100 Creative Hobbies to Take Up This Year [Fun Art Hobbies]

Looking for new creative hobbies to take up this year? Check out this guide for a long list of 100 creative and artistic hobbies.


On the hunt for creative hobbies list? I hope this post helps!

Creative hobbies can have a tremendous impact on your health.

It’s true! Artsy hobbies boost our confidence, make us feel more connected to our community, and can help combat feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression.

Researchers have also discovered that those who regularly practice arts and crafts hobbies are less likely to develop dementia and other cognitive problems.

Bonus: art hobbies aren’t just good for you, they’re super fun too!

Are you looking for new craft hobby ideas to add to your repertoire? Check out this long list of creative hobbies to try this year.


Here we go, then: 100 long list of arts and crafts hobbies you must try!

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Traditional Arts and Crafts Hobbies

Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean it’s boring! Let’s start with a list of tried-and-true creative hobbies that countless people around the world enjoy.

1. Drawing

It’s been popular ever since cavemen first etched animals onto stone walls. All you need to get started is a sketch pad, a few sharp pencils, and your imagination.

2. Painting

Watercolours, pastels, oils, acrylics — the sky is the limit here. Choose your medium, grab an easel, and paint anything from a bowl of fruit to an abstract explosion of colours.

3. Creative Writing

Start with some simple prose or a poem. Self-reflect with some heartfelt journal entries. Or tackle that novel you’ve always wanted to write (but haven’t gotten around to starting yet).

4. Sculpting

Endless mediums, endless possibilities! Create a sculpture with simple polymer clay, or try your hand at stone or metal sculpting. If you live somewhere with cold winters, you could even attempt to make your own ice sculptures.

5. Photography

Thanks to our smartphones, we all have the ability to become instant photographers. Practice those basic skills like composition and lighting and then, when you’re ready, upgrade your equipment to include a real camera and maybe even a darkroom!

6. Gardening

Whether you have acres of land or a tiny patio, there are few things as healthy and rewarding as getting your hands dirty. Grow your own herbs to include in your favourite recipes or hone your skills at growing different types of flowers and shrubs.


You’ve got the moves? Then dancing is one of the creative hobbies you will surely enjoy!

7. Dancing

One of the oldest creative hobbies and traditions on the planet, dance has been part of human society since the dawn of time! Sign up for classes to learn classics like ballroom dancing or ballet, or follow some online tutorials to learn the latest and greatest hip-hop moves.

8. Pottery

If you like getting your hands dirty, why not sign up for a pottery class? You’ll get elbow-deep in clay while you learn to work the potter’s wheel and create cups, mugs, vases, and anything else you can think of.

9. Woodworking

Learn to craft your own wooden tools, furniture, and home decor with a woodworking workshop. If you’re more detail-oriented, consider a woodcarving class where you learn to carve tiny artistic details onto wooden objects.

10. Baking

Cookies, cakes, and brownies, oh my! Indulge your sweet tooth with basic recipes like blueberry muffins or chocolate chip cookies, or go wild and learn how to decorate wedding cakes or cupcakes a la The Great British Baking Show.

11. Flower Arranging

Let your creativity shine as you combine different varietals of flowers and greenery to form spectacular bouquets. Enjoy your handiwork around the home or turn your budding hobby (pun intended) into a profitable business.

12. Graphic Design

Creative hobbies aren’t limited to pen and paper — you can be wildly artistic in the digital world too! Experiment with programs like Photoshop or Adobe and learn to edit photos, design logos, or create digital drawings or paintings.

13. Bonsai

If you love working with plants but don’t have a large yard for gardening, why not try sculpting bonsai trees inside your home? Order a bonsai starter kit and get ready to shower that tiny tree with love as you carefully tend to it.

14. Model Building

For the most patient and detail-oriented among us, building models can be a wonderful addition to your list of creative hobbies. You’ll work slowly and meticulously to assemble and paint tiny aeroplanes, vehicles, railroads, or buildings.

15. Learn to Play an Instrument

Whether you’re 9 or 99, it’s never too early (or too late) to learn to play your favourite musical instrument. Piano, guitar, and flute are popular choices, or you could try other classics like the drums, the saxophone, or the violin.


