Top 10 | Best Tent Brands [2021 Camping Tent Brands]

Are you trying to find out about the best tent brands on the market? Check out this comprehensive run down of the 10 best camping tent brands for everything you need to know!


Trying to find out about the best tent brands on the market? I hope this post helps!

Finding the perfect tent is no easy task these days.

The shelves are stuffed with them! They come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles, and are made by a host of different camping tent brands too.

It’s enough to leave anybody baffled.

But it’s even worse when you don’t know the best tent brands out there! Why?

Because it means you’re oblivious to the brands that make high-quality goods. You don’t know which ones to trust and which ones to avoid; you risk buying subpar products in the process.

Need a new tent and want some help getting a good one? Well, learning about the best brand of tent is a great place to start. This list of the 10 top tent brands out there should help you do it.

Check it out to discover the best brand of tent for camping.

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Let’s get to it! Here are 10 of the best camping tent brands you’ll come across- for all budgets and requirements.

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The Best Brand for Tents – 10 Top Options

In no particular order, here are my 10 picks for the best brand for tents out there.

1. Coleman

Go hunting for tents on the internet and it isn’t long before you come across Coleman! Super well-known and popular with both families, this outdoor brand has been in business since 1900.

That’s over 120 years of designing and manufacturing awesome outdoor gear.

Cool fact: they even made the camping stoves that WW2 soldiers used! If that’s not evidence of Coleman’s acumen, then I don’t know what is.

Nevertheless, they still have a bit of a bad rep among some outdoor enthusiasts who bemoan the fact you find Coleman tents in big box stores. I get it, but I also think it’s worth remembering that they’re there for a reason:

Those monumental stores obviously rate Coleman gear exceptionally highly.

If they didn’t (and people didn’t happily buy them) then there’s no way you’d see this brand on the shelves!

Simple to put up, exceptionally affordable, and available in all manner of sizes and styles, the best Coleman tents sell faster than almost any others on the web! For that reason alone, they deserve a spot on this list of the best tent brands.

I’m not sure I’d take their tents (even the crazily popular Sun Dome Tent (pictured), up Everest. But if you’re a beginner camper or a family planning a camping trip, then you can’t go wrong.

2. ALPS Mountaineering

Quality outdoor gear at affordable prices with unparalleled customer service.

If that sounds good to you, then you’ll appreciate ALPS (aka Active Lifestyle Products). Indeed, it’s this exact combo that made ALPS the go-to company for countless outdoor enthusiasts since its creation in 1993.

ALPS may be a relatively new kid on the block, but this family-run business and brand quickly rose to prominence in the industry.

That’s in large part down to its founder, Dennis Brune, a passionate outdoor enthusiast who designed and sold products for Kelty (another well-known mountaineering brand on this list) for many years before deciding to do his own thing.

Brune’s passion for the outdoors and desire to share it with others has fed its way into a catalogue of inexpensive products that provide amazing value for money. The endless 5* reviews online speak for themselves.

As far as tents go, you’ve got options that cater to individuals, groups, and families alike.

From the all-popular Lynx 2-person tent (left) to the Meramac 6-person (right) , you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.


MSR is another leading name as far as the best brand for tents goes. Here’s more about them:

3. MSR Gear

50 years of unruly dreamers.

That’s the tag line that pops up as you visit the MSR about page, and it sets the tone for another of the best tent brands out there!

Interestingly (and unlike other companies on this list), MSR started out in 1969 not with a product to sell, but with a mission to complete. The company founder, Larry Penberthy, looked around and saw substandard climbing equipment failing in dire situations at every turn.

Unwilling to let this continue, he decided to do something about it.

MSR began as Penberthy’s bid to design cutting-edge products with amazing engineering that would keep people safer in the great outdoors (hence the name, MSR- an acronym for “Mountain Safety research”.

By all accounts, he seems to have succeeded. These days, MSR inventions, including their tents, are everywhere, with apparel to technical equipment helping people have adventures all over the world.

Heads up, the MSR Hubba NX 1-person is particularly cool if you’re on a solo adventure.

4. Core Equipment

Core is another company with a cool backstory.

Its founders began in the corporate world, working for largescale outdoor brands. But then, like David vs Goliath, they grew frustrated and decided they were going to take their industry knowledge and do their own thing.

Now they’re on a mission to make the camping experience more accessible- to everyone! They’re working to demystify the process and create products that enrich everybody’s experience in the great outdoors.

It’s a small team, but they’re making a big noise. Their products are gaining rapid momentum online, countless 5* reviews and happy customers.

Thanks to their philosophy about bringing camping to everyone, you can expect super reasonable price tags on tents that perform perfectly. A bit like Coleman, you might not take a Core tent into extreme outdoor conditions, but your family camping trip’s going to be well taken care of!

Check out the Core 6 Person Dome tent for a great example of their tents/products.

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The best brand of tent depends on your specific requirements. Big Agnes is a cool company that makes tents to cater for most peoples’ needs!

5. Big Agnes

Cool company with a cool name sells kick-ass gear.

That’s the headline I’d give to a Big Agnes PR campaign and the overall impression I got from researching the company for this article!

This 20-year-old brand lives and breathes the outdoors, so they decided to design products that help their fellow enthusiasts do the same. They seem to be all about getting down and dirty in the backcountry. Rain or shine, these guys want to see you guys out there.

I like that their office is based a stone’s throw from an ‘outdoor paradise’ (their words, not mine), with mountains, rivers, and wilderness everywhere.

I also like that they test their gear to the extreme in that very same wilderness. That’s right, any gear you buy from Big Agnes has been thoroughly put through its paces. Buy their products and you benefit from their hard-earned research!

