How to Say Thank You in Different Languages [EVERY Country!]

A definitive resource on how to say thank you in different languages! Learn how to say thank you in every single country around the world.


Wondering how to say thank you in different languages? I hope this post helps!

I always try to memorize a few words of the local language when I’m travelling.

Partly for the practical benefits of being able to communicate more effectively.

Partly because it feels like the right thing to do.

And partly because it often endears you to the people who live there!

Of the many words to learn, though, “thank you” has to be one of the most important.

A universal expression of gratitude, knowing how to say thank you in different languages is a great way to make the locals smile and enjoy goodwill all-around.

The tricky part can be finding the right words for thank you in the first place!

With that in mind, I decided to compile a comprehensive list of ways to say thank you in every single country around the world.

Sound good? Let’s dive in…


here we go then: how to say thank you in other languages and countries around the world!

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How to Say Thank You in Different Languages

There are a few quick things to mention before I get into the list:

1. When I say “every single country”, I mean the 195 countries recognised by the United Nations as of 2021.

2. I’ve tried to include the pronunciations too. However, having never visited the majority of these countries, they’re only an approximation! Likewise, there are instances where I couldn’t find the correct phonetics online, so I left them out. Apologies in advance if this causes any inconvenience.

3. Many countries have more than one official language and some have dozens of national languages as well, each presumably with its own word for “thank you”. Burkino Faso, for example, has around 70 of them!

For the sake of simplicity (and my sanity), I’ve limited this post (with the occasional exception) to how to say thank you in the official language(s). Once again, apologies for any inconvenience.

4. I’ve done my best to be accurate, but please let me know in the comments if you spot any errors or omissions!

5. A quick key:

  • The word for thank you: Bolded
  • Pronunciation/phonetics: “In speech marks”
  • Language: Italicized

And now, without further ado, here’s how to say thank you in different languages around the world:

1. Afghanistan

Tašakor (Dari) or Manana (Pashto)

2. Albania

Faleminderit (“fah-leh-meen-deh-reet”) (Albanian)

3. Algeria

Saha (Arabic)

4. Andorra

Gràcies (“grah-syuhs”) (Catalan)

5. Angola

Obrigado (“oh-bree-gah-do”) (Portuguese)

6. Antigua and Barbuda

Thank you (English)

7. Argentina

Gracias (“grah-see-ahs”) (Spanish)

8. Armenia

Merci (“mehr-see”) (French) or shnorhakalut’yun (Armenian)

9. Australia

Thank you or “Cheers” (English)

10. Austria

Danke (“dan-kuh”) (German)

11. Azerbaijan

Çox sağ olun/Çox sağ ol (“chok-sahg-ho-lun”/ “chok-sahg-ho”) (Azerbaijani)

12. Bahamas

Thank you (English)

13. Bahrain

Shukran (“shuk ran”) (Arabic)

14. Bangladesh

Dhonnobad (“duh-HON-oh-bahd”) (Bengali)

15. Barbados

Thank you (English) or Tank ya (Local Bajan dialect)

16. Belarus

Dzya-kuy (Belarusian) or Spasibo (“Spah-see-bah”) (Russian)

17. Belgium

Merci (French) or Dank u (Dutch) or Danke (German)

18. Belize

Thank you (English)

19. Benin

E Dupe (Yoruba) or Thank you (English) or Merci (French)

20. Bhutan

Kaadinchhey la (“kadrin-chey-la”) (Dzongkha/Bhutanese)


“Yuspagara” is one example of how thank you in many languages can be a bit of a mouthful!

21. Bolivia

Gracias (Spanish) or Yuspagara (Aymara)

22. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hvala (“hvah-lah”) (Bosnian)

23. Botswana

Ke a leboga (Tswana) or Thank you (English)

24. Brazil

Obrigado (“oh-bree-gah-do”) (Brazilian Portuguese)

25. Brunei

Terima Kasih (Malay)

26. Bulgaria

Blagodaria (Bulgarian) or Merci (French; informal/slang)

27. Burkina Faso

Merci (French) or Y Barka (Mossi)

28. Burundi

Urakoze (Kirundi; addressing one person) or Murakose (Kirundi; more than one person) or Merci (French) or Thank you (English)

29. Cabo Verde

Obrigado (Portuguese)

30. Cambodia

Au kun (“ar-koon”) (Khmer)

31. Cameroon

Merci (French) or Thank you (English)

