25 Awesome Kids Camping Gifts [2021 Camping Gifts for Kids]

Are you wondering what to buy a child who loves nothing more than a night under canvas? Check out this long list of kids camping gifts!


Looking for some awesome kids camping gifts? I hope this post helps!

As the nights get shorter and the days get longer, more families are feeling the itch to spend some quality time outside.

Would your little one rather spend an evening under the stars than an afternoon at the theme park? Camping gives you the opportunity to make incredible memories and introduce your children to a love of the outdoors.

These 25 kids camping gifts can help pique your child’s interest and prepare them for the adventure that lies ahead.

Or, if they’re already infatuated with spending the night under canvas, they’re sure to go mad for any of these camping gifts for kids that’ll help them enjoy the process even more!

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Here we go, then: 25 awesome camping stuff for kids ideas!

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25 Awesome Kids Camping Gifts

Ready to check out some of the best camping gifts for kids? From the handy and practical to the whimsical and downright fun, the 25 items on this list are sure to appeal to any pint-sized explorer.

1. Children’s Binoculars

There’s nothing like sitting around a campfire, enjoying a few s’mores and looking up.

Like adults, children are infinitely fascinated by the nighttime sky. Get yours a pair of great-quality children’s binoculars to help them view the seasonal constellations up close.

If possible, look for ones with a shock-proof rubber coating. This protects their sensitive eyes and makes the best binoculars easier to grip.

2. Walkie-Talkies (Fun Camping Gear for Kids!)

While they’re out exploring the campsite, your children can use a set of bright, colorful walkie-talkies to check in with one another!

You can also keep one near the tent so you’re always aware of where they’re going next. Find ones that include detachable lanyards so they don’t go missing when it’s time to pack up.

3. Compass For Kids

Even kids with limited knowledge of cardinal directions will appreciate a cool compass to take on their camping trip!

This is a great way to teach basic navigation skills to your little camper and introduce them to the art of orienteering. Instead of investing in a fancy, heavy one, look for a model that’s lightweight and kid-friendly.

4. Folding Camp Chair (Practical Kids Camping Gear)

Folding chairs are the unsung heroes of any camping trip. They’re comfy, convenient, and make congregating and socializing possible.

To make sure your children can get in on the fun, buy them their own mini chairs! Most models fold up easily and take up virtually no room among the rest of your camping gear.

5. Camping Journal

Would your child rather write about their camping experience than tell all their friends about it?

If so, encourage them to keep a little journal during your trip to document your time together.

Flip through each journal (or read the online description) to gauge how much space is allocated for each log. There should be plenty of room for your child to write and paste pictures! These journal prompts can inspire them to get started!

6. Card Games

They might bemoan the lack of a WiFi signal, but camping presents an opportunity to introduce your children to another cherished form of entertainment: card games!

While board games can also work in this category, they’re usually bigger and contain multiple tiny parts. Cards, on the other hand, are easy to pack, carry and keep together.

A modern matching game like Spot It! is both fun and educational. Pretty soon they’ll forget all about social media…almost.

7. Drawstring Bag

There’s no denying that your mini-me is a little parrot. Children love to emulate the actions they watch their parents do, so don’t be surprised if you see an extra set of eyes as you pack to go camping.

To help them feel like they’re in on the action, you can get them a little nylon drawstring bag! Instruct them to fill it with the items they want to bring along on the adventure. You might be fishing out Band-aids and old french fries for days, but that’s childhood.


Heading on a summer camping trip? Bottles of sunscreen could be perfect (if not the most exciting) camping gifts for kids!

8. Sunscreen

Even if your family is camping during the wintertime, sunscreen is still essential kids camping gear. For the best results, use a broad-spectrum, water-resistant formula with an SPF of 30 or higher.

This might not be one of the most exciting gifts for outdoor kids, but it’s a practical and important one. Like those socks and sweaters they get every year from grandma, they’ll appreciate it when they’re older!

9. Mini LED Flashlight

A mini flashlight is lightweight and easy to carry. Not only can it help a child navigate a campsite in the dark, but it’s also great for outdoor reading at dusk!

Look for one that uses soft yellow LED lights to avoid a glare that’s too bright. Despite pleas from their parents, you know they’ll be shining these all over the place!

10. Sleeping Bag

Nothing beats crawling into a warm sleeping bag after a big day of climbing, hiking, and exploring. Treat the child camper in your life with one of their very own!

To make sure you get the most out of your investment, look for one with adjustable features that you can use in the spring, summer, and fall. This is one piece of camping gear for kids that can take your family’s outdoor adventures to the next level!

11. Hammock

What child doesn’t adore hanging in a hammock? From your backyard to a local state park, you can set one up virtually anywhere! While they can swing with an adult in a standard-sized hammock, you can also find ones made just for kids.

They’ll start relaxing in style as soon as you pop the tent! Not sure how to set yours up? My quick guide makes it easy!

12. Water Bottle

Kids get excited over the smallest things, and a super-cool water bottle is one of them. This is another piece of essential gear, as it’s important to stay hydrated during camping trips!

Look for a leak-resistant, stainless steel model that can stand up to rowdiness and won’t crack or dent if dropped. Bonus points if it’s dishwasher safe, making post-camping cleanup that much easier.

