Top 30 | Best Gifts for Hikers [2021 Gift Ideas for Hikers Guide]

I hope this list of the best gifts for hikers helps you find the best present possible!

I hope this list of the best gifts for hikers helps you find the best present possible!

Trust me, anyone who spends time in the great outdoors will love being gifted hiking gear.

It just makes for an awesome gift!

You know it’s going to be put to good use and make someone’s life easier (and safer) out there on the trail.

From sleeping bags and tents to penknives and clothing, I’ve been lucky to receive some awesome hiking presents in the past.

And I’ve felt hugely grateful every single time.

It got me thinking about the best gifts for hikers out there. So I decided to put a list together of what I came up with!

Unsure what to get a hiker? Looking for hiking gifts ideas?

Keep reading to discover 30 of the best gift ideas for hikers out there!

[Last Updated: January 2021]

Heads up, this post contains affiliate links.

30 of the Best Hiking Gifts for Him and for Her!

Looking for some hiking gift inspiration?

I’ve structured the post into categories that relate to important aspects of hiking:

  1. Health and safety

  2. Sleeping-stuff

  3. Food and drink

  4. Technology and gadgets

  5. Clothing

  6. Practical

Whether you’re looking for hiking gifts for her, or hiking gifts for him, this list should have you covered. I hope you find the perfect gift idea for whoever the lucky person is!

Let’s get started with my buying guide to the best gifts for hikers…

There are all sorts of gift ideas for hikers out there. Let’s begin with some that will keep them safe and well on the trail.

There are all sorts of gift ideas for hikers out there. Let’s begin with some that will keep them safe and well on the trail.

Health & Safety Gift Ideas for Hikers

All hikers need to be proactive in their efforts to look after themselves in the outdoors! The following gifts will help any of your hiking friends and loved ones in that endeavour.

1. Water Filter/Bottle

Water filtration devices are essential when you’re on long hikes with little access to fresh water. Sometimes you have to make do with what you’ve got!

That can mean drinking from questionable water sources. Equally, what seems like fresh water can hold bacteria that can make you seriously ill too. A filtration system removes all the nasties, regardless of where you get it. You can take on fluid without risking illness.

Top Pick: The Sawyer Products PointOne Squeeze System

This system from Sawyer is one of the top-rated options online.

It’s small and super lightweight and removes essentially all bacteria (and microplastics). Indeed, it claims to have the highest filtration level on the market! I like the design too.

The filtration system itself is a small screw-on component. A water pouch comes with it, but this little device can attach to any threaded water bottle for extra convenience.

This would make an awesome gift for anyone who wants to avoid water-based diseases in the outdoors or on the road (AKA, everyone…).

2. First Aid Kit (one of the most important gifts for the hiker)

I always carry a first-aid kit on hikes and when I’m travelling.

They’re essential bits of gear for dealing with minor injuries. Accidents tend to happen at inopportune moments! Having a bandage, plasters, anti-bacterial wipes, surgical tape and so on can make a big difference.

It’s the sort of thing you may never even need! But it’s far better to be prepared, just in case.

Top Pick: Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

This Surviveware first aid kit is perfectly suited to the role.

It’s another top-rated, best-selling item online, with thousands of five star reviews. It seems second to none in terms of its size, durability, and contents.

This compact kit contains 100 first-aid items, yet still ways only 1lb (0.5kgs)! It’s FDA approved, water-resistant, and has straps so it can be worn on belts too, if required.

Sleeping-Related Cool Gifts for Hikers

A good night’s sleep has to be one of the best gifts you could ever give a hiker!

Multiday hikes are usually physically and mentally demanding. After all, you’ve covering longer distances with heavy weight on your back! It’s draining on all levels.

Sleeping soundly can make all the difference to the experience. Check out the following cool hiking gear that make awesome gifts for campers and hikers.

3. Hammock (one of my favourite gifts for a hiker)

Hammock make an awesome gift for any occasion! They’re just downright cool things to own.

