My Love for Travelling | 100 Reasons Why I Love Travel

I love travelling more than anything. I hope these 100 reasons I love travel will help you realise if you’ll love it too! Check them out for travel inspiration!


Here are 100 reasons why I love travel and why I think you’ll love discover a love for travelling too.

I literally have no idea what I’d be doing if I wasn’t travelling.

But I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t feel half as happy or fulfilled.

Indeed, I’ve been on the road for a while now and my time away from home has made me realize just how much I love to travel full time, and how uninterested I am in going back to an ‘ordinary life’!

For now, I love travelling and am totally content on the road, looking to the next adventure and earning money as I go.

Are you considering a trip, and wonder what all the fuss is about? I had a think and put together a list of 100 reasons why I love travel.

I hope it’ll help you discover a love for travellilng too. Enjoy!


My love for travelling comes down to many different things…100 of them, to be precise!

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I love travelling because I get to…

1.   Explore New Countries (the #1 Reason Why I Love Traveling!)

Seeing new places is the number one reason to travel!

You get to see new parts of the world. You realise very quickly how much is out there, and how unique each new place can be. I want to travel to every country in the world!

2.   Experience New Cultures

I love to travel and experience new cultures.

The values, ideals, history, and art of each new place you go is always a unique and intoxicating shock to the system.

3.   Experience New Ways of Life

Go travelling and understand how your way of doing things isn’t necessarily the right way of doing things! You get to see how other people go about their lives.

4.   Meet New & Different People

Why do people like to travel?

One reason is because of the people you meet on the road. Strangers become best friends very quickly. You hang out with people from all different countries and walks of life and get on amazingly all the same.

5.   Meet the Locals

It’s easy to only spend time with travellers when you’re on the road. But meeting and interacting with the locals is always a highlight. This is how you really start to learn about a country- by talking and sharing with local people.

6.   Have Travel Romances & Relationships

Something about travel lends itself to relationships! Remember, you’re meeting masses of likeminded people. Statistically speaking, you’re bound to fancy at least one of them…

7.   Eat New & Exotic Foods

Oh man, the food. This is reason enough to explore new countries! You get to eat real, fresh, local food. It’s often stupidly cheap and tastes like 5* cuisine.

8.   Witness Incredible & Diverse Beauty

This would be one answer I’d give somebody who asked me ‘why do you like travelling so much?’:

You see the world and all of its immense beauty.

It’s in the landscapes, the scenery, the atmosphere, the wildlife, the history, the people…Going to new places confronts you with beauty you’d only ever seen on TV before.

9.   Climb Mountains

On to some of the practical joys of travelling. Climbing mountains is number 1. It depends where you are, obviously, but getting outside and climbing a mountain is always a fun, challenging thing to do. It’s also a prime way to witness that beauty I mentioned first-hand.

10.   Swim in Oceans

Being next to water is my happy place. You can’t beat swimming in crystal clear, warm and tropical turquoise waters. Again, it’s more beauty to be enjoyed.


I love travelling. You get to spend time in some of the most beautiful places in the world, like this beach in Thailand.

11.   Laze on Golden Beaches

Where there’s tropical water there’s almost always a sandy beach to laze on after a swim. It’s the picture of paradise, and you get to be there at its centre.

That idea probably explains peoples’ love of travel better than any other!

12.   Bathe in Waterfalls

You’ll almost certainly get to see your fair share of waterfalls while travelling! Ducking your head under and having a natural power shower is always amazing.

13.   Explore Ancient Ruins & Temples

Do you like to travel? Don’t know yet? Well, you’re sure to love traveling if you’re a history buff.

It’s hard not to feel in awe when you step foot through ancient ruins and temples. You know people were there, exactly where you’re standing, thousands of years before you. It’s very very cool.

14.   See Historic Monuments

Same goes for famous monuments (I’m thinking things like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Tower of London, and the Golden Gate Bridge…etc). You set foot upon buildings and structures that are famous around the world.

15.   Experience New (& Sometimes Ancient) Art

The other day I went for a walk to see some Aboriginal artwork.

