100 Life Goals Ideas to Rediscover Your Aim in Life

I hope the following list of 100 life goals examples will come in handy!

I hope the following list of 100 life goals examples will come in handy!

I had a revelation a few years ago.

I was in my bedroom, on the top floor of my parents’ old house in London, lying on the couch.

The atmosphere was a little grey.

My eyes were open, staring unblinkingly through the window at nothing in particular.

Presumably, the sheer banality of the moment forced an uncomfortable thought:

“There has to be more than this.”

Am I making the most of my time? What’s my aim in life? Am I spending my days in ways that inspire me, motivate me, and bring me joy? Am I living my best life?  

The answer was a resounding ‘no’.

Since then, I’ve tried to make my life fuller, more adventurous, and altogether my own.

Are you in a similar pursuit? If so, then goal-setting is sure to help. After all, you have to know what you want in order to get it! Having a clearly laid-out list of goals in life has been a big part of my own pursuit of creating a fuller life for myself.

Anyone reading this may be looking for some life-goal inspiration of their own.

If that’s you, then keep reading for the coming list of 100 life goals ideas. I hope they provide some inspiration for anyone looking to cultivate an incredible life and rediscover their aims of life.

[Last Updated: February 2021]

Personal goal ideas for life can be a powerful means of finding your aim in life.

Personal goal ideas for life can be a powerful means of finding your aim in life.

The Value of Personal Goal Ideas: Finding an Aim in Life

Everyone always talks about the importance of having goals.

But why? What makes them so valuable?

For me, goals are a fundamental part of achieving a sense of direction.

With direction comes purpose. And with purpose, everything in life feels easier.

Goals create a sense of trajectory. Setting one is the first step to making something happen. For a firework to explode upwards into the sky, someone must point it there first.

If you’re looking for your aim in life, then establishing goals can help you find it. A particular goal you settle on may even become your life’s aim.

That’s the purpose of a good goal. It’s a target. A honing beacon. A compass bearing. Something to work towards.

Any challenges down the road are more easily navigated with the guiding hand of a goal. You know what you’re moving towards. Goals become your north star.

For me, a life without goals feels passive. You’re treading water instead of moving incisively through it. Sure, there’s always a need for stillness and centeredness too.

But I find progress to be a recipe for positivity. By putting words to a desire you become empowered to make it happen.

Of course, any goal is only the start of the journey. But, like buying a plane ticket, it’s a vital first step to getting to your destination.

Why Create a 100 Goals List?

Why 100?

Why not a 101 goals list? Or a list of 75 goals? Or whatever.

I have no real explanation other than that 100 seemed like a worthy target! It’s a big number. And, sometimes, you have to reach big to win big.

It’s also something other people have done. There are already a number of other lists of 100 goal ideas. I figured I’d add mine to the pile.

However, unlike many of those other lists, I didn’t want this one to be a personal goal ideas list. This post was never meant as an attempt to set myself 100 goals (you can read my personal dreams here!).

Instead, I wanted to put together a resource that anyone could find useful. Personal lists are great. But, by nature, they apply most to whoever puts them together. They’re of limited value to others.

I wanted to compile a long list of goals that (I think) would make anyone’s life a bit better. In this way, I hoped to create a piece that would help anybody who stumbles across it.

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Creating a 100 goals list is an inspiring endeavour. Big goals give you something to strive for. You inevitably achieve more than you would otherwise. But what are the best areas of life to set goals in?

Creating a 100 goals list is an inspiring endeavour. Big goals give you something to strive for. You inevitably achieve more than you would otherwise. But what are the best areas of life to set goals in?

Key Areas of Life to Set Goals (types of aim in life)

I don’t think there’s any one correct area of life to set goals.

It comes down to your priorities, interests, hobbies, personality, past experiences and so on. All of these are obviously individual to each of us. Goals follow suit.

That said, for whatever reason, I naturally started grouping these goals into certain areas as I went. I quickly realised how big the number 100 is! The goals seemed to veer automatically into particular areas of life.