32. Canada

Thank you (English) or Merci (French)

33. Central African Republic

Merci (French) or Singuila (Sango)

34. Chad

Shukran (“shuk-rahn”) (Arabic) or Merci (French)

35. Chile

Gracias (Spanish)

36. China

Xie Xie (“syeh-syeh”) (Mandarin) or Doh je (“daw-djyeh”; Cantonese; when offered a gift) or M goi (“mm goy”; Cantonese; in return for a favour/service)

37. Colombia

Gracias (Spanish)

38. Comoros

Shukran (“shuk ran”) (Arabic) or Merci (French)

39. Congo

Merci (French) or Melesi (Lingala)

40. Costa Rica

Gracias (Spanish)


From Hvala to Yegeniyeley, it’s amazing how thank you in different languages can sound so different!

41. Croatia

Hvala (“hvah-lah”) (Croatian)

42. Cuba

Gracias (Spanish)

43. Cyprus

Efkharisto (“ef-hah-risto”) (Greek Cypriot) or Tesekkur (Turkish Cypriot)

44. Czech Republic

Děkuji (“dye-kooyi”) (Czech)

45. Côte d’Ivoire

Merci (French)

46. Denmark

Tak (Danish)

47. Djibouti

Shukran (Arabic) or Merci (French)

48. Dominica

Thank you (English)

49. Dominican Republic

Gracias (Spanish)

50. Democratic Republic of Congo

Merci (French) or Melesi (Lingala)

51. Ecuador

Gracias (Spanish)

52. Egypt

Shukran (Arabic)

53. El Salvador

Gracias (Spanish)

54. Equatorial Guinea

Gracias (Spanish) or Merci (French) or Obrigado (Portuguese)

55. Eritrea

Yegeniyeley (“yeh-yen-yeh-lay”) (Tigrinya)

56. Estonia

Tänan (“ta-nahn”) or aitäh (Estonian)

57. Eswatini

Ngiyabonga (Swati) or Thank you (English)

58. Ethiopia

Amesegenalehu (“Ah-muh-seguhn-ar-lahoo”) (Amharic)

59. Fiji

Vinaka (“vin-ah-ka”) (Fijian)

60. Finland

Kiitos (“Kee-tosh”) (Finnish)


For travellers, being able to say thanks in many languages always comes in handy.

61. France

Merci (French)

62. Gabon

Merci (French) or Abora (Fang)

63. Gambia

Thank you (English) or Jërejëf (Wolof) or Abaranka (Mandinka)

64. Georgia

Madloba (“mad-lo-ba”) (Georgian)

65. Germany

Danke (German)

66. Ghana

Thank you (English) or Medaase (“me-daa-si”) (Twi)

67. Greece

Efharisto (Greek)

68. Grenada

Thank you (English)

69. Guatemala

Gracias (Spanish)

70. Guinea

Merci (French)

71. Guinea-Bissau

Obrigado (Portuguese)

72. Guyana

Thank you (English)

73. Haiti

Merci (French) or Mesi (Haitian Creole)

74. Holy See

Gratias tibi (Latin) or Grazie (Italian)

75. Honduras

Gracias (Spanish)

76. Hungary

Köszönöm (“kuh-suh-nurm”) (Hungarian)

77. Iceland

Takk fyrir (“Tahk-fear-ick”) (Icelandic)

78. India

Dhanyvad (“Duh-hanyi-bahd”) (Hindi) or Thank you (English)

79. Indonesia

Terima Kasih (Indonesian) or Matur Nuwun (Javanese)

80. Iran

Merci (French; informal) or Mam’noon (Persian/Farsi)


Of all the way to say thanks in different languages, “Shukran”, in Arabic, is one of the most common.

81. Iraq

Shukran (Arabic) or Supas (Kurdish)

82. Ireland

Thank you (English) or Go raibh maith agat (“guh-ruh-mah-agut”) (Irish)

83. Israel

Toda (“toh-dah”) (Hebrew)

84. Italy

Grazie (Italian)

85. Jamaica

Thank you (English) or Thenk yuh (Jamaican Patois)

86. Japan

Arigatou (“ah-ree-gah-to”) (Japanese)

87. Jordan

Shukran (Arabic)

88. Kazakhstan

Rakhmet (Kazakh)

89. Kenya

Asante (Swahili) or Thank you (English)

90. Kiribati

– Kambati (Kiribati) or Thank you (English)

91. Kuwait

Shukran (Arabic)