There were children’s handprints made of red ochre laid upon the rock, which had been made thousands of years earlier. It was genuinely awesome to see. Travel does that. You see the art (new and old) of current and ancient civilisations.

I think it’s a key reason that, as people, we love to travel.

16.   Experience Foreign Architecture

Modern global cities aside, you get to see the unique architecture styles of different countries. Some places are renowned for their architecture. This isn’t my favourite part of travelling, but it’s still cool to see the buildings of other places (past and present).

17.   See Wonders of the World (a Major Love of Travel for Many People)

Some parts of the world just shouldn’t be missed. Iconic places like the Grand Canyon and Machu Picchu are genuine world wonders that’d surely blow your mind.

18.   See Insane Natural Phenomena

The natural world boasts some crazy stuff to see. Things like the northern lights are high up on my bucket list. Going travelling puts you in front of startling displays of nature.

19.   See Crazy Wildlife

Same goes with wildlife. I was born and raised in cities. The most interesting wildlife I saw (outside of zoos) were squirrels and foxes! There’s always cool wildlife to see close to home. But it’s always special to see exotic animals in otherworldly environments on foreign shores.

20.   See Things with Your Own Eyes

One of the greatest parts of travel, for me, is just seeing things first hand. You aren’t seeing an edited version of events via screen. You aren’t hearing about it and getting glimpses of it through other people. No, you’re actually there in the thick of it.


I think seeing things with your own eyes is another reason why we love to travel.

21.   Get Out of Your Bubble

Life can seem like a bubble. You see the same people, do the same things, and spend time in the same places…It’s easy to live the same routine day in and day out for years. Travel helps you step outside of that. You realise there’s far more out there to see and do.

22.   Realize Your Way Isn’t Necessarily the Right Way

I think this one stems from meeting new people, stepping out of your bubble and experiencing new ways of life. All three factors interact and deliver the obvious conclusion that you way of walking through life isn’t necessarily the only way to do it.

You learn from others, try new things, and develop personally as a result.

23.   It Isn’t an Office

My tongue is firmly in my cheek for this one. But, let’s face it, anything is better than an office, right? It is for me, anyway. Life can get boring. It’s easy to get trapped.

I like travelling because it breaks those chains and pushes you into new and exciting situations.

24.   Have an Adventure

On that note: travel and adventure go hand in hand. When I was younger this is what I dreamed about. I wanted to go exploring and adventuring around the world. Travel is a natural part of that process.

25.   Test Yourself

It isn’t always easy, though. In fact, it’s sometimes exceptionally tough. It’s tiring, lonely, and full over discomfort all around. You’re pushed out of your comfort zone a lot.

That’s no bad thing, though. Life can get very cushy. Suffering a little bit is a great tool for growth.

26.   Do Something Different

This is another big one for me and others. We love travelling because we want to live an extra-ordinary life. I don’t want to do the same old thing over and over again, if I can help it.

It’s the whole:

‘It isn’t the years in the life, but the life in the years, that counts’

I want to look back on my time and feel as if I’ve really lived. I love travelling around the world because it makes me feel like I’m doing exactly that.

27.   Try New Diets

I’ve already mentioned the exotic foods you’ll try. This one’s a bit different, though. Depending on where you are, you may have to switch up your diet entirely.

For example, when I was in Sri Lanka I ate a vegetarian diet because that’s all that was served in my homestay. Now, in Australia, I’m travelling with a vegan, so I’ve been eating neither meat nor dairy for 6 months or so!

28.   Learn More about Yourself

It’s hard to go travelling and not discover stuff about who you are. This is actually one reason I wanted to travel in the first place.

Everything about it forces self-discovery upon you. You’re fending for yourself thousands of miles from home. It’s natural to be confronted with both the good and bad aspects of your character.

29.   Discover Hidden Talents

You’ll find yourself doing things you would never have imagined possible. You might discover a knack for negotiating, riding a scooter, living with few possessions, cooking for yourself, meditating, and so on.

30.   Figure Out What You Want from Life

Again, more learning. This time it’s about your future and where you see yourself. I think this is a natural outcome of learning more about who you are. What you want to do ends up as a natural by-product of that. You might even surprise yourself with what you decide.