I decided to run with it! As a result (and to give a bit more structure to this post), I’ve split the life goal list to come into the following areas of life to set goals:

  1. Education

  2. Health and Fitness

  3. Personal Growth

  4. Personal Wellness

  5. Creativity

  6. Family and Relationships

  7. New Experiences

  8. Work and Finance

  9. Travel

Feeling stuck in life? Wondering what you’re doing with it? This post should help.

100 Life Goals Lists to Find Purpose and Feel Inspired

Here we go then! None of these are meant as hard and fast goals. I simply hoped to provide some goal ideas for anyone short on a bit of inspiration.

I hope the following list of 100 goals will come in helpful in some way shape or form!

100 Life Goals List Ideas Part 1: Examples of Life Goals for Education

Let’s start with goals related to learning.

Learning new things is of paramount importance to wellbeing. It’s equates to progress, control and self-development. Learning-related goals can have powerful effects!

1. Learn another Language

There’s so much good to be said about learning a new language. From being able to communicate with new people, to expanding your cognitive abilities, this is an awesome skill to master.

2. Learn a Third Language

Why stop at bilingualism? With one extra language mastered, the third will be a breeze!

3. Learn How to Surf

This is definitely a personal goal of mine! For some reason, riding a wave seems the epitome of freedom to me. I’ve tried a few times, but never properly succeeded! One day…

4. Learn How to Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is on many peoples’ bucket list. And for good reason. It opens the door to a whole new world. There’s a definite sense of adventure to exploring the ocean floor.

5. Learn How to Ride a Motorbike

Here’s another of mine! Riding a motorbike seems like a sure-fire way to feel an unrestrained sense of fun. It’s all about freedom, the open-air and open-road.

6. Learn a Martial Art

Learning how to defend yourself is one thing. But what really appeals to me is doing something intense, physical, and with a deeply rooted set of principles behind it.

7. Learn to Dance

Any form of expression is surely a great thing to cultivate. Dance is an art form that seems liberating to those who do it.

8. Learn an Instrument

I can’t imagine a life without music. To be able to play an instrument (well!) is one of my ultimate goals. It brings people together, creates an outlet for expression, and trains the brain too.

9. Learn How to Cook

Cooking is a life skill that comes in handy at every turn. Learning how to do it well is another awesome opportunity to bring people together around a love of good food.

10. Learn Gardening Skills

The natural world is a mystery to me. It’s backwards- I understand technology better than I do flowers and plants. I’m sure I’m not alone. It might not be the most thrilling goal on this list, but I’d love to learn how to garden!

11. Learn How to Grow Your Own Food

Take steps to self-sufficiency. There can be nothing more satisfying than eating food you’ve grown from scratch. The western world seems largely to have forgotten how to do it.

12. Learn Alternative Healing Methods

Alternative forms of medicine sometimes get a bad reputation. But natural healing remedies have been used for millennia. Why not try and learn some of your own?

13. Learn Inspiring Quotes and Poems by Heart

I love a good quote (especially travel quotes). They summarize complex ideas and feelings in beautifully simple phrases. They can inspire and provoke. You never know when learning some by heart will come in handy.

On to the health and fitness goals!

On to the health and fitness goals!

100 Goals in Life Part 2: Health & Fitness Goals

Most people are probably familiar with health and fitness goals.

Both are pivotal parts of really enjoying life. Poor health tends to make all other goals harder to focus on. The following ideas should keep health and wellness at the forefront of your mind.

Heads up, if these goals sound good, you might like this list of travel workouts!

14. Go Alcohol-Free for ‘X’ Amount of time

I’m all for having a drink, but I’m all too aware of the harm it can do too. Going without it for a set period of time (or giving up entirely) is a worthy health goal for anyone to set.

15. Avoid Excessive Screen Time

The average adult in the US spends 11 hours a day on a screen. That’s terrifying! For the mind, body, and soul, it’s vital to get breaks. Setting an explicit goal to get away from mobiles, computers, and tablets is a great way to enhance your daily experience. Over time, that amounts to a better life.

