100 Confidence Affirmations for Overcoming Self-Doubt

Feeling low on confidence? Confidence affirmations could help! Check out this post for 100 affirmations for confidence and start boosting your self-esteem today.


I hope this post full of confidence affirmations helps alleviate any sense of self-doubt you might have right now.

Self-confidence is a bit like wealth, happiness, and 6-pack abs.

Everyone wants it.

But it can be bloody hard to get your hands on!

This is something I struggle with quite a bit.

Frequent bouts of doubt, anxiety and questions of self-worth rattle around my head on a regular basis (often outside my conscious awareness).

…So I’ve started talking to myself in the shower.

Things like “I am enough”, “I am capable”, “I am confident”, and “I am worthy”.

I say these kinds of confidence affirmations over and over, as the cold water hits my skin and clears the dregs of sleep from my brain.

It sounds strange, I know, but I’ve heard so much about the Law of Attraction, the power of manifestations and positive affirmations that I figured I’d give it all a shot.

Time will tell if they make a difference!

In the meantime, I figured I’d share a big long list of affirmations for confidence that could prove useful for anybody else in need of a similar boost in self-esteem.

Give it a read and, with any luck, we can work through our confidence issues together!


Let’s start by talking about the potential power of an affirmation on confidence.

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How Can a Simple Confidence Affirmation Help?

No matter who we are, where we’re from, or what we do for a living, the way we talk to ourselves matters.

Consciously or unconsciously, we can say (to ourselves):

  • You suck
  • You could never do that
  • You don’t deserve to succeed
  • Your opinion doesn’t matter


  • You’re trying really hard right now
  • You’re a good, kind-hearted person
  • You’re worthy of love
  • You’re not good enough at that particular task yet.

One voice knocks you down. The other picks you up.

Importantly, though, that inner voice tends to arise from our underlying beliefs about who we are.

If we believe we’re unworthy, useless, or totally inadequate, then that becomes the lens through which we interpret the world and the message we tell ourselves.

And that, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, eventually impacts our actual reality.

I was listening to a podcast just this morning where this came up.

Jay Shetty was interviewing Marie Forleo (if you haven’t come across either of these inspiring people before, then I definitely recommend checking them out!).

At one point in the conversation, Marie said:

“Our beliefs create our thoughts and our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our behaviour and our behaviour creates our results.

And so if you want anything to change at the results level…we need to go deeper to our beliefs, because if we can handle that, everything changes.”

That, ultimately, is where confidence affirmations come into play.

By interrupting the usual negative messages with something positive and encouraging, over time our brain chemistry begins to shift.

Unhelpful neural pathways give way to new ones and our core beliefs about who we are as people take on a different light.

Simply put, we talk ourselves into becoming a more confident person!


Affirmations for confidence are for anyone! But they may prove particularly helpful in certain situations…

Who Could Benefit from Affirmations for Confidence?

Anyone who’s struggling with self-doubt.

Anyone who’s lacking self-esteem.

Anyone who’s suffering from imposter syndrome.

Anyone who has an obstacle to overcome.

Anyone who has a habit of letting anxiety get in the way of opportunities.

Anyone who wants to achieve something.

Anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.

Anyone who knows they’re capable of more, yet struggles to take on responsibility.

Anyone who feels shy, timid, and meek in social situations.

Anyone who questions the validity of their opinions.

Anyone who wants more from life.

Anyone who worries about sounding stupid.

Anyone who cares too much about other peoples’ opinions.

Anyone who constantly compares themselves to others.

Anyone who wants more swagger.

Anyone who simply wishes to feel more self-confident!



In the next section I’ll go through how to reap the rewards of self-confidence affirmations.

How to Use Self-Confidence Affirmations and Self-Esteem Affirmations

Affirmations sound too good to be true.

I mean, say something enough and you can make it happen? It seems unrealistic, right!?

Throw in the usual Law of Attraction ideas around the universe, frequencies, and energy vibrations, and you’d be forgiven for calling bull**** on the whole thing.

But you start reading a little more on the topic and breaking the process down into its constituent parts, though, and it starts sounding far more reasonable!

There seem to be three core components of using self-confidence affirmations (or any affirmation, for that matter) and seeing results:

1. Repeat positivity

Affirmations a) are positive and b) operate in the present tense.

So, “I will no longer be low on confidence” won’t be as effective as “I love how confident I feel these days”.

Once you’ve picked your affirmation, you’re then meant to repeat it to yourself (out loud is best) over and over again throughout the day.

This is how and where we start to reframe our underlying narratives.

2. Emotionalize

Just saying something isn’t enough though.

The real magic happens when you feel it as well.

You have to emotionalize as you say the affirmation; to let the words impact your physiology. Otherwise they’re empty sounds.

Try to feel your heart rate increase, shivers up and down your spine, and tingles in your toes.

The more emotion behind the words, the greater the impact they’ll have on your life.

3. Take Action

As Jim Carrey once said: “You can’t just visualize then go eat a sandwich”.

This principle’s one of the main reasons I really started to have some faith in the whole Law of Attraction/manifestation thing.

You’re not leaving anything up to fate.

Nor are you expecting or asking for a miracle.

You have to do the work.

The last and most pivotal part of any confidence affirmation, then, is to take steps (however small) to welcome confidence into our lives.

We’ve said the affirmation, shifted our perspective, and now reinforce it all through action.

