Italy Itinerary Ideas: 10 Breathtaking Cities to Visit in Italy

Planning a trip to Italy? Here are 10 breath-taking cities in Italy to help plan the best Italy itinerary possible! Check them out for Italy trip inspiration!


I hope this guest post describing 10 breathtaking cities in Italy will help you plan the best Italy itinerary possible!

I’ve only travelled to Italy once before, and that trip was about 14 years ago! It’s somewhere high on my bucket list to go exploring, but, for now, it remains a country I don’t know well at all!

Emily Pham, from, on the other hand, knows it like the back of her hand. She’s stepped in to help me out with this awesome guest post, covering 10 breath-taking cities in Italy.

It’s full of epic things to do in Italy, which should make planning your Italy Itinerary that bit easier. Enjoy!

Situated in southern Europe, Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

There are many reasons for that, including charming towns, artistic treasures, stunning landscapes, top-class cuisine, and passionate people.

It’s also a great place to see some of the most iconic sites in the world, such as the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When visiting Italy, you also have the chance to shop for high-end fashion and see famous Renaissance masterpieces.

Planning an Italy itinerary and unsure where to head to first? I don’t blame you!

It’s hard to prioritize in a country with such delectable food, glorious weather, rich culture, and sublime scenery wherever you go. Looking for tips on where to go and what to do in Italy to plan the best Italy itinerary possible?

Check out our guide to the top 10 cities to visit in Italy!

Italy Itinerary Ideas: 10 Breathtaking Cities to Visit in Italy


You can’t plan an Italy itinerary without Rome on it! This place is quintessential Italy!

1. Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and a must for anyone travelling in Italy.

It’s also one of the most romantic and popular destinations in the country.

The city gives a dazzling variety of experiences and sights. At every turn, you will explore ornate medieval & Baroque churches, ancient monuments, art-filled museums, beautiful fountains, and Renaissance palaces.

If you like art and history, this city will impress you with fabulous sculptures, paintings, and ancient treasures. With some of the world’s most famous landmarks, there’s no shortage of things to do in Rome.

A tour around this city is an exciting experience whether it is the holy atmosphere inside the Vatican, the awe-inspiring Colosseum or the splendor of the Trevi Fountain.

Besides, modern Rome is a lively and bustling city and has a few excellent nightlife and restaurants. When in Rome, the Vatican City and Saint Peter’s Square are easily visited too.

Best Time to Visit Rome:

The ideal time to travel to Rome is from March to May. Avoid Rome in August because it is the hottest month. If you do not mind the rain, you can visit here from September to November. Regardless of when you go, here’s how many days to spend in Rome.

2. Naples (Napoli)

Naples is said to be the most vibrant city in Italy and is also the most important city in the South of this country.

It’s also famous for its desserts and pizza! It further holds many artistic and historical treasures. If you admire ancient Roman and Greek art, we recommend you discover The National Museum of Archaeology.

Naples also keeps much of its Baroque character and is a great gateway to other must-see parts of Italy. It acts as a prime starting point for trips to Herculaneum, the Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii.

Best Time To Visit Naples:

The best time to visit Naples is between March and May, & September to November. For the annual Pizza festival in Naples, visit in June.


Make sure you stick Venice on your Italy itinerary too (just wait for the floods to recede a bit…)!

3. Venice

Venice is another of the most romantic and attractive cities in Italy.

It’s also one of the most popular destinations for travelers to this country!

You can look forward to an enormous array of historical sights, including museums, churches, and palaces to visit. Piazza San Marco, for example, is the heart of Venice, and has the magnificent church, Saint Mark’s Basilica. Don’t forget to take a boat along Venice’s famous canals too.

There are also lots of incredible buildings constructed on the Venetian Lagoon.

It’s advised to pay a visit to the ostentatious interiors of Doge’s Palace or St Mark’s Basilica and Square. Everything from the atmosphere and architecture, to the romance and intrigue of Venice explains why it draws millions of tourists each and every year.

Best Time to Visit Venice:

March, April, May, or after July & August are the best time to go to Venice.

Visit Venice in February, and you will be immersed in a festival of costumes, street parties, and masks for the annual Carnival.

4. Florence (Firenze)

Florence is a must-visit place for any tourists in Italy.

It is one of Italy’s most famous Renaissance architectural & art centers. Besides, Florence consists of several excellent museums with a lot of famous sculptures and paintings, including Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” and Michelangelo’s “David”.

Apart from that, there are the stunning Medici gardens and palaces to explore. And don’t skip Il Duomo, the beautiful basilica of the area!

Florence is also the capital of Tuscany, which is one of the most picturesque regions of the country. As such, it’s a great gateway for discovering smaller cities and the countryside of Tuscany.

Spring in Tuscany is an excellent time to catch famous food festivals of the area, with ‘Taste Florence’ held in March every year, along with the Gelato Festival in April.

Best Time to Visit Florence:

Head Florence between March & June or September & November for the perfect weather. Avoid Florence in August, as most of the city is closed for the annual holidays.


Turin sounds like a more laid-back place, making it a great stop for anyone looking for a quieter time in Italy.

5. Turin (Torino)

Turin is less touristic than other cities of Italy.

