50 Unique Gifts for Kids Who Travel [2021 Kids Travel Gift Guide]

Looking for kids travel gifts ideas? I’ve got you covered! Check out this guide to the best gifts for kids who travel (including tweens and teens) and discover 50 unique ideas they’re sure to love.


Looking for gifts for kids who travel? I hope this list of 50 kids travel gifts helps you find one that’s perfect!

Ahhh, the annual family holiday.

Looking back on my childhood, those week-long trips with my parents and two older brothers were the highlight of my year.

We’d go camping in France or book a small place to stay in sunny Spain.

It was always one of the two and never anything extravagant, but it never mattered! We were packing our bags, escaping dreary old England, and going somewhere different.

It was exciting.

In fact, it was so exciting that as a toddler I once ran headlong into a metal barrier at the airport and knocked myself out cold…

True story.

That minor ‘blip’ notwithstanding, I loved every second of those family holidays.

Do your kids love travelling as much as I did (and still do)? Do you want to spoil them rotten and get them the best gifts for kids who travel?

Well, I thought I’d channel my inner child to see if I could help.

What travel gift ideas for kids would I have loved to receive way back when? And what kids’ travel gifts are available now that’d make them love your family trips more than they do already?

Keep reading for 50 unique travel gifts for kids that all budding travellers are sure to love.

Heads up, this post contains affiliate links.


Here we go then: a comprehensive list of 50 unique travel gift ideas for kids!

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50 Unique Travel Gift Ideas for Kids

I’ve broken this list of 50 kids’ travel gifts into sections.

Hopefully, somewhere in the bunch of travel gift ideas for kids to come, you’ll find the perfect present for your toddlers, tweens, and teens. Enjoy!

Adventure Gifts for Kids Who Travel

One of the reasons I loved my old family trips so much was because it felt like an ‘adventure’. If your kids are the same, then they should love the following adventure gifts for kids who travel.

In all honesty, you could buy any of them for me now and I’d still be stoked (#28goingon8)…

1. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knives are the ultimate gift for adventurous kids who travel. They’ll carry it in their pocket wherever they go, playing with the different gizmos and putting it to work whenever they get the chance.

–>> Click here to see this Swiss army knife online.

2. Full Face Snorkel

There’s nothing cooler than being at the beach and dashing into the ocean to explore the sea-life. And a full face snorkel would help your kids do it.

Even better, they wouldn’t have to worry about water getting inside or suffering rings round their eyes! Those unideal outcomes are common with ordinary snorkels, but not with these.

–>> Click here to see this snorkel online.

3. Mini Binoculars

I used to love playing around with my dad’s binoculars as a kid. There was something strangely addictive about zooming in on the horizon and seeing things clearly from a distance.

Give your travelling child a mini pair of binoculars and they’ll be entertained for hours! Just make sure they’re robust enough to stand up to the rigours of the road.

–>> Click here to see these binoculars online.

4. Walkie Talkies

Another favourite toy of mine as a child, walkie talkies would be an epic gift for kids who travel- especially if they have a sibling or friend along for the trip.

They’ll be able to stay in contact as you explore new places, swap secret messages before bedtime, and play imaginative games together every step of the way.

–>> Click here to see these walkie talkies online.

5. Head Torch

Head torches make awesome adventurous travel gifts for kids of all ages.

The young’uns will enjoy the novelty of having a torch on their head, making shadow puppets on the walls, and so on. And older children will appreciate the practicality of being able to illuminate an area while keeping their hands free.

–>> Click here to see this headtorch online.

6. Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes might not be the most exciting gifts for travelling children. But they’re sure to prove useful on the road. Ankles will be supported, feet will remain dry, and weary tootsies will be far comfier on long days of exploration.

–>> Click here to see these hiking shoes online.


With the adventure gifts for kids who travel down, let’s move onto a selection of general kids travel gifts.

Miscellaneous Ideas for a Travel Gift for Kids!