They’re even handier gifts for a hiker though. Indeed, many people choose them as a lightweight alternative sleeping solution to a tent. With no poles and pegs, hammocks can provide a decent night’s sleep at a fraction of the pack weight.

Equally, there’s nothing better than breaking out the hammock when taking a rest! You find a beautiful spot and swing gently away, taking in the moment and regaining your energy.

Top Pick: Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

By all accounts, this Wise Owl hammock is as good as it gets.

It has an insane 4.8/5 star average over almost 3,500 reviews online. That’s always a sign of a high quality product. It’s small, light-weight, made out of high-quality materials.

This hammock also comes with a set of tree straps. It’s a nice touch. Of course, you get the usual rope and carabiners. But the straps create extra friction around the tree, while protecting its surface too. You stay suspended, and the tree doesn’t get damaged.

It’s great value for money as well, comes in a range of colours, and you can get a single or double version, depending on your need.

However, overnight hikers will probably need an insect net and waterproof tarpaulin to go with it. These will provide essential protection from any pesky bugs and the elements, respectively.

Not sure if this hammock’s the one for you? This hammock buying guide should help.

4. Tent (Perfect gifts for people who like to hike!)

Tents are usually the go-to sleeping choice for multiday hikers.

Tents provide a comforting place to rest your head at the end of a long day’s hiking. They also offer greater protection from the elements, and keep out pests and bugs. Being gifted a new tent will be heaven for any hiker in need of one!

Top Pick: Coleman Dome Tent

This Coleman tent comes incredibly well-recommended online.

It assembles in under 10 minutes (ideal when you’re tired after a long hike), fully waterproof (thanks to the rain fly) and has tonnes of space inside.

At 8lbs (3.6kgs) it’s a little on the heavy side. However, for strong hikers it shouldn’t be a problem. However, spread between two people it would be perfect.

Love Coleman tents but don’t fancy the Sun Dome? Check out this list of 12 other high-quality Coleman tent options.

5. Bivvy Bag

A bivvy bag is a great alternative to both tents and hammocks.

They come in different styles. But imagine a waterproof bag/compartment for one person and you’re not far off. Some are more tent-like than others. The most simple are literally thermal sacks to sleep inside in emergencies.

These wouldn’t be ideal for a solid night’s sleep, but they could save someone’s life.

Top Pick: Go Time Gear Bivvy

This bivvy bag from Go Time Gear is definitely on the simpler side.

You’re unlikely to take it on a hike for the purpose of sleeping in it! Instead, you’d have it with you as a back-up in case of emergency. It’s fully waterproof, super compact, and exceptionally light. Those attributes mean a hiker could take it in their backpack, just in case of trouble, and never know it was there.

6. Sleeping Bag

Every multiday hiker needs a good sleeping bag to take with them.

I’d personally love to get one as a gift! I’m sure other people would too. There are just countless situations when they come in handy on the road. Overnight hikes are the perfect example.

The smaller and lighter the better. However, remember to take the weather into account. It should be warm enough for the temperatures someone will be experiencing. For cooler climates you expect to take a bigger sleeping bag.

Top Pick: Coleman 0 Degrees Mummy Sleeping Bag

This Coleman sleeping bag is a fairly typical mummy-style bag (so-called for its tapered shape).

However, it’s another well-rated item online with masses of satisfied customers.

The weather rating seems more than adequate for most cold weather climates. That said, for warmer weather it may be a bit too hot though! There’s a good ventilation system to let cool air inside if needed.

It’ll fit most people up to 6 feet 2 inches. It is machine washable, packs a bunch of great additional features, and is made from durable materials.

You might also like this guide to the best sleeping bags under $100.

7. Roll Mat/Sleeping Pad

Okay, so sleeping bags are obviously a big part of getting a good night’s sleep.

But I reckon it’s the roll mat that’s the real deal breaker! Hikers don’t always get to choose the ground they sleep upon. It can be hard, rocky and just generally uncomfortable. Having a sleeping pad can make all the difference.

Likewise, that extra layer of padding separates you from the cold earth, keeping you warmer as a result. Sleeping pads make a great gift for any hiker, backpacker or traveller to use on the trail.

