Top 8 | Best Bug Net for Hammock Camping [2021 Reviews]

Looking to find the best bug net for hammock camping? Click here to read reviews for 8 of the best hammock bug nets out there.


I hope these hammock mosquito net reviews will help you find the best bug net for hammock camping possible

Mosquitos rank high up on the list of things I hate most in life.

They’re disease-carrying, itchy-bite-giving, nasty-noise-making blighters.

They suck (literally).

…Especially when you’re trying to chill out, relax, and get a good night’s sleep in a hammock!

Packing the best bug net for hammock camping is essential for these moments. With a hammock bug net on hand, you can get back to enjoying yourself without being eaten alive.

Looking for the best bug nets for hammocks out there? Keep reading for 8 comprehensive reviews of the best hammock bug net options on the market.

[Last Updated: January 2021)

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The Best Bug Net for Hammock Camping- Summary Table


Size: 11’x4.5’

Weight: 20oz

Rating: 4.8/5



Size: 12’x4.4’

Weight: 21.5oz

Rating: 4.6/5



Size: 9’4” x 4’3”

Weight: 16oz

Rating: 4.5/5



Size: 12’ x 4.4’

Weight: 16oz

Rating: 4.9/5



Size: 11’ x 4.6’

Weight: 8/9oz




Size: 11’ x 4.75’

Weight: 22oz

Rating: 4.8/5



Size: 10’ long

Weight: 12.8oz

Rating: 4.6/5



Size: 12ft long

Weight: 10oz

Rating: 4.6/5


How to Choose the Best Mosquito Net for Hammock Camping

First, though, let’s go through how to pick a mosquito net for hammock camping.

By keeping certain considerations in mind, you’ll be able to find the best hammock bugnet possible.

Mosquito Netting for Hammocks

The mosquito netting itself is all-important.

After all, this is your central line of defense against any bugs in the environment. You need to make sure you can keep any nasties out at night!

Different hammock mosquito nets offer varying degrees of protection though.

Some bug netting has larger holes than others.

They’d be fine for larger insects, such as horse flies, but would struggle to keep mosquitos out. By contrast, no-see-um netting has tiny holes that stop even the smallest gnats from getting in.

However, smaller holes also reduce visibility and airflow.

On hot nights in beautiful places, those tiny holes can create their own trouble. Both your view and level of ventilation can suffer.

Think about where you’ll be camping and the insects you’re likely to come up against. From there, decide your priorities (bug protection or view/ventilation) to settle on smaller or larger holes.

Bug Nets Weight to Strength Ratio

Size and weight are two primary considerations for campers, hikers, and backpackers alike.

With limited space, everything in your backpack has to be small and lightweight (and highly functional). This is where the strength to weight ratio of your hammock bug nets comes into play.

The strength/durability of bug netting correlates positively with its weight.

In other words, stronger nets tend to weigh more; lighter netting tends to break more easily.

Again, it comes down to personal preferences.

A heavy bug net isn’t great when you’re trying to cut down on weight and space in your pack. But a lightweight net that’s full of holes isn’t great when you’re trying to keep the bugs out!

Looking for more lightweight gear ideas? My ultralight packing list should help.

Net for Hammock Size

The bug net you buy needs to cover your entire hammock as well.

Mosquitos and other bloody-thirsty bug are persistent blighters. They’ll take advantage of any gaps in your cover!

If your feet are hanging out the end, then you’ll know about it come morning.

Maximize your coverage to ensure sufficient protection against the insects.

Mosquito Netting Hammock Treatment

You’ll find that some hammock bug nets come pre-treated with a chemical called permethrin.

This is, by all accounts, entirely safe for humans, but kills bugs upon contact with it. Any insect that attempts to get into your hammock won’t be trying their luck for long.

That’s good news if you ever have to get out of your hammock, thereby unsealing the net. Opportunistic insects will struggle to get inside without suffering the consequences.

Heads up, you can easily purchase permethrin separately to use on hammocks that don’t come pre-treated.

Bug Net Ease of Assembly/Pitching

Finally, it’s worth thinking about how easy it’d be to pitch the net itself.

Spending ages putting up a hammock and net is never fun when you’re surrounded by biting insects. The easier and simpler it is to suspend, the better.

Looking for a camping pillow too? Check out my backpacking pillow buying guide 🙂


You’re sure to struggle overnight in a hammock with bugs around and no hammock bug net.

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The 2 Different Hammock Bug Net Options

As you can tell, not all hammock bug nets are made equal! A primary distinction you’ll find is between built-in bug nets and separate/individually sold ones.

I’ll go through the two different types below:

Built-In Bug Net Hammock

Built-in bug nets are hammocks with bug nets already attached.

They’re essentially cocoons, with the hammock itself and a stitched/zippered-on net above it.

These are super convenient and provide great protection from above.