16. Try Fasting

Fasting has been around for thousands of years. It gets a lot of attention these days for the many health benefits available. Why not give it a go? This is something I plan on doing too.

17. Do a Detox

I’ve never done one, but I hear detoxes are relatively popular attempts to remove the toxins from your body. It’s about clearing out your system of everything negative. Sounds good to me.

18. Climb a ‘Real’ Mountain

By ‘real’, I mean big. Like, really big! Not necessarily Everest, but something that will test your mettle. There’s nothing like summiting a mountain to feel a sense of wild-eyed achievement and hope.

19. Swap Junk for Nourishing Food

Diet is key to a happy, healthy life. A goal to eat as healthily as possible is always a worthwhile one to set yourself.

20. Do Something Active Every Day

Doing something physical every day isn’t just about getting a good body. It makes a huge difference mentally and emotionally too. This is one of my own (unwritten) personal goals.

21. Hike the Length of a Country

If you like to hike, why not set the bar high? It doesn’t have to be the length of the country. But a serious thru-hike is an incredible goal to pursue.

22. Do a Triathlon/Ironman

I’ve toyed with this goal, but never felt able to commit.

I love the idea of the challenge- it seems like the height of physical endurance. But, honestly, I’m a little scared of the prospect- the pain and potential for failure! That’s not a good enough reason to avoid something though. The best decisions are made from hope, not fear!

23. Run a Marathon

A marathon is another common fitness goal. It would be an immense achievement. As far as health goals go, this is an awesome one to get fit and active on a regular basis.

24. Run a 10K

If a marathon seems unattainable for now, then why not start smaller? Try a 10k, or a half marathon to whet your appetite for more.

Making goals for your personal growth is a sure-fire way to cultivate a happy life!

Making goals for your personal growth is a sure-fire way to cultivate a happy life!

Personal Growth Goals for Life

Personal growth goals are some of my favorites! Working hard to improve yourself as a person seems like an ultimate, and ongoing, endeavour.

25. Do a Regular Decluttering

It’s easy to collect items and possessions. Half of what we own we don’t really need! We become shackled to them. Periodically getting rid of unnecessary items can be a deeply positive experience.

26. Go Mobile Phone-Less for a Period of Time Each Day

Mobile phones are an unavoidable part of life for most of us now. But putting it down every once in a while in favour of true human connection is vital!

27. Start and Finish a Major Project

It doesn’t matter what it is. But think big. What’s a project you’d love to do? Think about something you’ve always wanted to achieve, set your sights high, and strive to do it.

28. Use Your Evenings Productively

The pursuit of living a full life starts with making the most of your time. Free time is a commodity for many people. Try doing something in it that actively betters you.

29. Read a Book Every Month

I love to read, but for whatever reason I don’t do it as often as I should! I need to stop making excuses. It’s definitely a goal of mine to read more (to read something) every day.

30. Start Regularly Volunteering

Doing something for free is valuable in all manner of ways. Giving your time in exchange for no tangible reward feels great. You’re actively benefiting others. I think everyone should volunteer at least once in their lifetime.

31. Get a Mentor

A mentor offers a guiding hand in all individual pursuits. Having one can be the support you need to exceed. Set about finding yourself a mentor in an area of life you wish to improve.

32. Lend Your Efforts to a Good Cause

Life is better when we turn our attention outwards, to causes bigger than our own little world. It can create purpose and meaning. Why not make it a goal to involve yourself in something you feel passionate about?

33. Learn Something New Every Day

This one’s a classic! Often you don’t even need to try. Big or small, trying to learning something new every day is a worthy endeavour. It’s a sure fire way to feel some sense of progress.

34. Go to (or Return to) University

Education is always a worthy investment. It’s never too late to go and learn, train, or retrain, in a particular discipline.

35. Invest in Personal Development

I guess going to (or going back to) university would be one example of this. By all accounts, an investment in your personal development is always worth it. Money spent on bettering yourself, educating yourself, furthering your skillsets and so on is never wasted. 

