10 Best Types of Vacations and Who They Suit

Not all types of vacations are made equal! Learn all about the different trip types and which one’s right for you in this in-depth vacations list guide.


Trying to find out about the different types of vacations? I hope this post helps!

Want to know something I love about travel?

It doesn’t discriminate.

You don’t have to tick a certain box or fit into a specific category to hit the road and have an adventure. It’s available to everyone.


We’re all different! So, in the same way different people like different foods, not all types of vacations and trips will suit everyone…

Are you having trouble choosing between the different types of holidays?

Or are you looking for info on the kinds of trips you could take?

Well, I thought I’d put a post together to help you settle upon the ideal vacation for your specific interests and requirements!

Sound good?

Here are 10 awesome types of vacations and some insights on who these trip types will be best suited to.


Here we go then: a 10 item vacations list and how to decide which one’s right for you.

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10 Different Types of Vacations

There’s a type of vacation for everyone! You just have to know what’s available.

With that in mind, let’s dive into these 10 different trip types.

1. Solo Vacations (Top Trip Types for Intrepid People)

Travelling in a group has plenty of perks, but sometimes, you just need a little time away to rest and reflect.

A solo vacation can offer you the opportunity to turn inward and get introspective as you explore new cities and locales.

What types of scenes make your heart skip?

Where do you find inspiration and beauty?

These are questions that can be hard to answer when you’re following a planned group itinerary. However, you’re free to explore them all you want when it’s just you!

Plus, you can go anywhere at any time without having to worry about pleasing the majority.

A solo vacation would be ideal for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Whether you’re a recently-graduated college student with a few weeks before you start your job or a recent retiree looking to press the “reset” button before the next phase of life, it’s refreshing to get away by yourself.

One drawback to travelling alone is that it can get a little lonely, especially if you’re not used to spending too much time on your own.

Plus, there are security bonuses to travelling in a pack. Make sure to research your location and follow these tips to stay safe while you’re out alone.

2. Shared Vacations (Couples or Friends)

Some of the best things in life are shared, right?

This can also apply to vacations! There are two main trip types in this category:

Couples trips and trips you take with friends.

Let’s start with couples trips.

Planning a romantic getaway with your significant other can be an incredible experience. It gives you the chance to spend time with one another apart from the everyday routine you’re used to.

Maybe you’re renewing your vows, and you want to do it in a special spot you’ll always remember. Or, your relationship could be at a crossroads, and a trip away can help you decide the direction it should take.

Either way, if you plan the itinerary together, this can be one of the most memorable vacations of your life.

However, it can also lead to bickering and frustration if you can’t agree on the details. If you can compromise and work together, you’re sure to have a great time.

Next, let’s talk trips with friends!

These types of vacations are great for close-knit groups who already enjoy spending plenty of time together.

Yet it can be difficult to plan a schedule (and set a budget) that everyone agrees with.

Allow plenty of time to communicate and brainstorm before nailing down the details, and you should be golden.


If you’re looking for adventure, an ideal vacation involves exploring foreign shores.

3. Vacations Abroad (Good Vacations for Adventure!)

Even if there’s plenty to see and do right in your own backyard, it’s natural to be curious about foreign destinations.

Travelling abroad allows you to experience exciting new cultures, architectures, and culinary creations that you may have otherwise missed.

However, it can also be more than a little overwhelming, especially if you’ve never travelled out of your home country before.

There are also certain logistical components to consider, such as getting a passport, navigating currency exchanges, and making sure you understand the local laws where you’re travelling.

Still, if you’re well-organized and prepared, it’s worth the extra effort.

Travelling abroad widens your horizons in a way that only reading about a locale never will.

This would be an ideal vacation for anyone seeking a new perspective, with the time and means to do so.

4. Off-Season Vacations (Top Types of Holidays for Budget Travellers)

There are certain vacation destinations that are naturally associated with a certain time of year.

For instance, in North America, everyone flocks to Disneyland in the summer, and to Aspen in the winter.

While you can certainly follow suit, you’ll be doing so in a sea of like-minded travellers.

If you don’t mind long waits and big crowds, then following the trend might suit you just fine. In fact, it can be thrilling to be a part of something so collectively enjoyable.

However, there are many amazing benefits to booking a vacation in the off-season.

Even if you don’t get the quintessential experience that everyone raves about, you’ll get much more. Think shorter lines, lower prices, and fewer people.

This makes an off-season jaunt a good vacation for families looking to treat their little ones without breaking the bank.

Many parks (including Disney) offer discounted rates on tickets and lodging for those willing to book outside of the peak season.


Of all the kinds of trips on ths list, city vacations are some of the most popular…

5. City Vacations

Do you love getting lost on a winding city street, with nowhere in particular to be and everything to see?

If so, then a city vacation might be the perfect getaway!

There are many go-to cities to visit around the world, From Paris and Rome to the Big Apple.

An advantage of travelling here is that everything is usually within walking distance!

You can easily go from a museum to an eatery, then back to your hotel without having to contend with driving or parking. Even longer distances are easily accessible via public transportation.

While they can work for any type of traveller, keep in mind that the fast pace of most cities can make them less than ideal for young children.