Why do people like to travel? Lazing in hammocks on a tropical beaches is one compelling reason I can think of! It’s definitely one reason I enjoy travel.

31.   Realize Your Issues

There’s nothing quite like travel for highlighting your issues, insecurities, and neuroses. Again, that’s no bad thing. Knowing about them is the first step in dealing with them.

32.   Overcome Your Issues

Following on from the last point. Travelling can offer a guiding hand to help you handle the personal issues you discover. It gives you time to contemplate, situations to overcome, and lovely new friends to support you.

33.   Challenge Your Fears

I jumped out of a plane in New Zealand a few years ago. I hate heights. I still hate heights, but I’m far better with them now. That’s just one example of how travelling with confront you with scary situations for you to overcome.

34.   Challenge Your Assumptions

All of us are full of hidden prejudices, beliefs and assumptions. Travel can expose and overturn them.

As a very basic example, you might assume that poor people are unhappy. Seeing poverty in third world countries can instantly challenge that.

35.   Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I think I’ve already mentioned this in another point. However, it’s worth re-emphasising. Travel is tough! Unless you’re just lying on a beach somewhere, you’ll be tired, uncomfortable, and challenged at every turn.

36.   Try New Things

I love travelling and exploring because you do new stuff every single day. It’s almost impossible not to. Again, that’s unless you spend your days lying on a beach. Don’t do that (too much).

37.   Make Incredible Memories (a Major Reason I Enjoy Traveling So Much)

Everything I’ve mentioned so far (and will go on to talk about) helps you create incredible memories to relive throughout your life.

It’s said that all we are is a system of memories anyway. If that’s the case, then I’d rather be a system of awesome and adventurous ones.

38.   Gain New Stories to Tell

All those new memories deserve to be shared. You’ll never be short of a story when you’ve been travelling.

39.   Experience Freedom

I hate feeling stifled and restricted. I’ve realised more recently that I also like being my own boss. Why do people travel? Because it’s the ultimate freedom. You decide what you do and where you go at all times.

40.   Experience Independence

For me, independence goes hand in hand with freedom. I’m not reliant on anyone else. If I wish it, it’s literally me versus the world. That can be a scary prospect at times, but it’s liberating too.


Wondering why people travel? I think it’s partly to experience true freedom and independence. I think it’s a major reason you’ll love to travel as well.

41.   Experience True Happiness

Why travel? So you can feel happy!

I’ve never felt happier than I have on the road. Everything I’ve just talked about lends itself to true, deep and long-lasting happiness.

42.   Experience True Human Kindness

You come across some beautiful people on the road. You know, the ones that make you feel downright self-centred by the simple virtue of their kindness and generosity?

You’ll find yourself in a fair few pickles on the road. You’ll also come across your fair share of awesome people willing to lend a hand, asking nothing in return.

43.   Become More Aware of Tricksters

That said, there are also a fair few people who’ll try and take you for a ride. These people aren’t as nice, but they still help out in their own way.

You learn who you can and can’t believe, and to trust in your gut. Those are two invaluable life lessons.

44.   Become More Assertive

Travelling can teach you to be more assertive in yourself. There may be times when people and situations make you feel uncomfortable. There may, in worst case scenarios, be a level of danger as well.

Assertiveness is a useful trait that enables you stand up for yourself and not bow to peer pressure. Travel can help you find it within yourself.

45.   Enjoy Off the Beaten Track Experiences

Sticking to the tourist trail can be awesome. But it’s when you step away from it that the magic can really happen. Away from the hubbub and fuss, you stumble across moments in time that you’ll never forget.

46.   Find Hidden Gems

These off the beaten track experiences also have a habit of exposing hidden gems. Tourist trails are, by definition, popular. That’s where everyone goes.

But it’s the back alleys, lost temples, and forgotten hot spots where the magic really lays. Discovering these hidden gems is another reason everybody loves travel so much!

This is where interacting with the locals can be so helpful. They’ll tell you about the lesser known places to explore.

