70 Amazing Travel Lover Gifts [2021 Best Gifts for Travel Lovers]

Trying to find some gifts for travel lovers? Check out this travel lover gifts guide to learn about 70 of the best gifts for travel lovers.


Looking for some travel lover gifts ideas? I hope this post helps!

Trying to find the perfect gifts for a travel lover?

Well, I feel for you!

With a minimalist ethos and limited space in their luggage, they’re notoriously hard to buy for.

In fact, as a self-confessed travel addict myself, I get the sense that it’s borderline distressing for my family whenever my birthday or Christmas come around!

Know the struggle and need some inspiration?

This post should help!

I’ve had a think and put together a long list of travel lover gifts ideas.

Read on to learn about 70 of the best gifts for travel lovers.

Heads up, this post contains affiliate links.


Here we go then: 70 of the best gifts for travel lovers!

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70 Awesome Travel Lover Gifts

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers

Not all gifts for travel lovers are made equal! Here are 10 of the best:

1. Camera

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better. But they still struggle to deliver the quality you get with actual cameras, with their physical zoom, fancy sensors, and single-purpose design.

For a travel lover who lacks a “proper camera”, or who needs an upgrade, the newfound ability to capture high-quality snaps will always go down well!

Click here to shop the best cameras for travellers.

2. Kindle

I love ordinary books. But they’re big, heavy, and impractical to carry around on the road.

Kindles solve the problem, offering an entire (waterproof) library in your pocket at any given time.

Click here to see the best Kindles at the best prices.

3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Does the travel lover in your life love listening to music too?

If so, a portable wireless speaker is sure to go down a treat. Try to get one that’s waterproof, dustproof, and durable enough to withstand the rigours of the road!

Click here to shop for awesome portable Bluetooth speakers.

4. Neck Pillow for Travel

As someone who always struggles to sleep on long plane, train, and bus journeys, I can vouch for the benefits of having a neck pillow with you!

Assuming a travel lover has enough space and inclination to carry it, they’re sure to appreciate this gift.

Click here to learn about the best neck pillows for travel.

5. Travel Daypack

Having a small daypack makes a massive difference when you’re sightseeing, exploring, and/or going on short hikes.

You can leave your main piece of luggage at your accommodation and enjoy the day in much greater comfort!

If this seems like a fitting gift for a travel lover, try getting one that’s waterproof, well-made, full of useful compartments, and has adjustable straps. And if the recipient’s short on space? Consider buying a daypack that folds up into a transportable size.

Click here to see prices for the best travel day packs.

6. Packing Cubes

I never travel anywhere without packing cubes, simply because they make living out of a backpack so much easier!

Everything from organizing your clothes to packing and repacking becomes a breeze. I definitely recommend them as a gift for a travel lover if someone doesn’t already own a set.

Click here to shop for budget-friendly travel packing cubes.

7. Reusable Water Bottle

One sad and disheartening part of travel is seeing how much single-use plastic litters the streets and beaches in otherwise beautiful places.

That’s why I always take a reusable water bottle with me on the road.

You bid farewell to plastic ones and have a source of water at all times! It’s another perfect travel lover gift- especially for eco-conscious travellers.

Click here to browse reusable water bottles online.

8. Backpack

You can’t go backpacking without a backpack! I would be 100% stoked if my backpack was in bits and somebody gave me a new one.

It’s one of those invaluable gifts for travellers that you know for sure will get masses of use.

Click here to see the best backpacks for travel on the market right now.

9. Foldable Duffel Bag

Foldable duffel bags are another super practical item to take travelling.

Imagine buying a shed-load of souvenirs and not having enough space in your main luggage to bring them home!

You could whip out the duffel, unfold it, and stow everything in there instead. They’d also be ideal for taking to the beach, pool, or gym.

Click here to shop for foldable duffel bags at affordable prices.

10. Moleskin Notebook

Writing in a travel journal is a great way to reflect on the day’s events and immortalize your trip.