Top Pick: Sleepingo Ultralight Sleeping Pad

This roll mat has an interesting design that obvious does the job.

It’s the highest rated and most popular option I came across online (4.8/5 stars). I can see why. This pad ticks all the right boxes. It’s super lightweight and folds up small, as well as being reasonably priced.

8. Pillow

A backpacking-type pillow is often seen as a bit of a luxury.

It definitely isn’t the most essential item for the trail. After all, you can fold up your clothes and use those instead! That said, having an actual pillow to rest your head on at night always helps. It would certainly make for a great little gift to take along.

Top Pick: Wellax Ultralight Camping Pillow

This Wellax inflatable pillow is a great addition to anyone’s pack.

Ergonomically designed, it guarantees a decent sleep. Equally, as an inflatable, it packs down small to be carried during the day. That’s a major bonus. It also means it’s as lightweight as they come. The lifetime guarantee mean you can buy in confidence as well.

Oh, and it also comes with a free eye mask included, for even more luxury!

There are masses of cool gifts for hikers too! The ones above will cater for sleeping requirement. Now it’s on to the food and drink!

There are masses of cool gifts for hikers too! The ones above will cater for sleeping requirement. Now it’s on to the food and drink!

Food and Drink Hiking Gift Ideas

Okay, so we’ve covered health and sleep so far. On to the most important thing: food!

There’s nothing quite like a warm, hearty meal at the end of a long trek. The gear makes it possible. All of the following items make top gift ideas.

9. Mug

Right, so a mug might not exactly scream ‘inspiring gift idea’ at you. But, come on, every hiker needs one! How else are you going to drink the all-important morning brew after a night on the trail!?

The best camping mugs are durable and lightweight.

Top Pick: TOAKS Titanium Camping 450ml Cup

This TOAKS cup ticks all the right boxes. It’s well-made from hardy materials, and seems entirely fit for purpose. The hundreds of top-rated reviews online back that impression up.

The optional lid is a nice extra touch. In the outdoors, in cool weather, hot stuff doesn’t stay hot for long. Having a lid will help keep any brew warmer for longer. And that’s got to be a good thing! 

10. Spork

Does anyone reeally want a spork as a gift?

Well…As someone who was once gifted a bright green plastic spork before a trip, I can answer with a resounding yes! Hopefully I’m not the only one…In my humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with a spork in your hiking pack. They make a great, inexpensive present.

Top Pick: TOAKS Titanium Long Handled Spork

Here’s another TOAKS product for you. It’s the same deal as the mug: hardy, durable materials made well. I like the fact that it’s metal too…We’re talking premium spork here.

The plastic spork I was given actually broke unexpectedly on me not long ago (worst day ever). A metal option would never have suffered the same fate! This one also has its own little carry case. That would also be surprisingly handy.

Everything gets dirty on the trail. A case would keep it nice and separate from your other stuff. AKA, the thing you’re putting in your mouth is less likely to be covered in grime!

11. Cooking Stove- Jetboil

Jetboils are badass. Simple as that. They’re the crème de la crème of cooking stoves. If someone gave me one as a gift I’d be absolutely stoked!

They’re famous for boiling water quicker than any other stove, and using less gas in the process. That’s all good news for hungry hikers. As far as cooking gizmos go, this has to be up there with the best. Jetboils look cool, work great, and provide an easy solution for all culinary needs on the road.

I love the multi-functionality of them too. You cook and eat from the same pot, saving effort (and washing up).

Top Pick: Jetboil Flash Cooking Stove

The Jetboil Flash offers a 1 litre cooking cup (that’s wrapped in an insulating sleeve- another nice touch). Just push the button to ignite the gas and you’re set for boiling water in 100 seconds.

That’s pretty insane. It’s only 13.1oz (0.37kgs) too, meaning it’s nice and easy to carry it all around in a pack.

12. Coffee Maker

Know a hiker who likes their coffee? Then you’ll forever be adored if you gift them a means of making a mug of java on the trail.