Okay, with the adventurous ideas behind us, let’s move onto a long list of general ideas that your travel-hungry kids could love. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, a ‘well done’, or just to say ‘I love you’, one of these travel gift for kids ideas should do the trick…

7. Scratch Off Map

I love scratch off maps and think your kids will too!

Aside from making funky wall decorations, they’re also awesome ways to record the different countries you’ve travelled to I the past.

Simply scratch off the top surface to reveal fun colours, facts, and basic info about the countries in question.

–>> Click here to see this scratch off map online.

8. Cozy Headphones

Cozy headphones would be great for young kids who love listening to music but have a habit of losing/breaking workaday headphones.

As you can see, these ones are like headbands with cool colours and designs.

The headphones are inside and fit over the ears when you pull the band down! They’re comfy, cool, cozy (of course), and should make it impossible to lose the actual earphones.

–>> Click here to see these Cozy headphones online.

9. Unique Luggage Tags

Cheap and cheerful travel gifts for kids don’t get much better than unique luggage tags. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, enabling you to find some to suit your kids’ interests and personality.

They’re also ideal ways for kids to personalize their luggage and make it much easier to identify at the airport baggage claim.

–>> Click here to see these luggage tags online.

10. Trunki

Trunkis are hugely popular travel items among parents who’ve got young children in tow. With cute designs and tiny wheels on the bottom, they’re about as practical and entertaining as luggage items get!

Your little one gets to pull their own suitcase along behind them and feel like one of the crew. Then, when they’re tired, grumpy, or just want to play, you can sit them down on top of the Trunki and pull them around instead.

–>> Click here to see the Trunki suitcase online.

11. Travel Colouring Books & Pencils

You can’t go wrong with a colouring book (complete with crayons or colouring pencils) in your bag. On long journeys or quiet days, your kids can draw and colour away until their hearts’ content.

It’s a fun and creative gift, which would also help them kill time if things ever got a bit boring!

–>> Click here to see these colouring books online.

12. Kid’s Travel Daypack

You can’t go backpacking without a backpack! That’s one reason these gifts will always go down a treat with travel-hungry kids.

However, a compact, portable daypack might be better for younger children who won’t be able to carry as much. They’d make ideal hand luggage for the plane and be perfect for a long day’s sightseeing.

–>> Click here to see this kids’ travel backpack online.

13. Travel Blanket

Travel blankets come into their own when it’s cold on the plane, you want to snuggle up on long journeys, or need an extra layer of warmth of chilly nights. Get one with a fun design and your kid’s sure to love taking it along for the ride.

–>> Click here to see this travel blanket online.

14. Globe

Why not spark your kids’ wanderlust by giving them a classic globe?

These gifts make awesome decorations and valuable sources of travel inspiration for kids of all ages. They’ll be able to spin it around, learn where the different countries are, and ignite their desire to visit the min the process.

–>> Click here to see this Globe online.

15. Travel Books

Travel books are the perfect way to educate and inspire any globetrotting child.

Depending on the book, they’ll be able to learn about new cultures, uncover ancient histories, and whet their appetite for adventure. The Nat Geo Kids World Atlas would be a great one with which to start!

–>> Click here to see the National Geographic Kids World Atlas online.

16. Travel Toys

Travel toys come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. But they’ll always be happily received by travel-crazed kids! These gifts will keep them entertained on long journeys and provide a constant companion to call upon in dull moments.

Here are a few travel toys for children of different ages:

–>> Click here to see these travel toys online.

17. Travel Tray (Great Gift Idea for Toddlers)

You know those trays you can get that lay across your lap when you want to eat dinner in front of the TV? Or when you want to eat breakfast in bed?

Well, travel trays work in the same way- except that they’re for toddlers. These handy items are designed to fold up, hold their stuff, and provide a flat surface for them to play on. You can bring them out on the plane, in the car, or anytime they want something to do but lack a space to do it.

–>> Click here to see this Travel Tray online.

18. Sticker Sets

I was such a sucker for stickers when I was a kid. And I’m pretty sure they haven’t gone out of fashion among young children of today!

A sticker set like this one would be an amazing way to keep them happy and/or reward good behaviour on your trip.