And, in my opinion, you can’t beat a good old-fashioned Moleskin for the purpose. Smart, compact, and awesome quality, they’re ideal.

Click here to see the different Moleskin notebooks on offer.


Onto 10 quirky and unique gifts for travel lovers!

Unique Travel Lovers Gifts

Looking for something a little bit different to the norm? Here are 10 personalized, quirky, and generally unique travel lover gifts that should fit the bill.

11. Watch with Map

Watches always make amazing presents- whether they’re for a traveller or not.

However, for a nice travel twist, you can find these awesome ones that have world maps on the face! I reckon they’d make amazing gifts for travel lovers.

Click here to shop for the best world map watches.

12. World Map Wall Poster

The next best thing to travelling is either reflecting on previous adventures or dreaming about your next ones!

World maps travel posters help you do exactly that. You can see everywhere you’ve been already and feel the titillating tickle of wanderlust as you note how many others there are still to visit.

Click here to see a wide selection of high-quality world map wall posters.

13. Desk Globe

Desk globes are a classic travel lover gift that serves much the same purpose as the world map posters I was just talking about. This time, though, there’s the added tactile benefit of being able to spin the globe, as well as aesthetic advantages too.

Globes will go down a treat for anyone who’s stuck at home and desperate to travel.

Click here to shop for desk globes!

14. Vagabonding Travel Book

If you only read one book about travelling in your lifetime, I recommend Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts.

An inspiring and insightful discussion on long-term, budget-friendly travel (AKA “vagabonding”), it’s an amazing, thought-provoking read.

Click here to read more about Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts.

15. Personalized Passport Holder

A traveller’s passport tends to get a bit tired and weather-beaten over time. Unless that is, you have passport holder to put it in for protection!

They make lovely practical gifts for travellers at the best of times, but you can also find attractive personalized ones for a nice extra touch…

Click here to compare prices of personalized passport holders.

16. Travel Cushions

Another gift idea for travel lovers stuck at home, comfy travel cushions are full of personality and look great on the sofa or bed to boot.

Click here to shop for high-quality travel pillows now.

17. Travel Mug

Travelling becomes part of your identity over time. It’s who you are and what you do! The result?

You can never have enough reminders around the house of your primary passion in life. That’s one reason why receiving a travel mug to put in the cupboard will always put a smile on your face!

Click here to browse through the various travel mug options.

18. Crumpled Maps

Having an actual physical map of your destination can be really handy when you’re travelling. The downside?

They tend to rip and tear as they get stuffed into backpacks and pockets. That’s where “crumpled maps” come into play. Unbreakable, they’re literally designed to be beaten up and battered.

Click here to purchase a crumpled map!

19. Travel Pins

Remember when I said travelling becomes part of your identity? Well, travel pins allow you to wear that passion as a literal badge of honour!

Whether you buy generic ones (such as a map) or specific ones (such as a country’s flag), they make unique gifts for travellers.

Click here to see the different travel pins on offer online.

20. Rosetta Stone Membership

Learning the local language is the best way to interact with the locals and engage in the cultures you explore.

A Rosetta Stone membership would allow someone to experience those benefits for themselves.

Click here to purchase a Rosetta Stone subscription online.


Does the person you’re buying for love the outdoors? Here are 10 travel lovers gifts they should love.

Outdoor Gift for Travel Lovers Ideas

Does the traveller in your life love spending time outdoors while they’re exploring? Whether they’re hiking, kayaking, climbing, or camping, here are 10 outdoor gifts for travel lovers that they’re sure to appreciate:

21. Flashlight/Headlamp

Whether you’re spending lots of time outdoors or not, a flashlight of any kind always proves useful when you’re travelling!

It’s essential kit and a perfect travel gift for someone who doesn’t already have one.

Click here to see the prices flashlights and headlamps.

22. LifeStraw Water Bottle

LifeStraws are awesome.