Top Pick: Espro Stainless Steel 12oz Coffee Press

This is a winning on-the-go coffee-making option. It’s exceptionally well-received online, for one.

It seems to satisfy all of my strict trail-coffee criteria too. The stainless steel equates to great durability and insulation (no-one wants their cup of Joe to go cold).

The design is nice and straight forward as well. Whack the coffee grinds in, pour boiling water, and allow to brew before plunging the specially designed filter to the bottom. And voila, fresh coffee wherever you are.

Want to see more top travel coffee makers? Here’s my buying guide to the best travel french press coffee makers.

13. Camelbak/Water Bladder

Water pouches/bladders are a popular way of transporting water while hiking.

If you’ve never seen one, imagine a plastic sack you fill with water (or any other fluid). Screw it tight and suck away using a hose-attachment. The pouch goes into a backpack, and the hose extends from it.

This provides access to water at all times, without having to stop and take out a water bottle. That’s helpful for staying hydrated during tough treks. Having the water in one place is also good for weight distribution in the backpack.

Camelbak is one of the best-known brands in the industry. Getting a Camelbak bladder as a gift is sure to both a) be received with total pleasure and b) come in exceptionally useful on any extended hike.

Top Pick: Camelbak 100oz MIL SPEC Reservoir

This 100oz (3 litre) bladded will more than do the trick.

That’s a hefty amount of fluid for anyone to carry in one place! No leaks here! It’s popular and well-rated online, made from high-quality materials, and from a brand leader in the industry. Give it a shot, and you won’t be disappointed.

Unique Hiking Related Gifts: Gizmo/Tech Ideas

These days you’ll find all manner of technology, gizmos and gadgets to make a hiker’s life easier.

These unique hiking gifts ideas would be ideally suited for tech-lovers and/or anyone who enjoys a more adventurous trek!

14. GPS Beacon (Ideal Hiking Accessories Gifts)

I’m all for the idea of getting lost in nature.

But, let’s face it, in reality, it isn’t quite as romantic as it sounds. In fact, it’s downright dangerous sometimes. It’s all too easy to lose the track, get disoriented, and have no idea where to go and what to do.

Frankly, it’s best avoided! Enter GPS beacons. Grab one of these and you can wander off wherever you want. It’ll have you pinpointed the whole time.

I can totally imagine my mum buying me one of these. It definitely seems like a worried mum thing to buy their child! Not that I’d be complaining though...

Top Pick: Garmin GPSMAP 64S

The best suggestion I can find online is this one from Garmin. Now, not going to lie, I know nothing about these beacons! I’ve never had one, even though I’d seen them in action.

However, by all accounts, Garmin’s a key player in the industry. They seem well known and well respected. And this GPSMAP 64S seems to have everything you’d need.

It’s easy to read in the sunlight, runs off ordinary AA batteries (and/or the rechargeable battery it comes with), and you can also sync it with mobile phones over the internet. There’s more too, but I’ll leave it for you to check out in detail!

15. Outdoor watch (Awesome Hiking Gifts for Boyfriend)

Serious outdoorsy people need a serious watch to go by.

Specially-designed outdoor watches are the real-deal. Far more than just a way to tell the time, they’re GPS systems, compass-systems and weather forecasters too. They’re robust, durable, and built to withstand the elements.

They’d be a really cool (if expensive) gift to receive by anyone’s standard.

Top Pick: Suunto Traverse Alpha

The Suunto Traverse Alpha isn’t cheap (especially compared to my other gift ideas on this list). However, it’s definitely not the most expensive outdoor watch out there. It doesn’t sacrifice on functionality either.

It’s water resistant to 100m, with full GPS tracking that shows you where you’ve been throughout the day. There’s also a cool moon phase calendar function that highlights the best times to go hunting or fishing.

16. Solar Panel Charger (Perfect Gifts for People Who Love HIking)

There’s literally nothing worse than batteries running flat on a hike.

…Okay, so there’s probably something slightly worse. However, it definitely isn’t fun.