–>> Click here to see this Sticker Set online.

19. Scavenger Hunt Card Game

This card game looks awesome for kids of every age. Pick a card and whoever finds the item on it first, wins! It’d be a perfect family travel game when you’re out and about and looking for something to do.

–>> Click here to see this card game online.

20. Travel Colouring Map

If your kids love colouring as much as they adore travelling, then one of these travel colour maps could make another amazing gift.

–>> Click here to see this colouring map online.


No matter your child’s age, I hope this list of unique travel gifts for kids contains the ideal gift idea for your needs!

21. Sketchbook and Pencil Set

Does your child love to draw? Well, there’s no better place to do it than when you’re exploring new countries and have so many unique sights and attractions in view at all times.

Gifting them a sketchbook and pencil set would be a cool way for them to record the trip. They’d be able to look back on their drawings in future and remember their adventures with greater clarity. It’d also be a fun activity for them to do on quieter travel days.

–>> Click here to see this Sketchbook set online.

22. Mini Nightlight

Going to new countries is always exciting. But sleeping in strange new places can be disconcerting for some children- especially those that like going to bed with the light on.

That’s where these little battery-powered nightlights could be useful. You can pack them into the suitcase and bring them out whenever your child needs some reassurance at bedtime.

–>> Click here to see this night light online.Click here to see this night light online.

23. Frisbees

You can’t go wrong with a Frisbee in your suitcase/backpack.

They’re such simple things, but they’re perfect when you’re hanging around somewhere (like a park or a beach) and want something fun to do with friends/as a family.

–>> Click here to see this Frisbee online.

24. Personalized Passport Cover

A passport cover would be a nice, simple gift for travelling kids who might want to apply some personality to their passport. It’d also make it easier to recognize (and harder to lose) amongst their other luggage.

–>> Click here to see this passport cover online.

25. Foldable Beach Bucket

When I was a kid, no trip to the beach was complete without a bucket and spade in tow. Unfortunately, packing a bog standard bucket in your suitcase isn’t always possible when you’re going abroad!

These foldable versions solve this particular predicament and would provide ‘bucket loads’ of fun on your upcoming trips.

–>> Click here to see this bucket online.

26. Tablet

Travelling children of any age would love getting a tablet as a present. They’d be able to watch films and play games on the road, utilize endless apps as they went, and video call their friends back home.

In other words, tablets are ideal travel companions as far as entertainment goes.

–>> Click here to see this tablet online.

27. Animal Hood Neck Pillow

Tonnes of travellers use neck pillows to help them sleep while travelling from place to place. But none of them are as cool as these animal hood pillows. Get your young child one of these and they’ll get a better sleep and look cool as a cucumber.

–>> Click here to see these animal neck pillows online.

28. Kids’ Travel Drone

Want to spoil your tech-loving child rotten? Get them a drone! They’ll be able to record epic video footage and take awesome photos on your upcoming trips. This one’s nice and small too, meaning it shouldn’t take up too much room in their rucksack.

–>> Click here to see this drone online.

29. Reusable Collapsible Water Bottle

My need to stay hydrated and my dislike of buying plastic bottles often butt heads when I travel.

Reusable bottles solve both problems- and these collapsible ones mean you could pack them away with ease. They’d make a practical gift for kids who travel that they’d actually use and benefit from on the road.

–>> Click here to see this water bottle online.

30. Magnetic Travel Games

Travelling games are ideal things for anybody (especially your kids) to have in their backpack.

You can bring them out when you’re in transit and feeling bored, or when it’s raining outside and you’re looking for something to do.

These magnetic ones would also mean the pieces wouldn’t go flying around if your experience turbulence on a plane or go over a bump in the bus! You can keep your kids entertained without having to worry about losing any pieces.

–>> Click here to see this magnetic travel game online.

31. Water Shoes

Water shoes would be a really cool gift for any kids who love spending time at the beach, scrambling over rocks, and walking over jagged ground.

Their tootsies would be protected and the shoes would dry fast when they’re done!

–>> Click here to see these water shoes online.