47.   Appreciate Home Comforts More

It’s insanely easy to take home comforts for granted. Travelling basically takes you away from them all! Wave goodbye to your bed, your mum’s cooking, constant WiFi connectivity, and, often, quality infrastructure. You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone!

48.   Appreciate Friends & Family More

The same goes for the people back home. In the inevitable moments of homesickness, you’re sure to feel their absence. You’ll realise how lucky you are to have these people who you in your life.

49.   Appreciate Modern Technology

You’ll value the technological side of things as well. That’s particularly true when there’s no internet where you are. However, when it is available, you’ll appreciate just how incredible modern tech has become.

Take the ability to instantly connect with friends and family, for example. It’s genuinely amazing. You can be on the other side of the world and see their faces as if they were right there.

50.   Appreciate the Simple Things

A big reason for the trip is that travel strips you back to basics. With just a backpack, you can’t take all of your home comforts with you!

Suddenly, the simple things make a big difference. It’s having the time to just sit and do what you want. It’s the freedom to explore. It’s the appreciation of having a hostel bed to sleep in.


Spending time with the local people of a country is always a highlight of the trip. It’s another reason I love travelling and exploring new places.

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51.   Realize Your Good Fortune

If you hadn’t realized, I like travelling a lot!

Partly because all that newfound appreciation helps you understand how good you have it normally. Travelling highlights how lucky you are in comparison to the plight of others.

52.   Witness World Problems First Hand

One way in which that happens is by revealing the levels of hardship other people live with. Head to poverty-stricken countries and look around.

People have nothing to their name, living in the dirt and doing what they can to get by…And they’re often the happiest people in the world! It can be massively eye opening.

53.   Expand World Knowledge

Stepping out of your bubble will expose you to new situations and information. Your understanding of the world, and the good and bad that happens, grows all the time.

54.   Learn History of New Countries

Part of that knowledge comes from learning of a new destination’ history.

For example, I went to Cambodia a couple of years ago and found myself inundated with newfound insight into the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime. The same thing can happen anywhere you go.

Thankfully, it isn’t always so depressing! Whatever the case, learning a country’s history is key to understanding its culture and politics. It sheds light on the context that you’re travelling through.

55.   Get Totally Lost

Getting lost has a bad reputation. I’m not a massive fan of it myself.

However, (if you can avoid the bad parts of town) it’s a sure-fire way to get to know a new place better and discover those hidden gems I mentioned earlier.

Equally, thank to mobile phones, it’s often difficult to get truly lost these days anyway.

56.   Find Yourself

There’s more ways than one to feel lost. And, as the classic travel cliché goes, hitting the road is a great way to find yourself in the process.

Remember, you’ll come away having overcome challenges and discovered more about yourself and what you want from life. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of finding yourself!

57.   Find New Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is another natural by-product of everything you do and overcome on the road. It’s hard not to feel more confidence in your abilities and in yourself.

58.   Mature as a Person

Same goes with maturing.

I always remember getting to university at age 18 and meeting people who’d taken a gap year to go travelling. They were only a year older than me, but they seemed 50 to 10 years more worldly and mature.

Again, I think it’s a natural part of travelling. It forces you to mature.

59.   Become a Better Person All-Around

Everything about travel has the potential to make you a better person. Maturity, self-confidence, self-knowledge, world-knowledge, greater awareness, challenged assumptions…it all adds up to you becoming a better human being.

60.   Time to Relax (Another Major Reason I Like to Travel a Lot)

Travel gives you time to yourself. You might not have had that luxury in years. You might have been working hard-out for half a decade or longer. That’s what society tells us we should do.

Travel gives you a breather. You get to chill out for a change, with nobody breathing down your neck to meet targets, get better grades, and/or step your game up, and so on.


Pictures like this sum up why travel is just outrageously awesome. How could you not love to travel?!

61.   Time to Party

Of course, there’s always time to party as well.

Almost everyone who travels is sure to have their fair share of nights out. Beach parties, street parties, hostel parties, pool parties and house parties are all common.

And there’s no Sunday evening blues to dread either!

