Top 8 | Best Hammock with Mosquito Net [2021 Mosquito Net Hammock Reviews]

Searching for a quality mosquito net hammock to take hammock camping? Here are 8 of the best mosquito net hammock options out there, reviewed and rated. Check them out!


I hope this buying guide for the best mosquito net hammock helps you find the right one for you!

You can’t beat a night spent hammock camping.

It’s one of the reasons I always travel with one in my backpack!

Find the best hammock with mosquito net and you have an ideal lightweight sleeping solution to take into the great outdoors.

Carrying the best hammock with mosquito net possible means you can get a good night’s sleep, safe from bugs, and without having to lug heavy tent poles and pegs around!

Are you on the lookout for the best mosquito net hammock out there?

Here are 8 of the best hammocks with mosquito nets that won’t let you down.

[Last Updated: January 2021]

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The Best Hammock with Mosquito Net- Comparison Table


Size: 118” x 59”

Weight: 28oz

Weight limit: 350lbs

Material: Nylon Parachute

Rating: 4.3/5



Size: 106”x55”

Weight: 3.3lbs

Weight limit: 440lbs

Material: Parachute Nylon

Rating: 4.5/5



Size: 118” x 78”

Weight: <3lbs

Weight limit: 600lbs

Material: Nylon parachute

Rating: 4.5/5



Size: 120” x 72”

Weight: 3lbs

Weight limit: 400lbs

Material: Parachute nylon

Rating: 4.4/5



Size: 114” x 57”

Weight: 2lbs

Weight limit: 500+lbs

Material: Ripstop Dynalon

Rating: 4.4/5



Size: 106”x55”

Weight: 3lbs

Weight limit: 600lbs

Material: Parachute nylon

Rating: 4.6/5



Size: 114” x 55”

Weight: 27.5oz

Weight limit: 772lbs

Material: Parachute nylon

Rating: 4.6/5



Size: 108” x ?

Weight: <4lbs

Weight limit: 350lbs

Material: Parachute nylon

Rating: 4.5/5



The reviews are coming. First, though, here’s a buying guide to help you choose the best hammocks with bug nets possible!

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The Different Types of Hammocks with Bug Nets – Buying Guide

There are two main varieties of hammocks with mosquito netting.

The first (and my recommended mosquito net hammock) is a combined hammock, where the bug net is built into the product. In other words, you can’t detach the two.

The second type is essentially two products: a mosquito net and a hammock. Sold together or separately, you might be able to attach the two, or simply drape the net over the hammock when you need it.

There are pros and cons to each type of hammock with net combo. Here they are:

Built-In Mosquito Net


  1. Constant bug protection: there’s no risk of forgetting the mozzies net and falling foul of biting insects in the middle of the night.
  2. Convenience: with only one product to worry about, there’s less to carry, fuss around with, and potentially lose.
  3. Great in the outdoors: less ‘casual’ by nature, outdoorsy types may prefer the ease of use and robust protection from bugs.


  1. Obstructs your view: putting up these hammocks properly means your view gets obstructed by the netting. You could choose to sit on the net instead, but that risks damaging it.
  2. Not fully protected: these mozzie nets don’t stop industrious mozzies biting you through the hammock itself. They can’t get inside, but they could approach in stealth mode and bite you through the thin fabric.

Separate Mosquito Net


  1. All-round cover: the nets can be draped over the top of the hammock and touch the ground. This provides complete coverage and prevents bites.
  2. Unobstructed view: when you don’t need the mozzie net, you can leave it off and enjoy the view with no netting in the way.
  3. Casual use: these hammocks have fewer steps to set up (no line is needed for the mozzie net if it’s not required) and can be strung up in moments.
  4. Versatile: the extra choice involved (net or no net) arguably makes these hammocks with bug nets more versatile.


  1. Awkward access: getting into a hammock can be a challenge at the best of times. Throw in a big, sprawling net and it can be even harder.
  2. More to lose: you’ve got more parts in play here, meaning you could lose the net. That’s the last thing you need when there’s masses of bugs around outside and you want to sleep!
  3. A bit annoying: everything from stringing the hammock (when you want to use the net) to getting in and out is more hassle.