Equally, if a hiker’s relying on their smartphone as a map, then a flat battery could have genuinely serious repercussions. Having a solar panel charger means this is never in danger of happening.

Top Pick: Hiluckey Solar Waterproof Charger

This charger from Hiluckey would make the ideal gift.

It’s the perfect combination of functional, aesthetic and affordable! With 4 foldable solar panels there’s definite bang for your buck.

The panels charge a built-in battery that’s supposed to charge your phone 8 to 10 times! That’s not bad going. Oh, and there are multiple USB ports to charge more than one device.

It’s also ideally-suit for the outdoors. Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, your precious electricity is safe from the rigors of the trail.

17. Best Inexpensive Gifts for Hikers: Waterproof Notebook

A waterproof notebook is a lovely, practical addition to any hiker’s backpack.

I always carry a notebook with me to jot down any thoughts and ideas I have on the road. Hiking is prime thinking time. It’s always nice to have a means of recording any thoughts or ideas I don’t want to forget.

However, the threat of rain makes it a tricky business. All it takes is one downpour to turn a lovely notebook into a crumpled, soggy mess. Waterproof versions solve the problem. The pages repel water and any other moisture-related mishaps.

Top Pick: Rite In The Rain Top Spiral Notebook

Looking for gifts for hikers under $25? This cool little notebook would be perfect.

It’s cheap and cheerful, but totally fit for purpose. The waterproofing seems second to none- you can even put it through the laundry! That’s good news for anyone hiking in the wet-season, or who gets caught in a shower.

Essential clothing makes awesome trekking gifts for hikers. Here are some top picks to give you some ideas. I’ve tried to include clothing-related hiking gifts for her and hiking gifts for him to cover all bases.

Essential clothing makes awesome trekking gifts for hikers. Here are some top picks to give you some ideas. I’ve tried to include clothing-related hiking gifts for her and hiking gifts for him to cover all bases.

Clothing Gifts for Hikers [Hiking Gift Ideas for Him and Her]

The right clothing is a crucial factor for hikers to get right. It can make an enormous difference in terms of warmth, weather-proofing, sun-protection, comfort, and so on.

Each of the following gift ideas for hikers will ensure they’re good to go in terms of clothing and footwear!

18. Down Jacket

Down jackets are the rising star of hiking and backpacking.

I can vouch for their usefulness both on the road and on hikes! They’re great insulators, offer a degree of waterproofing, are super lightweight, and fold down to a tiny size. You really can’t go wrong. It would make a generous gift that anyone who spends time outdoors would love to receive.

Top Picks: Columbia Men’s Delta Ridge and Columbia Heavenly Hooded Jacket (for women)

Columbia is a top-notch manufacturer of outdoor clothing.

These down jackets provide a prime example. Both the men’s and women’s jacket are immensely popular and well-rated online. The materials are durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. Both would make a perfect, functional (and stylish) addition to a hiker’s wardrobe!

19. Merino Wool Shirts

Merino wool is something of a miracle material.

Now, I’m not usually one to get that excited about fabric. But merino wool is a genuinely impressive material! Check it out:

It’s a natural fabric that’s soft, breathable, wicking, heating and cooling (depending on the weather outside), odour-resisting, fast-drying, itch-free and naturally protective against UV rays. Not bad, right!?

I own a merino wool shirt and it’s one of my most treasured items of clothing. It’s just so versatile!

It looks pretty good too, which is good news when you can’t carry much stuff. I’m as happy wearing it on a hike as I am out to a restaurant. There’s level of luxury to merino wool, which is another reason it would make such a great gift.

Top Picks: The Men’s Minus33 merino Wool Chocorua; Women’s Woolx Merino wicking top.

There’s not much more to add about these particular shirts! Both are good value for money, practical, and highly-rated online. More importantly, they’re merino.

And merino is great.

20. Hiking Shoes

Okay, shoes are a tricky gift to get right.

I mean, everyone’s feet are different (sizes, shapes and so on), for one. And, moreover, everyone has different tastes. The style you love may be god-awful for someone else. Those factors add up to a lot of room for error!