So, all told, affirmations involve altering our stories, changing the way we feel, and then behaving in line with what we desire.

That, to me, sounds like a trifecta of how to bring positive change into our lives!


Ready for the affirmations for self-esteem? Let’s go…

100 Affirmation on Confidence Ideas and Self-Esteem

Here we go then:

100 self-confidence affirmations to boost self-esteem, alleviate self-doubt, and welcome the myriad benefits of high confidence levels into our lives.

1. I am confident.

2. I am capable.

3. I am worthy of peoples’ time.

4. I can do this.

5. I am a positive, happy person.

6. I have gifts to share with the world.

7. I can overcome any obstacle.

8. I am my best source of inspiration.

9. I’m trying my best and growing every day.

10. Every day I become a better version of myself.

11. I’m grateful for all of my gifts.

12. I love receiving compliments from people and gratefully accept them.

13. I am great person who’s worthy of respect.

14. I respect myself and my intentions.

15. My ideas are worth listening to.

16. I am a creative, ambitious person who can overcome any obstacle.

17. I have everything I need already.

18. I embrace all of my attributes and areas for growth.

19. I can achieve everything I set out to.

20. Negative thoughts fall from me like water off a duck’s back.

21. I am strong and full of self-belief.

22. I walk with my chin up and shoulders back.

23. I love uncertainty and the opportunities it represents.

24. I am braver than I give myself credit for.

25. I love who I am.


Do it right and an affirmation for confidence can make you feel on top of the world!

26. I am on my way to great things.

27. My life is a gift and I choose to celebrate every second of it.

28. I believe in my abilities.

29. I knock all challenges out of the park.

30. I see setbacks as learning opportunities.

31. My faith is unshakeable.

32. I release my self-doubts into the ether.

33. I acknowledge my insecurities but choose to push forward anyway.

34. Thoughts are not facts.

35. My future seems bright, positive, and full of success.

36. I have incredible potential.

37. I choose to beautify all things.

38. I’m going with the flow and enjoying myself.

39. I easily overcome all obstacles.

40. Life’s full of abundance.

41. I’m saturated with self-confidence and humility.

42. My self-confidence is growing by the day.

43. I control my destiny.

44. I’m in full control of my life.

45. I love and respect who I am.

46. I embrace the suck.

47. I’m grateful for my potential.

48. I am capable and worthy of more.

49. I ace my days.

50. I am kind, caring, compassionate, and strong.


A good confidence affirmation can help us attain our big life goals.

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51. I deserve greatness and am willing to work for it.

52. I invite confidence into my life.

53. I’m beautiful on the inside and out.

54. I compare myself to who I was yesterday instead of other people.

55. I purge myself of negativity.

56. My goals and ideas are valid and worthwhile.

57. My potential is limitless.

58. I am assertive.

59. I am always self-assured in my daily dealings.

60. I assert myself when it’s appropriate.

61. I make my opinions, viewpoints, and ideas known.

62. I can’t wait to overcome this challenge.

63. I accept myself for who I am, imperfections and all!

64. I am great decision-maker.

65. My self-talk is as positive as this affirmation.

66. I let go of all negative self-talk.

67. Success comes easily to me.

68. Confidence and positivity drip from my pores.

69. I always reframe negatives to positives.

70. People love and respect me as much as I love and respect myself.

71. I am a bad ass mother******.

72. I see confidence when I look in the mirror.

73. I bow to nobody but my maker.

74. I seize opportunities when they present themselves.

75. I deserve the position in which I’ve put myself.


I hope these self-esteem affirmations will help you overcome any self-doubts and insecurities you’re feeling right now!

76. I am strong enough to embrace rejection and failure.

77. I am living my best life.

78. I am virtuous.

79. I have attributes and positive qualities in abundance.

80. I’m an attribute to any team.

81. I have the power to accomplish everything I set out to.

82. I’m making a positive difference.

83. The world’s better off with me in it!

84. I have earned the self-confidence that emanates from me.

85. I glow with self-confidence.

86. I am the embodiment of self-confidence.

87. I’m authentic, genuine, and deserving of success.

88. Every day takes me a step closer to achieving my goals.

89. I radiate positivity.

90. I have enough confidence for everyone in the room.

91. I am in control of my emotions.

92. I trust my gut.

93. My intuition is my north star.

94. Each passing day I see my confidence levels grow.

95. I love the positive boundaries I’ve set for myself.

96. I respect my needs, feelings, and desires.

97. I pick myself up. I can always improve.

98. I am a savage.

99. I thrust myself into challenges and come out unscathed.

100. I am ambitious. I’m a go-getter. I am a warrior.

Time to Try These Confidence Affirmations

I tend to feel a little envious when I meet someone who exudes confidence.

Not the arrogant kind.

The authentic, humble variety; the gentle, quick-witted, calm under pressure, self-accepting, look-you-in-the-eye-without-blinking kind of confidence! Without the burden of crippling self-consciousness, everything seems easy for these people.

But then I remind myself: I can be like that too!

Heck, I am like that.

I just developed a nasty habit of telling myself the opposite and did a convincing job of it.

With patience, insight, effort, and yes, confidence affirmations, we can all enjoy the perks of high self-esteem! If you’re in a position where need a boost in this regard, then I really hope the affirmations for confidence in this post will make a difference.

Have any questions or comments?

Let me know below! I’d love to hear from you.