Top 10 | Best 12 Person Tents [2021 Reviews]

Heading on a big camping trip with friends and family? The best 12 person tents will be perfect for the job. Check out this guide to read all about 10 of the best 12 man tents for camping.


I hope these reviews of the best 12 person tents help you find the one for the job.

Big camping trips call for big tents. And they don’t come much bigger than those made for 12 people!

However, finding the best 12 man tent for the task can be easier said than done sometimes.

For one thing, fewer people need such an enormous camping shelter, which means fewer companies make them! And genuine high-quality options are even rarer.

This lack of choice makes your decision simpler in some ways. But it can still be a challenge to know which 12 person tent’s best for your needs.

If you know the struggle and want some help with the decision, then you’re in the right place. I’ve done some digging and put together a comprehensive buying guide to the best 12 person tents on the market.

Keep reading to learn all about 10 of the best 12 man tents for sale today.

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Best 12 Person Tents for Camping- Summary Table


Floor Space: 180 sq. ft.

Max Height: 80”

Materials: Polyester

Rating: 4.6/5



Floor Space: 144 sq. ft.

Max Height: 98”

Materials: Canvas

Rating: 4.3/5



Floor Space: 112 sq. ft

Max Height: 70”

Materials: Poly Taffeta

Rating: 4.5/5



Floor Space: 175 sq. ft.

Max Height: 86”

Materials: Polyester

Rating: 4.7/5



Floor Space: 200 sq. ft.

Max Height: 84”

Materials: Polyester

Rating: 4.7/5



Floor Space: 168 sq. ft.

Max Height: 84”

Materials: Polyester

Rating: 4.5/5



Floor Space: 180 sq. ft.

Max Height: 80”

Materials: Polyester

Rating: 4.5/5



Floor Space: 198 sq. ft.

Max Height: 80”

Materials: Polyester

Rating: 4.5/5



Floor Space: 324 sq. ft.

Max Height: 117”

Materials: Polyethylene

Rating: 4.4/5



Floor Space: 360 sq. ft.

Max Height: 76”

Materials: Polyester

Rating: 4.5/5



Big camping trips call for big tents! Here are 10 reviews of the best 12 man tents on the market.

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1. Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent


Instant Setup

Setting up large tents can be quite a hassle sometimes.

But the smart design of the Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent should make the job a breeze. With the pre-attached poles of this 12-person cabin tent, it’s said to take two minutes or less to pitch it. All you have to do is unpack the tent, unfold it, and extending the legs until they click into place! No ridiculous amounts of manpower or MENSA-level intellect required.

Nevertheless, 2 minutes still sounds ambitious to me. I’d bank on 5 to 10 minutes- especially when you’re first setting it up. That’s still mightily impressive for a big 12-man tent though.

Versatile Tent

The versatile design of the Core 12 Person cabin tent delivers a great experience during the day and night.

The rain tarp can be attached to the ceiling during the day to provide additional protection from the harsh sun or inclement weather. On clear, starry nights, you can remove it to expose the mesh ceiling. That’s good news if you fancy a spot of stargazing or want to enjoy the gentle breeze on hot summer days.

Multi-Room Design

This large tent has two easy access entryways: a D-shaped door on one side and a T-shaped one on the opposite side.

The package also contains two detachable room dividers that give you the freedom to create multiple separate living and sleeping spaces. These can be taken off during the day and put up at night to create three rooms for privacy.

That all amounts to added versatility. You can adjust the space and layout to your specific requirements, creating the perfect 12-man tent for your camping trip.


  • Package includes tent, rain fly, awning poles, two room dividers, tent stakes, and carry bag
  • One year limited warranty makes for a risk-free purchase
  • The doors are secured with a zipper closure for quick and easy access
  • Versatile design with two entranceways


  • Designed as a fair-weather tent; less suited to colder conditions

–> Click here to see the Core Instant cabin tent on Amazon.

2. Core 12 Person Straight-Walled Cabin Tent


Spacious Cabin

If you’re on the lookout for a big family tent, then this second Core cabin tent fits the bill.

The large floor plan measures 16 x 11 feet, giving you a total area of 175 square feet. That should mean you could fit 4 air mattresses on the floor of the empty tent. As is often the case with 12 person tents, though, you’d still be better off with a maximum occupancy of 8 people (just to keep things comfortable!).

3 Season Tent

This comfortable cabin tent would serve you well throughout most of the year- except for the harsh conditions of winter.

