How to Manifest Someone Into Your Life [3 Key Steps]

Are you wondering how to manifest someone into your life? Check out this post about manifesting a specific person to learn the simple 3-step process involved!


Wondering how to manifest someone? I hope this 3-step guide helps!

How amazing would it be if you could manifest a specific person?

A friend. A mentor. A business partner…A lover.

The idea that you could bring these sorts of people into your life through the power of thought alone is mouth-wateringly enticing.

And, apparently, it’s perfectly possible thanks to the Law of Attraction.

Now, this is all new to me.

I’m no manifestation coach or guru of The Secret!

I’m just someone who wants to have an awesome, memorable life.

So, as part of that, I’m always willing to try something new- especially if it promises these kinds of incredible outcomes.

Having listened to people like Tony Robbins talk about it for years now, I’ve finally started looking more deeply into manifestation.

And that, ultimately, led me to investigate how to manifest someone into your life.

As crazy as it sounds, it might not be as crazy as it sounds…

Are you looking for insights on manifesting a specific person too?

Well, I thought I’d put together a post that should help! Give it a read and, if you have a moment, let me know how you get on!


How to manifest a specific person

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Manifesting a Specific Person: Important Points

As you’re probably already aware, manifesting’s the process of shifting our beliefs, thoughts and energy in a bid to alter our reality.

The theory goes that we can achieve and attain anything we want by simply focusing on it, believing that it’s possible, and then acting accordingly.

Done right, the universe will eventually deliver that chosen ‘thing’ into our life.

How? Frequencies.

According to the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like”.

Basically, if we’re giving out positive vibes, then we have a high frequency and will experience positive outcomes as a result.

By contrast, negative vibes lead to a low frequency and negative outcomes.

By leveraging certain manifestation methods to shift our perspective and believe in ourselves, our frequencies should increase, which eventually leads to the result(s) we want.

As it happens, there’s a big bunch of these techniques we can call upon!

The result?

When it comes to learning how to manifest someone, there are all sorts of different strategies to try.

Scripting, visualization, vision boards and positive affirmations are just a few.

I actually already have an article explaining 18 of these approaches (check it out here). So, for the purposes of this post, I’m going to focus on the general steps/principles behind manifesting someone instead…


Here we go then: how to manifest someone into your life!

How to Manifest Someone: 3 Key Steps/Principles

With all that said, let’s turn to the main event! Here’s how to manifest a specific person in three steps:

Step 1: Believe It’s Possible; Believe In Yourself

A clear vision and lack of self-doubt both seem to have major roles in manifestation.

You have to know precisely what (or who) you want to welcome into your life and believe that:

  1. It’s possible, and
  2. You’re worthy of it happening!

However, there’s something else to keep in mind here…

If you’re trying to manifest a specific person (such as an ex-partner; let’s call them “Person A”), is there a danger that you’re limiting yourself somehow?

I mean, is this truly the right person for you?

Or could there be someone (“Person B”) who’s even better-suited?

If so, you risk cutting yourself off from them by focusing 100% of your attention on Person A. To put it another way:

As much as you want them right now, they may not be the person you need.

The belief they’re the only individual who can satisfy your desires may not be serving you. Let go of that limiting belief, then, and you open the door to someone who really is right for you (be it Person A or Person B).


The second step in your bid to manifest a specific person is to increase your frequency and ask the universe for its assistance!

Step 2: Ask the Universe

This step’s where the manifestation techniques I mentioned above come into play.

You’re trying to tell the universe that you’re ready to welcome this particular person in; opening the cosmic door to them in the process.

Among the many options, you could use:

  • Vision boards to create a clear image of the individual and see it every day
  • Positive affirmations to alter your state, thinking, and beliefs
  • Scripting to envision and enact your perfect day
  • Manifestation boxes to set an intention and hone in on your desires

The ultimate goal?

To raise your “energy vibration/frequency”.

If that way of framing it makes you (like me) feel a little uncomfortable, then (I think) we can see it simply as putting some good into the world.

Not necessarily in terms of doing good deeds (although that’d work too). Just as far as thinking positive thoughts, releasing negativity, letting go of your self-doubts, and being more open, light, and positive.

Why is this important?

Because like attracts like.

Just as complimenting someone often prompts them to reciprocate, putting good into the world (or “raising your vibrational frequency”) triggers a positive response from the universe.

If, after step 1, you’ve already started believing in yourself, then, apparently, you’re well on your way to manifesting someone specific into your life.


The last step to manifesting a specific person is to really feel and visualize meeting, connecting, and bringing them into your life.

Step 3: Visualize the Outcome

I’ve seen this particular step described in terms of connecting your heart chakra to someone else’s through the cosmos.

…But, once again, that goes a little bit over my head.

If you’re in a similar boat and haven’t quite bought into the mystical side of things, then I think it’s reasonable to interpret this process as something like:

Visualizing yourself leaving your body and meeting the person in question.

Go into detail in your mind and work hard to feel it too.

Imagine yourself leaving your body, drifting through the ether, and connecting with them; letting them know you’re ready to invite them into your life.

With enough time, patience, self-belief, and positive action, someone fitting their description should/could walk through the proverbial door.

Now You Know How to Manifest a Specific Person

There you have it: a quick run-down of how to manifest someone.

I really hope that it’s shed some light on the process involved and will help you bring that special person into your life as a result.

Likewise, if you notice any glaring errors or omissions, then please forgive me! As I said in the intro, although I’ve been aware of manifestation for years and have started playing around with affirmations in recent months, this topic’s definitely still new to me.

That’s another reason I’d love to hear how you get on! Did the info in this post make sense? Did you follow the steps and have any luck?

Drop a comment below to let me know.

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