If you do buy someone hiking shoes, be sure to keep the gift receipt. That way they can exchange them if they want/need to.

It’s a bit of a gamble. But, get it right and you’ll make someone’s day. Know the shoes someone wants, needs and fits? Then gifting them the ideal hiking shoe would be awesome.

Top Picks:

Merrell Men’s Aero Sport

Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4

Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze

It’s impossible to suggest one single shoe that would work well for everyone!

You’ll all have particular requirements to fulfil. However, the Merrell top picks I’ve included here should provide a good starting point. They’re all highly-rated and would do the job well for most people’s hiking needs.

Remember, for hikes you want adequate ankle support and waterproofing, as standard. From there, the type of hiking becomes a factor.

It would take too long to go into here. But for further reading, this guide from REI on how to choose the best boots is a good place to start.

Oh, and my guides to a) the best minimalist hiking boots and shoes and b) the best budget hiking boots might also prove useful.

21. Hiking Socks

I’ll admit that socks aren’t the most exciting item on this list!

However, they’re definitely some of the most valuable to a hiker. Bad hiking socks can literally destroy a good hike. They’re thin, slip around, slide down your feet, rub against the skin, and cause blisters. They’re just not fun.

Good pairs of hiking socks don’t come cheap. But they’re specially designed for the job. They can honestly make a huge difference!

As far as gifts go, any hiker is sure to appreciate a brand new pair of quality socks!

Top Pick: Darn Tough Merino Wool Hiking Socks

These socks from Darn Tough seem to hit the mark.

I’ve never worn merino wool socks, but I imagine they’re heavenly! Expect a breathability, durability, and natural antimicrobial and antibacterial socks (good for smelly feet!).

These socks are designed to optimize performance and comfort. No slips, bunching, or blisters here. Likewise, they’re unconditionally guaranteed for life. That makes them a total risk free purchase.

22. Hat

Hats come in handy on the trail.

Whether it’s for protection from the sun or the cold, they serve a vital function. Anyone spending reasonable amounts of time on the trail would benefit from having one in their pack!

There are masses out there to choose from. And, of course, the best bet depends on the weather someone will experience on the hike. Here’s a list of top-rated hats for different purposes. Hopefully you’ll find a style and fit suitable for a gift!

Top Picks:


Tough Headwear Running Beanie Thermal Hat


C.C. BeanieTail Soft Stretch Beanie Hat


Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat

Practical gear provides some unique hiking gifts ideas. All of the following items are essential for solving practical problems on the trail. Oh, and keep an eye out for my pick of the best gifts for hikers under $25!

Practical gear provides some unique hiking gifts ideas. All of the following items are essential for solving practical problems on the trail. Oh, and keep an eye out for my pick of the best gifts for hikers under $25!

Practical Trekking Gifts for Hikers

Time to finish this list of gift ideas for hikers with some practical trekking gifts ideas.

Hikes pose some unique challenges to solve on the trail. The right bit of kit can make navigating them a breeze. These practical gift ideas will make every hiker’s life that bit easier.

23. Best Trekking Gift for Him: Outdoor Knife

Having a knife will only ever be beneficial on long hikes. Hiking gifts for men don’t get much better!

Sure, afternoon excursions may not call for one. But they’re almost essential on multiday or thru hikes. From helping chop veggies for dinner to cutting up kindling for fires and preparing shelters, there are a multitude of reasons having a knife comes in handy.

Top Pick: Gerber Bear Grylls Serrated Edge Knife

As far as knives for the outdoors go, you won’t find much better than this Gerber.

Bear Grylls has lended his name to it too, which makes it even cooler (in my opinion…). But the true value is in its design and quality.

High carbon stainless steel meets an ergonomic textured rubber grip, with a stainless steel pommel.

They’ve thought about everything. For instance, the steel pommel is to help hammering items (such as tent pegs) into place. The drop point blade is ideal for cutting, and the serrated edge adds dual functionality. There are a fire-starter and striker included as standard too, which are an added bonus!