The 3 season tent has a mesh roof, with a detachable water-repellent rainfly that you can easily take off at will. This makes it great to use during hot summer days and breezy Autumnal nights alike. The polyester fabric of this tent is also flame-resistant, keeping you safe when you’ve got campfires in the area.

The only issue? Don’t expect that rainfly to keep the heaviest rain at bay. The Core straight-walled cabin tent should be fine during light rain, but it may struggle in heavy downpours.

Multiple Private Spaces

The Core cabin tent comes with a room divider that instantly creates multiple living and sleeping spaces.

If you value your privacy, or want separate areas to hang out in, then this is a fantastic option. The Core cabin also features two different entranceways, which improves accessibility to and from the tent.

All told, you’re looking at another high-quality Core tent (with a slightly different design from the one above) that’d serve you well in all but the harshest conditions.


  • The framework is quite sturdy and durable, with supporting poles made of fibreglass
  • Package contains everything you need, including a detachable rain tarp
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a year-long limited warranty period
  • Versatile design with two doors


  • Not suitable for use during heavy rainstorms or cold winters

–> Click here to see the Core straight-walled tent on Amazon.

3. Core Two Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent


Ready To Go

Just like the first Core 12-person tent on this list, this one has an easy setup that’s said to take less than two minutes. Once again, take this with a pinch of salt! 5 minutes or so might be more realistic- but it’s still amazing for a two room, 12-person tent.

It requires minimal effort to unpack and stand it up. Simply take everything out of its carrying case, unfold the fabric, and lift the legs into position to set this up. The poles come pre-attached to the fabric, so you don’t need to struggle with them either!

Two Room Design

The large cabin tent is not only spacious but also semi-private. It can instantly transform from one huge space to two smaller rooms with the help of the included room divider. This would be useful if you wanted some extra privacy at night.

I like the side door on this tent too. As always, this improves accessibility however you choose set the tent up. But it’s downright essential when you’re using the divider! Without that side door, it’d be far more awkward to get in or out of one room.

Complete Package

This instant Core cabin tent is the complete package.

It comes with everything you’d possibly need for a spacious and functional 12-person tent. This includes the tent itself, a detachable rainfly, awning poles, room divider, tent stakes, and a carrying bag. I also like the general design: it’s open, airy, and would create a sense of being part of nature instead of detached from it.

The mesh ceiling panels would add to that effect (and allow you to stargaze at night!). Throw the 1 year limited warranty into the mix and you can’t go wrong.


  • The rain tarp can be connected or detached at will according to your preference
  • One year limited warranty period
  • Dual entryways
  • Mesh ceiling panel for stargazing
  • Versatile central divider creates to separate spaces


  • The supporting poles are made of steel, which is heavy and vulnerable to rust
  • Unsuitable for year-round use
  • You might need to replace the stakes that come with the tent with heavier duty ones

–> Click here to see the Core cabin tent on Amazon.


Looking for a 12 man tent that’s shaped a little differently? The Tahoe Gear is one of the best 12 person tents for camping that could do the trick.

4. Tahoe Gear Bighorn 12 Person Teepee Camping Tent


Clever Design

The Tahoe Gear Bighorn has a smart teepee shape that’s ideal for camping. This conical design has been used forever and day for sheltering campers in rough weather! It encourages any rainwater and debris to slide right off instead of weighing down the ceiling.

It isn’t all hunky dory though! One issue with the wigwam design is that the tallest people can only stand up in the center. The sides taper down, making it harder to stand up/stretch out when there are lots of people inside.


The intelligent construction of this Tahoe Gear Bighorn Camping Tent enables you to use it in summer, spring, and fall alike. Now, you might struggle in heavy rain, but the main fabric of the tent’s a water-resistant polyethylene which will keep you dry and cozy during lighter showers.

The tent floor’s attached by clips and can be removed if you ever want to feel the grass beneath the feet instead! The windows on the Tahoe Gear Bighorn are also weatherproof and can be closed tight to prevent any leaks.

Good Ventilation

This Tahoe Gear Bighorn Camping Tent has multiple features that ensure good airflow through the large space.

For example, the 4 PVC windows allow the breeze to circulate through the tent and keep things from getting too stuffy in warmer weather. There are also multiple floor vents and mesh roof panels that’d add further protection against humid conditions.


  • The floor’s made of waterproof polyethylene and is detachable
  • Package includes convenient carry bag, steel poles, and tent stakes
  • The large floor area can easily fit 4 queen size air mattresses


  • The entryway’s quite small and forces tall people to bend to get through
  • No stove jack
  • Heavy central steel pole

–> Click here to see the Tahoe Gear tent on Amazon.