Thanks to the top-quality filter technology, you can quench your thirst from almost any water source without worrying about getting sick.

That’s a big deal- especially when you’re travelling somewhere you can’t otherwise drink the tap water.

Click here to learn more about the LifeStraw water bottle.

23. Hammock

I always take a hammock when I go travelling.

Not only are they perfect for relaxing between trees in beautiful places, but they also mean you have a basic form of “accommodation” anywhere on the road! And, unlike tents, they’re relatively small and lightweight.

Top tip: Buying hammocks with a bug net is always a good idea if someone’s going to sleep in them.

Click here to purchase a hammock now!

24. Sleeping Pad

These pads make a major difference when you’re sleeping outdoors.

Providing a buffer against the cold hard earth, they help you stay warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Bonus points if you give somebody a sleeping pad that’s lightweight and folds up nice and small!

Click here to shop for sleeping pads online.

25. Bug Spray

Biting bugs (like mozzies and ticks) can be the bane of your life when you’re travelling in certain parts of the world.

As a result, high-quality bug spray can be a lifesaver! For the health and eco-conscious traveller, try to find one that’s relatively eco-friendly.

Click here to see the best bug sprays at the best prices.

26. Travel Blanket

Travel blankets/quilts are really useful for anybody who wants to sleep outside, but doesn’t have space in their pack for a proper sleeping bag.

Even better, you can bring them out to sit on as a picnic blanket and wrap up warm around a campfire.

Click here to shop for high-quality travel blankets.

27. Travel Coffee Plunger

When you love coffee as much as I do, one of the worst parts of travelling is the potential to go without a decent cup of Joe in the mornings!

Having a travel coffee plunger means you never have to worry.

Click here to see the best travel coffee plungers now.

28. Waterproof Dry Bag

Dry bags are another example of practical outdoor gear that always comes in handy while travelling.

Imagine getting stuck in a downpour, or dropping your backpack in a puddle. With all your electronics safely stowed in the dry bag, you can stop stressing out about anything breaking from water damage.

Click here to shop for waterproof dry bags online.

29. Water Purifier

Water purifiers provide a useful, and arguably more effective, alternative to the LifeStraw I mentioned before.

They’d be one of the best gifts for travel lovers who spend time in places where the tap water’s renowned for being undrinkable, or who are going on long hikes with limited access to clean water.

Click here to see some top-rated water purifiers.

30. Camping Stove

Camping stoves are essential for boiling water and cooking dinner in the wild.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but I only recommend buying a traveller one that’s super compact and lightweight! And they’re sure to appreciate having some gas thrown in for good measure.

Click here to shop for the best camping stoves online.


Modern gizmos and gadgets make some of the best gifts for travel lovers out there.

Electronic/Tech Travel Gifts

Technology of all kinds can make a major difference when you’re on the road. The result? Electronic gizmos and gadgets tend to make amazing travel gifts!

Here are 10 that’d go down well every time:

31. Solar Charger

Charging electronics on the road can be a battle when you’re moving around a lot, staying in remote areas, and have restricted access to a mains power supply.

That’s why portable solar panels would make a highly practical gift for travel lovers!

Click here to browse the best solar chargers online.

32. Powerbank

Solar chargers are great…when it’s sunny.

If there’s cloud cover, or you need a quicker and more reliable way to charge your gadgets, though, power banks tend to be a better alternative!

Click here to shop for power banks on Amazon.

33. International Plug Adaptor

As a traveller, few things are more frustrating than reaching your destination after a long journey and getting to your accommodation, only to realize you don’t have the right adaptor to charge your much-depleted electronics!

International plug adaptors stop that from happening.

With a single item, you can charge your stuff in countless countries around the world.

Click here to buy the best international plug adaptor online.

34. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Wireless noise-cancelling headphones are another awesome travel gift idea for music-loving travellers.

They’ll be able to block out the world on long journeys and immerse themselves in music without disturbing others.

Click here to compare the best wireless headphones.