36. Live a Values-Driven Life

I want to live my life in line with a set of values. Establish the values and principles you want to live by, and commit to doing so.  

37. Regularly Do Something that Scares You

It’s natural to avoid fear. But facing a fear is a recipe for growth. Make the effort to lean into adversity and challenge your fears and insecurities.

Next up: personal wellness goals to achieve the spiritual side of things ticking along too.

Next up: personal wellness goals to achieve the spiritual side of things ticking along too.

What Are Your Aims of Life? Part 3: Personal Wellness Lifetime Goals List

Health and fitness goals address physical and mental needs. But what of our spiritual needs? The following goals aim to nurture this essential side of life too.

38. Practice Regular/Daily Meditation

Meditation isn’t just a hippy new-age phenomenon. It’s been around for millennia in support of mental and spiritual (and physical) wellbeing. You’d be surprised how many leaders in their field start their day by meditating. Daily meditative practice is one of my ongoing goals.

39. Stay Present Whenever Possible

Past and future are all in your head. The present is all we ever have. Staying rooted in it is never easy, but it’s a vital skill to cultivate. This is another key goal of mine.

40. Develop a Morning Routine

Morning routines are a set of actions with which to start your day, every day. For instance, I (try to) wake up early, have a cold shower, do a brief mindfulness session and have breakfast (almost always oats) while reading or listening to a podcast.

Establishing your own routine can have awesome positive effects. It helps to set your day off on the right foot.

41. Practice Gratitude Every Day

Gratitude is another vital component of being a happy human being. It’s an antidote to most negative emotions. Making a habit of practicing it can establish a mood of peace and positivity.

42. Work on Self-Awareness and Personal Issues

I see self-awareness as a key to life. It helps you make sense of your experience. After all, our experience of life is almost entirely to do with how we perceive the world. Making steps to understand ourselves enables us to better understand our emotions, reactions, and reality itself!

43. Practice Self-Compassion (A Personal Life Goal of Mine!)

Being a compassionate human being is as much about self-compassion is at it is compassion for others. Strive to be kind to yourself as you walk through life.

44. Go on a Retreat

There are all sorts of retreats out there. Silent retreats, yoga retreats, meditation retreats, religious retreats…they’re all available. I’d love to go on at least one before I die (probably a silent/meditation retreat first).

45. Get Up For Sunrise Whenever Possible

I find sunrise a hugely powerful time of day. Not only is it beautiful, it’s symbolic too: it’s a fresh start, full of new opportunities. Starting the day with a sunrise feels awesome, but I don’t do it nearly enough.

46. Watch the Sunset Whenever Possible

The sunset is another time of day I always find powerful. Again, for its beauty. But there’s always something poignant about it. A setting sun draws the eye and soothes the soul like few other things I know.

47. Live Next to Water (A Life Goal of Mine!)

This is a major aspiration of mine. Spending time in and around water is good for my well-being! I don’t know why, but I always feel better when it’s there. I’ve heard many other people say the same thing.

I’d love to live in view of a lake, the ocean, or a river in future. At the very least, I intend to spend as much time next to it as possible.

A life of creativity will always provide more joy than a life devoid of it.

A life of creativity will always provide more joy than a life devoid of it.

The Best Aims in Life Examples Part 4: Creativity Goals to Achieve in Life

Creativity is something everyone should strive to cultivate in their lives. The skill of creativity is more than the ability to produce artwork. It’s about thinking differently, looking at life in novel ways and expressing yourself accordingly. Setting creative goals is always a worthy endeavour.

48. Start Writing Poetry

Poetry is an art form that I think anyone could benefit from experimenting with. It forces you to stop, looks and think about the world and your place within in. You might discover a talent you never knew you had.

49. Learn Photography

Why not invest in a good camera and take the time to learn how to use it? The ability to record your world through photography is a brilliant skill. You might even be able to turn it into a profession. Photography is also something I’d like to experiment more with.