However, it isn’t uncommon for mozzies to attack from underneath! With no netting on the underside, they’ll bite through the hammock fabric.

Likewise, a hammock with mosquito net can get frustrating if you ever just want casual usage (without a net above you).

Sure, you could lay on the netting itself if you want an unobstructed view, but risk damaging it in the process.

Looking for one of these hammocks?

Here are the best mosquito net hammocks out there.

Standalone Hammock Bug Net

Standalone/separate bugnets for hammocks solve the aforementioned issues.

They’re less convenient and require additional effort to set up. However, you benefit from the total protection against insects.

These nets encapsulate your hammock, ensuring no mozzie can get at you.

You can enjoy the flexibility of using a standard hammock when there aren’t any bugs around too. Then, if/when they appear, you can pitch the net to keep them out.

Heads up: I’ve focused on these standalone bug nets for the purposes of this post.

Looking for a hammock tarp to keep you dry in bad weather? This guide should help.


You’re fine without a bug net when you’re chilling out in a hammock during daytime. But bug nets for hammocks are all-important once night turns to day.

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The Best Bug Nets for Hammocks Reviews

Onto the best bug nets for hammocks reviews!

Here are 8 quality hammock netting options, fully reviewed, to help you find the best hammock with bug net possible.

1. Wise Owl Outfitters SnugNet Hammock Bug Net


The SnugNet hammock bug net is incredibly popular and highly rated online.

And it’s no surprise, either!

Wise Owl is a reputable brand in this niche, known for their high-quality products and customer service. The SnugNet seems like no exception.

No-see-um netting will keep even the smallest bugs out, and the clear view mesh technology means you’ll enjoy an unobstructed view to boot. Reinforced stitched seams mean you’re in no danger of tearing the netting either.

The setup is simple too: 30ft of paracord provides a ridgeline from which to suspend the bug net. A series of clasps connect to this ridge, leaving the bug net hanging underneath.

Expect plenty of space inside and double zippers to make it easy to get in and out of.

At 20oz it’s nice and lightweight as well; a compression strap helps the entire package get down to a tiny 4”x5”! Size and weight shouldn’t be an issue.

All told, this bug net is hard to beat.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Quality zippers
  • Lots of space inside (fits single and double hammocks)
  • Packs down small (4”x5”)
  • No-see-um netting
  • Includes 30’ ridgeline
  • Includes compression strap to decrease size of bag
  • Good Price
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • None I could see!

2. ENO Mosquito Net Guardian ENO Bug Net


Here’s another respected brand in this industry with a quality

This ENO bug net ticks all the right boxes: easy to use, quality protection against even the smallest of bugs, and super lightweight to carry.

The result? Heaps of happy customers and top quality reviews.

The only issue you might have is with the size. For bigger folks or pairs of people in a double hammock, the ENO mosquito net may be too small to get in and out of with ease.

Likewise, it costs more than the Wise Owl bug net above. If budget is a factor, then the SnugNet could be a better bet.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to pitch
  • Double-sided zippers
  • Includes ridgeline cord
  • Quality protection against even the smallest insects


  • More expensive than the Wise Owl SnugNet
  • Potentially too small for a double hammock

3. Wecamture Hammock Mosquito Net


Looking for a super lightweight, budget bug net to take camping?

The Wecamture hammock net would be ideal.

It’s both of those things and more. The design is very similar to the Wise Owl Snug Net, making it easy to set up and a breeze to use. Thanks to the no-see-um netting, you’ll enjoy bug-free nights for as long as you use it.

My only concern would be about its durability. This hammock mosquito net is incredibly lightweight and cheap as well. As such, the materials are unlikely to withstand harsh treatment and may tear if you aren’t careful.

For budget backpackers and/or occasional recreational use it’d be perfect. But for more intense expeditions where your gear will be put through its paces, I’d opt for something stronger.


  • Great price
  • No-see-um netting
  • Easy setup
  • Super lightweight
  • 20-ft ridgeline included
  • Double-sided zippers
  • 30-Day guarantee


  • Large packed size (13”x5”)
  • Possible durability issues

4. Bear Butt Bug Net for Hammocks


The Bear Butt bug net is another top contender on this list.

Once again, it’s got everything you could need: no-see-um netting, easy setup (thanks to the 550 reflective paracord and hook set up), low weight, and small packed size (thanks to its stuff sack)

It’s a relatively new brand in the outdoor industry, but you can still buy with confidence! Aside from the endless 5* reviews, this bug net comes with a lifetime warranty. Any issues whatsoever and you can send it in and get a refund/replacement.

At 10’ long and 4’ wide, it isn’t the biggest bug net for camping on this list, but it does offer 360-degree coverage. A dual-sided diagonal zipper helps you get in and out with ease.

All things considered, and especially for the price, the Bear Butt camping net won’t let you down.


