25 Best Gifts for Moms Who Travel [2021 Guide]

Finding awesome gifts for moms who travel can be a challenge! Want some ideas to get the ball rolling? Check out this post to see a wide range of amazing travel gifts for mom.


Trying to find the best gifts for moms who travel? I hope this post helps!

Any time is a good time to shower your mom with the affection she deserves!

You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day rolls around to let these special women know they’re loved, cherished, and appreciated.

The only problem?

It can be impossible to think of the right way to express your admiration. After all, what do you give the person who gave you the gift of life?

If you know (or have) a mom who loves to travel, this task just got a lot easier.

With a little research, you can find plenty of cool gadgets and accessories that can make her adventures all the more enjoyable. Luckily, I’ve done the legwork for you.

Today, I’m sharing the ultimate list of 25 gifts for moms who travel that are fit for the family matriarch.

Read on to find the right one, and you just might become her favourite child…for now!

Heads up, this post contains affiliate links.


Ready for a list of good travel gifts for mom? Here we go…

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25 Awesome Travel Gifts for Mom

In no particular order, let’s get into this list of 25 amazing travel gifts for mom! From electronics and apparel to handy travel gear, there should be something for any travelling moms out there.

Sound good? Read on to discover the perfect gifts for moms who love to travel.

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Where were these when you and your siblings were younger and bouncing off the walls? Chances are, your mom could have used a pair of noise-cancelling headphones a long time ago!

These make travelling by plane infinitely more enjoyable. Find one with crisp sound quality and extra-plush earpads, and she’ll use them from the takeoff to the landing. Get a vibrant-coloured pair so she can easily find them in her carry-on!

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2. Inspirational Travel Guide

Is your mom filled with wanderlust, but unsure where to visit next?

If so, help her out with an inspirational travel guide. You can find ones filled to the brim with gorgeous imagery, so she can take a trip to anywhere, right from her living room. Put sticky notes on places you’d think she’d love to visit!

–> Click here to learn more about this Lonely Planet Travel Guide online.

3. Silk Sleep Mask

Whether she’s jet-setting to her next destination or finally relaxing in her hotel room, your mom should be able to indulge in some quality R&R!

A silk sleep mask can help her shut the world out for a minute and truly unwind. Pair this gift with a bottle of bath salts, and you’re golden.

–> Click here to learn more about this Lulusilk sleep mask online.

4. Travel Scarf

No matter the age of their children, moms are always tasked with remembering a laundry list of necessities. If yours is always forgetting the glasses on top of her head, a beautiful travel scarf is a must!

These are designed to look like a standard infinity scarf, but they include a concealed inner pocket. The size is just right for holding small accessories, such as a passport, phone or camera. This keeps her hands free and helps deter would-be pickpockets, too!

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5. Small Jewelry Organizer

She might not bring her beloved diamonds along for the ride, but your mom still needs a place to store her pearls and gemstones while she travels the world!

A small, handheld jewellery organizer is ideal for those small trinkets she wants to keep safe but always close by. Find one that’s big enough to hold her favourite earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces so she doesn’t have to sacrifice style to save space.

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Personalized passport covers would makes amazing gifts for moms who love to travel internationally!

6. Personalized Passport Cover

Let’s face it: On their own, passports are a bit bland. Sure, they hold the possibility of infinite discoveries inside, but their outer covers leave much to be desired.

Your mom might say that she doesn’t mind the way hers looks, but a personalized touch never hurt. Today, you can find tons of great-quality options on the web. A photo cover puts a special spin on a familiar classic.

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7. Toiletry Bag

Nothing ruins a mom’s vacation quicker than her favourite toiletries all scattered around in her luggage. Left unorganized, lotions, perfumes, and cosmetics can spill out and make a mess.

A stylish toiletry bag is one of the best gifts for travel moms. It keeps everything in check, so she always knows where to go to find her necessities.

–> Click here to learn more about the Boacay toiletry bag online.

8. Hand Lotion Set

Our skin does best in relative humidity levels that hover around 40% to 70%. However, on an aeroplane, those levels are more like 20%. The result?

Your mom’s hardworking hands might start feeling dry, cracked and uncomfortable. If you’re looking for travel gifts for mom, a compact set of tiny hand lotions will do the trick.

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9. Portable Steamer

It’s vacation! No one cares about a few wrinkles in your shorts, right?

Except mom. Mom cares. Moms always care.

A handheld, portable steamer fits conveniently into any travel bag and keeps her outfits looking as fresh as she feels. No ironing board required!

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10. Black Leggings

She wants to look her best, but your mom also wants to be comfy. For this reason, black leggings have (so I hear) emerged as the heralded wardrobe staple for mothers everywhere.

The best part? They also take up almost zero room in her luggage, rolling easily into a tiny ball.

No matter the destination, a pair of high-waisted leggings fit the bill. They’ll look equally chic on a busy street, a mountain retreat, or a sunset beachside stroll.

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Practical travel gifts for mom don’t get much better than comfy flats for exploring new places.

11. Practical Flats

You know she’s packing a killer pair of heels for those nights out on the town. However, stilettos aren’t exactly travel-friendly.

Whether your mom’s hopping on a plane or travelling by car, she needs a great pair of flats that can keep her feet warm, cushioned and supported. These ballet versions are simple and versatile enough to go from day to night.