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Here’s how to choose the best hammocks with bug nets.

How to Choose the Best Bug Net Hammock

Before we get to the review itself, let’s go through a few factors that should help you find the best hammock with mosquito net possible.

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The Size

There’s nothing worse than being too big for your hammock.

It’s impossible to get comfy, and far easier to fall out of it!

You’ll find a wide range of possible sizes to choose between. Make sure you buy one that’s an appropriate size for you.

The dimensions should be more than sufficient to suit your height (and width).

The Weight Limit

The same goes in terms of weight.

Let’s face it, nobody wants their hammock to break with them inside it. As funny as it would be for anybody watching, a collapsed hammock would be a nightmare when you’re fast asleep and strung up above hard ground!

Make sure the materials are designed to hold someone of your weight. FYI, it’s often to do with the straps as much as anything else.

Double-check they’re strong enough to hold you (or anyone you know) up without trouble.

The Materials

The materials make a big difference too- especially in terms of their durability and how confident you feel suspending yourself from a height in them!

This is where the best hammocks with mosquito nets come into their own. They’ll almost certainly have premium materials (such as old parachute fabric) that won’t let you down.

Try to find quick-drying materials too, just in case bad weather comes in and they get wet.

Oh, and finally, check the mozzie net as well. Not all bug nets for hammocks are made equal, and some have bigger holes than others.

The smaller the holes, the less likely you are to be disturbed by biting insects at night!

The Contents

Finally, look at what you’re actually buying!

You might find that the hammocks come as-is. In other words, there are no straps, ropes or carabiners to help you suspend them.

Always check to see what’s included.

In an ideal world, you’d get everything you need- hammock, mosquito net, straps, ropes, carabiners and spare parts too (just in case anything gets lost).

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My Personal Favourite Hammock with Mosquito Net

I thought I’d start this list of top mosquito net hammocks with the one I personally use and take with me wherever I go.

The Hammock Bliss ‘No-See-Um No More’ has been awesome throughout my time on the road. I 100% recommend it for anybody looking for a small, compact, and high-quality hammock to take with them into the outdoors.

Here’s more about it:

1. Hammock Bliss Reviews ‘No-See-Um No More’ (Best Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net)


I’ve loved having the Hammock Bliss mosquito net hammock with me on my travels.

Everything about it is high-quality, from its design to the materials.

The no-see-um netting is a premium material that’ll stop even the smallest bugs getting in; the parachute nylon is material is soft, breathable, quick-drying and exceptionally durable.

The suspension system is made from premium-quality climbing rope as well- that means there’s minimal risk of the ropes breaking or fraying.

I love that you can flip it upside down to use it as a standard hammock as well.

Whenever there are no bugs around you just turn it over, suspend it as normal and enjoy an unobstructed view without the netting getting in the way.

The zippers deserve a mention too. YKK zippers on the inside and outside make it a breeze to zip open/close the hammock and keep the bugs out.

The only downside I can see is that tree straps aren’t included as standard. Without them, you’re left to suspend your hammock the old-fashioned way (with ropes and knots).

It’s definitely not the end of the world, but having them provided would have been the cherry on top of my pick for the best camping hammock with bug net out there.


  • Fully reversible (turn upside down for ordinary hammock usage)
  • High-quality materials
  • Many internal pockets and loops to hang gear
  • Comfortable & lots of space
  • Climbing rope suspension system
  • Separate cord keeps mozzie net suspended
  • 2100 holes per square inch durable mozzie net
  • Machine washable


  • Tree straps not included

-> Click here to see it on Amazon!


Here are 7 more of the best bug net hammocks you can buy.

The Best Hammocks with Bug Net – Reviews

In case the Hammock Bliss doesn’t do it for you, here are 7 more quality hammocks with bug nets to think about buying.

2. Ryno Tuff Double Camping Hammock (my second pick for the best hammock with bug net)


The Ryno Tuff is a quality 2-person hammock at a budget price.

You get a crazy deal- with the hammock, netting, tree straps, cord and carabiners all included for under $35. (FYI, right now it’s on sale for even less!).