35. Smartphone

Most people already have a smartphone nowadays. But not everybody does!

And, with technology progressing at a scary rate, the newer models are full of tech that’d a) prove useful on the road and b) older phones lack. This definitely wouldn’t be a budget-friendly travel gift, but it’d guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face!

Click here to shop for the best smartphones online.

36. GoPro

GoPros are arguably the best adventure cameras on the market right now!

Robust and ready for anything you can throw at them, they take epic photos and videos that’d help any intrepid travellers record their trip.

Click here to learn more about the latest GoPros.

37. Drone

I have mixed feelings about drones, but there’s no denying how incredible the footage they record can be.

For people who love filming their adventures from fresh perspectives, I reckon a lightweight, travel-friendly drone would be the best travel gift imaginable.

Click here to buy a travel lover a drone!

38. Polaroid Camera

Digital snaps are the go-to form of photos these days. And for good reason!

But there’s still something really cool about classic Polaroid images. Limited in nature, you have to put more thought into each photo and get an instant tangible image to stick in your travel scrapbook.

Click here to see the best Polaroid cameras on Amazon.

39. Steadycams

Do you know a travel lover who films their adventures? Well, why not get them a Steadycam device?

These clever stabilizing camera mounts will help them record smoother footage to incorporate into their videos.

Click here to purchase a Steadycam device.

40. Selfie-Stick

Solo travelling is epic for all sorts of reasons. But it definitely makes taking photos of yourself more challenging.

With nobody around to ask, you’re left sticking your arm out, desperately trying to get the right angles. Save a travel lover the hassle by gifting them a compact selfie-stick instead!

Click here to shop for high-quality selfie-sticks.


Buying gifts for travelling men? Check out these next 10 ideas!

Gift Ideas for Travellers – Men

Looking for fun travel gifts for men? This section should help. It’s full of gifts that I (a travelling man) would personally love to receive.

(In all honesty, though, most of these would probably go down just as well with travelling women too…)

41. Travel-Friendly Solid Cologne

Travelling can be a hot, sweaty, and smelly business.

Unfortunately, taking typical deodorants and bottles of aftershave on the plane isn’t always possible! Solid cologne’s a top solution. It smells great, lasts ages, and sidesteps the “no liquids” issue too.

Click here to see some top-rated solid colognes.

42. Multi-Tool

Multi-tools, funnily enough, serve all sorts of purposes on the road, such as opening beer bottles, chopping dinner, and helping you fix things that break along the way. Any traveller is sure to value having one in their pocket.

Click here to browse through the best multi-tools online.

43. Pocket Knife

If they don’t need a full multi-tool, though, a pocket knife could make a great alternative. I always carry one in my pocket when I travel!

They just come in handy all the time- especially when you’re spending time in the great outdoors. I’d be a very happy man if you gifted me a high-quality knife.

Click here to shop for pocket knives.

44. Toiletry Bag

Man or woman, you can’t go travelling without a toiletry bag in your backpack/suitcase!

Try to find one that a) is big enough to pack the typical toiletries, b) folds up nice and small, c) looks smart, and d) has a hook to hang it on things.

Click here to buy a beautiful travel toiletry bag.

45. Money Belt

Do you know someone going travelling who’s expressed a concern about pickpockets and thieves?

Well, a money belt could be a thoughtful and practical travel gift. They’d be able to keep their cash/valuables away from prying eyes and feel a little safer as a result.

Click here to shop for money belts on Amazon.

46. Travel Shorts

I wear shorts almost every day when I’m travelling.

Lightweight, cooling, and comfortable, I much prefer them to trousers/pants. However, not all travel shorts are made equal! If you want to gift someone some travel shorts for the road, make sure they’re quick-drying, durable, a little stretchy, and full of useful pockets!

Click here to learn more about the best travel shorts for men.

47. Boxers/Underwear

They might not be the most exciting gifts for travel lovers, yet I reckon boxers or briefs will always go down well. Why?

