100 Essential Makes Life Easier Ideas [Make Life Easier in 2022]

Wondering what makes life easier? Here are 100 essentials tips, tools, and strategies to make life easy this year!


Wondering what makes life easier? I hope this post helps!

Life getting you down?

To-do list stacking up?

Responsibilities falling out your ears?

Desperate to take a step back, relax, lift your spirits and rediscover your spark?

You’re not alone.

Flip, I think we can all relate to an extent.

Sometimes it can all get a little too much! Like you don’t know if you can cope anymore and your breaking point’s too close for comfort.

Ready for the good news?

There are plenty of ways to make life easier.

From simple strategies to daily tools, an easier life’s never far away. You just have to figure out what makes life easier for you.

So, what’s the secret to making life easier? What makes life easy in tricky times?

I’ve put together a long list of 100 ideas that should, in theory, make a difference.

If you’re wondering how to make your life easier, then give it a read! Somewhere, hopefully, there’s an idea or two that’ll help.


Here we go then: 100 makes life easy ideas to try this year!

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What Makes Life Easy? Try These First

Lacking time and need some quick-fire solutions? Stick to this section. In it, I’ve tried to include what I perceive to be the most effective ways to make life easier.

1. Exercise

Go for a run, jog around the block, walk to work, do a workout…Whatever it is, exercise is my go-to when I’m feeling subpar.

It clears my mind, lifts my spirits, and makes my problems feel less significant.

2. Eat Right

Our diet’s key to how we feel!

If you’re low on energy, lethargic, and so on, you could be deficient in certain nutrients.

Eating a balanced diet packed with leafy greens, lean protein, complex carbs, and good fats could make all the difference to your mood (and ability to cope with whatever challenges you’re facing).

3. Get Some Sleep

According to Healthline, getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night can:

  • Improve your productivity levels
  • Strengthen your heart
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Protect you against certain mental illnesses
  • Support your immune system

…and many more!

Clearly, improving your sleep will make life easier in countless powerful ways.

4.  Develop a Routine

Everyone’s different, but I’m at my best when I have a routine to stick to.

Things feel less uncertain. I have a greater sense of purpose. And I get more done.

5. Improve Your Financial Situation

Money troubles are stressful. They command your attention and, from buying food to paying rent, can have a huge impact on your daily life.

Trying to earn a little extra, reduce your expenses, and save what you can should take the pressure off for future rainy days.

6. Make a Plan

I love a routine almost as much as I love a plan.

I like knowing what’s going to happen and feel in greater control of the situation.

Plans make me more productive, efficient, and lead to better outcomes (with fewer mistakes along the way).

7. Take a Break

On the brink of burnout?

Stop. Take a break. Ignore the voice in your head that says you shouldn’t or can’t.

Whether it’s 5 minutes away from the desk or a month-long sabbatical, breaks are underrated! Take them.

8. Put Your Phone Down

Smartphones are great. But they’re also addicting and full of things to compare ourselves too.

Likewise, spending too long on your phone can cause sleep problems, relationship issues, conflict, self-worth, interpersonal skills, and more.

Step away for a while. Your life might start to get easier.

9. Don’t Dawdle

If you know something’s wrong, then address it ASAP. Don’t put it off because you think it’ll be annoying, inconvenient, or uncomfortable.

It’ll only get worse.

Facing the problem head on might be horrible in the short term, but it should make life easier in the long run.

10. Simplify Your Life

Stop buying stuff. Declutter your home. Sell what you can.

I highly recommend watching that Netflix documentary about Minimalism (trailer below). It’ll explain far better how simplifying your life makes it better.

11. Avoid Negative People

Some people suck the energy from any room they’re in.

If you can, avoid them. And if you can’t, limit the time you spend with them.

Surround yourself with good, friendly, positive people and you’ll soon notice a difference in the way you feel.

12. Help Someone

When you’re in need of help, offering it to others can seem counterintuitive.

But doing good makes you feel good. Not only that, but it’s good karma! Put good into the world and it will come back to you at some point.

13. Ask for Help

Asking someone for help doesn’t make you weak.

I’d argue it’s the opposite: being vulnerable takes strength.

More importantly, getting a helping hand makes life easier- regardless of what you’re getting help for.

Just make sure you pay forward whatever help you receive when you can.

14. Learn to Communicate Better

From relationships to work, every area of life improves when you become a good communicator.

It won’t happen overnight. But putting in the work will pay serious dividends.

Expect fewer misunderstandings, stronger relationships, better outcomes, and more.

15. Learn to Say No

Here’s one I’m still learning:

Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person! It’s a sign of self-respect.

Agreeing to everything and always putting your needs last isn’t fair on you.

And you matter. So say no. Respect your time and don’t feel bad about it.


Asking yourself “What’ll make my life easier”? Try these simple ideas!

Simple Things to Make Life Easier

What makes life easier doesn’t have to be anything particularly special! For me, it’s often the simplest solutions that work best.

