Top 8 | Best Portable Shower [2021 Camping Shower Reviews]

I hope this post helps you find the best portable shower for camping possible.

I hope this post helps you find the best portable shower for camping possible.

The best portable showers for camping are absolute lifesavers.

I discovered this for myself on a recent van-packing trip around Australia.

I was driving thousands of kilometres each week in a 20-year-old Ford Econovan Maxi. It was 40+°C outside, I was free camping at the side of the road most nights, and I couldn’t use the A/C because it made the van overheat!

…I’m pretty sure it was only the portable camping shower I had that kept me from overheating too. And it was definitely that portable camp shower that stopped me stinking to high heaven.

As far as I was concerned, it was the best portable shower in the world! That thing kept me clean and cool every step of the way.

Are you looking to buy an outdoor camping shower to serve a similar purpose on your upcoming trips? Well, I’ve put together a buying guide that should make it easier to choose the best camping shower for your needs.

Sound good? Keep reading for 8 detailed reviews of the best camp showers on the market.

[Last Updated: February 2021]

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The Best Portable Shower Comparison Table

Best camp shower.jpg

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Weight: 1.7lbs

Rating: 4.5/5


Outdoor shower for camping.jpg

Power Source: Water reservoir/gravity

Weight: 1.2lbs

Rating: 4.2/5


Best camping shower.jpg

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Weight: 1.9lbs

Rating: 4.5/5


Camping outdoor shower.jpg

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Weight: 2.4lbs

Rating: 4.4/5


Best camping showers.jpg

Power Source: Water reservoir/gravity

Weight: 1.1lb

Rating: 4.6/5


Portable outdoor shower.jpg

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Weight: 1.6lbs

Rating: 4.4/5


Outdoor camping shower.jpg

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Weight: 1.7lbs

Rating: 4.5/5


Outdoor camp shower.jpg

Power Source: Foot pump

Weight: 1.6lbs

Rating: 4.3/5


There isn’t always a waterfall around to wash in when you’re in the middle of nowhere! Having the best camp shower possible is sure to come in handy.

There isn’t always a waterfall around to wash in when you’re in the middle of nowhere! Having the best camp shower possible is sure to come in handy.

The Best Camping Showers – 8 Portable Outdoor Showers Reviews

Now we’ve been through the primary factors to consider when buying the best portable camping shower for camping, let’s dive into the reviews. Here are my 8 top picks for the best outdoor camp shower options available.

1. RisePro (Best Portable Shower for Camping)


Compact and portable

The Risepro portable camping shower system is undoubtedly one of the most popular options on this list. And for good reason!

For one thing, it’s small, lightweight, and compact, meaning you can bring it along on a trip without taking up too much space. It’ll fit in your car trunk easily, leaving plenty of room for your other camping essentials.

Easy to operate

Even better, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the Risepro.

This system is super user-friendly and can be easily operated from the get-go. All you need to do is charge the battery, submerge the pump into a water source and switch the power on! You’ll get 2 litres of water per minute.

That’s a decent shower for a small, battery-powered camping shower!

Rechargeable Battery

I really like that you can charge the Risepro battery up as well.

A 2200mAH Lithium battery can be easily recharged via a USB cable (included). If you’ve got a power bank, portable solar panel, or a USB port in the car/RV, then you’ll always be able to charge it up (and never be short of a shower!).

Of course, without any means of charging it, you’re limited to how many times you can use it when you’re out and about.


  • Convenient, versatile, easy to use system

  • Popular design

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Up to 5 to 7 minutes of shower time with 10 litres (2.5 gallons) of water

  • Great water flow at approximately 2 litres per minute

  • 70 inch (180cm) hose length with a hook to suspend it above your head.


  • You need a separate water source to use it

  • If you can’t recharge the battery, then you can’t have a shower!

2. Iron Hammer Best Portable Outdoor Shower


Adjustable water flow

The Iron Hammer portable camping shower has a similar design to the Risepro above.

A rechargeable battery pack is submerged into a water source and drives a motor that powers water up the hose.

However, one convenient distinction here is that you can control the pressure of the water stream. The adjustable water flow system lets you choose between a low stall of 3 litres per minute and a high stall of 4 litres per minute.