Plus, you’ll have to think about bringing a stroller along for all of that walking!

If you do decide to go this route with pint-sized passengers in tow, just remember to keep the daily distances small and stay somewhere central, so there’s less foot travel.

Because they’re such hotspots, cities can be expensive.

Many are designed to cater to tourists, and you’ll notice that even a cup of coffee usually costs more than at home. The same goes for hotels and entertainment.

Create a budget beforehand and try to research prices before you go to avoid last-minute sticker shock.

6. Camping Vacations

Feeling the itch to go off-grid for a little while?

If so, then it might be time to fill your backpack and head into the woods!

A camping vacation offers the perfect opportunity to recharge your mental batteries and immerse yourself in nature.

There are lots of different types of camping to consider, from RV camping to boondocking!

Though they can absolutely be a solo endeavour, camping trips are especially fun with friends!

Take a few days off and explore your local parks together, taking the time to disconnect from your devices and truly talk to one another.

They can also be fun for families, though keep your children’s physical abilities and comfort levels in mind when planning your route.

A major perk of camping is that you can save a ton of money, especially if you book a free or low-cost campsite.

The trade-off is you may also go without a shower or other luxuries (such as electricity) for a few days. If you’re good with roughing it a little, then this type of vacation can offer stunning beauty and unforgettable memories.


Looking for luxury? Trip types won’t get much better than all-inclusive resort vacations!

7. All-Inclusive Resort Vacations

Love the idea of getting away, but don’t love all of the planning involved?

Some people truly enjoy fine-tuning every detail of their trip, but others would rather show up and lay back, with everything already at their fingertips.

If you fall into the latter camp, then consider booking a vacation at an all-inclusive resort.

While you might think of these mostly as beach getaways, you can also find plenty of cold-weather options, including packages at ski lodges. Most cruises also fall into this category.

Most of the time, the comprehensive cost of your trip will include everything you need while on-site, including your lodging and meals.

Yet, you may pay a little extra for drinks, entertainment, or off-site excursions.

All-inclusive vacations are great for both couples and families. They’re designed to take the guesswork out of the process, so you can truly sit back and relax once you arrive.

While the price can be high, you’ll achieve invaluable peace of mind.

8. Cruise Vacations

Cruises are a bit like all-inclusive resorts…on water.

Luxurious experiences with all the creature comforts your heart could desire, you float from place to place, disembark to see the best bits of each destination, and enjoy endless activities and types of entertainment on board.

I’d say they’re ideal types of vacations for anyone who:

  1. Wants a unique waterborne experience
  2. Has deep pockets (cruises aren’t cheap…) and
  3. Wants everything in their itinerary taken care of throughout the trip

Cruises have a reputation for being best-suited to older folks, but (thanks to all the fun-tastic activities on board) they’re also popular among families with young children.

There’s definitely a degree of adventure to cruise vacations- especially in certain locations.

However, I can imagine them being a challenge for travellers who don’t want to be cooped up in a set place for an extended period of time.

If you like freedom and control of your itinerary (and if your sea legs leave something to be desired…), then I’d consider taking a different type of trip.


If you want to sit back and relax in the sun, then beach vacations will be one of the best types of holidays for you.

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9. Beach Vacations

Would you rather stick your toes in the sand than your thumb out for a taxi?

If so, then you might prefer a beach vacation!

Whether you visit one a few hours from your house or halfway around the world, there’s nothing like sitting back and letting the waves crash a few feet from your chair.

If you love warm weather and you don’t mind a little sand in your suit, then these trips can be glorious. They’re great for families, solo travellers, and senior travellers alike.

If you hate feeling sweaty and prefer cooler temps over the heat, then consider booking in the off-season, when the weather is cooler and prices are usually lower.

Overall, beach towns tend to be a little more budget-friendly than cities, though this isn’t always the case.

Plus, there are lots of outdoor activities that are great for all ages, such as mini-golf, volleyball, and simply strolling along the surf.

10. Road Trips

Road trips aren’t for everyone.

These types of holidays involve long stretches of sitting in the car, questionable access to bathrooms, and the endless monotony of the open road.

However, if you’re up for a little adventure, there’s truly nothing like one.

With this type of vacation, you’re literally in the driver’s seat. You can control the destination, the route, and everything in between.

Set the stereo to your favourite music and take the wheel!

Couples and friends often enjoy road trips together, though it’s best to keep the numbers small.

Too many vehicles all following each other can quickly turn into a navigational mess, especially in traffic.

It’s also wise to reserve these kinds of trips for older kiddos, as younger ones can grow uncomfortable in a car seat for too long.

You’ll need to think about other drivers and the price of gas, but other than that, this is a liberating and rewarding journey that you’ll remember for life.

Don’t Forget This Vacation List

One person’s ideal vacation can be someone’s else’s nightmare.

Thankfully, there are types of vacations to suit and satisfy everybody’s tastes!

I hope this post has shed light on 10 of the mains ones. Keep the options on this vacation list in mind and, with any luck, it shouldn’t be long before you settle upon the right type of trip for you.

For more insights on a similar topic, check out this guide to the different types of tourism.