5. TETON Sports Sierra 4 Season Canvas Tent


2-in-1 Tent and Canopy

The Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent is stylish, spacious, well-designed, and versatile to boot.

As far as the versatility goes, aside from being functional in all seasons (more on this next), it comes with a detachable floor that you can remove at will. This enables you to use it as both a fully-enclosed tent for your camping trips or a basic canopy for some relaxed backyard glamping!

4 Season Camping

This all-season camping tent gives you a comfortable and watertight camping experience throughout the entire year.

The main fabric is waterproof canvas, which holds up well even in the face of heavy thunderstorms. In fact, customers claim to have left this tent pitched up in their backyards all year long without water ever leaking through it.

Aside from the high-quality materials, another attribute you have to thank for the weatherproofing is the ‘large weather skirt’. This extends beyond the inner tent section and diverts rainwater away.

Extra Wide Door & First-Rate Features

Another feature of the Teton Sports Sierra tent is its large entranceway.

This would enable taller campers to get inside with their camping gear far more easily. No need to struggle with skinny doors when decking out your tent- swing the extra-wide door aside and you’re golden.

Throw in the heavy-duty welded floors, reinforced seams, and sturdy zippers, and this 12 person tent from Teton screams quality at every turn. However, at over $600, all that quality definitely comes at a cost.


  • Roomy tent with built-in ventilation ports
  • Canvas material makes for a high-quality tent
  • Easy access ports for electrical cords to enter and exit the tent
  • Wide entranceway
  • Comes in different sizes (including 16-person)
  • Versatile 2-in-1 design


  • The roof doesn’t come with an access hole for a stove pipe
  • Expensive vs others on this list

–> Click here to see the Teton Sports tent on Amazon.

6. Bushnell Sport Series 12 Person Tents


High-Quality Waterproofing

The Bushnell Sport Series 12 person camping tent is well cut-out for inclement weather.

The polyester fabric offers high levels of waterproofing to keep the rain off your heads. And, in addition to that, you’d benefit from fully taped factory-sealed seams that prevent seepage through the vulnerable parts of the tent.

Combine those attributes with the reputable Bushnell brand and both you and your camping gear are sure to remain dry at all times.

Two Detachable Room Dividers

This Bushnell tent is versatile too and would cater to anybody’s wish for privacy. That’s in large part to do with its two detachable room dividers. These handy inclusions give you the freedom to create up to 3 separate living and sleeping spaces in the tent.

Better still, unlike other so-called 12 man tents, this one lives up to its name. It boasts an impressive base size of 20 x 10 feet and a maximum height of 84”. That’s enough space to fit 2 queen size air mattresses or 12 people in sleeping bags.

Easy Assembly & Handy Features

Though it wouldn’t be as simple as the instant Core cabin tents above, the spacious Bushnell tent should still be nice and simple to set up.

It’s a freestanding tent with compact fiberglass supporting poles and pole hooks that aid pitching. The package includes clear step-by-step directions for the process, and color-coded poles make the whole thing even easier.

Internal storage pockets and a mesh ceiling add to what’s already an impressive and highly-rated 12 man tent.


  • Includes a utility port, internal storage pockets, hanging wall organizer, steel stakes, and an expandable carry bag
  • Poles are made of a durable and sturdy fibreglass material
  • Spacious design
  • Quality waterproofing
  • Straight-forward assembly


  • The doors can sometimes be a struggle to open/close

–> Click here to see the Bushnell Sport tent on Amazon.

7. Bushnell Shield Series 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent


Speedy Setup

Here’s another top 12-person tent option from Bushnell. One of its primary attributes? Ease of assembly.

With poles that are already attached to the tent fabric, setting up the Bushnell Shield Instant Cabin Tent can be done in a matter of minutes. All you do is unfold it all and extend the leg poles until you hear a click.

This instant setup technology allows for quick and easy pitching that enables you and your family/friends to get back to the fun stuff.

Heat Shield Technology

Tired of things getting hot and humid inside your camping tent on long summer days?

The Bushnell Shield could be the right purchase for you. There’s a special reflective coating underneath the rainfly, which is designed to block the sun’s UV rays and keep the tent both darker and considerably cooler.

Link a portable A/C unit to one of the two vents designed for that purpose and you’ll never overheat in this particular 12 person tent!

Versatile & Accessory Laden

The Bushnell Shield promises high levels of versatility too. For one thing, it comes with 2 removable room dividers that can cordon off different sections within the tent. For another, it’s made from tough water-resistant 150 denier fabric (with taped seams) that makes it well-suited to the rigours of the outdoors.