32. Birkenstock Sandals

Fashionable and practical travel sandals don’t get much better than Birkenstocks. They’d make an awesome gift for any globetrotting children who want to look good along the way.

–>> Click here to see these Birkenstock sandals online.


Ready to move onto the best travel gifts for tweens? Here we go…

Best Travel Gifts for Tweens

Tweens must be an awkward age-group to buy gifts for. I mean, they’re in the middle- not quite a kid anymore, but not yet a teenager either. In any case, any of the upcoming travel gifts for tweens would surely go down a treat:

33. Kindle e-Reader

I’m officially a Kindle convert. I put off getting one for years because I love nothing more than holding a real book and flicking through actual pages.

But then I was gifted one for my last birthday and haven’t looked back since.

Kindles are ideal for any book-loving travellers for whom luggage space is always a premium. You can carry around a whole library in your backpack! They’re waterproof too and the battery-life’s great.

–>> Click here to see this Kindle online.

34. Selfie Sticks

Most kids I see around these days seem obsessed with selfies. And there’s no better time to take them than when you’re travelling the world with friends and/or family! A selfie stick would make their lives a whole lot easier.

–>> Click here to see this selfie stick online.

35. Hanging Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag’s another example of a travel gift for kids that prioritizes practicality over coolness! Everyone needs somewhere to store their toiletries when they travel, though, and these hanging ones would be well up for the task (while looking pretty good too).

–>> Click here to see this toiletry bag online.

36. Waterproof Camera

When the sea’s clear and full of marine life, there’s nothing better than breaking out your waterproof camera and snapping some underwater photos.

It really is awesome, and a unique way to record another aspect of your trip. Of course, it also means you can take travel photos in the rain, at the lake, or around the waterfall without having to worry.

As someone who’s received one from their parents in the past, I can honestly say that a waterproof camera would make an amazing gift for any travelling child!

–>> Click here to see this waterproof camera online.

37. Luggage Scooter

I’d never heard of luggage scooters until recently. But they’re genius. No more running late for the plane. Simply crack open your luggage scooter and whizz away to the gate.

Given that scooters seem to be all the rage with kids at the moment, this is another gift with practical value that’s sure to go down a treat- especially when you’re in transit and moving from one place to the next with your luggage.

–>> Click here to see this luggage scooter online.

38. Shoulder Sling Daypack

Sling packs are handy ways to transport your things on a day trip. They look good, your stuff’s easily accessible (to you, not to other people!), and they’re comfortable to carry around too. If your child needs/wants a new daypack for an upcoming adventure, then a sling pack could be the perfect gift.

–>> Click here to see this sling pack online.

39. Backpacking Hammock

I always travel with a hammock in my backpack. Why?

Because there’s nothing better than pitching it between trees in the great outdoors and happily swinging away the day! I reckon any travel crazy kid (who loves spending time in nature) would love getting one as a gift.

–>> Click here to see this hammock online.This is my nofollow link.

40. Xenvo Camera Lens Kit

A Xenvo camera lens kit would be another top present for any young person who enjoys taking photos with their smartphone (…AKA every child who owns a smartphone).

These kits are designed to improve the photography capabilities of the phone and facilitate certain snaps (such as wide-angle shots). Simply clip it over your camera and start snapping!

–>> Click here to see this Xenvo lens kit online.

41. Sunhat

Sunhats are all-important for anyone who plans to travel to hot, sunny places.

They keep the sunlight out of your eyes and protect your face from those harmful UV rays at the same time. Buy one for your travelling child and they’re sure to be better off as a result.

Just make sure the one you give them looks good! Unfashionable hats tend to be conveniently ‘forgotten’- even when the sun’s raging.

–>> Click here to see this sunhat online.


Finding a travel gift for teenagers can be a challenge. Know the struggle? Well, this next (and final) section could help.

Top Travel Gifts for Teens

Struggling to find travel gifts for teens? Here are 8 ideas that I hope will help. Whether they’re 13 or 19, something on the coming list should do the trick.