62.   Time to Do Anything You Want

You’ll never be short of something to do when you travel.

In fact, sometimes there’s too much to see and experience. In a bid not to miss out on anything, it becomes easy to burnout.

63.   Realise the World’s a Big Place

To travel to one new country is to realise how many others there are to experience as well.

This aspect of travel can actually put people off! I’ve had conversations where someone has argued the lack of point of travelling because there’s always more of it to do! You’ll never see it all, so you may as well stay in one place.

I disagree, obviously. You definitely realise how much there is to see though. I take it as encouragement to keep exploring.

64.   Realise the World’s a Small Place

The world can seem enormous and tiny in the same instance. Go travelling and you’ll almost always meet someone you have a vague (or close) connection to.

You realise how you’re never truly too far disconnected from home.

65.   Learn to Budget

I’d never budgeted before I first went travelling. And it showed! I spent thousands of pounds in the first few months. I remember spending, in 6 weeks on the road what would now last me 6 months!

It was awesome! But it wasn’t exactly sensible from a financial standpoint. Travelling definitely teaches you how to be better with money.

66.   Learn to Pack Lightly

The same goes with packing. The first time I travelled I thought I’d packed minimally, but I could hardly pick up my bag it was so heavy. You learn as you go, though.

By the end of a trip, you’re a packing pro, carrying only as much as you need.

67.   Learn to Live Simply

You learn to value the simple things on the road; you learn to live a simpler life too.

Travelling made me see how little I need to be happy. I realised I didn’t actually gain much from having lots of stuff. My favourite times on the road have been marked by living as simply as possible.

68.   Learn Possessions Aren’t Everything

Going travelling can highlight our reliance on material stuff. You realize you don’t need it. Throwing it out can lead to greater life satisfaction.

69.   Learn Money Isn’t Everything

The same goes for money. The happiest people you tend to meet on the road (especially in terms of locals) are those with the least money. Sure, you definitely need some of it to survive and thrive.

But it is by no means the be-all and end-all.

70.   Learn West Isn’t (Necessarily) Best

Going travelling reveals some of the atrocities western countries have been responsible for overseas.

I love this part of travel because, again, it’s about challenging your assumptions and learning how other countries perceive your own.

You start to understand more about the role your home country has played around the world and the impact it has had (both good and bad).


You don’t need much to be happy. Travelling can take you back to basics. Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that are best. I like travelling for reminding me of that fact.

71.   Learn the Value of Good Company

In my experience, feeling lonely at times is inevitable when you’re travelling. You realise the importance of having kind-hearted, loving people in your life!

72.   Learn to be Less Judgmental of Yourself

I’m naturally quite critical of myself, and am quick to judge myself harshly as a result. I like travelling because it seems to help me cut this out of my life. I feel more comfortable and happy with who I am.

73.   Learn to be Less Judgmental of Others

The same goes for other people. I think most people tend to judge each other. It seems natural. However, being too quick to judge is never good.

Travel surrounds you with people you might never otherwise hang out with. It challenges stereotypes and helps you see people for who they really are.

74.   Learn that Strangers Aren’t (Always) Scary

We’re taught as children never to talk to strangers.

You can understand why, but it creates a general idea of distrust when it comes to people you don’t know. You’ll be around strangers at all times when you travel!

You realize the vast majority are lovely, friendly and helpful.

75.   Learn When Strangers Are Scary (& How to Discern)

Of course, you always get the occasional bad egg. Remember, travel helps you become more assertive, and to trust your gut.

Similarly, it can give you greater insight into the people you want to spend time with, and who you should avoid.

76.   Learn How Capable You Are

Travel helps people to flourish. They go into the trip as a caterpillar, and emerge as a beautiful butterfly! You realize you can do far more than you first thought.

77.   Learn New Skills

Travelling provides its own sort of education. Remember, you’ll be discovering hidden talents! Part of that comes from learning entirely new skills.

78.   Learn New Languages

Wherever you’re travelling, it’s always good to learn some words of the local language. It helps you connect with the locals, who’ll appreciate the effort (even if you just know how to say thank you!).