92. Kyrgyzstan

Rakhmat/Rahmat (Kyrgyz)

93. Laos

Khop Chai (Lao)

94. Latvia

Paldies (“Pahl-dyehs”) (Latvian)

95. Lebanon

Šukran (“Shuk-rahn”) (Lebanese Arabic) or Merci (French) or Thank you (English)

96. Lesotho

Ke a Leboha (Southern Sotho or Sesotho) or Thank you (English)

97. Liberia

Thank you (English)

98. Libya

Shukran (Arabic)

99. Liechtenstein

Danke (German)

100. Lithuania

Ačiū (“Ah-choo”) (Lithuanian)


Struggling to learn how to say thanks in other languages? Learning merci, danke, gracias, shukran, and obrigado should mean you can get by in most countries!

101. Luxembourg

Merci (Luxembourgish and French) or Danke (German)

102. Madagascar

Misaotra (Malagasi) or Merci (French)

103. Malawi

Thank you (English) or Zikomo (Chichewa)

104. Malaysia

Terima Kasih (Malay)

105. Maldives

Shukuriyaa (Dhivehi)

106. Mali

Merci (French) or I ni cé (Bambara)

107. Malta

Thank you (English) or Grazzi (Maltese)

108. Marshall Islands

Koṃṃool (Marshallese) or Thank you (English)

109. Mauritania

Shukran (Arabic)

110. Mauritius

Merci (French) or Thank you (English)

111. Mexico

Gracias (Spanish)

112. Micronesia

Thank you (English) or Kinisou (Chuukese) or Kalahngan/Menlau (Pohnpeian)

113. Moldova

Mulţumesc (“mul-tsu-mesk”) (Romanian)

114. Monaco

Merci (French)

115. Mongolia

Bayarlalaa (Mongolian)

116. Montenegro

Hvala (“Hvah-lah”) (Montenegrin)

117. Morocco

Shokran (Arabic)

118. Mozambique

Obrigado (Portuguese) or Kanimambo (Changana)

119. Myanmar

Kyay Zuu (Burmese)

120. Namibia

Thank you (English) or Dankie (Afrikaans)


Want to set yourself a challenge? Why not learn how to say thank you in 100 languages?!

121. Nauru

Tubwa kor (Nauruan) or Thank you (English)

122. Nepal

Dhanyabād (“Dhan-ya-baa-d”) (Nepali)

123. Netherlands

Dank u (Dutch)

124. New Zealand

Thank you (English) or Kia Ora (Te Reo Māori)

125. Nicaragua

Gracias (Spanish)

126. Niger

Merci (French), or Shukran (Arabic) or Na gode (Hausa)

127. Nigeria

Thank you (English) or Na gode (Hausa) or E Dupe (Yoruba)

128. North Korea

Go map seum ni da (Korean)

129. North Macedonia

– Blagodaram (“Blah-go-dah-rahm”) (Macedonian) or Faleminderit (Albanian)

130. Norway

Takk (Norwegian)

131. Oman

Shukran (Arabic) or Thank you (English)

132. Pakistan

Shukriyah (Urdu) or Thank you (English)

133. Palau

Ke kmal Mesaul (“Kuh-kuhmowl-meh-sowl”) (Formal; Palauan) or Ke Mesulang (“Kuh-meh-soo-lahng”) (Informal; Palauan) or Thank you (English)

134. Panama

Gracias (Spanish)

135. Papua New Guinea

Tenkyu (Tok Pisin) or Thank you (English)

136. Paraguay

Aguyje (“Ah-we-JAY”) (Paraguayan Guarani) or Gracias (Spanish)

137. Peru

Yuspagara (Aymara) or Gracias (Spanish)

138. Philippines

Salamat (Filipino) or Thank you (English)

139. Poland

Dziękuję (“Jen-koo-yea”) (Polish)

140. Portugal

Obrigado (Portuguese)


Knowing how to say thank you in different countries is always an advantage for a traveller. Here’s how to say it Qatar…

141. Qatar

Shukran (Arabic)

142. Romania

Mulţumesc (“mul-tsu-mesk”) (Romanian)

143. Russia

Spasibo (Russian)

144. Rwanda

Murakoze (“Moo-rah-ko-ze”) (Kinyarwanda) or Thank you (English) or Merci (French)

145. Saint Kitts & Nevis

Thank you (English)

146. Saint Lucia

Thank you (English)