Next up: List of creative hobbies for kids and teenagers!

Fun Craft Hobby Ideas for Kids & Teenagers

Looking to cut down on your kids’ screen time and get them excited about something new? Choose an activity from this list of creative hobbies that’s perfect for young people.

16. Cooking

Nearly 90% of parents agree that cooking is an important life skill, yet 60% have never taught their kids how to boil an egg. Choose some age-appropriate tasks and get your children involved in the kitchen — measuring, mixing, prepping, baking, frying, etc.

17. Nail Art

This is a fun, inexpensive hobby the kids are sure to love. Online tutorials will teach them how to paint intricate designs as well as how to add stickers and gemstones for that “wow” factor.

18. Origami

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Whatever shape or object you can imagine, you’d better believe there’s a way to fold paper to resemble it. Origami is an ancient art that’s been around for at least a thousand years, but it’s just as fun and family-friendly today.

19. Magic Tricks

Is there a budding magician in the house? Develop that art with some basics like coins, pencils, cards, and ropes — there are plenty of YouTube tutorials you can watch to learn classic (and more innovative) magic tricks.

20. Jigsaw Puzzles

Start with smaller puzzles that feature larger pieces for the younger kids. As they develop their skills and patience, you can gradually work up to larger, more complicated puzzles that have hundreds or even thousands of pieces to assemble.

21. Scrapbooking

Take those photos and memories out of the digital realm and create real albums you can cherish for years to come. Visit a craft store and stock up on colourful stock paper and stickers, then print some photos and assemble them into a scrapbook with mementoes like ticket stubs, maps, and postcards.

22. Jewellery Making

Who doesn’t love playing with shiny things? Medium choices are endless here, from beads and charms to strings, metal, resin, clay, and more. Start with basics like a charm bracelet and gradually expand to earrings, necklaces, body jewellery, and more.

23. Learn a Foreign Language

It’s challenging at first, but learning another language can open unlimited possibilities in your child’s future! Sign them up for classes at school, download language learning apps, or join a culture club in your area that focuses on immersion.


In search for Artsy hobbies for seniors?  The next section should help!

The Best Artsy Hobbies for Seniors

Art hobbies are ideal for seniors who want to have fun while keeping their hands limber and their minds sharp. Here are some craft hobby ideas that seniors (and everyone else) are sure to enjoy.

24. Collecting

The great thing about becoming a collector is you can collect absolutely anything you’re interested in! Common items include stamps, coins, and trading cards, but you could branch out to miniatures, vinyl records, antique furniture, or anything else you can think of.

25. Flower Pressing

Take a daily stroll through a park or garden, select a few fresh blooms, and press them to preserve their natural beauty. As you hone your skills, you can learn to press and preserve entire bouquets and turn them into greeting cards or interior artwork.

26. Soap Making

Why buy mass-produced soaps that are full of chemicals when you can make your own (healthier) version at home? All it takes is a few basic ingredients — oil, lye, and water — then you’re free to experiment with different fragrances, essential oils, colours, shapes, and more.

27. Crossword Puzzles & Word Search

Sharpen your vocabulary and your mind with language-based games like crossword puzzles or word searches. Buy an old-fashioned paper book or go online for the latest digital options like Wordle.

28. Basket Weaving

With just a few basic supplies like branches, twine, and pliers, you can bring this ancient art into your home. This is one of those creative hobbies that are very practical, too, since you’ll create items you can use (or sell) for storage, home decor, and more.

29. Sewing

There’s no end to what you can create with needles and string. Seniors who enjoy working with their hands (but need an activity that’s not too physically taxing) may love the creativity that comes with sewing, knitting, quilting, crocheting, and embroidery.

30. Tai Chi

Flow through a series of gentle movements designed to help you feel relaxed, balanced, and at peace. All you need is a beautiful, quiet setting to practice in, like a garden, park, or your own backyard.


If you are looking for more new art hobbies to try, Check out these ones!

Unusual Art Hobbies

Still haven’t found the perfect new hobby for you? Then it’s time to think outside the box with some of these not-quite-traditional creative hobbies!