And it also comes with every accessory you could need to use with your camping tent (including reflective piping and guy ropes, an external flashlight pocket, wall organizers, and more) saving you a lot of money in the process.


  • Made with durable water-resistant fabric
  • Includes 2 A/C ports or ground vents to ensure proper ventilation
  • 2 removable room dividers allow you to create multiple living and sleeping spaces
  • Special heat-repelling design
  • Swift setup


  • Setting up the rainfly can be a struggle the first few times
  • Some reports of durability issues and leaking

–> Click here to see the Bushnell Shield tent on Amazon.


Here are three more top 12 person tents that might take your fancy.

8. Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Room


No Assembly Needed

Like the others before it, the Ozark Trail instant cabin tent can be up and ready to go within a couple of minutes.

The steel supporting poles are heavier than other materials would have been. But they’re already attached to the canopy, enabling the rapid setup that’s always a boon on camping trips. There’s no confusion over parts or processes- simple fold it out, lift it up, and click the legs into place.

Versatile 3 Room Design

With the included dividers, you can create up to 3 separate rooms in this tent (each with its own doorway).

The third room can serve as a screen room or as a private living/sleeping space. The dividers can also be taken off to transform the tent into one large, spacious cabin. At 20 x 18 feet, it boasts by far the biggest overall floor space of the options on this list.

The Ozark should fit up to 3 queen-size air mattresses or 12 people in sleeping bags.

Water-resistant and Well-Ventilated

Don’t worry about overheating if the sun comes out on your camping trip.

The 10 windows and 3 doors to this tent ensure there’s a proper ventilation system in place. There are also multiple ground vents that maintain a continuous airflow inside the tent and prevent it from ever getting stuffy.

And if the rain comes down, you can simply shut the windows to avoid any leaks! Throw in the fully taped seams and rainfly, you should stay nice and dry in light showers.


  • Package includes rainfly and carry bag
  • Main fabric is a waterproof polyester with sturdy steel frame to support it
  • Features a screen room that can serve as a private living space or a front porch
  • Includes tent stakes and 6 gear organizer pockets
  • Great ventilation
  • Super spacious design


  • Doesn’t function as effectively as a cold weather tent
  • Weighs 56.5lbs!

–> Click here to see the Ozark Trail tent on Amazon.

9. Outbound Dome Tent for Camping


Great All-Rounder

Anybody looking for a 12 person camping tent should pay close attention to the Outbound Dome Camping Tent.

Its user-friendly design features a fiberglass frame and ‘easy-up’ technology that makes pitching it both quick and hassle-free. Oh, and at 21lbs and less than $170, it’s also one of the lightest and most budget-friendly 12 man tents in this article!

Excellent Ventilation

The Outbound tent also has various features in place to keep things cool and comfortable.

The D-shaped door has two built-in zip windows complete with a mesh wall to ensure you have sufficient ventilation on hot days. These can be opened to allow a gentle breeze into the tent or closed to provide a cozy interior.

The Poly Taffeta 185T 68D fabric comes with a 600mm water-resistant coating too, and you’d enjoy welded seams and a bathtub floor design that should provide ample protection against medium to light rainfall.

Durable and Lightweight

The fibreglass frame provides high levels of durability while keeping things lightweight at the same time.

This would help you transport the tent to your campsite without it causing too much trouble! The enhanced durability makes it that much more resilient in the face of harsh weather conditions.

Throw in the 20’ x 9’ x 6’6” floorplan, rain fly, carry case, guy lines, and tent stakes, and the Outbound Dome is a great alternative to the pricier 12 person tents on this list.


  • Large D-shaped door provides easy access
  • Includes attached rainfly, tent stakes, guy lines and all assembly instructions
  • Cheap 12 man tent
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Durable design
  • 3 season tent


  • Could struggle in heavy winds or rain
  • No dividing walls

–> Click here to see the Outbound tent on Amazon.

10. Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 Man Camping Tent


2 Person Setup

The Eureka! Copper Canyon is a recently released camping tent that scores highly in terms of ease of assembly and features provided.

This camping tent features pole sleeves and corner hubs that make setting it up a breeze. You only need two people and a few minutes to get this tent up and ready to use. The frame is made from a good combination of steel and fibreglass, which aids with durability and weight.

Spacious Design

This tent is by no means the biggest here, but it’s still fairly large, measuring a respectable 14 x 12 feet.

However, the clever design helps maximize this available room. The cabin tent features steep walls that translate into a spacious interior by spanning upwards instead of inwards. That means you can stand up wherever you are in the tent and enjoy a sense of space that you’re not afforded by other tent designs.