Because (for me, at least!) you end up wearing the same undies over and over again when you’re travelling with so few clothes! It’s nice to have some fresh ones with which to replace the old pairs!

Click here to compare some of the best underwear options for travellers.

48. Baseball Cap

Sun smart and sometimes fashionable too, baseballs caps are ideal additions to anybody’s backpack.

They’d also make a perfect gift for a travel lover (assuming they don’t already have one and/or need a new one!).

Click here to shop for men’s baseball caps online.

49. Travel Technology Case

People are travelling with more and more technology these days.

It all serves a purpose, but it can also be hard to keep organized! Unless you’re careful, you can easily misplace something along the way.

Travel technology cases solve this exact problem, keeping everything together in one location.

Click here to see the best travel tech cases.

50. Compression Socks

I know what you’re thinking: socks? It’s hardly the most inspiring travel gift on this list. Hear me out, though!

These aren’t just any socks, they’re compression socks.

Aside from reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), they promote comfort and reduce swelling on long flights.

Click here to shop for travel compression socks!


Onto 10 gift ideas for female travel lovers!

Best Gifts for Travellers – Women

In the interest of transparency, I should note that I’m not a woman. However, I have met lots of female travellers, I do go out with a female traveller, and I’m also quite good at doing research.

So, here are 10 of the best gifts for female travellers!

51. Mini Hairdryer

Hostels, Airbnbs and cheap motels don’t always have hairdryers to use after a shower, bath, or dip in the sea. Having a mini one in your backpack means that wouldn’t be a problem.

Click here to browse through the best mini hairdryer options.

52. Travel Scarf

Travel scarfs for women are a first-rate example of multi-purpose item. On one hand, they’re a standard scarf!

They keep you warm in cool weather and provide a handy shawl to wear in places of religious significance etc. On the other, they have hidden pockets in which you can keep your passport, cash, and other valuables!

Click here to see some top-rated travel scarves on Amazon.

53. Travel Organizer

Organizers offer an effective way to store jewellery, hair ties, cables, electronics, and other bits and bobs you’d otherwise lose in your backpack/suitcase!

Click here to see the best travel organizer’s at the best prices.

54. Dry Shampoo

There’s nothing fun about having your expensive shampoo bottle squirt its contents inside your backpack!

But you still need to wash your hair, right?

To solve this particular conundrum for the travel lover in your life, why not buy them some sweet-smelling dry shampoo instead?

Click here to shop for dry shampoo online.

55. Travel Scrapbook

Travel scrapbooks are fun ways to record an adventure. You stick photos, flight tickets, and whatever else inside as a lasting memento of the trip.

For travel lovers who have recently returned from an adventure or feel nostalgic about adventures of old, a beautiful travel scrapbook would be an amazing, thoughtful travel gift.

Click here to browse through some awesome travel scrapbooks.

56. Candles that Smell Like Places

Imagine lighting a candle that smells like home when you’re a thousand miles away and missing the familiarity of friends and family

It’d be a perfect way to feel closer to everyone, regardless of the distance.

Likewise, imagine returning home, missing the exotic places you’ve been exploring for so long, and lighting a scented candle that takes you right back!

That’s exactly what you’d gift someone with special scented candles that have very specific scents.

Click here to shop for these special scented candles.

57. Travel-Themed Jewellery

From necklaces with earth pendants to bracelets with famous travel quotes, you can’t go wrong with travel-themed jewellery!

Click here to browse through various travel-themed jewellery options.

58. Silk Eye Mask

Eye masks help you blank out the world on long journeys, block out the sunlight when you’re jetlagged and shut out the light in hostel dorms where people never seem to go to sleep!

Adding some silk into the mix makes everything that little bit more luxurious…

Click here to shop for silken eye masks.

59. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Know a travel lover who enjoys (or needs!) a drink on long aeroplane journeys?

