200 Awesome Affirmations for Self Love

Searching for self love affirmations to help you get through a tricky time? Check out this list of 200 awesome affirmations of self love.


Searching for some affirmations for self love? I hope this post helps!

Positive affirmations for self love offer a powerful antidote to self-doubt, low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy.

But first you actually have to come up with effective, comforting, and memorable self love affirmations to say to yourself!

And that bit’s easier said than done- especially if you’re at an emotional low point.

That’s why I decided to put this post together.

As no stranger to these kinds of negative thoughts and feelings, I figured it might help someone in a similar situation to have a list of self-loving affirmations to draw from.

Sound good?

Check out these 200 positive affirmations for loving yourself!

What Are Affirmations for Self Love?

I thought it might help to begin with a definition though:

In a nutshell, positive affirmations are simple statements on things we’d like to:

  1. Believe about ourselves or
  2. Welcome into our life.

And affirmations of self-love are phrases that revolve around matters of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence.

By repeating them time and time again to ourselves (or others), the goal is to alter our current pattern of negative thoughts and feelings.

Through some quirk of psychology, saying something enough convinces us it’s so.

The secret to success, according to Tony Robbins, though, is to combine the affirmation itself with a shift in your state.

You have to emotionalize.

If you really feel what you’re saying, you’ll be ten times more likely to convince yourself you believe it!

Otherwise, you’re just verbalising.

And your brain will beg to differ.


I think all of us could benefit from self love affirmations sometimes. But they can be particularly helpful in certain situations…

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Who Could Benefit from Self Love Affirmations?

Anyone who isn’t their own biggest fan.

Anyone who’s full of self-loathing.

Anyone who berates and ridicules themselves for no good reason.

Anyone who wants to feel more confident.

Anyone who wants to take control of their self-esteem.

Anyone who wants to improve their feelings of self-worth.

Anyone who feels inadequate.

Anyone who’s so focused on their failings they forget about their accomplishments.

Anyone who wants to lead but finds themselves following.

Anyone who doubts themselves too much.

Anyone who wants to love themselves as much as their friends and family do.

Anyone who isn’t convinced of their intrinsic value as a human being.

Anyone who doesn’t feel enough.


Next up: how to get the most value from self loving affirmations.

How to Use Affirmations for Self-Love

What’s your unique inner critic been uttering to you recently?

And what do you need to hear to refute its insidious whispers?

Reflect on those kinds of questions and then select an affirmation that speaks to you.

For example, if I feel useless and full of self-loathing, I might pick something like:

  • “I am enough”, or
  • “I am a good, kind-hearted person with lots to offer”

From there, it’s a matter of taking the time to say it!

And not just once. Say it over and over again. Out loud.

Do it every day, multiple times if you can.

It’ll feel atrocious at the start.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll cringe, blush and tell yourself you’re being stupid.

But, remember, that reaction’s probably coming from the exact same part of you that’s causing the lack of self-love in the first place.

And (because everyone deserves to feel good about themselves) it has to change.

So stick with it!

It shouldn’t be too long before you notice a difference in a) how self-love affirmations feel to say, and b) how you feel about yourself.


This is one affirmation for self love that I use in my own life! I hope you find some in the coming list that bring value to your life too.

200 Self Loving Affirmations

Onto the self-loving affirmations themselves!

Whichever one(s) you choose, I hope it helps you make a swift and permanent change in the way you feel about yourself and the world.

1. I am enough.

2. I am worthy.

3. I am confident.

4. I am love.

5. I am proud of myself.

6. I am good.

7. I am worthy of love.

8. I am powerful.

9. I am strong.

10. I am at peace with myself.

11. I do not need external validation to feel good about myself.

12. I love who I am.

13. I radiate positivity and light.

14. I need nobody’s approval except my own.

15. The world is good and so am I.

16. I am capable.

17. I am not alone.

18. I have everything I already need to be happy.

19. My path is my own.

20. There is no limit to the love that flows through me.

21. I radiate positivity and self-love.

22. I will succeed.

23. I welcome love into my life.

24. I am allowed to feel this way.

25. I am capable of more.

26. I will achieve my dreams.

27. Loving people will enter my life.

28. Other people love and accept me.

29. I have no shortage of talents and skills.

30. I am not defined by my flaws.

31. I am allowed to dream.

32. I release negativity.

33. I release negative energy.

34. I will let go of negative thoughts.

35. I refuse to apologize for who I am.

36. I will not defer to others.

37. I am kind and honest and deserving of love.

38. I respect myself.

39. I have achieved great things.

40. I can make my own decisions.


This affirmation of self love could be useful for someone going through a challenging time.

41. I am brave in the face of adversity.

42. I bow to nobody except my maker.

43. I am resilient.

44. I am courageous.

45. I choose to feel positive.

46. I choose love.

47. I have a beautiful soul.

48. I invite positive energy into my life.

49. My needs are as important as other peoples’.

50. I have a voice.

51. My opinions are worth something.

52. My ideas are worth listening to.

53. My dreams are achievable.

54. I will achieve and surpass my grandest goals.

55. I light up the room with my smile.

56. I am effervescent with brightness.

57. I accept and love myself.

58. The world is better with me in it.

59. I am a valued member of the community.

60. I am a valued member of the team.

61. I do not care what other people think about me.

62. I will be heard.

63. I will try my best and accept whatever outcome happens.

64. My mind is full of positivity.

65. I am creative.

66. I am inspired.

67. My heart is good.

68. I will love myself more every single day.

69. I prioritize myself.

70. I am hard working and conscientious.

71. I will stop trying to please everyone apart from myself.

72. My life is full of joy.

73. I am whole.

74. I am already more than enough.

75. I welcome self-compassion into my life.

76. I welcome love into my life.

77. I choose not to close the door to opportunities.

78. I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.

79. I am strong. I am kind. I am important.

80. I trust my intuition.


Some of the best affirmations of self love remind us of our achievements and inspire us to do more in the future.