This allows you a greater degree of control on how much water is used, which is great if you need to conserve water.

Convenient and safe charging

This is a high-quality, safe bit of kit. With IPX7, ROHS, and FCC safety certifications, you can shower in comfort, knowing there’ll be no mishaps when using it.

The portable shower is also extremely easy to charge (using any 5V USB) and comes with a discharge protection circuit. Indicator lights tell you when the battery’s low and/or charging.

Once again, it’s light-weight, compact, and easy to use- everything you need in a portable shower for camping.

A built-in water filtration system

Another great feature of the Iron Hammer is its built-in water filtration unit.

With this technology, you can use the shower straight from the lake or river. There’s no need to worry about the dirt or germs that may come from these natural bodies of water!

That added versatility makes it one of the best camping showers on this list.


  • Convenient, versatile, and easy to use

  • Compact and lightweight (come with a handy carry case)

  • 70 inch (180cm) hose

  • Easy to disassemble and store

  • High-quality kit


  • Takes 3 hours to charge up at 5V/2A. That’s a pretty long time if you’re desperate for a shower and it’s running low on juice!

3. Advanced Elements Portable Camp Shower (Best Portable Camping Shower)


2.5-gallon water capacity

The Advanced Elements portable shower has a water reservoir that can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water at a time.

That should give you more than enough water to get clean, and maybe also wash your clothes and dishes while camping. The portable water bag can be quickly and easily refilled through the extra-large valve and is secured on the top (aka no drips!) with a convenient twist-off cap.

Even better, the materials are designed to heat the water if you leave it in the sun; a heat-gauge tells you the temperature.

That’s good news if you want a hot shower!

Sturdy construction

The 4 layer design makes this water bag durable and resistant to splits and tears.

These layers consist of a reflector panel, an insulator panel, a solar panel, and finally a clear window. All of these attributes a) improve the heat retention ability of the hot shower system and b) make the Advanced Elements solar shower less likely to burst if you over-fill it!

Solar-powered temperature control

The Advanced Elements summer shower uses energy from the sun to provide a warm, relaxing outdoor shower (versus the ice-cold one you might be used to!).

Solar panel materials gather energy to heat the water in the reservoir (it’s said to work surprisingly well on cloudy days too). The built-in water temperature gauge lets you know when the water’s hot enough to use.


  • Features velcro straps to hold soap and shampoo while you shower

  • Wide carrying handles for easy transportation

  • Rolls up for easy storage

  • Can shower anywhere (you take the water with you!)

  • Stores a good quantity of water

  • Straight-forward design uses gravity to release water


  • The water cools rapidly once the bag’s taken out of the sun

  • Small spout might not deliver the most satisfying quantity of water!

  • Requires somewhere to suspend it from (would be heavy when full)

4. Ivation Camping Outdoor Shower (Best Rechargeable Camping Shower)


Popular design & great water pressure

The Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower has the same basic design as the first two showers on this list. However, it’s around 30 times as popular online!

You’re looking at over 3,200 reviews- 75% of which are rated 5*. The result? You can guarantee this particular portable shower won’t let you down.

One reason for that is for the high water pressure it provides- unlike gravity-powered systems, the battery pack delivers enough pressure to have a proper shower! That’s good news if you’ve had a particularly hot, sweaty, dirty day. You’ll get .66 gallons delivered per minute; a 2.5-gallon bucket should provide up to 8 minutes of use.

Compact, easy to use, and good suspension system

Once again, thanks to its clever design, the Ivation portable shower would be super compact and lightweight. You can pack it up and chuck it in with your other camping supplies without taking up too much space/weight.

Likewise, you’ll have no trouble using it. Place the rechargeable pack into a bucket of water, turn it on, and you’ll get an instant shower stream.

I like that there’s both a suction cup and an S-shaped hook that you can use to suspend the showerhead. You can conveniently attach it to any smooth surface of any height, leaving your hands free to wash. The hook will come in handy if there’s no such smooth surface to be found!

Easily rechargeable battery

It’s easy to recharge when the battery dies too. You can either plug it into a laptop’s USB port or a car adapter through a USB cord. Once it’s been fully charged (this takes between 2 and 5 hours), it can run for up to one hour before you need to recharge it again.