42. Portable Speakers

Travelling teens are sure to get amazing use from speakers- especially when they’re portable, wireless, durable, and weatherproof like the JBL speakers here.

They’re not the cheapest gift for kids who travel, but they’re definitely one of the most popular!

Your teen will be able to listen to their favourite music on the road without taking up too much space in their backpack or having to worry about breaking it along the way.

–>> Click here to see these JBL waterproof speakers online.

43. Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The same goes for noise-cancelling headphones, which are amazing when you’re on the plane, travelling by bus, or in any loud, crowded places and want to listen to music.

You can put the headphones on, shut out the world for a while, and blast your favourite tunes (all without disturbing anybody in the vicinity with tinny sounds escaping from the sides).

–>> Click here to see these headphones online.

44. Travel Journal

A journal would be a lovely way for your teenage child to record their adventure.

They can sit down each day and write about what they did, where they went, and how they felt. They can jot down their thoughts, emotions, and any experiences that seem worth mentioning.

In so doing, they’ll have a permanent reminder of their travels and be able to look back on them with fondness in future. I reckon it’s a lovely, thoughtful gift for kids who travel.

–>> Click here to see this journal online.

45. Travel Backpack

Going away with a suitcase is all well and good. But I reckon every teenage traveller needs a backpack to call their own.

For one thing, it turns them into the quintessential traveller! They’ll look and feel the part as they embark on their adventures. For another, it’ll help them transport their stuff and lug it all around with newfound ease.

–>> Click here to see this backpack online.

46. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are back in fashion and are useful ways to carry valuables in greater safety when you’re travelling.

Now, not every teenager’s going to want to wear one, so it’s up to you to know their sense of fashion! Assuming it’s appropriate, though, they’re sure to appreciate this trendy, practical travel gift.

–>> Click here to see this Adidas fanny pack online.

47. Jewellery Organiser

A jewellery organiser would make a cool, practical gift for girls who travel (and who can’t stand going away without their jewelry).

Of course, if your son wears lots of jewelry, then it’d be useful for them too!

–>> Click here to see this jewelry organiser online.

48. Unlocked Smartphone

A smartphone would be another expensive travel gift for teens.

But you can guarantee it’d be a) gratefully received and b) incredibly useful on the road.

After all, smartphones help travellers navigate, communicate, take photos, stay in touch with home, entertain themselves, and perform a whole host of key tasks (such as online banking).

Buying one that’s unlocked would mean they could insert a local sim wherever they’re travelling and use it as usual. All told, this is an epic gift for kids who travel.

–>> Click here to see this smartphone online.

49. Pack of Cards

I always take a pack of cards with me when I’m on the road.

You can get them out whenever you’re with new friends and looking for something fun to do or to kill the time in dull moments.

Buying a set for your child might not seem that exciting, but I can guarantee they’ll be used and enjoyed! You don’t want them to rip, crumple, or break too soon though, so make sure the cards you buy are both durable and water-resistant.

–>> Click here to see these cards online.

The Best Travel Gift for Teenagers

I thought I’d finish with my pick for the best travel gift for teenagers. In all honesty, it’d be an awesome gift for anybody who loves having adventures.

It’s not cheap, but your teenager’s sure to appreciate (and use) it on their travels…

50. GoPro Hero 9

With a GoPro Hero 9 in their backpack, they’ll have the ideal means of recording their travels!

They’ll be able to take photos and film every step of the adventure in ultra-high-definition. Better still, the GoPro Hero’s waterproof, durable, and all-but indestructible, making it totally travel-proof.

–>> Click here to see the GoPro Hero 9 online.

Remember These Unique Gifts for Kids Who Travel

Finding the ideal gifts for kids who travel can be a challenge sometimes. They’ve got to be small and lightweight enough to transport, practical enough to withstand the rigours of the road, and cool enough to be enjoyed and used by your children!

Have you been struggling to find a travel gift for your child? Well, I hope the best kids travel gifts in this post will have helped. Keep this list in mind next time you need travel gifts for kids, and, with any luck, you’ll find something perfect for the task.

Still looking for unique travel gifts for kids? Click here for some more top ideas.