Carry-on cocktail kits would be a first-rate gift. Imagine having all the stuff you’d need to mix up a delicious cocktail (in miniature form) on the plane! Buy yourself a small bottle of spirits and you’re good to go.

Click here to buy an awesome cocktail kit online!

60. Airbnb Gift Card

Girl or guy, some travellers love experiences more than items. In these situations, consider buying them an Airbnb gift card!

Redeemable for accommodation or specific activities in a particular place, it’d be a fun way to enhance their trip.


Gifts for people who travel don’t have to break the bank! In this final section, let’s turn to 10 budget-friendly ideas.

Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Not all travel lover gifts have to break the bank! In this section, we’ll go through 10 affordable ideas that any travellers you know are sure to love.

61. Microfiber Backpacking Towel

Small backpacks and big bath towels are an awful combination. That’s where microfiber towels come into play. Small, lightweight, and fast-drying, they’re ideal things to take with you on the road!

Click here to see the best backpacking towels online.

62. Camera Tripod

Nobody likes blurry travel photos! A camera tripod can solve the problem for under $20.

Click here to compare prices for top-rated camera tripods.

63. FlatPak Toiletry Bottles

Small, reusable, and surprisingly “cool looking”, these FlatPak toiletry bottles are ideal alternatives to typical single-use travel toiletries.

You can top them up from your bigger bottles at home, reducing waste and helping the environment all at once.

Click here to see the FlatPak toiletry bottles online.

64. Portable Luggage Scale

Travel lovers will never have to worry about over-packing their suitcases with a portable luggage scale to call upon.

These handy devices help you weigh your bags before going to the airport, reducing the chance of last-minute extra costs and inconvenience.

Click here to shop for portable luggage scales.

65. Phone Lens Clip

Smartphone cameras might be better than ever, but there are still some situations where they’re less than ideal.

One example is when you’re in a confined space and can’t zoom out far enough to get everything in the shot! Phone lens clips solve these problems (and others like it), helping to increase the field of view.

Click here to see the best phone lens clips online.

66. Waterproof Playing Cards

Another item I never go travelling without, a deck of cards is an epic way to pass the time in dull moments, have fun with new friends, and enjoy some casual drinking games before a night out!

For an even better gift, make sure the cards you buy are waterproof and durable enough to stand the test of time!

Click here to shop for high-quality waterproof playing cards.

67. Luggage Locks

Security’s a common concern when you’re on the road.

With your whole life in one piece of luggage, the last thing you want is for someone to come along and steal your stuff!

Luggage locks aren’t a cure-all, but they’ll definitely make life harder for would-be thieves. They’re another worthy gift for travel lovers.

Click here to buy a luggage lock for the travel lover in your life!

68. Luggage Tags

Travel lovers can bid farewell to losing their luggage with some well-made luggage tags on their backpack/suitcase!

They won’t have to worry about other people picking it up at the airport conveyor belt and it’s more likely to be returned successfully if the bag does get lost along the way.

Click here to see some first-rate luggage tags.

69. Cord Tacos

Having cords and cables in your backpack is a natural by-product of taking lots of tech on the road!

Unfortunately, these important bits of kit can break and get in the way as they get jumbled in the bag.

Cord tacos are clever, affordable contraptions that address the issue.

You curl up the cable, clamp the taco over the top, and make everything neater inside your backpack as a result!

Click here to see the various cord taco options online.

70. Travel Clothesline

Finding places to hang your freshly washed clothes can be tricky when you’re travelling. Unless that is, you have a travel clothesline in your pack!

Click here to buy a travel clothesline online.

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers

Buying the best gifts for travel lovers can be a definite challenge.

Somehow, you have to find something they need, want, don’t already have, and can fit in their backpack/suitcase!

Have you been running low on inspiration on what to buy the traveller in your life?

Well, I hope this list of travel lover gifts proved useful! With 70 to choose from, there should be something on here they’d be happy to receive.

Still look for the perfect present? Check out these posts for more gift ideas:

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