There’s also a large door at either end of the tent to assist with accessibility. Aside from helping you get in and out, this also makes it easier to load/unload your tent with you camping gear!

Includes Extended Rainfly

Like the other 12 man tents on this list, the Eureka comes with its own rainfly to help keep the water out in a downpour. However, this waterproof fly is special. It has an extended front porch design that’d keep your entranceway to the tent nice and dry.

Other handy features include the wrap-around bathtub floor design that prevents floor leaks, a power port for running electric cables inside, and a storage loft for your things that frees up space on the floor.

All told, this seems like a well-designed tent with lots of quality features that’d make it ideal for any big camping trip.


  • This tent has two large entryways
  • Comes from a reputable camping gear company
  • Comes with its own carry bags for all accessories included
  • Includes a room divider to separate the space into 2
  • 3 season design
  • Good ventilation


  • Smaller people may find it difficult to set it up

–> Click here to see the Eureka! Camping tent on Amazon.


With the reviews down. let’s take a look at how to choose the best 12 person cabin tent for the job.

How to Choose the Best 12 Person Tent

Deciding on a 12 person tent can be a challenge. Want some help picking the best one for you? Here are 5 key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Set Up

First off, pay close attention to how easy the tent is to set up.

12 man tents are bigger, heavier, and more complicated than smaller ones, so they’re always a little bit harder to set up. But the last thing you want is anything that’s too complicated. A quick, simple, and hassle-free set up always comes in handy- especially in bad weather.

2. Layout

The best 12 person tent for your needs will be laid out/structured in a way that feels right for your upcoming camping trips.

For example, whether you choose a tent with 2 or three individual ‘rooms’, there should be enough space and privacy for everyone in the group to remain comfortable. Maybe you want separate areas for your kids, your dog, your friends, and/or your gear as well.

Whatever the case, always take note of the layout and double-check it fits the bill.

3. Features

12 person tents come with an array of features that prove useful on a camping trip too. For instance, there might be windows to let more light in, an extendable awning to create a sheltered seating area, the option of dividing the tent into two or three separate areas, and so on.

Maybe it has ventilated sections, handy storage compartments, or two doors (instead of one) to make exiting/entering the tent easier. These features shouldn’t necessarily dictate your decision, but they can definitely facilitate a 12 man tent’s overall quality and suitability.


The size and weight of your 12 person camping tent are two more important considerations to keep in mind.

4. Size and Weight

It goes without saying that your 12 person tent should be big and spacious enough for your needs! After all, if you’re going camping with 10 people, then any tent you take has to sleep that many. The trickier part is striking a balance with weight.

On that subject, though, it’s worth noting that 12 man tents don’t necessarily sleep 12 people.

You could probably fit 12 inside, but it wouldn’t be comfortable, and you’d probably have nowhere to leave your bags. The best 12 person tents might sleep 10 adults at most (though 7 to 8 would be far more comfortable!).

As you’d expect, 12 man tents aren’t insubstantial. They’re big and heavy and totally unsuitable for backpacking! They’re best for car camping trips, where you can stow the tent away and transport it with ease. That being said, it’s still worth considering weight when deciding which 12 person tent to purchase.

Lightweight ones will be easier to carry/transport, but they might be less durable to boot; the same is true in reverse for heavier/bulkier tents.

5. Seasonality

The weather’s always important to think about too.

Ask yourself what kind of conditions your tent will have to stand up against. If you like camping in extreme conditions (think the cold, wind, and heavy rain), for instance, then you’ll need a high-quality tent with solid waterproofing that’s up for the task. But if you only ever camp in fair weather conditions, you could get away with a lighter, less durable, and cheaper 12 man tent instead.

A good middle-ground is usually a good quality 3 season tent from a reputable brand. These should fare well in most conditions (aside from the extremes) without a) being too heavy or b) breaking the bank.

The Best 12 Man Tents For Sale

There’s nothing better than going on a big camping trip with your friends and family. After all, spending time in the great outdoors is always good fun. But it’s even better when you get to share the experience with lots of other people.

Like I said at the start, though, big camping trips call for big tents to accommodate everyone. And that’s where the best 12 person tents for camping come in so handy. With more than enough space for everyone, they’re an ideal sleeping solution in these situations.

First, though, you’ve got to find and buy the best 12 man camping tent you can. Have you been trying to do exactly that? Well, I hope this buying guide will help! With 10 of the best 12 person tents I could find, any of the options in this article should do the trick just fine.

Are you still looking for the best 12 person camping tent for your upcoming trip? Click here to see more high-quality options.