70 Funny Mountain Puns and Mountain Jokes to Make You Laugh

Looking for some epic puns about mountains? Check out the 70 mountain jokes in this post! You’re sure to find a few funny mountain puns to make you laugh.


Looking to find the best mountain puns on the web? The 70 mountain jokes in this post should help!

Mountains take your breath away and leave you speechless.

In fact, they’re so awe-inspiring that it’s hard to find enough superlatives to do them justice.

But can they be funny too?

I wasn’t convinced, so I set out to uncover as many mountain puns and mountain jokes as I could find. And, as I’d thought, genuinely good puns about mountains were few and far between!

Nevertheless, I persevered until I had a list of the best mountain jokes, one liners, and funny mountain puns I could find.

Want to see what I came up with?

Keep reading for 70 funny mountain jokes and nature puns.

[Last updated: January 2022]

70 Mountain Jokes & Puns About Mountains

Ready to get started? The following mountain jokes were the best I could find!

From tumble-weed moments to genuinely punny ones, you’re sure to find some funny mountain jokes to tell your friends.

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My Favourite Funny Mountain Jokes

1. What’s funnier: mountain ranges or forests? Mountains, of course- they’re hill areas.

2. What do you call an amazing day up a mountain? A ‘peak’ experience.

3. Never forget how beautiful the mountains are. You don’t want to take them for granite.

4. Why are mountains always sleepy? Because they n-Everest.


“What world-famous rock group has four guys that don’t even sing? Mount Rushmore.”

6. What did the enthusiastic environmentalists say when they saw the effects of global warming seem to reverse on a nearby mountain? “Let’s go climate!”

7. How do mountains hear? Thanks to mountaineers, duuh.

8. A desperate young mountain looks to a selfish older mountain for help. It shouldn’t get its slopes up.

9. You should dress up warm in the Andes. That place is Chile.

10. If this mountain was a novel it’d be called ‘Climb and Punishment’.

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I’ll admit, few of these mountain jokes are going to win any awards for comedy. See number 11 for a prime example…

Funny Dad Jokes About Mountains (Mountain Dad Jokes!)

11. What do you call a giant hill made of kittens? A meow-tain.

12. The ancient god of thunder rode up a mountain on his horse. “I’m Thor!” He cried, to which the horse replied: “Because you forgot your thaddle thilly!”

13. What’s the difference between falling off a mountain and falling off a roof? Falling off a mountain: Aagghh Aaaghhh Aagghhh…Thud; falling off a roof: Thud…Aaagghh Aagghhh Aaghh

14. You might be at the summit now, but it’s all downhill from there.


“What do fashionable mountains wear when it’s cold? An ice cap.”

16. What’s the name of the funniest mountain range in the world? The Himhilarious.

17. What’s the smartest mountain in the world? Mount Cl-Everest.

18. How about the most dangerous mountain in the world? Kill-a-man-jaro.

19. Mountain walks are the ideal first date: steep and cheerful.

20. Solving problems in the mountains is easy. It really Alps to clear your head.

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Some of these puns about mountains, (like number 22) genuinely made me chuckle…

Funny Mount Puns and Mountain Climbing Puns

21. A disappointed Dad tells a knock knock joke to his teenage son: “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “You’re a mountain.” “You’re a mountain, who?” “You’re a mountain to nothing, son!”

22. Why do pirates avoid mountain roads? ‘Scurvy.

23. What’s a mountain’s favourite band? Range against the machine.

24. Did you hear that story about the biggest mountain in the world? I couldn’t get over it.


“I couldn’t tell you exactly how far away the mountain is from here. But I could tell you what range it’s in.”

26. Lighting a campfire on a mountain? Don’t burn your ridges.

27. How did the wife know her mountaineering husband was cheating on her? She caught Himalayan about it more than once.

28. Did you hear about the man who get arrested for walking naked in the mountains of South America? He got done for Andes-cent exposure.