31. International Cooking

You may know how to prepare popular dishes from your home culture, but what about exploring cuisines from other parts of the world? Sign up for a cooking class or watch some YouTube videos to learn how to prepare curries, sushi, tamales, tartare, or other foreign foods.

32. Candlemaking

With some wax and wicks, all things are possible! Experiment with an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and fragrances. You can even sculpt patterns into the candle wax or add “bling” like beads and glitter.

33. Mixology

Why settle for a boring old gin and tonic when there are literally countless combinations to explore? Today’s mixologists are experimenting with natural botanicals, fresh herbs, infused liquors, and so much more, so level up your at-home bar and get ready to shake, stir, and pour.

34. Comedy Improv

Do you love to make people laugh? Hone your skills with some acting classes that focus on improv, which is designed to help you think fast and come up with those witty comebacks.

35. Glass-Blowing

Invented by the Syrians, perfected by the Venetians, and beloved the world over, glassblowing is one of those easily overlooked but seriously awesome artsy hobbies. You’ll work with metal tools, melted glass, and fiery furnaces that reach up to 1300 degrees Celcius (2400 degrees Fahrenheit)!

36. Mapmaking

Discover your inner cartographer and dive into the exciting world of mapmaking! Create hand-drawn maps of your country, the world, or a fantasy realm of your choosing. Or go online and use digital tools to create a custom map of your travels or a land from your favourite fictional story.

37. Leather Crafting

Become a leatherworker and you’ll soon be able to make your own belts, boots, jewellery, handbags, book covers, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn how to condition, cut, sew, and design leather (don’t worry, there are even pleather options for vegans).

38. Cosplay

Remember how much fun you had as a kid dressing up for Halloween? Cosplay takes that idea to the next level. In fact, there are entire conventions dedicated to fans who design detailed, accurate costumes of their favourite fictional characters.

39. 3D Printing

If you can dream it, you can print it, thanks to one of the coolest inventions in recent decades. Build anything you can imagine in digital form — from a board game to a fishing boat — and watch in amazement as your 3D printer brings it to life.


The coming section has more of Artistic hobbies to try!

Bonus: 61 More Artistic Hobbies to Try

Feeling inspired? Add these bonus ideas to your creative hobbies list!

40. Beatboxing

41. Kite flying

42. Aquascaping

43. Card shuffling

44. Baton twirling

45. Pole dancing

46. Paint by numbers

47. Calligraphy

48. Ventriloquist

49. Making dreamcatchers

50. Metalworking

51. Online trivia games

52. Papier mache

53. Sommelier

54. Creating makeup tutorials

55. Computer coding

56. Dramatic acting

57. Weaving

58. Architectural drawing

59. Comic books/manga illustration

60. Bullet journaling

61. Make a terrarium

62. Digital animation

63. Cross-stitching

64. Pour painting

65. Tarot card reading

66. Singing

67. Meditation

68. Interior decorating

69. Start your own podcast

70. Adult colouring books


Interested in craft hobby ideas that can help a bit Mother nature? Upcycling is a great example!

71. Upcycling

72. Make your own greeting cards

73. Decorate dollhouses

74. Foil embossing

75. Decoupage

76. Cake decorating

77. Worldbuilding

78. Glass etching

79. Stained glass

80. Pyrography

81. Screen printing

82. Bead art

83. Bone carving

84. Beekeeping

85. Landscaping

86. Sudoku

87. Figure drawing

88. Fashion design

89. Diamond painting

90. Macrame

91. Make stuffed toys

92. Sand art bottles

93. Terrazzo

94. Tile mosaics

95. String art

96. Wreath making

97. Sandcastle building

98. Rubber stamping

99. Needle felting

100. Arm knitting

The Ultimate List of Creative Hobbies

So, which entries from this creative hobbies list appealed to you most?

Will you try woodworking? Mixology? Dancing? Soap making?

Remember: It doesn’t matter which creative hobbies you choose, as long as you’re having fun and expressing yourself.

Would you like to take your new hobby to the next level? Read this post to learn how to use your creative talent to make money online!