You may never become fluent, but you’ll definitely get an introduction to new world languages.

79.   Learn to Cook

Never cooked for yourself? Travel’s the time to learn. Unless you want to blow your budget by eating out every meal, then you’ll have to!

Even better, in some countries you can do a cookery course and learn how to make the local dish.

80.   Learn How to Be Alone

This is a big one for most people. Many of us never spend time alone in our daily lives. We go out of our way to surround ourselves with others.

But being alone is crucial to learning about yourself. Constant stimulation obscures how you feel and who you are. Stripping all that away by being alone can be a challenge. Solo travel often forces you into it.

You’ll be going to restaurants alone, exploring monuments alone, and touring cities alones…and so on. Before long you’ll be an expert at being by yourself, and feeling at ease in the process.


Travel teaches you how to be alone. It’s a valuable lesson.

81.   Learn to Take Things Less Seriously

The stresses of day to day life can make anyone highly strung. Things seem serious, and we lose our sense of humour. Travel can provide the time to unwind. You become more relaxed and easy going.

82.   Learn to Let Things Unfold

You also learn to take things as they come. Some things can’t be controlled, and no amount of stressing out will change them.

I think the sheer amount of uncertainty and new experience involved with travelling helps you learn that the hard way! Over time you just stop caring as much and allow things to happen.

83.   Learn the Standard Life Routine Isn’t Obligatory

This one’s big for me. Up until a few years ago I sort of assumed that life had a particular trajectory.

School, uni, job, career. That’s what I saw myself doing. But I’m not sure that’s exactly what I wanted. More than anything, I just couldn’t see outside of that path. I think I’d been fed the idea of that life for so long that it shut me off to alternatives.

Now, having travelled and had a taste of something a bit different, it’s the last thing I want.

84.   Learn You Can Do Whatever You want

In reality, there’s no limit to what you can do. Travel freed my mind up to different possibilities. At a basic level, it made me want to travel more. Sitting at a desk lost its appeal.

85.   Understand the Need to Protect the Planet

I’ve already mentioned how travelling exposes you to how beautiful the world is. You can’t see that beauty and not want to preserve and protect it.

It’s a work in progress for me. I mean, I fly to new countries and just bought an old van to drive around in. That’s hardly environmentally friendly.

But I’m far more aware of my actions now, which has to be worth something. I’m also taking steps in other areas of life to offset and reduce my personal impact.

86.   Get a Break from Technology

So, travel makes you realize how awesome modern technology is.

However, it can also be a great excuse to get a detox from it. When was the last time you spent an entire day without looking at a screen? Like me, I’m guessing it was a while ago.

Travel gives you a rest from it and reminds you there’s more to life than what’s on your mobile.

87.   Get a Much Needed Rest

Life can be hard. It’s full of ups and downs and stress and strife. It can feel non-stop.

Travel, at a very basic level, can offer a perfect break. That newfound time on your hands gets put to good use: you get a chance to chill out and rest up.

88.   Get Through Personal Hardship

Everyone goes through tough times in life. Life throws everybody their fair share of lemons. Some people get bombarded more than others.

I’ve been very lucky in my life. However, when I have experienced hardship, travel has been the best antidote I could have asked for.

It gives you time to breathe, process, have fun, and meet new people. It drags you out of yourself and back into the world.

89.   Improve Your Career Prospects

Many people worry that travel will set them back in terms of their career.

And it can! You’ll probably be behind your mates in career-terms when you get back home. However, you’ll have had an epic experience in the interim.

Even better, it can also help. Travel is increasingly common. Employers know that and realise how beneficial it can be in developing you as a potential employee.

Overall, don’t stress about the travel-sized gap on your CV.

90.   Spend Time Outdoors

Time in nature is literally good for your health. It’s been proven scientifically. You’ll almost certainly spend a fair amount of time outside in nature when you travel.


Travel gets you out into the great outdoors. Check out those views! You gotta love it.

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91.   Chase the Sun

Here’s another big reason why I love travel. It takes me to the sunshine! I don’t do well with bad weather (despite being a Brit). Being in warm and sunny climates immediately raises my mood.