However, the online listing states that the product may come with a wall plug instead of a USB.


  • Small, portable, and easy to transport shower

  • Highly-rated, popular design

  • Instant shower stream for convenient cleaning

  • Versatile design

  • Flexible 6.5ft hose

  • Fully hands-free thanks to suspension system


  • Charging with an adapter of more than 5V may damage this portable camp shower.

  • Some reports of durability issues after a few uses

Looking to drink more water as well as wash in it? Check out the best water enhancers on the market!

Get ready for 4 more of the best camping shower options to choose from…

Get ready for 4 more of the best camping shower options to choose from…

Want the complete portable bathroom setup? Check out the best portable toilets for camping too!

5. HiVehicle Solar Shower Camping Shower Bag (Best Camping Shower Bag)


Leak-free construction

The HiVehicle Solar Shower Camping Shower is well-made, and designed to be fully leak-proof. The result?

No unfortunate spills or unwanted loss of water!

The sturdy construction consists of multiple layers of varying materials. These include a plastic water locking layer, a PVC solar absorption layer, and finally, a translucent protective film on the top.

The big water inlet’s secured by a sealed cap to prevent any drips when closed.

Superior water capacity

The HiVehicle Solar Shower Camping Shower can store up to 5 gallons (or 20 litres) of water at a time.

That’s a whole lot of water, delivering an 8-minute continuous shower (that’s not bad when you’re camping!). There should be enough left after your shower to do the dishes, or wash your clothes as well.

Its large seal (with leak-proof cover) makes refilling it (without spilling anything) a breeze. When empty, the bag can be rolled up and stashed into mesh bag (that’s included) for easy storage.

Hot water system and built-in temperature gauge

The HiVehicle camping shower bag helps to heat the water through a PVC solar absorption layer.

Leave it in the sun for 3 hours and it’s said to reach 40°C (30°C after 2 hours). There’s also a water temperature gauge to show you the temperature without having to test it for yourself!


  • Large nozzle with an independent water control switch

  • Wide range of uses inside and outside the house

  • Heated by the Sun

  • Handy mesh bag for portability

  • Durable design


  • Cannot handle hot water beyond 50 degrees centigrade

  • Has to be suspended overhead to function- expect it to be heavy when full!

  • The small nozzle is unlikely to deliver the stream strength you’re used to

6. Jayetec Portable Outdoor Camp Shower Set


Long battery life

The Jayetec Portable Outdoor Shower Set is powered by a 4400mAh battery, which is easy and quick to recharge.

The built-in battery can work for over 80 minutes on a single charge, without compromising on the quality of the water stream.

That’s good news if you lack access to power, have more than one person who needs a shower, or you have to use it for additional purposes (such as washing dishes or clothes).

Thankfully, when it does eventually run out of battery, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to recharge (according to a customer review).

Efficient, versatile, and safe design

This new design of the Jayetec portable outdoor shower set is an upgraded version compared to previous models.

It features IPX7 waterproofing, meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting wet!

Another feature I like is its set of LED lights. These can be switched on when the sun goes down, helping you shower in the dark.

You can also control the water flow between 3 and 4 litres per minute with the flick of a switch conversion button.

Convenient & novel operation

This particular portable shower operates differently from other battery-powered options on this list.

Rather than placing the pump straight into a water source, you have two separate hoses that attach to it.

You hook the pump to the outside of the bucket/tub/whatever you’re using, place one hose into the water, and then suspend the other above you (this one has the showerhead on the end).

The pump then sucks water through one hose, up the other, and then out of the end. It’s fairly straight-forward to assemble and a breeze to operate (the push of a button will do it).

Get stuck? The manual that comes with the shower will help out.


  • Enough water and pressure to be used for multiple tasks

  • Comes with an S hook and a suction cup for hanging overhead

  • An LED light means you can shower at night!

  • Hook and suction cup suspension system

  • USB charging cable included


  • At 2.4 lbs, it is not the lightest outdoor camping shower to carry around

  • More expensive than other options

7. Riigoo Portable Outdoor Shower (Best Portable Showers for Van Life)


Versatile design and detachable battery

One thing I like a lot about the Riigoo is that you can power it with its rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium battery, and/or from a vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

It comes with an adaptor that plugs into the cigarette lighter section. You then pop in the USB, turn on the engine, and run the shower as normal (without powering down its battery).

