviews above have helped!

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