–> Click here to learn more about the Silky Toes flats online.

12. Travel Planner

Moms are notoriously great planners, and research every little decision before they make a move.

Even if yours is a free-spirited wanderer, she’ll appreciate the help of a travel planner to organize her current and future itineraries.

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13. FitBit

Your mom might be surprised to discover how many steps she takes and the calories she burns while sightseeing!

A FitBit is an on-trend way to keep track of her health and fitness goals while she’s out of town. Throw in a travel case and a charger so she can keep it juiced up on-the-go.

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14. Cosy Shawl

Those overhead air conditioners can turn a plane seat into an icebox, stat. A soft, cape-style shawl can keep your mom warm on her flight and serve as a fashionable jacket once she lands.

Usually, these are one-size-fits-most, so just choose a style you think she’d love and you can’t go wrong.

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15. Crossbody Backpack

No one wants to carry a heavy, bulky bookbag around on a short hike.

If your mom decides to hit the trails, she needs a lightweight do-all bag that can hold all her gear without slowing her down.

A sling-style, crossbody backpack will offer multiple compartments for her water bottle, snacks, wallet and more. You can find a ton of these in fun, colourful patterns she’s sure to love.

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The best gifts for travel moms don’t have to be fancy! Small yet practical, universal travel adaptors would be ideal for any moms that like going to exotic places.

16. Universal Travel Adapter

The tables have turned, and now you’re the one nagging your mom to check in as soon as she arrives at her destination safely.

To do so, she must be able to charge all of her devices, wherever she goes. This universal travel adapter is compatible with almost all USB devices and easily accommodates a variety of plug types, working in more than 150 countries!

–> Click here to learn more about ths travel adaptor online.

17. Digital Picture Frame

Your mom undoubtedly enjoys her time away, but her loved ones are never too far from her heart.

Why not help her stay connected with a digital picture frame, so she can enjoy cherished memories from anywhere in the world? Pre-load it with all of her favourite snaps and add to it in real-time so she never has to miss a moment.

–> Click here to learn more about the PhotoShare frame online.

18. Satin Pillowcase

A satin pillowcase is an elegant gift that’s more than just beautiful. It also keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay while keeping your mom’s hair shiny and smooth! For these reasons, it’s one of the top gifts for moms who love to travel.

While nothing can replace the familiar comfort of her own bed, this thoughtful accessory is the next best thing.

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19. Craft Cocktail Kit

Within one of these cheeky kits, your mom will find all the ingredients necessary to create two delicious cocktails, whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. There’s one for Moscow Mules, Gin and Tonics, Bloody Marys, Old Fashioneds, and more.

I know what you’re wondering, and yes! This kit is TSA-approved.

–> Click here to learn more about the The Cocktail Box Co. cocktail set online.

20. Coffee Tumbler/Maker

No road trip is complete without a tumbler of coffee in the drink well! Help your mom keep hers warm all day long with a durable, reliable tumbler.

Choose a simple, stainless steel one to keep it classy, or find one with a humorous message if your mom has a wicked funny bone! A sweet “Mama Bear” one perfectly walks the line.

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Get your travelling mom a small candle set and you’re sure to be her new favourite 😉

21. Small Candle Set

Travelling can be exhilarating, but there’s no denying that it can also be a little stressful. From lengthy layovers to uncomfortable jetlag, the process can take a toll on anyone.

Once your mom is all settled in and ready to enjoy her new digs, she can light a few small candles to help her breathe more deeply. Even though they’re pint-sized, these still offer plenty of glorious burn time.

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22. Water Filter Straw

Need good travel gifts for mom that are both practical and smart?

Moms love peace of mind, and a water filter straw gives it to her. These are designed to filter out dangerous bacteria and protozoa from the water she drinks, no matter where that might be.

Especially if your mom is fond of international travel, this is one gift she’ll appreciate for years to come.

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23. Luggage Organizer Bags

No one wants their clothes tousled about in their bag haphazardly. Unfortunately, even the most meticulously-packed bag can become dishevelled as it passes through security and makes its way onto the plane.

Luggage organizer bags help keep everything intact, no matter how bumpy the turbulence may be. She’ll think of you when she unzips her suitcase and finds everything just as she left it (like she taught you).

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24. Hiking Sandals

Who says you can’t look great while breaking a sweat?

If you’ve got a mom who loves exploring the backcountry by foot, she needs a pair of hiking sandals that can keep pace.

While it’s always fun to surprise her, this is one gift she should probably know about, first. It’s best to have her foot professionally fitted to the sandal of her choice to make sure it perfectly meets her needs.

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25. Bluetooth Speakers

You already know your mom can groove, and portable, wireless Bluetooth speakers help her turn any space into her own personal nightclub!

Don’t let the size of these speakers fool you. Though they take up little real estate in her bag, they deliver impressive, powerful noise.

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Get Your Hands on These Gifts for Moms Who Travel

Moms are some of the most influential people in our lives.

They deserve to be spoiled around the clock, and especially when they’re flying the coop to enjoy their own adventures.

These 25 gifts for moms who travel can help you send her off in style. Hopefully, she’s setting off for a little private R&R. Yet, if she’s thinking of bringing any little ones on board with her, these toddler plane activities can help keep everyone sane!

Still looking for the perfect travel gifts for mom? Click here to see more great options online.