There’s a sheath as well, which is military grade, to keep the blade safely stowed away. This would make the perfect gift for anyone into their outdoors.

Want to see more top-quality backpacking knives? Click here for reviews of 8 of the best.

24. 2nd Best Hiker Gifts for Him: Multi-Tool

Looking for a hiking gift for him? Multi-tools are another helpful item for anyone who enjoys hiking over longer distances, but your fella’s sure to love it.

These clever contraptions solve a mass of problems in one easy to use, go-to tool. Any opportunity to save space and weight is valuable on a hike. That means items with multi-functionality are particularly useful.

Indeed, many multi-tools comes with a blade attached. Getting the tool may make having a separate knife unnecessary.

Top Pick: Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Here’s another Gerber item to follow on from the knife above.

This multi-tool seems similar in its quality build, materials and functionality. Likewise, it’s immensely popular and extremely well-rated. Nicely, the price tag isn’t too high either.

Made from stainless steel, it comes with 12 integrated tools (can opener, saw, scissors, knives, screw drivers, pliers…and so on). The design is lightweight and comes with a nylon sheath to hold it in.

I like that it’s designed with a fancy locking system too. This keeps each tool in place when being used. All too often I’ve nearly stabbed, chopped or sliced myself using these things without this safety feature!

This is another top gift idea for anyone who loves spending time outdoors or on the road.

25. Waterproof Stuff Sack/Dry Bag (Best Gifts for hikers under $25)

Hiking in the rain is rarely fun. You get wet and cold, and the views are rarely as impressive.

Even worse, the stuff you’re carrying can get soaked too. Clothes, electronics, sleeping stuff…when this gets wet it can seriously impact your walk and wellbeing.

Having a waterproof stuff sack means you can keep essential items dry. These bags are fully waterproofed, folded down and sealed tight. Nothing in there is getting wet. Sure, you still will, but at least you’ll have some dry clothes to get into when the rain stops!

Nicely, you can squeeze out all the air inside too. That allows you to save space in your bag. Oh, and they can double as a backpacking pillow as well. At night, cram your soft clothes inside and rest your head on it!

For all those reasons I’d say these stuff sacks are the best gifts for hikers under $25 or so.

Top Pick: Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

If I were to buy myself a dry bag, I’d go for this one from Earth Pak.

It’s everything you need from a waterproof dry bag. Even better, you get a free waterproof phone case with it.

Nationally recognized, the design of the stuff sack seems top notch. Different sizes are available (from 10 to 55L). That means anyone can find one for their particular backpack and needs. The materials are high-quality, can take a beating, and will last for years (apparently!).

I like the shoulder strap too. It means you can use it as a bag in its own right as well (rather than placing it inside a primary pack). The 55L bag has a waist belt for back support.

26. Trekking Poles (More Good Gifts for Hikers!)

Trekking poles can be a life-line on tough hikes.

When not in use you simply attach them to the backpack. When called upon, they extend to the correct size and help improve balance and take weight off your legs.

I’m always surprised how much of a difference they make. Steep uphill and downhill sections become crazily easier.

Anyone doing long hikes with a heavy pack will actively need them. Someone who requires a bit of extra support on the trail will benefit greatly too.

Top Pick: Trailbuddy Trekking Poles

These aluminium poles are everything you could ever want.

Indeed, thousands of people have purchased them. They average a 4.8/5 star rating from almost 2,000 reviews online! That’s insanely impressive and a clear sign of their quality.

The aluminium makes them particularly strong and lightweight. You can extend them to a range of lengths (from 24.5 to 54 inches) using their easy-to-use lever locks. The handles are made from cork, meaning extra comfort whatever the weather.

They come in a wide selection of colors too. That’s good news for finding the right pair of poles for a gift!

27. Head Torch

Head torches are another item that gets a lot of use on a multiday hike.

I mean, have you ever tried putting up a tent in the dark?! It’s not easy.

A normal torch would be better than nothing. But having a head torch means you keep your hands free. And that’s way more useful (some might say ‘handy’…) when it comes to camping in the dark. You need light for setting up camp, cooking, reading, going to the bathroom, and so on.

