25 Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram [+ Travel Hashtag Tips!]

Taken an epic travel pic and need the perfect travel hashtag to help it gain some traction? Check out this long list of the best travel hashtags for Instagram.


Looking for the best travel hashtags for instagram? I hope this post helps!

We’ve all been there.

You’ve finally reached the pinnacle of an ambitious hike, and the sun is setting majestically over the mountains. You’re exhausted, exhilarated, and in awe.

You’re also frantically searching your pack for your smartphone…

In many ways, social media has revolutionized the travel industry. You don’t have to travel around the world to go on epic adventures, you just have to log in from home!

Are you an avid traveller who wants to share your journeys with others online?

If so, it pays to know the best travel hashtags for Instagram! Choosing the right ones can boost the visibility and performance of your posts.

Not sure where to start? Today, I’m going through 25 hashtags for travel posts that’ll help you stand out among the vast number of other travel snaps on the platform.

Keep them in mind and you can spend less time searching for the perfect words, and more time enjoying the beauty around you!


Let’s start with 5 creative hashtags for travel posts!

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Creative Hashtags For Travel

While it might be tempting to simply tag your post with #travel, consider how many other people are doing the same. There are more than 554 million posts with this hashtag alone!

While your photo might be at the top of the list for a split second, it won’t be long before it’s quickly moved downward. Eventually, it could be lost forever as more people click “Share”.

The five hashtags below are a little more creative than your standard fare but are still popular enough to be trending. Try these when you want to break away from the status quo and showcase your one-of-a-kind approach to travel.

1. #instapassport

Think of this as your curated Instagram passport. It’s a way to record all the places you’ve visited, and invite others to share in your travels.

The best part? You never have to worry about losing this one!

2. #postcardsfromtheworld

You might not have time to send postcards from each destination you encounter. However, with this simple travel hashtag, you’ll instantly have a collection of your favourite shots.

Invite your friends and family members to check it out, and you’ll save a ton on postage!

3. #letsgoeverywhere

Oh, darling. Let’s be adventurers!

This is a great hashtag for both solo travellers, as well as ones who globe-trot with a partner. It creates a sense of wanderlust and excitement and could even encourage someone else to get out and explore!

4. #traveldiary

Do you keep a diary or journal as you travel? It can be incredible to look back on a written record of everything you’ve seen and experienced during your time away.

However, if you’d rather live in the moment, you can save your Instagram shots with this creative hashtag. Think of it as a collective log of the places you’ve encountered.

5. #viewfromthetop

If you love hiking, then this is the hashtag for you. Save it for those mountaintop experiences that you simply can’t put into words.

This one works especially well with those sweeping panorama shots you know you’re going to take when you reach the summit.


Unique hashtags for traveling are great for finding your audience and standing out from the crowd.

Unique Travelling Hashtags

Like the list above, these next five hashtags are far from run-of-the-mill. They might not be uber-common, but they’ll put you in good company with travellers who are as passionate as you are.

6. #nevergoinghome

Most travellers will agree that home is the next stop on your itinerary. This tag relays that sentiment beautifully and firmly establishes your free spirit.

It’s especially appropriate for any type of luxury travel experience that you know you can’t recreate anywhere else, like that shot of the infinity pool fading beautifully into the sea.

7. #findyouradventure

Each person experiences travel in a different and special way. What you consider a life-changing adventure might seem trivial to someone else, and vice versa.

This hashtag embraces that individuality! Not only does it allow you to showcase your own trips, but it motivates your followers to chart their own course.

8. #getoutstayout

This hashtag might sound a little dramatic, but it’s really just zealous! In a world where so many people find themselves glued to a screen, the simple joys of going outdoors are almost archaic.

Once you head out, though, you wonder why you ever second-guessed it in the first place. This tag honours that feeling of freedom and encourages it to last as long as possible.

9. #parentswhowander

Love travelling with your little ones in tow? Once you figure out the logistics, family trips can create lifelong memories. They can even instil a love of travel in your pint-sized explorers!

This tag gives your profile a more focused slant. Not only are you people who love to travel, but you’re doing it all with a brood underfoot!

10. #droneworld

You don’t have to be a bonafide travel blogger to know that drone shots can take your content to the next level.

When they first emerged on the scene, these gadgets were high-priced and hard to find. Now, however, they’ve become more affordable and accessible. Drone videos can make even the dullest drive down the highway seem like a scene from an action movie, so invest in one and use this tag when you do!


Looking for funny travelling hashtags instead? Check out these ones…

Funny Hashtags For Travelling

You never know what or who you’ll find as you set off on a new journey. When you encounter a hilarious experience, it helps to have a few funny travel Instagram hashtags at your disposal. These next five fit the bill!

11. #kicksonaplane

While those awe-inspiring shots from the window seat are always welcome, the Insta world also cares about something else: your high-flying fashion!

This funny hashtag is a great way to show off your comfy footwear as you munch on cocktail peanuts and enjoy an in-flight movie.

The story goes that a brand strategist named Marcus Troy started the tag with an inspiring pic of his Converses while flying to Toronto via Air Canada.

12. #below10kfeet

In 2013, the FAA lifted its ban on the use of electronic devices under 10,000 feet. Before then, you had to stow your smartphone away for most of the flight, except for takeoff and landing.