81. I have done well. I am doing well. I will do well.

82. Love and happiness are not limited resources.

83. I am beautiful.

84. I love myself.

85. I am, have been, and always will be enough.

86. Everything will be alright.

87. I am capable of anything.

88. My life is amazing.

89. My life astounds me with its good grace.

90. I am grateful for every gift bestowed upon me.

91. I have everything I already need to be happy.

92. I am blessed.

93. I create my own confidence.

94. I create my own joy.

95. I embrace whatever life has in store for me.

96. I will allow myself to feel.

97. I forgive myself.

98. I love who I have become and feel proud of who I was.

99. There are no limits to my potential.

100. I embrace the day.

101. Anything and everything is possible.

102. I love my quirks and eccentricities.

103. I do not compare myself to others.

104. I celebrate my strangeness.

105. I am unique.

106. I believe in myself.

107. I welcome failures as learning opportunities.

108. I will do great things.

109. I let go of anything that no longer serves me.

110. I invite happiness into my life.

111. I accept myself on an unconditional basis.

112. My life is a gift.

113. I deserve compassion.

114. I feel a deep sense of peace.

115. I do not have to try to be me. I simply have to be.

116. I will surround myself with people who inspire and uplift me.

117. I will never give up the pursuit of self-love.

118. I will address myself with the same kindness I do others.

119. My life is full, complete, and wonderful.

120. I am rich in every sense of the word.


You can leverage self love affirmations to find new levels of happiness in your life.

121. Happiness flows from and through me.

122. I can accomplish everything I set my mind to.

123. My future is bright.

124. I am optimistic about the world, my relationships, and my future.

125. I am exactly where I need to be.

126. I will not allow others control over my emotions.

127. Success is mine for the taking.

128. I feel comfortable in my skin.

129. I look and feel good today.

130. I will be a positive presence in other peoples’ lives.

131. I will not waste another moment feeling sorry for myself.

132. I choose to leave self-pity behind.

133. I am not a victim.

134. I have the power to elicit change in myself and the world.

135. My community needs me.

136. I am overflowing with new creative ideas and inspiration.

137. I do not judge others. I do not judge myself.

138. My life will not be average.

139. I will not die an unlived life.

140. I release myself from unreasonable expectations.

141. My past is not my present.

142. I am not who I was.

143. Who I am is deserving of praise.

144. I do not subscribe to other peoples’ ideas of beauty.

145. I will never submit.

146. I am in control of my destiny.

147. My self-confidence grows every day.

148. I do not need approval from others to be happy.

149. I celebrate my successes.

150. I am not defined by my mistakes.

151. My happiness doesn’t hinge on other people.

152. I do not depend on anybody but myself.

153. I am fearless and independent.

154. I will push myself to fulfil my potential.

155. Self-love comes to me with ease.

156. I embrace my flaws and strive to be better.

157. I am not afraid to be me.

158. Success is not just for others. I can be successful too.

159. I will state my case and assert myself whenever the moment calls for it.

160. My individuality isn’t a reason to change.


Why not use self loving affirmations like this one to find patience as you embark on long, difficult tasks?

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161. I’m on my way.

162. I will not quit.

163. The universe is on my side.

164. I lean into fear.

165. The journey of my life is leading somewhere positive.

166. I will care for myself as much as I do for others.

167. I am not selfish for putting myself first.

168. I am moving on.

169. I’m leaving this difficult time behind.

170. I’m grateful for adversity and its lessons.

171. I am letting go and moving forward.

172. It is never too late to change your ways.

173. I refuse to punish myself any longer.

174. Guilt and shame fall from my conscience like water off a duck’s back.

175. I am wiser than I give myself credit for.

176. I am trying.

177. I recognize that perfection doesn’t exist.

178. I am getting out of my head and into my life.

179. I refuse to indulge self-loathing.

180. I am a work in progress. And that is okay.

181. I will get to where I want to go.

182. I will stand back up every time I fall.

183. I’m no longer scared of how I feel.

184. My personality is something to celebrate.

185. I have more to offer.

186. My attributes far outweigh my weaknesses.

187. I am virtuous.

188. I will not deceive myself or others.

189. I nourish my mind, body, and soul.

190. I have control.

191. I do not knock on the door of fear. I break it down.

192. I readily accept the gift of life.

193. I am healthy, wealthy, and wise.

194. I feel, accept, and release my insecurities.

195. I choose to replace self-consciousness with self-confidence.

196. I am a boss.

197. They can and will not define me.

198. We are all on a journey of becoming.

199. I am relaxed, calm, and happy to go with the flow.

200. Today I purge myself of self-doubt.


That brings to an end this post about positive affirmations for self love! I hope it came in handy.

Remember These Affirmations for Self Love

Having struggled with a sense of self-doubt and inadequacy a lot throughout my life, I can confidently say how much it sucks!

Whether it’s conscious or not, that insidious voice inside your head saying you’re not enough takes a toll.

It can damage your confidence, make you anxious, and, ironically, turn you into an egomaniac- where your underlying insecurity expresses itself as arrogance.

Thankfully, affirmations for self love offer a (potential) solution.

They’re not a quick fix or a miracle cure. Yet, by all accounts, they can be a powerful tool for rebuilding self-love over time.

I hope this long list of self love affirmations will help you do exactly that.

Got any questions for me? Any thoughts? Drop me a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.