29. There’s nothing but a fine line between ‘hell’ and ‘hill’.

30. Why can’t you play hide and seek with mountains? They always peak!

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Ready for a tumble-weed moment? Check out number 31. I promise you these were the best hiking and mountain puns I could find!

Funny Mountain Man Jokes and Mountaineering Jokes!

31. These mountain jokes are awful. But at least they’re not cliff hangers.

32. Why did the teacher take their class up a mountain? To get higher grades.

33. Why did the boy soon stop trying to grab the mountain fog? Because he always mist.

34. What does an angry mother mountain shout at her stroppy teenage mountain? “Don’t you dare give me that altitude!”


“Meteorologists don’t just walk up mountains. They climate.”

36. What do you call a friendly volcano? Lava-ble.

37. A group of thirsty hikers stumbled across a crystal clear mountain stream and decided to take a drink. Alas, each of them got sick as a result. The life lesson? Never judge a brook by its colour.

38. Did you know that anybody can jump higher than a mountain? That’s right- mountains can’t jump.

39. Why did the man from Yorkshire, UK, climb the mountain? Because it was summit to do.

40. What did the climber call his son? Cliff.


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Funny Mountain Peak Puns (Peak Jokes!)

41. Don’t just talk about climbing the mountain- do it! I mean, actions peak louder than words.

42. There’s snow place like the mountains in winter.

43. The mountains in Switzerland are incredible. And their flag is a big plus as well.

44. A mountain biker was chased by a Grizzly this morning. He bearly made it.

45. There’s nothing like an alpine forest to help you leaf your worries far behind.

46. Sorry, what were you saying? I lost my terrain of thought.

47. How do you solve a math problem at the top of a mountain? Just sum it.

48. What do you call someone who smokes weed at the summit of a mountain? Super high.


“The hill looked hard to begin with, but I soon got over it.”

50. What do you call a sick mountain? Hill.

51. The presidential candidate died while climbing a mountain last week. Their opponent won by a landslide…

52. Why did the vain man love mountain plateaus so much? They offered the highest kind of flattery.

53. There may be no WiFi on the mountain, but you’ll soon find a better connection.

54. A staggering range of mountains can’t help but peak your interest.

55. Mountains are perfect for putting you in a good mood. You can’t help but change your ‘altitude’.


Here are some miscellaneous joke about mountains ideas to finish!

Miscellaneous Joke About Mountains Ideas

56. What do you get if you cross a mountain and a desert? Very tired feet…

57. What do you call a flock of sweeping falling down a mountain? A lamb slide.

58. I’d look like a mountain too…I’m just not that way inclined.

59. Mountain plateaus are the highest forms of flattery.

60. What’s a world-famous rock group with 4 guys that don’t sing? Mount Rushmore.

61. How do you dry a mountain range? With a cliff hanger!

62. Why didn’t the man want to climb Mount Everest? Because he couldn’t see the point.


“A man encountered two talking stones while hiking up a mountain. One was huge but shy. The other was a little boulder.”

64. Three children were walking on a mountain when found a magical slide. Next to it, there was a sign that said, “whatever you wish for comes true when you slide down”. The first child stepped up, slid down, and wished for a river of chocolate. And voila, he swam in his chocolate river! The second child slid down and wished for a mountain of money. His wish came true too. Then the third child slid down and, forgetting the rules, said “weeeeeeeeee!”

65. What did the mountaineer say to the hiker who gave him directions? Thanks, that really Alps me out.

66. The Himalayas might not be the best mountains in the world, but they’re definitely up there.

67. How do you know the weather at the summit of a mountain? You climate!

68. Why do pirates steer clear of mountain roads? ‘Scurvy!

69. What do you call a goat on a mountain? A hillbilly!

70. Did you hear the job about the egg that fell down the mountain? The ending will crack you up!

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There you have it: 70 of the best mountain puns that I could find!

They might not feature on any Netflix specials any time soon. However, with any luck, I hope a few of these mountain jokes will have at least made you smile.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Which of these puns about mountains was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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