If you do run it straight from the battery, then you can easily recharge it from any USB port, be in on a solar charger, your laptop, or the car adapter.

Once it’s fully-charged, it’ll run for at least 45 minutes. The charge-time takes anything between 2 and 5 hours.

Built-in water purification filter

The Riigoo portable camping shower comes with a high power pump that sucks up water efficiently.

Even better, it has a water purification system inside that cleans the water before you shower in it! The filter can be detached and cleaned when required.

This means you can shower straight from rivers and lakes, for example, without having to worry about dirty water.

Lightweight, easy to assemble, and convenient to use

Weighing only 1.6lbs, this portable shower is super lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble.

Another feature that adds to the Riigoo’s convenience is the battery, which is separate from the pump. You pop the pump into the water and control it via a remote (that’s connected to the pump via a wire).

This means you don’t have to lean over and put your hands into the water to turn the shower on or off (the same can’t be said for other portable showers on this list). It’s also safer to use (the batteries aren’t in the water!) and prolongs the lifespan of the device.


  • 1-year warranty

  • Consistent water flow of 3.5litres per minute

  • Comes with suction cup and S style hook

  • Convenient to use & versatile design

  • Lightweight & compact


  • The water flow and pressure aren’t adjustable

  • Have to be next to a water source (can’t take the shower anywhere)

  • Shorter shower time than others on this list

8. Nemo Helio Best Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump


Well-made & heavily insulated

The 11-litre (2.9 gallon) water bag is heavily insulated for less heat dissipation.

It won’t heat your water for you, but if you fill it with hot water, the Nemo system will keep it piping hot for hours at a time.

That’s good news if you’re bursting for a hot shower but have to wait your turn to take it! It’s also well-made out of durable materials, ensuring you purchase a quality portable shower that lasts well into the future.

I think it looks pretty good (from an aesthetic standpoint) too!

Foot pump design provides control

The Nemo Helio shower is the only one on this list that’s powered by good old-fashioned physical exertion!

A hands-free foot pump drives pressurized water from the container, up the 7ft sprayer hose, and out of the spout. This gives you a greater degree of freedom while you shower, enabling you to control the water output as required.

Want water? Pump! Want it to stop? Stop pumping!

You’re far less likely to waste valuable H2O as a result.

Versatile, clever design

This portable shower is designed to be used for more than just showering at the campsite. The water pressure and capacity are enough to wash dishes, water plants, or even bathe your pets as well!

One thing I really like is that you don’t need to suspend the Nemo Helio above your head to use it.

Many portable showers that you fill with water rely on gravity to function. In other words, you have to lift a heavy, water-filled sack above your head and somehow fix it in place!

Here, though, you’ve got a foot pump that delivers pressurized water for you. It remains on the ground and provides a steady stream (assuming you keep pumping!) for up to 7 full minutes.


  • Lightweight system

  • No electrical power needed

  • PU coated polyester fabric

  • Packs down small (into a mesh bag that’s included)

  • Clear plastic on top reveals how much water’s left

  • Quality materials and well-constructed

  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Does not filter the water while pumping it

  • There’s no battery to do it for you!

Still didn’t find what you’re looking for?

You might like the following showers instead. They’re both cheap, compact, easy to use, controlled without a power source (apart from a bit of elbow grease), and are well-rated to boot. Check them out:

  1. The Reliance Products Flow Pro Portable shower

  2. The Simple Shower camping shower

Wondering how to choose the best outdoor camping showers so you don’t need to search for ones like this on your trip? Keep reading!

Wondering how to choose the best outdoor camping showers so you don’t need to search for ones like this on your trip? Keep reading!

How To Choose the Best Portable Shower For Camping

Shopping for portable camping showers can be tricky. There are many types available, all with different features, functionality, and quality standards, making it difficult to know which is right for you!

To help you pick the best portable shower of all, here are a few characteristics to consider before the purchase. Check them out:

1. Outdoor Camping Shower Durability

First and foremost, you want to find a portable camp shower that isn’t going to stop working when you’ve just lathered yourself up! You need one that’s durable, well-made, and that’ll last long into the future.