Tree straps make the hammock nice and easy to put up, while protecting the trees at the same time. The Ryno boasts quality materials, an easy suspension system, and it’s fairly lightweight too.

Unsurprisingly, it’s top-rated online with lots of 5-star reviews from happy customers.

The only complaint is that it’s a bit too small for two grown people to sleep in. But for one person it’ll be plenty big enough!


  • Great price
  • Reinforced tear-resistant material
  • Fully reversible (turn upside down for ordinary hammock usage)
  • 10ft tree straps and carabiners included (no knots!)
  • Tree planted for every purchase
  • Quality materials


  • Small for a 2-person hammock, but large if going solo

-> Click here to see it on Amazon!

3. Ridge Outdoor Gear Yosemite Hammock


Ridge Outdoor has created a quality camping hammock bundle that’s sure to impress.

A bit like the Ryno, you buy an all-in-one package, with hammock, net, straps, and carabiners.

One thing that stands out about this hammock is the wire-frame mozzie net.

Many mosquito net hammocks rely on cord to suspend the netting about you.

In other words, you stop the net from dropping into your face at night by tying the cord at a higher point around the tree. Unfortunately, it isn’t 100% fool-proof.

The frame that’s used in the Ridge Outdoor hammock provides a solution. It lifts the netting above the hammock, stopping it from the netting in place.

Another perk of that frame is that it prevents the hammock from ‘cocooning’ too badly. It spreads the hammock apart, creating more space in which to sleep.

A US company, they promise good old-fashioned customer service too! Any problems, give them a ring and they’ll sort you out no problem.


  • Mid-range price for high-quality hammock
  • Fully reversible (turn upside down for ordinary hammock usage)
  • Swift set up
  • Lightweight
  • Wire keeps bug net suspended
  • 3m tree straps and top quality carabiners included (no knots!)
  • Dynalon = higher quality material to other hammocks


  • Reports of bug net ripping at the seam

-> Click here to see it on Amazon!

4. Covacure Camping Hammock


I like the look of this Covacure hammock.

It’s a simple design that offers everything you need at a budget price: straps, carabiners, hammock and mozzie net.

You also get some ‘tent’ pegs and cord to pull the hammock outwards and create more space. It’d also stop it swinging too much in windy conditions.

Like other hammocks on this list, it’s reversible in nature, meaning you can turn it upside down whenever you don’t need to use the net.

All-told, it seems like a versatile hammock that’d do the trick in any situation.

The hundreds of 5-star reviews reveal the quality of the product too!

The only slight problems refer to lack of space for 2 people and possible awkwardness readjusting the straps. I also wonder if the mosquito net would get in the way.

This ultralight hammock bug net is designed with extra material to make it droop low beneath the netting.

All the same, there’s nothing actually pulling it away from your body. Set it up incorrectly and it might become an issue.


  • Great price
  • 100% price guarantee
  • Easy setup
  • Fully reversible (turn upside down for ordinary hammock usage)
  • Super lightweight hammock with mosquito net
  • Triple-stitched durable nylon
  • Bungee cord keeps net suspended
  • 3m Tree straps and carabiners included (no knots!)
  • Stakes to extend hammock size and keep in position


  • Too small for two people
  • Straps can reportedly be a challenge to adjust

-> Click here to see it on Amazon!

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Four more bug net hammocks to go! Seen any you like yet? Remember to click the buttons to see each product listing online.

5. Bri Sunshine Hammock with Bug Net and Rainfly


You don’t see many mosquito net hammocks that come with a rainfly.

But this one does!

The BriSunshine camping hammock with mosquito net and rainfly looks perfect for anybody who’s going hunting, fishing, or generally wanting to stay camouflaged in the great outdoors.

It’s got an interesting design too, combining elements of a tent with a classic hammock.

The hammock is set up as normal (made easier thanks to the carabiners and tree straps included). But then you assemble aluminium poles (like tent poles) to affix at either end.

These keep the mozzie net lifted away from your body and provide a frame for the rainfly to fit over. Tent pegs and cord pull the base of the hammock out and stop it swinging in the wind.

It’s clever, different, and ideal if you plan to spend longer outdoors in inclement weather.

