150 Amazing Money Affirmations [2021 Financial Affirmations List]

Want to earn more money and/or change your beliefs about it? Financial affirmations could help! To learn more, check out this list of 150 money affirmations.


Are you trying to improve your financial situation? I hope the money affirmations in this post help!*

Do you have big financial goals and aspirations?

Me too.

And top of my list is to earn enough passive income to enjoy complete financial freedom. I’ve even started entertaining lofty dreams of being a millionaire one day!

In all honesty, though, both aims feel ludicrous sometimes.

Not only do they seem a very long way off, but I also question whether they’re feasible. As much as I tell myself I want them, do I actually think I can attain them?

I go back and forth.

But, overall, gun to my head, the answer would probably be “no”

It was this realization that recently led me to start experimenting with money affirmations.

After all, believing I can achieve these goals (not to mention feeling worthy of them) seems like a fundamental place to start the process! And that’s what affirmations for money are designed to deliver.

Are you in a similar boat?

Do you want to alter how you think about money and change your relationship with it for a better chance of improving your financial situation?

I hope this post helps!

Keep reading to learn all about financial affirmations and discover 150 of them you could start using today.


Let’s start with a brief definition of financial affirmations and how we can leverage them.

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What Are Money Affirmations?

Positive affirmations of any kind are simple phrases about things we’d like to either believe about ourselves or attract into our lives.

Affirmations of abundance and finance are ones that revolve around, you guessed it:


By repeating these statements time and time again (out loud is best), it’s possible to alter our current pattern of unhelpful/unwanted thoughts and feelings about it.

To put it another way, through some quirk of psychology, saying something enough can convince us it’s true!

This might involve:

  • Persuading ourselves to keep pursuing a financial goal
  • Reminding ourselves that we’re worthy of financial success
  • Shifting our understanding of what it means to be wealthy
  • Making better financial decisions
  • Shedding negative/obstructive ideas about money

…and so on.

It’s not quite as simple as verbalizing though.

The real secret to success, according to Tony Robbins, is to combine the money affirmation itself with a shift in state.

You have to emotionalize.

Feel what you’re saying and you’ll be more likely to convince yourself you believe it!


There are all sorts of reasons to look for a good affirmation for money. Here are a few instances in which they might help:

Who Could Benefit From a Good Money Affirmation?

Anyone who faces self-limiting beliefs about their earning potential.

Anyone who (consciously or not) doesn’t think they deserve to be wealthy.

Anyone with unhelpful ideas about money (e.g. they’d lose friends if they were rich).

Anyone who feels guilty or conflicted about the desire to be rich.

Anyone who believes wealth is reserved for others and not them.

Anyone who doesn’t think they have control over their earning potential.

Anyone who feels unworthy of wealth creation.

Anyone who’s in a difficult financial situation right now.

Anyone who wants to increase their net worth.

Anyone who doesn’t want to stress out over money.


The affirmations for money are coming up. First though, do they even work?

Do Financial Affirmations Work?

Okay, it’s confession time:

I really don’t know!

Hand on my heart, I’ve only just started experimenting with them, so can’t vouch for the effectiveness of affirmations for money.

…and I’m definitely not rich yet.

But there are two things that seem worth pointing out:

First, people swear by monetary abundance affirmations online and I’ve heard respected names in the personal development industry recommend general affirmations a lot.

Tony Robbins, for instance, is big on self-affirming mantras and incantations.

That has to be worth something.

And, second, I definitely feel different when I say these affirmations to myself.

It’s uplifting. My heart rate increases.

And I become excited and hopeful about the day ahead.

Sure, it may help that I say my affirmations while taking a cold shower in the morning! But I do think the words (and not just the icy water) have an effect too.

Time will tell if they alter my bank balance or financial beliefs.

In the meantime, though, I’ll happily accept the positive impact on my mood!

Oh, and one more thing:

Affirmations aren’t magic.

In other words, simply repeating these phrases isn’t going to make us rich!

Putting in the work is the real key.

The affirmations, though, will alter how we feel about doing the work.

And that, in turn, could play a significant role in our wealth generation journeys.


Here we go then: 150 affirmation on money ideas!

150 Affirmations for Money

Onto the affirmations for money themselves!

Whichever one(s) you choose, I hope it helps you make a swift and permanent change in the way you feel about money and your financial goals.

1. Money flows easily to me.

2. I am worthy of wealth.

3. I have everything I need to be wealthy.

4. I am capable of earning more money.

5. Earning money is a positive act.

6. Earning money is selfless. It allows me to give more.

7. I invite more money into my life.

8. I am open to earning more money.

9. I am a magnet for money.

10. There is enough money in the world for everyone, including me.

11. I release all inner resistance to earning more money.

12. My financial goals are within reach.

13. I am financially free.

14. Finance is my friend.

15. I am rich in my mind, body, and bank balance.

16. I am worthy of a bigger paycheque.

17. My time is valuable.

18. I overcome all obstacles that stand between me and money.

19. I readily accept more money in my life.

20. I am on my way to financial freedom.

21. I believe I will be a millionaire.

22. I persevere and prosper.

23. Prosperity comes to me.

24. I am worth a fortune.

25. I am open to opulence and opportunities.

26. I am receptive to making more money.

27. I shed my prior poverty thinking and embrace abundance.

28. I embrace the opportunities life throws at me.

29. I’m moving from poorness to richness.

30. I deserve more.


Monetary abundance can come…if we embrace it!