Another bonus of buying Big Agnes gear? They go out of their way to support social initiatives and non-profit organisations that protect the very nature Big Agnes wants you to go and explore.

They’ve got a bunch of tents for sale that consistently rate 5*. All told, I’d put Big Agnes as one of the (if not the) best tent brands on this list.

Check out the Big Agnes Copper Spur for a prime example of Big Agnes tent gear.

6. Kelty

That’s Kel-tee, not Kelt-tie, if you didn’t know already.

And, like Big Agnes, it’s another very cool outdoor company that’s determined to get people outside as much as possible. Check out what they have to say about it:

“Kelty gives you the easy and spontaneous excuse you need to get out there and escape from the mundane. We build great gear that’s made to last and inspire you to rediscover the joy of spontaneous play. Every. Day.”

As I said…cool.

Better still, they have a whole catalogue of tents that boast huge sales figures and top-rated reviews.

This tent brand isn’t the cheapest out there, but you do get a lot of tent for the money. Aside from the superior build-quality, you can expect tent footprints and rain flies (these are custom-made for each style of tent they sell) as standard.

Whether you’re a backpacker, explorer, or family going on a camping vacation, Kelty has you covered…literally.

If you want my two-cents, I like the look of the Kelty Grand Mesa.


Black Diamond isn’t the cheapest company for campers. But if you need top-quality technical gear, then it’s arguably the best brand of tent on this list.

7. Black Diamond

Unlike general outdoor brands, Black Diamond focuses on the twin pursuits of climbing and skiing.

If you enjoy those sports, then this 63-year-old brand can help you make the most of them.

Indeed, their catalogue offers a diverse array of products to keep you safe, comfortable, and happy in the mountains- including some of the very best tents on the market today.

One reason they’re so good? Because they’re made for mountain and snow enthusiasts, by mountain and snow enthusiasts. Black Diamond are committed to innovating in the industry and improving the gear that’s sold along the way.

Lightweight, durable, and well-suited to the extreme conditions they’re designed for, Black Diamond tents won’t let you down.

One thing I would say, though, is that these tents aren’t cheap either.

In fact, some of them are ‘bite-your-knuckles-and-count-the-days-til-your-next-pay-cheque’ expensive. But you do get what you pay for. This is top-shelf outdoor gear that’s trusted by people across the globe.

Check out this Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent for a top example.

8. Nemo Equipment

Nemo (aka “New England Mountain Equipment”) is one example of an outdoor brand that was borne from bad experiences…

Apparently, Cam Bresinger (their founder) was trying (emphasis on trying) to sleep in a bivy while halfway up Mount Washington one night.

Both uncomfortable and unable to get a wink of sleep, he recognized with painful clarity how much room there was for improvement in the outdoor gear industry. He set about trying to solve the problem with the Nemo brand and has since won multiple awards for his efforts.

It’s easy to see why!

Aside from their impressive catalog of products, Nemo have “Design Like You Give a Damn” on a sticker in their conference room. That commitment to quality design-work shines through in all of the products they sell- including their tents.

Just check out the Aurora Backpacking tent for the perfect example.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best camping tent brands out there! Quechua and Marmot (pictured here and above) are two more that deserve a mention! For now, though, here’s more info on REI and the North Face.

9. REI

REI, aka “Recreational Equipment Inc” is another example of a brand with unbridled passion for the outdoors. Their central premise is about immersing yourself in nature, and creating high-quality equipment to help people embrace it.

According to their website, the company got started way back in 1938, when a big bunch of climbing buddies joined forces to source high-quality adventure gear at affordable prices.

Fast forward to the present day and they have over 13,000 employees in 165 locations!

For a huge brand, though, REI still seems reassuringly focused on a) its core principles, and b) doing the right thing too. The perfect example?

This 82-year-old member-owned co-op shuts its stores on Black Friday every year.

They give their employees a day off instead so they can be with loved ones and venture out into the great outdoors. That’s a huge amount of revenue they’re leaving off the table, purely, as they put it, to put “purpose before profits”.

Oh, and they make epic tents too!

10. The North Face

No blog post about quality outdoor gear would be complete without The North Face.

This company, I’m sure, needs no introduction. The North Face has been doing its thing since 1966. That’s over half a century of creating high-end outdoor products!

With a mission to “provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration”, The North Face has been and continues to be a go-to brand for adventurers, explorers, and nature-lovers ever since its conception in California all that time ago.

Ever wonder how the company got its name?

The founders decided to name their fledgling outdoor brand after the ‘coldest, most unforgiving side of a mountain’. As you can imagine, then, they’re all about exploring the outdoors and doing their best to conserve its majesty in the process.

The outdoor gear they produce (from apparel to outdoor items, like backpacks and tents) is some of the best you find as a result.

The only downside? The North Face is high-quality, but it’s high-cost too. If you’re after a budget tent for the kids to use in the garden, I’d look elsewhere!

In the meantime, check out their Stormbreak 2-person camping tent.

Buy With Confidence from the Best Tent Brands

Buying the right tent for your needs is never straight-forward. But it’s ten times harder when you don’t know the first thing about the best tent brands!

Thankfully, as this list demonstrates, good tent brands aren’t uncommon. However, the best brand of tent for your needs is another issue altogether. Only by assessing your budget, needs, and personal tastes can you truly determine the top tent brands for you.

I hope the 10 companies I’ve talked about in this list will help you do exactly that.

Keep them in mind and you should be on your way to choosing the best brand of tent for your upcoming camping trip.

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