147. Samoa

Fa’afetai (Samoan) or Thank you (English)

148. San Marino

Grazie (Italian)

149. Sao Tome & Principe

Obrigado (Portuguese)

150. Saudi Arabia

Shukran (Arabic) or Thank you (English)

151. Senegal

Jërejëf (“je-re-jef”) (Wolof) or Merci (French)

152. Serbia

Hvala (“hvah-lah”) (Serbian)

153. Seychelles

Thank you (English) or Merci (French) or Mehsi (Seychellois Creole)

154. Sierra Leone

Thank you (English) or Tenki (Krio)

155. Singapore

Thank you (English) or Terima Kasih (Malay) or Xie Xie (Mandarin) or Nandri (Tamil)

156. Slovakia

Ďakujem (“JAH-koo-yehm”) (Slovak)

157. Slovenia

Hvala (“hvah-lah”) (Slovenian)

158. Solomon Islands

Thank you (English) or Tanggio (Pijin)

159. Somalia

Mahadsanid (Somali)

160. South Africa

Ngiyabonga (“Gee-ah-bon-gah”) (Zulu) or Enkosi (Xhosa) or Dankie (Afrikaans) or Thank you (English)


Looking for ways to say thank you in South Korea? The same as North Korea, you could say: “Go map seum ni da”.

161. South Korea

Go map seum ni da (Korean)

162. South Sudan

Thank you (English)

163. Spain

Gracias (Spanish)

164. Sri Lanka

Sthoo-thi (“Stoo-tee”) (Sinhala) or Nandri (Tamil)

165. St. Vincent & Grenadines

Thank you (English)

166. State of Palestine

Shukran (Arabic) or Eeslamu (Arabic)

167. Sudan

Shukran (Arabic) or Thank you (English)

168. Suriname

Grantangi (Sranan) Danke je (Dutch)

169. Sweden

Tack (Swedish)

170. Switzerland

Danke (German) Merci or (French) or Grazie (Italian) or Grazia (Romansh)

171. Syria

Shukran (Arabic)

172. Tajikistan

Sipos (Tajik)

173. Tanzania

Asante (Swahili) or Thank you (English)

174. Thailand

– Guys say: kòp kun kráp (Thai); Girls say: kòp kun kâ (Thai)

175. Timor-Leste

Obrigado (Portuguese) or Obrigadu/a (Tetum)

176. Togo

Merci (French) or La’balle (Kabiyé) or Akpe (Ewe)

177. Tonga

Malo (“Maah-low”) (Tongan)

178. Trinidad and Tobago

Thank you (English)

179. Tunisia

Shokrun (Arabic) or Yaishek (Tunisian Arabic)

180. Turkey

Teşekkür ederim (“Te-sheh-kur-ed-eh-rim”) (Turkish)


We’re nearly at this end of this list of thank you’s in different languages. I hope you’ve found it useful!

181. Turkmenistan

Sagbolun (“Sah-boe-luhn”) (Turkmen)

182. Tuvalu

Fakafetai (Tuvaluan) or Thank you (English)

183. Uganda

Asante (Swahili) or Thank you (English) or Webale (“way-vah-lee”) (Lugandan)

184. Ukraine

Dyakuyu (Ukrainian)

185. United Arab Emirates

Shukran (Arabic)

186. United Kingdom

Thank you (English)

187. United States

Thank you (English)

188. Uruguay

Gracias (Spanish)

189. Uzbekistan

Rahmat (Uzbek)

190. Vanuatu

Tangkyu (Bislama) or Thank you (English) or Merci (French)

191. Venezuela

Gracias (Spanish)

192. Vietnam

Cảm ơn (“Gauhm uhhn”) (Vietnamese)

193. Yemen

Shukran (Arabic)

194. Zambia

Thank you (English) or Zikomo (Nyanja) or Natotela (Bemba)

195. Zimbabwe

Maita basa (Shona) or Nigiyabonga (Ndebele) or Thank you (English)

Say Thanks in Different Languages

As a traveller, there are no shortage of incentives for learning how to say thank you in different languages.

Among other things, it’s a way to make an effort in the communities you choose to explore, solicit a smile from the locals, and create goodwill to boot.

With any luck, the many different ways to say thank you in this post will help you do exactly that- wherever you are in the world!

Once again, though, please drop a comment below if you noticed any errors.

And, finally, click here to learn all about responsible tourism if you’re looking for more ways to respect the places you travel through.