  • Good value for money
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and simple setup
  • Superfine no-see-um netting
  • Includes compression stuff sack
  • Includes 5m ridgeline
  • Dual-sided diagonal zipper for fast access


  • None that I could see


Hammocks are epic. I mean, just look at this photo! It doesn’t get much better. But you’re sure to regret it if you don’t take along some hammock bug netting for night-time.

5. PYS Camping Hammock Bug Netting


This PYS is arguably my pick of the budget bug nets on this list.

It’s hard to fault, with durable no-see-um netting, easy setup, and a small packed size. It’s enormous when it’s unfolded, though, which means you’ll be well covered throughout the night.

In other words, the PYS has basically everything you need in a quality bug net.

Another noteworthy point is the clever dual setup system. You can suspend the net from an included ridgeline, as you can with other hammock bug nets on this list. However, thanks to loops on either end you can connect it straight to hammock tree straps as well.

At under $25, I’m not surprised that it’s earned so many 5* reviews on the net.

My only hesitation would be about the mass of material! This is a big bug net. If it droops too low and touches your skin when you’re in the hammock, then expect the mozzies to have a field day.


  • Great price
  • No-see-um netting
  • More than enough space!
  • Double zips
  • Includes 30ft ridgeline
  • Can also suspend with carabiners on hammock tree straps
  • Packs up small to roughly 6×6”
  • Easy setup in sub-5-minutes
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Netting might touch skin (letting mozzies bite you)

6. Foxelli XL Net for Hammocks


This Foxelli XL bug net for hammocks is the top rated option on this list.

And that makes total sense when you realize the quality on offer at such a discount price. At under $25, it costs the same as the PYS above, but with even more top features.

I mean, it boasts every attribute of more expensive hammock nets, just at a fraction of the prize.

At 16oz, it’s nice and lightweight, which is surprising given the generous size of the product. The no-see-um material will protect you against the tiniest of beating insects, and you’ll be able to set it all up with ease as well.

My only criticism is its packed size. At roughly 10×11”, it might be a little too large for some peoples’ tastes. All things considered, though, the Foxelli is an absolute bargain.


  • Breathable no-see-um netting
  • Lightweight
  • 25ft ridgeline included
  • Easy setup
  • Double-sided zipper
  • Double-stitched seams


  • Larger packed size (9.8×11”)

7. Cushy Camper Hammock Mosquito Net


The cushy camper hammock mosquito net lives up to the company name.

Everything about it seems pretty cushy.

A really cool feature is the ability to get out on either side.

They’ve put a zipper on the left and right-hand side, which is ideal if you’re in a double hammock, or, as one reviewer put it ‘gator’s approaching on right side so you can bail out on left side’!

It’s a simple but thoughtful addition that makes a big difference to usability.

Aside from that, you’ve got all the usual features you’d expect from a quality hammock bug net: no-see-um netting, breathable design, good size, and easy setup.

The only thing I’d say is that it’s one of the heavier nets in this post. Likewise, the ridgeline cord provided might be too short in some instances.

In every other way, though, including its value for money, you’re looking at a winning bug net.

Heads up, I couldn’t find a reference to the packed size of this bug net. If you see it, please let me know in the comments!


  • 2-sided entry/exit
  • Includes 18ft ridgeline
  • Easy setup
  • No-see-um netting
  • Double zippers
  • Not too bulky
  • Great price


  • Ridgeline might be too short/thin

8. Peak & Co. Camping Bug Net


My final hammock bug net review is for the Peak & Co. mosquito net.

I’ll keep it short and sweet:

It’s everything you could want from a hammock bug net at a reasonable price (under $25).

People sing its praises online thanks to its ease of use, 360-degree no-see-um cover from even the smallest insects, small packed size, and super-lightweight (10oz!) design. The 1024 holes per square foot are meant to be a good balance between ventilation and insect protection too.

At 12’ long, this bug net for hammocks is long enough for 99% of hammocks out there. Oh, and it also boasts a water-resistant stuff sack, 23 feet of para-cord, and 2 guy-line adjusters to help you alter the tension!

All told, it’s a complete package and would be perfectly suited to any overnight stint in the outdoors.


  • No-see-um 360-degree cover netting
  • Easy setup
  • Ridgeline included
  • Super lightweight & compresses down small
  • Well-ventilated
  • 12’ long hammock fits all hammocks


  • Occasional reports of durability issues

Find the Best Bug Net Hammock Possible

Heading for a spot of hammock camping?

Well, you’re sure to enjoy it far more with sufficient protection against buzzing, biting insects.

There’s nothing worse than being eaten alive when you’re trying to get some shut-eye!

Having a hammock bug net with you will stop that being a problem. You can keep out the creepy crawlies and get back to appreciating the camping experience.

Hopefully, this post will help you find the best bug net for hammock camping possible.