But how exactly can you ensure an outdoor shower’s durability?

There are quite a few ‘tells’ when it comes to how durable a product is likely to be. Of course, you can usually tell the difference between a good portable shower and a bad one by holding, handling, and looking at them. But that’s far harder when you’re shopping online!

Instead, take note of materials used to make the shower. This should provide a clue to the durability (and quality) of an outdoor shower for camping you’re thinking about buying.

Have a look if there’s a warranty on offer as well. Usually, cheaper showers that’d come apart or leak easily won’t have one. In other words, the company knows they’re poor-quality and doesn’t want to back them up with a replacement offer! That opposite’s true for higher-quality goods.

2. Size, Weight, and Hose Length

Once you’ve assured yourself of the build-quality and construction of the portable shower, you should look at its dimensions and weight. A portable shower should be, well…portable.

That means you want something that isn’t too heavy to carry around. Depending on your set up, it should also be a reasonable size that fits in your car, campervan, or RV, without taking up too much space.

The best portable showers will also have a significant hose length- one that’s long enough to be easily fitted above your head, without forcing you to squat down awkwardly in order to clean yourself! Generally, a hose length of at least 7 feet is a good bet.

Of course, this becomes less important for outdoor camp showers that are designed to be suspended overhead as you shower.

3. Functionality

Functionality’s another key factor to take into account. In other words, how does it work? You tend to find three different kinds on the market:

Electric (be it solar-powered or battery-powered), ones with a foot pump attached, or bags full of water that you suspend above your head and rely on gravity to do the rest!

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. You should pick among them according to your personal requirements and preferences.

Solar-powered portable showers for campers tend to be budget-friendly, but they become impractical if the Sun’s not out to power them. If you go for the more expensive battery-powered showers, you might struggle to find a power source (unless you have a car, camper, or RV).

Showers with a foot pump system don’t have either of these problems, yet they do require quite a bit of time and effort for you to get clean!

Here are a few more buying considerations when looking for the perfect portable outdoor showers…

Here are a few more buying considerations when looking for the perfect portable outdoor showers…

4. Reservoir or Pump?

Besides the power, another functional consideration for outdoor showers for camping comes down to the source of water:

Generally, they either have a water reservoir or a submersible pump.

The water reservoir variety holds the water in the shower itself. It allows a greater degree of control over the amount and pressure of the water. However, you only have access to a limited supply, meaning the shower needs to be refilled every time it goes empty.

If you’re looking to shower right by a lake or a river stream, a submersible pump system may be the more logical choice. This type draws the water upright from a source - be it a bucket of water or a natural body of water. The downside here is that you can only shower where there’s a water source! You have to be next to the water in order for it to function.

5. Hot Water Debate

Some people aren’t very picky about the temperature of their showers. But others like a certain degree of heat! And of course, it’s never fun to shower with ice-cold water in the middle of winter.

Thankfully, there are portable showers available that’ll deliver hot water too. If you’re camping during the winter, or just love a hot shower when you’re out and about, then these systems might be preferable. Just expect to pay more money for the privilege!

6. Budget

Last but not least, you should think about how much you want to spend before picking out the best portable shower possible for your needs. As always, the price goes up with the quality of portable showers for campers. If you’re a frequent camper, then the added performance, functionality, and reliability could be worth the higher price tag.

On the other hand, for people who camp once in a blue moon, or only want a basic shower to take backpacking or camping, then cheaper, no-thrills systems might be fine

Thankfully, there’s as much variation in price out there as there is styles and functionality! You’re sure to find a range of portable showers that tick all the right boxes.

Time to Buy the Best Camp Shower Possible

There you have it: 8 of the best portable shower for camping options on the market today.

I can definitely vouch for having a portable camp shower with you when you’re in the great outdoors! In the absence of ‘proper’ bathroom resources, they can be an absolute lifesaver.

The best portable showers for camping keep you cleaner, cooler, and a whole lot happier in the process. Of course, they also help you wash your things as well- be it your pets, dirty dishes, or clothes. All told, they’re key bits of kit to have with you at the campsite!

I hope this post helped you find the best camp showers for your needs.

Didn't find what you were looking for on this list? Don't worry! Click here to see more portable camping showers now.

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