50. Keep a Journal

Recording your daily experience is something I’ve always liked the idea of, but never put the effort into doing. Journals provide insight into the person you were, and the person you’ve become.

Equally, the act of writing your thoughts, feelings and experiences is a sure-fire way to process your day to day experience better.

51. Master Public Speaking

Public speaking fills me with dread! But it’s a skill I know I should work harder to develop. The ability to communicate, debate, express yourself and address an audience is an immense virtue.

52. Write a Book

This is at the very top of my to-do list. I will write a book at some point in future. Even if it never gets published, sitting and writing a manuscript is surely a worthy endeavour to be proud of. 

53. Get Published in a Magazine

Being a published writer has a nice ring to it! If you’re a budding author, blogger, or writer, then aiming to get published seems like a worthy goal.

54. Sell Your Artwork

You only need to sell one piece of art to be a professional artist! The life of an artist isn’t easy. But you can make it happen with the right goals in place.

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. These family and relationships goals should help in this endeavour.

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. These family and relationships goals should help in this endeavour.

100 Goals in Life Part 5: Family and Relationships Goals

No man is an island.
— John Donne

We’re literally built to exist in social groups. As a result, relationships are some of the most important parts of life. Setting goals to cultivate new relationships and nurture existing ones is always a good idea. 

55. Learn About the Family History

The only way to understand our current selves is to look at our history. It sets life in context, to the backdrop of those who came before us. I’d love to know more about my ancestry.

56. Catch Up with Family at Every Opportunity

Life can get busy. Time becomes a commodity. Strangely, it’s easy to lose touch with our closest loved ones. Don’t let the relationships wane. Make a concerted effort to catch up and see each other whenever possible.

57. Tell Your Nearest and Dearest You Love Them

Make a habit of telling the people you love how you feel. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

58. Get Active in Your Community

Relationships are about more than our nuclear family and closest friends. Being active in the community opens the door to new relationships. It’s also a great way to lend a hand and ingratiate yourself more into the neighbourhood.

59. Be a Role Model (one of the best goals for men and women)

Live in a way that sets an example to others. Inspire others to live their best life by showing them how it’s done.

60. Re-Establish Old Friendships

You can’t make new old friends. It’s all too easy to lose touch with people you were once close to. Strive to a) nurture current friendships and b) reinvigorate old ones.

61. Do Something Good Each Day for Others

Live a life with the interests of others in mind. It feels good to do good. Offer your time, effort and resources to anyone deserving of them, whenever you can.

62. Have a Family of Your Own

Fall in love and have kids. For many this is the ultimate goal in life. I’d love for it to be part of my future too.

Variety (aka new experiences) is the spice of life! This is an important goal category for me.

Variety (aka new experiences) is the spice of life! This is an important goal category for me.

List of Life Goals Examples Part 6: New Experience Goals

These types of goals are big for me. I want my life to be full to the brim with new and exciting experiences. They might also become bucket-list priorities!

63. Get a Tattoo

Tattoos are a scary prospect for many people. The permanence, the potential regret, the possible mistakes…For me that fear is all the more reason to get one! I definitely plan to add to my current collection.

64. Go Skinny Dipping

Again, this might be some people’s worst nightmare. But skinny dipping is liberating, if a little awkward…Everyone should try it at least once.

65. See a Shooting Star

I absolutely love seeing shooting stars. It’s a magical experience. It’s also a great way to feel very small in the face of the magnitude of the night sky above you. It puts things in perspective.

66. Fly First Class At Least Once

Or business. It doesn’t matter. Just once, I’d like to know what it feels like! A bit of luxury every now and again is always a good thing.

67. See the Northern Lights

This is definitely on my bucket list. It’s easy to forget how incredible the world is. I imagine seeing something like the northern lights to be a clear reminder.

68. Adopt a Pet

I will have a dog. I will have a dog. I will have a dog.

I’m going to get a dog.

69. Try Vegetarianism/Veganism

I’m actually experimenting with this one at the moment. I’ve been animal-product free (in terms of my diet, at least) for a couple of months now at the time of writing. The health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits are all incentives to give it a go.