13. Sun Hat (Crucial Camping Stuff for Kids!)

In addition to sunscreen, a sun hat also offers protection from damaging UV rays.

A wide-brimmed bucket-shaped one will provide valuable coverage all around their face, allowing them to play for hours without overheating. One size usually fits most, but pay attention to the head circumference when you order.

14. Small Tent

If your kids are big enough to sleep on their own, why not invest in a small tent for your family camping trips?

When they have a personal spot to tuck in for the night, they’ll feel more grown-up and will look forward to your adventures! Plus, it frees up space in your own tent!


Looking for some practical camping gear for kids? Get them some rugged, durable, outdoor play clothes!

15. Outdoor Play Clothes

What good would a family camping trip be if you didn’t come home with grass stains on your pants and mud stuck to your hiking sandals?

Kids clothes naturally take a beating, but when you buy the right ones, they’ll wash up easily. Find shirts, pants, and shoes that are designed specifically for outdoor and camping use. These are more durable and rugged than regular pieces and stand up well against dirt, grime, and those messy campfire meals.

16. Whistle

With so much camping stuff for kids to choose from, you might wonder why a whistle is on this list.

Put simply, it’s a safety mechanism masquerading as a fun toy.

As long as you teach your children to only blow it when they need help, you can avoid a cacophony of shrill blasts while you’re exploring. Find one with a lanyard, and encourage kids to keep them close by, especially if they’re exploring a little farther away.

17. First-Aid Kit

Kids love playing doctor and dress-up, and a first-aid kit of their own is just the ticket!

As toys get more sophisticated, even the “pretend” models are equipped with real essentials, including bandages, gauze pads, and eyedropper bottles.

While the adults in your group will need to carry a more extensive set, this is a great way to teach kids about the importance of staying safe and healthy as they camp.

18. Easy Camping Games

Once you’ve reached your campsite and set everything up, you may have a few hours before it’s time to eat and turn in for the night. Golden hour is a great time to set up an outdoor game, such as ring toss or lightweight horseshoes.

A kid-sized game will fit into your pack and won’t make it too heavy. Choose a game on their level so the whole family can participate!

19. Foldable Mini Kite

When you think about kites, do you picture a large sheet of plastic held up by bent pieces of plastic, attached to a mess of jumbled string?

While this might be our kite experience of yore, modern models are much easier to store and maneuver. You can even find foldable kites that are small enough to be carried in your pocket! Made of tear-resistant cloth material, these portable toys are nothing like the inferior versions of our youth.

20. Action Camera

If the kids in your group are big enough to snap selfies, they’ll undoubtedly be begging for your smartphone at every pretty vista. To keep your gear safe and encourage their love of the outdoors, get them a kid’s action camera they can take along!

Find one with a waterproof case so they can use it by the lake without worry. Most will also come with built-in filters and special effects, so they’ll have plenty of chances to let their imagination run wild.

21. Scavenger Hunt Game

You’re surrounded by beautiful nature, and there are plenty of places to explore. Yet, you still hear tiny voices pleading for something to do.

A scavenger hunt game is a great way to help them engage with their surroundings.

It’s easy to find different card sets online, appropriate for various age levels. Make it a fun competition and see who can complete their cards first!


Scavenger hunt games and bug magnifiers are two more examples of awesome kids camping gear.

22. Bug Magnifier

What tiny traveller doesn’t love digging in the earth for worms, ants, and other creepy-crawlies? A bug magnifier is the perfect gift for the curious campers in your life!

Once they place the specimen on the platform, the magnifier gives them an up-close look at it, encouraging a newfound appreciation for the critters around them. This is a piece of gear that’s both fun and educational!

23. Paracord Bracelet

An outdoor survival mechanism that also looks like a cool fashion accessory, paracord bracelets are favourite among hiking and camping enthusiasts.

If your kid’s a little bit older, why not get one for them to wear on upcoming trips?

Not only can the inner core transform into a fishing line or sewing thread, but it can also be used as an emergency knife. Most models also include a whistle, compass and fire scraper.

24. Butterfly Net

Summer evenings were just made for catching and releasing butterflies and fireflies. A butterfly net is easy to pack and makes those dusky hours around the campsite much more fun.

Despite its name, it can be used to catch a variety of flying insects, making it the perfect gift to pair with the bug magnifier!

25. Rod and Reel Starter Kit

Is your favorite spot to camp right beside the water?

If so, it’s never too early to introduce your little ones to the joys of fishing! Make it special by outfitting them with a mini fishing rod, reel, and loaded tackle box that they can enjoy.

You can find these in a variety of styles and colors, and many come with beginner’s guides and even videos to help explain basic concepts.

Enjoy These Camping Gifts for Kids!

When you have the right gear on hand, you can make a family camping trip even more magical. These 25 kids camping gifts offer hours of fun, excitement, and skill-building that can help you make the most of your time outdoors!

Planning an epic excursion to a far-away campsite? If so, I’ve got you covered. Save my list fun road-trip questions before you head out. With more than 85 to choose from, you’ll have no trouble keeping everybody entertained.