As a result, the relaxed, elegant charm of Turin makes it perfect for quiet contemplation and strolls through the city.

Don’t be fooled, though. Turin’s another major cultural hub of Italy, with stylish shops, excellent museums, and fine dining. Moreover, there are beautiful examples of Baroque architecture to gaze upon, & historical palaces to explore.

Expect reams of artisan workshops, streets with covered arcades, and famous coffee houses.

Oh, and Turin is also Italy’s chocolate capital! A chocolate festival is held in late November to early December yearly in this city. Got a sweet tooth? Make sure you check it out.

Best Time to Visit Turin:

You should head Turin in November to early December for the chance to take part in the annual chocolate festival!

6. Perugia

Here’s a quick one:

Located in the Umbria region of central Italy, Perugia is a cosmopolitan city that’s home to two universities. Interested in learning Italian? The University for Foreigners of Perugia is an excellent place to do it.

As summer rolls around, Perugia hosts a world-famous jazz festival that’s well-worth checking out, and there’s a beautiful central square with several famous monuments.

This is quintessential Italy: medieval cobbled paths wind beneath ancient archways that bring the long history of this town to life. There’s a medieval Priori Palace here, too, where you can see artworks from as far back as the 13th century.

Perugia is a fascinating place that’s saturated in culture and historic intrigue. You’ll fall in love with it.

Best Time to Visit Perugia:

Head to Perugia in the early fall because temperatures are warm, yet hotels are a lot cheaper. Avoid the crowds that come here in November.


Milan’s another world famous city in Italy. If you love art, fashion, history, and culture, then it’ll make another great thing to do in Italy.

7. Milan (Milano)

Milan is one of the richest cities in Europe and is known for its stylish shops, restaurants, and galleries.

Milan is the luxurious artistic and cultural center of the country.

This cultural and artistic heritage runs through the very core of the city. It’s imbued in every attraction and famous sight you set eyes upon.

See the magnificent Gothic Duomo of Milan, with its beautiful marble façade, and spend an evening at La Scala- one of the most famous opera houses in the world. And don’t forget to visit Da Vinci’s painting of The Last Supper (which is one of the top attractions in Milan).

Milan is a big city, with an elegant lifestyle. You’ll fall in love with its cuisine, art, and culture.

Best Time to Visit Milan:

April to May and September to October are the best times to visit Milan.

These fall and spring months straddle the manic peak tourism season of the city, and they also escape the sweltering temperatures of summer.

8. Verona

The city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is gorgeous and romantic.

It’s a bustling city of old and new. Make sure you visit the fantastic castle complex, known as Roman remains, before heading to the mass of high-end shopping opportunities for some well-earned retail therapy.

This is a busy, sprawling city, but its historic roots shine through at every turn. For instance, the lovely piazzas of Verona are connected by cobbled, delightful streets passing by beautiful old palaces, monuments, and churches.

With fantastic wines, sumptuous cuisine, and a spectacular Roman amphitheater at its heart, Verona is an attractive place to visit that’s sure to cast its spell over anyone who goes.

Best Time to Visit Verona:

From late May to early October is the best time to visit Verona. If you are seeking a less crowded scene, fall and spring are best.


Be sure to squeeze Bologna into your itinerary for Italy. The food alone will make it worth your while!

9. Bologna

Bologna is well known for its wealth, cuisine, beauty, and left-wing politics.

The flat streets of Bologna are lined with arcades, which makes it a great walking city in every type of weather. It’s home to the oldest universities in Europe!

Bologna is also the biggest city in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy, and its Piazza Maggiore is one of Europe’s largest squares. Even among Italians, it is considered the country’s culinary capital.

While in Bologna, stop to snap some photos of the main symbols of the city: the two towers Asinelli and Garisenda. Apart from the towers, Bologna is packed with piazzas, patios, and beautiful arches that line the streets, protecting you from the weather.

Check out this post from High Heels and a Backpack for how to spend the perfect weekend there!

Best Time to Visit Bologna:

The best time to travel to Bologna is during the late summer once the temperature is hot yet room rates are cheap. Avoid the crowds that head to Bologna in July.

10. Mantua

Last but not least: Mantua.

This beautiful place is situated south-west of Verona. It’s an ancient Italian city that sits on the banks of three lakes. Expect more history, art, natural beauty and culture than you can imagine!

When you’re here, be sure to see Palazzo del Te, discover Ducal Palace, and visit the Basilica di Sant’Andrea. They are all stunning and unforgettable Italian attractions.

You’ll easily spend a day just walking around this small Italian city and soaking in the sights. You’re sure to fall in love with it.

Best Time to Visit Mantua:

The spring season, between February and June, is the best time to go to Mantua. During these months, it’s pleasant around here.

Time to Plan the Best Italy Itinerary Possible!

Italy wins hands down when it comes to sunshine, beauty, rich culture, and enticing food.

In fact, there’s so much to do here that it’s hard to know where to start! Hopefully, the top ten cities in Italy that we’ve described here will help you plan your Italy itinerary.

Head to any of these cities on your Italy trip and you’re sure to have an incredible time. Enjoy!

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