Doing all of these is far harder without a head torch. That makes them a top gift for any hiker!

Top Pick: Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

This Foxelli head torch seem like everything you could ever ask for.

Its super bright LED lights provide a 200m beam. The torch has multiple functionality too. You can dim the brightness, tilt it, produce red-light, and more (there’s a pre-programmed SOS mode too).

The torch is waterproof, made or durable materials and lightweight. Expect solid battery life as well (up to 45 hours, apparently). AAA are batteries included with the purchase. Finally, there’s a full, no questions asked lifetime guarantee.

All up, you really can’t seem to go far wrong with the Foxelli!

Like the idea of buying someone a flashlight but don’t fancy the Foxelli? Check out these 10 awesome alternatives.

28. Duct Tape (Practical presents for hikers are good too!)

Okay, so this is another ‘not-so-exciting-yet-extremely-practical’ hiking gift.

You may be disinclined to gift someone some duct tape. But I promise, if they’re a proper long distances hiker (or a traveller), they’ll definitely appreciate it! It’s just the perfect easy fix for all manner of problems on the trail.

Backpack tears? Duct tape. Tent breaks? Duct tape. Shoes come apart? Duct tape.

You get the idea!

Top Pick: Gorilla Tape

Gorilla tape has made a bit of a name for itself in the duct tape world.

As far as tape goes, this is probably as exciting as it gets. They’ve somehow managed to make tape cool! I’d buy it just for the name. Thankfully, the functionality backs up the quality branding!

It’s double thickness, heavy duty and designed to work on all surfaces. Uneven, rough and smooth surfaces (that ordinary tape would hate) are no problem for the adhesive. The backing is reinforced for added strength, and it’s water-resistant too.

Gorilla tape is designed to withstand heat, moisture and UV rays. That’s all good news for intrepid hikers in a ‘sticky situation’. Any issues will be patched up in no time.

29. Hand Shovel (these make unique hiking gifts)

A shovel isn’t the most glamorous of gifts.

But they are essential to have on a long-distance hike. Why? Well, when nature calls, digging a hole before doing your business is the recommended approach to ‘waste-management’ on any trail.

As awkward as it might be to talk about, there’s nothing worse than seeing human waste and toilet tissue in beautiful landscapes. It’s just gross and a literal stain on the environment. Every responsible hiker should dig a hole!

However, that’s often easier said than done. Sometimes you can’t (or don’t want to) do it with your own hands. Having a shovel makes the whole process that bit easier.

Top Pick: UST U-Dig-It Aluminium Shovel

Here’s a great little shovel that would get the job done.

The UST U-Dig-It is as good as it gets really. It’s pretty small, lightweight, and made of tough material. There’s a carabiner attachment too. That’ll help store it on the outside of your pack.

As far as gifts go, this would be a funny little thing for anyone to receive! Everyone will get a bit of a giggle. Nicely, it’ll also come in really handy on extended hikes.

30. Hiking Backpack

Last but not least, all hikers need a high-quality backpack to take with them onto the trail. Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to find one that’s most appropriate for the type of hiking your loved one likes to do (e.g. larger packs for longer hikes).

Top pick: Osprey Daylite Daypack

That said, this Osprey Daylite Daypack would go down a treat with any hiker!

It’s made by a hugely respected brand, offers a host of fantastic features (such as a panel-loading main compartment, an inner pocket for a hydration sleeve, and two mesh pockets on the side for water bottles, etc), and is good value for money too.

Not quite what you’re after? This list of the best hiking backpacks under $100 might help.

Time to Buy the Best Gifts for Hikers

There you have it: the best gift ideas for hikers I could come up with.

Speaking from experience, if you love hiking, then being gifted something that helps you do it will always be well received! Each item on this list of great gifts for hikers is sure to come in helpful on the trail.

Hopefully, the hiking gift ideas for him and her above have provided you with inspiration on what to buy someone passionate about their hiking! Good luck!

Need any extra advice or ideas? Be sure to drop a comment below!

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