To celebrate this milestone, airline giants including American Airlines and Delta started this humorous hashtag. Now, it’s a great place to collect those images of skylines, sunsets, and other vistas you can only see from that altitude.

13. #travelcat

Want to make your account pawsitively purrfect? If you happen to see a cat wandering around at any point during your travels, snap its pic and use this cute tag!

Sure, that pic of the Eiffel Tower is incredible, but a local cat strolling the premises? That makes it downright iconic. A brief scroll through this hashtag reveals images of stray cats sunbathing in Santorini and napping in Largo Argentina, among other casual settings.

14. #continentalbreakfast

It might not be a Michelin-star meal, but we’ve gotta give some props to the continental breakfast. Whether you’re there for the DIY omelette, the yoghurt in the mini-fridge, or the tiny boxes of cereal, this is undoubtedly the meal of champions.

Fueling you up for a day of travel, it’s the unsung hero of any mid-range hotel, and this hashtag lets you remember your morning forever!

15. #RVthereyet

Love travelling the open road in your RV? This tag is ideal for avid travellers who want to celebrate the glory of their home on wheels.

From crowded KOA campgrounds to stunning countryside oases, true RVers know that it’s all about the journey, not the destination.


Struggling to find a travel hashtag for your latest beach snap? Here are some beach travel hashtag ideas that might help.

Hashtags For Traveling to the Beach

Does your idea of paradise include your toes in the sand, salt spray in your hair, and a cold beverage in your hand? If so, you’ll love these tropical beach hashtags!

16. #thewavesarecalling

A playful spin on John Muir’s famous quote, this tag lets your followers know that you’d choose the ocean over the mountains.

Use it alongside a shot of high tide, and you’ve got the perfect beachy scene.

17. #sunsurfsand

Ahh…the three pillars of the perfect day by the water. As long as you’ve got this terrific trifecta, there’s nothing that can bring you down.

Clear your calendar, prop up your feet, and keep your camera close by for the perfect shot as the sun sets below the horizon!

18. #shellyeah

Ain’t no party like a shoreline party! When you want to capture your beachside bash in the very best light, this hashtag lets your followers feel like they’re in on the action,

Use it to celebrate your most memorable moments by the coast, whether you’re all alone or with your closest crew.

19. #seastheday

Travellers live by the motto “Carpe Diem”, so it’s only fitting that you use this hashtag to encourage your community to spend some time by the sea!

It pairs well with a shot of you enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime maritime moment, such as parasailing over the ocean or scuba diving off the coast!

20. #tropiclikeitshot

This punny hashtag is perfect when you want to humble-brag to your followers that you’ve travelled to somewhere gorgeous and exotic.

Grab a fruity drink with a tiny umbrella, let the waves roll onto your toes, and snap away.


Sometimes you can’t beat the classic travel Instagram hashtags!

Classic Instagram Hashtags For Travel

While using a more obscure hashtag can help you stand out from the crowd, sometimes it’s best to use one that’s already tried and true. Here are five sure bets you can count on.

21. #wanderlust

At more than 129 million shares, it might be a little over-played, but there’s something so beautiful about this word!

Travellers know and appreciate the beauty that venturing into the unknown can bring, and few words sum up that feeling as aptly as wanderlust.

22. #travelgram

More than 140 million posts include this simple tag, and for good reason. It’s short, easy to remember, and sums up what this platform is meant to do.

Especially if you run a travel-oriented account, this one is a natural fit.

23. #travelphotography

Sometimes, the best hashtags are the ones that cut straight to the chase. That’s certainly the case with this one!

Professional and amateur photographers with an adventurous spirit can find community and camaraderie with this popular tag, which has been used more than 147 million times.

24. #travelblogger

You knew we had to include this one, right?

Whether travel blogging is your full-time job, a side hustle or simply a hobby you enjoy sharing, you can claim it proudly with this hashtag! It’s been shared more than 64 million times and counting.

25. #instatravel

As you globe-trot around the world, a simple tag like this one helps you add your voice and vision to a board that’s already more than 110 million posts strong. From the streets of NYC to the depths of the wilderness, who, what and where you capture is all up to you.


With the travel hashtags down, here are a few tips for finding and using Instagram hashtags for travel posts to best effect.

General Tips For Using Hashtags

Instagram hashtags make your content easier to find. They also help you find and participate in industry trends and encourage audience interaction.

However, these benefits are only possible if you take the time to use your hashtags strategically. A few rules to follow include:

  1. Only include between two and five tags per post
  2. Add extra tags as the first comment on your post
  3. Match your tags to relevant photos
  4. Research trending tags to help you choose the right one
  5. Mix it up and vary your tags
  6. Experiment with less popular hashtags to reduce competition

Travel and Tag Away Using the Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram!

The best travel hashtags for Instagram can help you grow your travel brand and connect with like-minded explorers. However, they serve a much greater purpose.

These little pound symbols help you collect, curate and organize your travel photos all in one place. This way, you always have a stash of memories on hand whenever you need to escape, even it’s only from your armchair!

Want to grow your online presence even more? Consider starting a travel blog! Here’s my go-to strategy to help you push past writer’s block and discover tons of topics to write about.