60 Brilliant Boat Puns and Boat Jokes to Enjoy

The internet’s awash with brilliant boat puns and boat jokes. Here are 60 of the best puns about boats that we could find!

Boat puns

In search of boat puns?  I hope this post helps!

Did you know that puns can be a sign of above-average intelligence?

Better still, whether you love or hate them, they always get a reaction — even if it’s a groan and an eye roll!

If you and your friends love spending time on the water as much as you enjoy bad jokes, then you need to add some boat puns to your repertoire.

Get ready to “seas” the day with this long list of nautical puns, boat jokes, boat words, and more!

Here we go, then: The 60 Ship puns & boat jokes you’ll surely enjoy!

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Clever Boat Puns

1. Knot too shabby

2. Don’t be so stern

3. A salt weapon

4. Feeling nauti

5. It’s salt good

6. I have very Pacific taste

7. Just saying goodbye to my piers

8. Buoy, these views are fin-tastic

9. Don’t be so stern

10. Just call salt

11. That’s ferry impressive

12. Don’t give into pier pressure

13. Last but naut least

14. I like big boats and I cannot lie

15. What’s this all a-boat?

16. Ship happens

17. Didn’t mean to barge in here

18. What’s up, dock?

19. Taking the sea-nic route

20. Weapon of mast destruction

Want some humourous boat jokes? Here they are…

Humourous Boat Jokes

21.      Q: What do captains use to wipe their noses when they have a cold?

A: Anchor-chiefs

22.      Q: What’s the motto of every admiral?

A: Do it schooner rather than later

23.      Q: Why are boats so good at telling stories?

A: Because they always have a ferry-tale ending

24.      Q: What’s the only vegetable not allowed on boats?

A: Leeks

25.      Q: What’s the name of the fastest ship at sea?

A: Usain Boat

26.      Q: Why were the baby boats scared of their teacher?

A: Because she’s very stern

27.      Q: What do sailors love to watch on movie night?

A: The Codfather

28.      Q: What kind of music do fishermen like to listen to?

A: Pond-tunes

29.      Q: What do you call a boat equipped with AI?

A: A row-boat

30.      Q: What do you call a discount rate at the boat supply store?

A: A two-for-one sail

Hunting for funny nautical puns? The next section should help!

Funny Nautical Puns

31. I’m knot shore if you noticed, but I’m on a boat.

32. Canoe imagine a more perfect day? Neither can I.

33. Wet-ever floats your boat.

34. No ship, Sherlock.

35. I’m oar-ed out of my mind.

36. Seriously, your jokes are keeling me.

37. Well, plank you very much.

38. Last boat naut least.

39. Don’t be such a pain in the boat.

40. What a boat-iful day today.

Last but not least, here are some bonus boat words you can use to create something out of it!

Bonus: Wordplay With Boat Words

Ready to make your own boat puns and boat jokes? Use these common nautical terms to create your own witty puns!

41. Off the hook

42. Cast your bread upon the waters

43. To harbour strong feelings

44. A stern talking to

45. Don’t rock the boat

46. Batten down the hatches

47. Dead in the water

48. Come hell or high water

49. A whale of a good time

50. Any port in a storm

51. Loose lips sink ships

52. Drown your sorrows

53. Keep your head above water

54. A fine kettle of fish

55. Knots in your stomach

56. That’s water under the bridge

57. Walk the plank

58. Take the wind out of his sails

59. She’s not the only fish in the sea

60. As helpful as a screen door on a submarine

Set Sail With These Silly Ship Puns

So, how a-boat it?

Did you find some new boat puns to share with your friends and make them laugh (or groan)? You never know — sailing puns could just become your lega-sea!

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