31. I embrace wealth and the opportunities it provides.

32. My life is rich.

33. I am capable of creating wealth in my life.

34. My arms are wide open to affluence.

35. Affluence is on its way.

36. Money comes to me effortlessly.

37. Wealth flows non-stop into my life.

38. I love how easily money comes into my life.

39. I love money and invite it into my life.

40. I use my money for good.

41. I always attract new methods of wealth creation.

42. I embrace all new income opportunities that arise in my life.

43. The universe offers me endless ways to make more money.

44. I’m on the path to abundance.

45. I race toward wealth and the good I can do with it.

46. My actions transpire to generate money.

47. Affluence is amazing for me.

48. I live in a blissful state of wealth and harmony.

49. Money opens doors and creates joy.

50. I release all negative sentiments about wealth.

51. I invite new streams of income into my life.

52. I can do this.

53. I am well on my way to the wealthy life I deserve.

54. I am in control of my finances.

55. I love having lots of money in my account.

56. I welcome money into my world.

57. I’m the recipient of good luck and abundance.

58. I deserve wealth as much as everyone else.

59. Money is my friend, not my enemy.

60. I love the options I have thanks to my affluence.


This is one of my favourite affirmations for wealth creation!

61. Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

62. I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams.

63. My bank balance is an endless source of satisfaction.

64. I choose wealth.

65. I desire wealth and that is okay.

66. I love making money and that is okay.

67. I’m grateful for my thriving financial situation.

68. I can and will make more money.

69. My income is always increasing.

70. The universe provides me with affluence.

71. I spend my money wisely and watch my earnings grow.

72. I earn to live and live to earn.

73. I deserve to be paid what my time and skills are worth.

74. I attract prosperity at all times.

75. I have the power to improve my finances.

76. I’m wealthy, content, and complete.

77. I welcome happiness, wisdom, and wealth into my life.

78. I love how money flows to me so easily.

79. I release all beliefs about money that no longer serve me.

80. It is okay to want more money.

81. I acknowledge and endorse my desire for money.

82. The world opens doors for me to achieve my money goals.

83. My financial future is full and fruitful.

84. I give myself permission to want wealth and prosperity.

85. I am wealthy in more ways than one.

86. I seek legacy.

87. I release all fear of failure from my life.

88. Money excites me.

89. I am on the right path.

90. My rich life is within reach.


Of all the abundance affirmations on this list, I think most of us could benefit from this one! Money is all about opening doors and creating opportunities.

91. Money is freedom.

92. My financial success is inevitable.

93. Attaining my financial goals is inescapable.

94. I receive wealth gratefully and gleefully.

95. Opulence is a gift of which I’m worthy.

96. I am someone who merits success.

97. My good deeds and work ethic will be rewarded.

98. I take charge of my financial situation.

99. I take great joy in watching my money amass.

100. I am a rich and successful person who does good in the world.

101. I pursue affluence for the sake of myself and others.

102. Money pours into my account from multiple sources.

103. I spend less than I earn.

104. My burgeoning income brings me endless joy.

105. Money is drawn to me.

106. I am ready to transform my relationship with money and welcome it into my life.

107. I am receptive at all times to wealth generation.

108. There is no limit to how much I can earn.

109. I use money to improve myself and others.

110. In a world of haves and have-nots, I always have.

111. My life is better because of money.

112. I’m a happy and grateful recipient of wealth.

113. I have a surplus of money at all times.

114. I have more money than I know what to do with.

115. My income increases of its own accord.

116. I have a right to abundance, success, and prosperity.

117. I’m excited by the doors that money opens.

118. Every day brings more prosperity.

119. Money is good.

120. I love what I do and the healthy income it provides.


People (myself included) often have mixed feelings about money. Affirmations for finances like this one seek to change that!

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121. I have a positive mindset about money.

122. I’m grateful for the opportunities and affluence I have in my life.

123. I’m relaxed about and satisfied with my financial situation.

124. My debts are disappearing by the day.

125. I’m happy to earn such a substantial salary.

126. It’s amazing how money comes to me.

127. Money is my ally, not my enemy.

128. I earn more money than I need.

129. My capacity to hold and generate wealth improves every day.

130. I am destined for affluence.

131. I am relentless in the pursuit of wealth.

132. My earning potential is limitless.

133. I embrace the pursuit of wealth and happiness.

134. I release all limiting beliefs about money.

135. My net worth is a cause of celebration.

136. Income floods into my life.

137. I choose to be wealthy.

138. I can earn as much as I set my mind to.

139. I release stress and welcome financial independence.

140. It is my destiny to be wealthy.

141. I am lucky. I am light. I am joyful. I am affluent.

142. I ride through life on a wave of positivity and abundance.

143. I celebrate the small things and welcome the big.

144. My habits are those of a moneymaker.

145. The universe is abundant and so is my life.

146. I trust that the world is working for me and not against me.

147. I am deserving of wealth and abundance in every conceivable way.

148. I am willing to do whatever it takes to increase my income.

149. I am open to the generous gifts of this abundant world.

150. I send good into the world and receive good from the world.

Remember These Affirmations for Finances

Money affirmations, if they work as people claim they do, offer an effective way to alter our mindset around wealth and invite it into our lives.

In my own life, that involves convincing myself my financial goals are actually attainable! For you, it might be about changing your perspective on money or opening the door to new and unexpected financial opportunities.

Whatever the case, I hope the affirmations on money in this post will come in handy.

Pick the ones that pertain to you, say them to yourself throughout the day, and, with any luck, it’ll only be a matter of time before the universe takes notice and starts working in your favour.

Have any questions or thoughts about these money affirmation ideas? Drop me a comment below to let me know!

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  1. There are a few problems with these. 124 "My debts are disappearing by the day". The subconscious being innately negative will pick out "My debts", so you will perpetuate the feeling of debts.
    127. "Money is my ally, not my enemy". In Neville Goddard’s Ladder technique, you write out and firmly believe, "I will NOT climb a ladder!!". Guess what? You DO because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the concept of the word "Not".

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