Thanks to these attributes, I think this hammock wins the prize for most versatile. However, it’s also the most expensive, which could be a consideration for some.

Having said that, you’re basically buying a one-person tent that weighs 3lbs or so! That’s not bad for under $100. All told, this is a quality camping hammock with bug net and rainfly that’s sure to keep you warm and dry in bad weather.


  • Waterproof rainfly included
  • Camo design great for outdoors
  • Fully reversible (turn upside down for ordinary hammock usage)
  • Lightweight
  • Triple-stitched durable nylon
  • Bungee cord keeps net suspended
  • Tree straps and carabiners included (no knots!)
  • Stakes to extend hammock size and keep in position
  • Perfect for hunters/fishers


  • Pricier (but lots included!)
  • Smaller size
  • Some reports of being complicated to set up

-> Click here to see it on Amazon!

6. Everest Double Camping Hammock (Best Double Hammock with Mosquito Net)


I see the Everest Double as an upgrade from the Covacure hammock I described above.

It’s got most of the same great features (straps, carabiners, easy functionality…and so on) and solves the potential issue with the drooping mozzie net.

A simple cord attaches to either end and, in theory, lifts the net away from your body.

(Interestingly, I read a review from one person who didn’t find that to be the case- the mass of netting meant it continued to droop at night. However, that was just one review among hundreds of happy customers.)

The large ‘cabin’ it creates inside the hammock is good news for anyone who gets claustrophobic easily. You do pay for the jump in quality though- with the Everest costing twice as much as the Covacure.

Once again, flip over the hammock is you ever want casual use (without the net).

It’s worth taking note of the weight limit though. At 400lbs for a double hammock, that might be cutting it fine for some couples planning to use it together.

It might be best left as a single.


  • 2100 holes per square inch durable mozzie net
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Tree straps and carabiners included (no knots!)
  • Fully reversible (turn upside down for ordinary hammock usage)


  • Reports of tree straps being heavy
  • The net might get in your face!

-> Click here to see it on Amazon!

7. Sunyear Single/Double Camping Hammock with Bug Net


This Sunyear backpacking hammock with bug net is by far one of the most popular I came across.

And I can understand why.

It’s hard to fault (apart from the very occasional mention of the fabric ripping).

Expect high-quality materials, everything you need (straps, carabiners, cord), the option of single or double, and a clever mozzie-net suspension system (lifts the net away from your face).

Of particular note is the lifetime guarantee it comes with. Experience issues? You can send it back and get a full refund at any time. The combination of a quality product and a risk free-purchase would make it a very tempting hammock to invest it.


  • Good price
  • Easy setup
  • 10ft tree straps and carabiners included (no knots!)
  • Fully reversible (turn upside down for ordinary hammock usage)
  • 100% lifetime guarantee


  • Some reports of rips in the fabric
  • Smaller in length

-> Click here to see it on Amazon!

8. Lost Valley Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rainfly


Last but not least is the Lost Valley Camping hammock.

A bit like the BriSunshine hammock above, it literally comes with everything:

Hammock, mozzie net, tree straps, carabiners, cord, pegs, and waterproof rain fly.

That makes it an epic option for someone who doesn’t want to muck around sourcing individual items. In one purchase you get everything you need for a comfy (and dry) night’s accommodation in the great outdoors.

Even better, it’s two-thirds of the price of the Bri-Sunshine (though the quality doesn’t seem quite as good).


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Waterproof rainfly included
  • Tree straps, quality carabiners, tent pegs, and cord included.
  • Easy setup
  • Strong durable materials
  • Complete package
  • Internal pouch


  • Bug net might get in your face
  • Possibly too snug for some

-> Click here to see it on Amazon!

Time to Buy the Best Mosquito Net Hammock for Camping

On the hunt for the best mosquito hammock for camping? Well, I hope this post has helped you find it!

Anybody spending time outdoors with weight and space restrictions will appreciate the convenience and comfort of the best hammock with mosquito net.

The 8 options above would all be top camping hammock options to take with you into the wild. Got any questions for me on the best backpacking hammock with mosquito net options? Drop a comment below!