70. Try Living a Minimalist Existence

Minimalism is the antidote to materialism. Why not try getting rid of all of your stuff, and living as simply as possible? This is definitely a lifestyle I advocate for personally.

71. See Your Favourite Artist Perform Live

If you’re mad about a particular band or musician, then you owe it to yourself to see them on stage at least once! Even if it costs an arm and a leg, make it happen! You’ll never forget it.

72. Watch Your Favourite Sports Team Play Live

Same with your sports team. It’s one thing to watch them on TV. But to do it in real life as another altogether.

73. Build a House

This one’s another goal that’s high up on my own list. I don’t know how or when it’ll happen. But I plan to do it at some point before I’m 30. How cool would it be to say you built the house you live in?!

74. Renovate a House

A close second to building a house, renovating a property is another big goal I have. Something about it just gets my juices flowing.  

75. Try New Cultural Activities

Never been to an opera? Ballet? Art gallery? Theatre production? Try heading along to all cultural activities you can think of. You may discover a part of yourself you never knew existed.

76. Do a Skydive

Jump out of a plane once and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Remember that goal to do something that scares you? Now’s the chance!

77. Do a Bungee Jump

Same with a bungee. I’ve never done it, and can’t say I really want to! But maybe one day…

Work and finance related goals can make all the difference in terms of getting to where you want to be…

Work and finance related goals can make all the difference in terms of getting to where you want to be…

Best Aim of Life Goal Ideas Part 7: Work, Finance & Career Goals

Success in work and finance seems entirely linked to goal-setting. Laying out what you want and how you plan to get there is intrinsic to achieving it.

78. Get to Management Level in Your Profession

I’ve already decided I’m not one for the 9 to 5. But if I was, then pushing for management would be a priority. The role itself may not be worth it, but climbing the ladders of life provides a valuable sense of progress and purpose. And that seems like something worth striving for.

79. Become a CEO

Why stop at management? Push for the top. Getting to the heights of senior management is when you really start making an impact.

80. Make a Million Bucks

I’m still deciding how I feel about money. I know I need (at least some of) it. I know a part of me wants it. But I’m left wondering about my motivations. Regardless, there’s something appealing about earning a million bucks. The trick seems to be knowing when enough is enough.

81. Open a Savings Account (& Add to it!)

A million might seem like a way off! Did you know that 58% of Americans have under $1,000 in savings? Starting to save is now vital. Not only is it a lifeline in difficult times, but it’s a great way of taking control of your financial situation too. 

82. Pay Off Your Debts ASAP (one of my ongoing yearly goals!)

Another goal I need to take seriously, being debt-free is something we should all push for. It seems a vital first step along the road to financial freedom.

83. Start Investing ASAP

Investing is something I’ve started thinking more and more about. From the little I understand, it’s best to start early…

84. See Time as Your Primary Currency

A big one for me, time seems a more viable currency to operate in. You can earn more money. But you can’t get back misspent time. For me, realizing that is a central part of living a full, adventurous life.

85. Plan for Retirement (one of the good goals to have in life)

A bit like investing, it’s never too early to start preparing for what’s to come. However, that doesn’t mean postponing all the fun for a time when work finishes. It just doesn’t make sense.

86. Give to Charity

Donating to charity seems an important way to do something good with the money you earn. Everyone should do something to give back. Donating to a worthy cause seems an easy way to do it.

87. Start a Charitable Foundation

Why stop at charity donations? I’d love to be wealthy enough to become a philanthropist. Setting up a foundation seems like an incredible thing to do for a cause you’re passionate about.

88. Start Your Own Business

This is a major goal for so many people. It isn’t easy to step back from the certainty of a monthly paycheque. But starting your own business is empowering. You take full control of your time.

89. Write a Blog

Ironically, starting a blog was never actually a goal of mine. It just sort of happened! I can definitely recommend it. As a means of combining creativity and earning money, it offers awesome rewards.