92.   Sleep in Novel Places

This one’s a little out of left field.

However, go travelling and you may find yourself sleeping in some funny old places. A bad night’s sleep isn’t necessarily something I love about travel. But the stories behind them are always fun.

93.   Live in Novel Places

Travel takes you to the farthest corners of the globe and some of the weirdest and most wonderful experiences you’ll ever have.

You end up living a totally different life, in entirely new places. And it’s awesome.

94.   Get Comfortable Being Dirty

I feel very clean when I’m not travelling!

Obviously you don’t have to live dirtily when you’re on the road.

However, there may be times when you don’t have access to a shower, and you’ve been on the move for a while. You start to realise that a bit of dirt and grime isn’t the end of the world.

95.   Do Things You Never Thought Possible

You’ll find yourself in genuinely mind-blowing situations when you travel.

I remember going caving in New Zealand a few years ago. At one point we were deep underground in the pitch black, floating on rubber rings down a river, staring upwards at luminescent glow worms.

It was genuinely surreal- one of those moments you really have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s actually happening.

You’ll find yourself in similar situations if you decide to travel as well.

96.   Tick Things off Your Bucket List

Got a bucket list of things you have to do before you die?

Travel will help you tick items off it. You don’t even need an actual list of things you want to do.

At the end of your travels you’ll look back on the experience and realize how many incredible things you’ve done, and how you’ve contributed to your life.

Writing your bucket list? Here are 50 simple ideas to help out.

97.   Feel Inspired

It’s difficult to travel and not be inspired by the experience. You step outside your day to day and realize how much more is possible.

The people, the sights, the experiences, the memories…there’s almost always something inspirational to enjoy.

Want to feel inspired? This guide should help you find inspiration in your life.

98.   Feel Meaning and Purpose

Meaning and purpose are central to living a happy life. Without them, everything can start to feel pointless.

Travelling can imbue life with both. Or, perhaps, the question of ‘what’s the point?’ just matters less when you’re doing such incredible things. Either way, life feels that bit more fulfilling.

99.   Feel More Connected

Travel creates a sense of connection.

You’re there, present, and living it. You feel connected with the moment, connected to the rest of the world, connected within yourself, connected with other people.

You feel less of a lonely individual, and part of something greater than yourself.

100.   Feel Care Free

Last but not least: a liberating sense of being totally care-free.

Life can be stressful! How often do you feel overwhelmed and anxious about one thing or another? When was the last time you felt truly free of worries?

Holidays are good, but you know you’ll be back to reality in a few days.

Travel, by contrast, can be truly restorative. Worries and concerns don’t just disappear; travel comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations. However, it’s totally different in nature.

In general, life on the road can be entirely care-free, and lived with true, unadulterated abandon. And I love it.


Travelling helps you feel totally care free. I’ve never been happier than I have on the road.

Remember My Reasons for Travelling & Why I Love Travel!

As you can tell, I love travelling…a lot! I hope those 100 reasons for travel justify why that’s the case, and why I think you’ll love to travel too.

For me, more often than not, my love for travelling boils down to three little words: life is short.

It’s clichéd, for sure. But it’s also fact. Pretending it isn’t is a recipe for wasted time. If you’re determined to make the most of your time, then I think travel’s the perfect way to do it.

I’d love to know if any of the reasons I love travelling sound particularly compelling!?

Which, if any, could convince you to travel? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My Love for Travelling | 100 Reasons Why I Love Travel”

  1. how long do u like to go travelling for. I want to travel the world but im still unsure hoe long i want to go for

    • Hey Jim! I actually travel full-time these days as I work online, which works great for me. I think it’s different for everyone though- for some people, a few weeks does the trick; for others, it might be 3, 6 or 12 months that’s best. If you’ve not travelled before, then why not test the waters? Buy yourself a one-way ticket somewhere (with enough cash in the bank for a return flight at some point in future) and see what you think. Keep on going until you’re ready to come home! Hope that helps, and enjoy the travels, wherever and whenever you go (and for however long!) 🙂

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