Here are 15 ideas that fall into this category:

16. Turn off social media

17. Soak in the bath

18. Take a hot shower

19. Light a candle

20. Find a dog to cuddle

21. Sit down and put your feet up

22. Drink a hot cup of tea/coffee

23. Get a cuddle from someone you love

24. Distract yourself (read a book, watch a movie…)

25. Stop. Take a few deep breaths

26. Step away from the screen

27. Eat a healthy snack (replenish your energy levels)

28. Have a nap

29. Write down whatever’s bothering you

30. Catch up with a friend (either over the phone or face to face)


Investing in certain products should make life easier too!

Products that Make Lives Easier

Sometimes investing in the right equipment can make a mighty difference to your life! Here are a few ideas that spring to mind:

31. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lights

32. Bathtub wine glass/beer holders

33. Mattress toppers (for a comfier bed/better sleep)

34. Robot vacuum cleaners

35. Smart assistants (e.g. Alexa)

36. AeroPress coffee makers

37. A journal to write in

38. A calendar to organize your days

39. Alarm clock on wheels (no more trouble getting out of bed)

40. Tile Mates (no more losing valuables)

41. Blender (easy nutrients)

42. Cordless water flosser

43. Portable charger (no more flat phone battery!)

44. Smart watch (gives reminders to exercise, get messages on the go…)

45. Wireless earphones (shut the world out without annoying wires)


Want an easier life long-term? The following ideas should make a difference.

Ideas for Maintaining an Easier Life Over Time

Quick fixes and short-term solutions are great. But the real magic happens when you find ways to make life easier in the long term.

These ideas might not work straight away, but they should prove useful over time:

46. Speak your mind more often than you hold your tongue

47. Don’t hold grudges; forgive people

48. Take the moral high-ground

49. Never stop learning new things

50. Quit early when you know something isn’t right

51. Remember there’s no such thing as the perfect decision

52. Tell yourself every single day that you matter (or whatever else you need to hear)

53. Don’t limit yourself; aim high

54. Set boundaries

55. Turn your “shoulds” into “musts”

56. Wake up earlier (without sacrificing too much sleep)

57. Identify what the issue is

58. Figure out who you are

59. Figure out who you want to be

60. Forgive yourself


Still wondering how to make your life easier? Getting help from others is a good place to start.

Things to Do With Others for Help Making Life Easy

No man is an island! Your friends, family, colleagues, and even total strangers can be absolute lifesavers when you’re looking for ways to make life easier.

Here are 15 ways they might be able to help:

61. Go out for coffee (change of scene, catch up with a loved one, distraction…)

62. Go for dinner with someone (as above)

63. Have an honest chat with a trusted friend

64. Stay at your parents’ place for a while

65. Pay someone to do your chores

66. Get a babysitter/nanny

67. Take a weekend trip with friends

68. Play online games with friends

69. Reconnect with old friends on social media

70. Go to your high-school reunion

71. Listen to podcasts featuring people you respect and admire

72. Make time to be with your partner

73. Eat dinner as a family (no phones allowed!)

74. Cook dinner with friends or family

75. Delegate tasks and chores to kids/family members


Sometimes making life easy is as simple as entering the here-and-now.

Using the Present Moment to Make My Life Easier

Fixing your attention in the here-and-now can be a powerful way to alleviate stress, feel less anxious, and allow your troubles to subside.

Here’s a list of ways to become more present and feel these benefits for yourself:

76. Write in your journal

77. Meditate

78. Do some stretching or try yoga

79. Stop, look, listen- take in your surroundings

80. Do some drawing

81. Eat/drink something mindfully

82. Notice the sensations in a part of your body

83. Do a body scan

84. Notice the emotions going on inside you

85. Try morning pages

86. Take a cold shower

87. Try the Wim Hof breathing technique

88. Pray

89. Close your eyes and listen to some relaxing music

90. Write a letter to your future self


Last but not least, here’s how to make life easier on your worst days.

How to Make Your Life Easier On the Worst Days

Are you at a particular low point right now? If a crisis feels like it’s looming, here are 10 thing to think about doing that should make your life easier.

91. Take the day off

92. Identify the problem (so you can find a way to address it)

93. Do something you love

94. Remove yourself from the stressful situation

95. Call/meet up with your closest friend

96. Let yourself feel whatever’s going on inside

97. Use positive affirmations to boost your mood

98. Dance around the room!

99. Do something sociable

100. Speak to your doctor or a professional counsellor

What Makes Life Easier? Try These Ideas

Finding ways to make life easier is crucial whenever you’re unhappy, overwhelmed, or on the precipice of burning out.

Unfortunately, for me, at least, thinking clearly enough to identify these things can be a challenge in the moment! It’s as if you have blinkers on, stopping you from seeing what makes life easier.

That’s why I decided to put this post together.

With any luck, this long list of 100 ideas for making life easier will be a useful resource to refer back to in tricky times.

Keep it in mind whenever you next feel in need of a pick-me-up and there should be something on here that’ll make a difference.

In the meantime, check out these 10 tips for growing through what you go through!