90. Become Financially Stable

The road to financial freedom passes through financial stability. Financial freedom opens doors to new experience. This is a major goal of mine.

91. Become an Expert at Something

Expertise is, by nature, in short supply. Turn yourself into one and you’ll find yourself in demand at every turn.

Setting travel goals will take you to some incredible places around the world.

Setting travel goals will take you to some incredible places around the world.

Real Life List of Goals Part 8: Travel Goals to Accomplish

Travel goals are some of my favourites! It’s in my blood and bones now. But it’s a big world. Setting goals is a helpful means of narrowing down your bucket list and turning travel dreams into a reality.

92. Travel the World

As far as goals go, ‘travelling the world’ isn’t great. It’s far too broad. However, the overall aim is hard to fault. Travel is something I think everyone should do. It’s worthwhile in every single way.

New to travel? Here’s a full solo travel guide for going it alone!

93. Visit Every Continent in the World (One of My 10 Year Goals)

This is a ‘better’ goal in terms of its detail. It’s also one I’m keen to achieve. I will tick these off one by one, but taking my time as I go.

94. Explore Your Hometown

I’m rubbish at this. My instinct is to rush away from the UK to distant shores. In my defence, England is bloody cold. But still, I should take the time to explore it. I know foreign countries better than my own, and that knowledge rings strangely in my ears.

95. Own, Travel & Live in a Van (Another Real Aim of Life for Me!)

Van life has called to me for some time now! The simplicity and freedom of it seem right up my street. I will own one. I will travel in one. Time will tell if I live in one too.

If you’re interested in this too, then be sure to check out this epic guide to van-life. It’s full of expert tips to do it properly!

96. Live In another Country

I think living abroad for any period of time is one of the greatest things anyone can do. Exposure to new people, new customs, and new cultures is one thing. But living somewhere means you can immerse yourself in it. You come away with a wealth of new experiences.

97. Travel with a Best Friend

Travelling solo is an awe-inspiring, eye-opening, breath-taking, memory-making thing to do. Travelling with a close friend only adds to it.

Sure, the experience is totally different. There are sure to be ups and downs. But that’s inevitable anyway. Sharing the memories with your closest friend is very special.

98. Travel with Family

Likewise, travelling with your family is an immense experience. You get to know someone in a totally different way. You can share a house with someone your whole life. Go travelling though, and you’ll learn more about them in that time than in all the years before it.

99. Volunteer Overseas

Combining voluntary work with travel is another unforgettable thing to do. The couple of times I’ve done it have provided some of my most treasured experiences.

It adds a greater level of purpose to your time on the road, and somehow justifies the unadulterated moments of self-indulgence that occur along the way.

100. Go On a Pilgrimage

You don’t need to be religious to go on a pilgrimage. Any long journey with a spiritual component seems to fit the bill. You may not even know you’re on one until it’s over. This one’s another goal of mine.

Inspired to set your own 100 fun life goals? Here’s a free life goals planning worksheet to help! Click below to download it instantly! 👍

101 Goals: a Bonus 101st Goal (and one of my personal Life Aims)

I thought of another one, which happens to be my aim in life as well!…

101. Chase the Sun

This is a goal that many people seem to share. I’m one of them! I fully intend to chase the sun as much as I possibly can.

Final Thoughts: 100 Life Goals Ideas (What is Your Aim and Goal in Life?)

There you go then, 100 life goals ideas to help pinpoint your aim in life.

Writing a list of 100 goals seems like a worthy task for everyone.

To think of 100 aspirations, write them down, and meet them over the course of a lifetime sounds like a very cool journey to go on.

It would make for an amazing life, full of new experiences. You’d live your wildest dreams, push yourself into new experiences, and come away with a mixing pot of unforgettable memories.

But, more importantly, the simple process of writing them down might provide the initial burst of momentum required to turn a regular life into something spectacular.

And that, for me, is what it’s all about.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What goals would you add to this list? Drop me a comment to let me know.

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Like this piece full of aim in life examples? Pin it!

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